Big tit milf strapon first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in

Big tit milf strapon first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in
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Fbailey story number 329 Office Party For the last four months I have taken my cock out of my wife's pussy, gone to work, and put it right in my secretary's mouth. I have also taken my cock out of my secretary's pussy, gone home, and put it right in my wife's mouth. They both know where it had been even though they had never met…until now. I had closed a very big deal that would set me up for the rest of my life and I wanted to celebrate with the people that helped make that possible…my eleven employees.

I put my wife Louise and my secretary Thelma in charge of the arrangements and gave them a pretty good budget too.

Besides, Thelma and Louise certainly go together like that movie with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon back in 1991 that came out three years after we got married. This summer will make it twenty-one years of marriage for Louise and I.

My wife Louise is thirty-nine years old and she was my childhood sweetheart. We have two daughters also. Nina is twenty and Dee Dee is eighteen, both girls are in college but different colleges of course.

My secretary Thelma is forty-one years old, divorced, and also the mother of two girls. Thelma also became a grandmother a year ago but you would never know it to look at her. I hired Thelma because she could do the job but besides that she looked a lot like my wife. They were both five feet eight inches tall, both about one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and they both had 34-D breasts. My wife is a natural blonde and my secretary has natural red hair.

She also has the freckles to match. I love her fuzzy fire red pubic hair too. My wife keeps her pussy shaved bald and I like that too. I announced a day to 'party with pay' for a Friday that gave the women two weeks to get their act together.

I figured that noon to six would be plenty of time too. I expected Shrimp Cocktails, Steak, Lobster, and Champaign. What I got was much different. Being the company secretary Thelma knew everything about everyone. She knew the names of the wives and even the three girlfriends that my other employees had. She also knew how to big boobs milf and teen beauty threesome sex on the couch them.

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Interracial blow bang facial cumshot in interracial hardcore fuck 10 tube porn to me she and my wife met with the other women and came up with a sexual theme for the party. I could not believe that they got the other ten women to agree to it.

That Friday when I arrived at eleven-thirty in the morning as I had been instructed to, I unlocked the front door to find that the office area had been completely transformed.

All of the office furniture had been removed including all of the computers and then replaced with movie theater seats, a stage, and a pole that strippers use. Big mirrors were set up behind the stage too. There was a beer keg set up on a table along with all sorts of snacks. That was it! That was all that I got for my money! The other men arrived moments after me.

They had been waiting in the parking lot for me to arrive and unlock the building. As they looked around one of the guys found a note on the beer keg that said, "Get started boys." So we all filled one of the twelve steins that were next to the beer keg. The steins had been specially painted to commemorate the big deal that I had just closed. That was thoughtful.

The beer was very good and a label that is hard to get here in the United States. It was a German beer with an excellent taste. We clinked our steins together, toasted our good fortune, and drank that first stein down.

Then we filled them again and waited for our women to arrive. It was not a long wait and it was certainly well worth it. A long white stretch limousine pulled up to the front door, a beautiful woman chauffeur driver got out and opened the door. Then our women stepped out one at a time starting with my secretary, followed by my wife. Thelma was wearing a beautiful strapless red evening gown that fit her body rather nicely. My wife Louise was wearing the same dress but in white.

They linked arms and then they walked gracefully to the front door where I was holding it open. They were followed by pairs of women all dressed in beautiful dresses of all sorts. Right then I knew where all of the party money had been spent…and I approved.

The ladies went directly to their own man. My wife kissed me with a passion that I hadn't felt in quite some time. She then had me kneel and reach up under her dress for a surprise. When I grabbed her pussy she just giggled and told me, not there silly, in my garter.

I came down her left leg, found a piece of paper, and removed it. As I unfolded the piece of paper I realized that it was a certificate made out to me and good for twenty-four hours of the best sex that I had ever had…but not with my own wife. Louise said, "I suggest that you take it over to Michelle that cute little thing in pink and ask her if she will redeem it for you.

She kind of likes you." Michelle was standing with one of my oldest and dearest employees. She had been his girlfriend for the big boobs teen pussy screwed real rough on the couch few years.

I stood there dumbfounded waiting for a chance to talk when I heard Michelle say, "I suggest that you take it over to Louise the boss' wife in that cute little white strapless number and ask her if she will redeem it for you.

She kind of likes you." Then Michelle took the certificate from my hand and said, "Thank you for picking me. I'll try very hard to please you sir." Michelle was a very cute and petite girl of twenty-five. She couldn't have been taller than five feet and weighed any more that eighty or ninety pounds. She was wearing a pink skin-tight dress that had a plunging neckline almost to her belly button, a low scooped back, and was well above her knees unlike the other women that all had dresses to their ankles.

Even though her dress had a huge 'V' in the front nothing showed; she didn't have any cleavage. Michelle took my arm and paraded me up on the stage.

Louise and my best friend followed us. Then Michelle announced, "This is my date for the next twenty-four hours. Louise and I have swapped men for the night." Next three couples got on the stage.

One of them was Thelma. She announced that they had a three-way trade among them and that for twenty-four hours she was Dave's date. The rest of the women made similar announcements to that affect. Soon a catering truck arrived and three people started bringing in trays of hot food and setting them on the edge of the stage.

Michelle helped me push our movie seats closer to the stage and we sat down. She removed the tray covers and there was my Shrimp Cocktail, Steak, and Lobster. I heard a bottle of Champaign pop in the background too. Then Michelle said that she didn't want to get her dress all dirty and disappeared along with the rest of the women.

Shortly Michelle was back at my side in a big bulky raincoat that made me laugh. She then sat down with me, ripped the tail off her lobster, and then devoured it smothered in melted butter.

She made a mess of herself and the floor but she was certainly enjoying that lobster. Before I could finish my steak Michelle had grabbed my lobster and ripped its tail off too. When I gave her a funny look she said that I could punish her later. Thelma got up on the stage. She looked just as funny in her raincoat as Michelle did.

Then Thelma removed her raincoat and tossed it onto the floor. She was wearing a sexy neglig?that young teen slut gangbang the last pikahoe a French Maid costume. Thelma then proceeded to do a strip tease for us as she danced to the music. It was not the best striptease that I had seen but it was sexy. Even couple bitches try to steal and punished by pawn keeper reality blowjob her boyfriend and I had seen her naked a lot, none of the other men had.

When she revealed her 34-D breasts everyone cheered even the women. Then she revealed that bright red pubic hair of hers and again the cheers rose. My wife Louise then replaced Thelma. Now I knew that she could dance. Off went her raincoat to reveal a sexy cowgirl neglig?

Her 34-D tits were just as impressive as Thelma's had been but her shaved pussy with its glistening lips was proof of just how excited she really was.

Louise squatted down in front of her date and opened her knees wide for him. She inserted a finger into her pussy and then ran her finger along his lips to give him a sample of what was to come. Michelle replaced my wife, tossed her raincoat, and was wearing a cute little baby doll neglig?with cutouts for her nipples. She was practically flat chested but she had great nipples.

They must have been close to three-eighths of an inch long. She removed her top and handed it to me. Then she squatted down before me and opened her knees. She was also wearing crotchless panties and I could see just the faintest of pussy hairs.

She looked like an eleven-year-old all over. She removed those panties and then gave everyone a close-up view of her nipples and her little baby pussy before getting off the stage for the next woman.

Each woman was dressed in a different neglig?outfit. Each woman did a good job of dancing and showing off her naked body to us all. After the last dancer Michelle grabbed me and took me to my office. There was a bed in there. She climbed on and begged me to hurry up and fuck her. She was certainly not as lady like as Louise or Thelma but I was in too much of a hurry to criticize her for it.

As I sank my cock into the tightest pussy that I had ever had I felt her legs try to encircle me. Glamour blonde lingerie tease in seamed stockings kissed the top of her head and then tried not to smother her with my chest.

I thrust into her pretty hard a few times and then realized that she should be on top.

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I rolled her over with me as if she were nothing. Once she was on top that little thing danced on my cock with the same enthusiasm that she had on stage. She told me about them all taking pole dancing lessons for over a week but that none of them felt comfortable doing it in front of us. I told her that I wanted to see what she had learned and she said okay but not until she was done dancing on my pole. Fair enough! With a fresh load of my cum dripping down her leg Michelle announced that my office bed was now available.

I looked at the other three offices and saw that their doors were closed too. Michelle poured us two more glasses of Champaign and then she splashed some on her nipples for me to suck off.

With my permission she let several of the other men suck on her Champaign covered nipples too. Then my wife and secretary took their turns sucking on her nipples and letting her suck on their nipples too. Of course that led to a full round of nipple sucking by everyone. As I sucked my wife's nipples I saw cum dripping down her leg and just smiled. None of the women had cleaned up after sex. It was like a badge of honor. It signified to the other women that she had done her job and that it wasn't over pretty asian talks about her fine booty. Michelle eventually got back up on the stage and danced again for me but that time the music was much faster and the pole was her love interest.

She actually made love to that pole. She humped her little pussy into that pole like a small dog would hump your leg. She went faster and faster until she actually caused herself to orgasm and cry out "Oh God" just like she had done a short time ago on my cock. Michelle then climbed the pole to the ceiling, clamped her legs around it, and lowered her head toward the stage allowing her beautiful blonde hair to swing free.

She was in complete control of that pole. She could spin around or lower herself at will. My wife was standing behind me and said that Michelle was the best pole dancer in their class. I believed her but I still wanted to see my wife pole dance and made a mental note to have one installed in our bedroom.

Not too long after that Michelle took me into the Xerox room where there was a smaller bed. However, she wasn't interested in the bed, she was interested in the Xerox machine. She proceeded to Xerox her cute face, her hard nipples, and her little baby pussy and ass for me. Then she wanted me to sit on the glass plate while she mounted me from the front facing me so that our genitals were together on the glass.

She hit twenty-five copies and then she hit the copy button. The light started to glow and run underneath us as she fucked me like crazy. The plate got hot and she got even hotter. She loved the fact that we were recording our love making session. I told her that I had a digital recorder at home and she freaked out asking me if I sunny leon xxx story asex stories record our love making sessions later at my house.

Sure I could. That made her squirm around all the more as our combined love juices coated the glass beneath us. Michelle cleaned off the glass plate for the next couple, took our Xerox copies, and walked me back out showing them to all of the other women. Some showed her their Xeroxes too. My wife then brought out the company's super digital camera that we use to document our work. Each couple for the next twenty-four hours got together for a picture and then the real married or unmarried couples got together for a picture.

Finally a group picture was taken with the women on the edge of the stage showing everything that they had to the camera with her date standing behind her head showing everything that he had too. Then just the women posed together for several pictures. Coincidentally there just happened to be a rented photo printer capable of making a thirty-six by forty-eight inch prints of us.

The finished copy was almost life size. I got the first copy of the whole group and of just the women together. Then each woman signed the whole group photo right below her nude body. They signed their legs on the women only picture for me. To use up the rest of the box of photo paper the girls took pictures of one another, picked out their favorite, and then presented me with an actual life size picture of them naked from the knees up.

As the evening wore on Louise and Thelma once again got up on the stage and asked the men if they would like to poke their cocks in all of the women's pussies. Of course the resounding answer was yes. They made a ten-second rule for poking and moving on to the next pussy. Then they lined up along the stage with their butts out and waited for a cock to poke them. After ten seconds each pulled out and moved to the left with the last guy having to make his way quickly to the other end.

I felt sorry for that woman because every guy and she herself got screwed out of a few seconds of screwing. After a reasonable length of time Michelle put her raincoat back on, grabbed her other things, and begged me to take her home.

Along the way all she could talk about was making her very first fuck film with me as the star attraction. From what I had seen that day I was sure that Michelle would be the star.

I was sure that if I compared her video to the ones that I had made of Louise and Thelma that she would come out on top. That little thing put her heart and pussy into that movie, the one the next morning, and the one that we made before I took her home at noon. She was very flexible and could do many things that my wife and secretary could not do. She let me use her mouth and asshole too. She even laughed as she begged me to tit-fuck her too.

When we arrived her boyfriend was getting ready to bring my wife home so I saved him a trip. Louise had showered, fixed her hair and makeup, and had gotten back into her beautiful white evening gown. She looked like a bride…my bride. As I drove toward home she told me that I was a better lover than her 'date' had been and asked me about Michelle. I told her that Michelle was terrific, that Thelma was great, and that she was by far the best of them all.

She appreciated hearing that. That Monday all of us guys supervised the moving crew as they got the party stuff out and put our work area back together. We also drank the rest of the German beer on tap in our new steins. While we were at work the women were at my house drinking up the rest of the Champaign and telling each other all about their twenty-four hours of sex.

It was recorded for me to enjoy later. After that 'Office Party' we did very well as a company, I gave everyone a nice raise, and we became an even closer family.

After all everyone had his dick in my wife even if it was just for ten seconds, everyone had seen my wife naked for a few hours, and everyone also had an autographed picture of my wife rookie lesbian nymphos get their tight twats licked and reamed. We could not be much closer than that.

Every Friday afternoon thereafter was designated as 'Office Party Afternoon.' Wives and girlfriends were invited, lunch was brought in, and drinking was highly encouraged. Swapping men for twenty-four hours was a favorite game for the women. Not that we men objected. Louise saw to it that Michelle was able to get hooked up with me several more times. Louise liked her too and we had a few threesomes.

We also had a few threesomes with Thelma too so that the women could finally taste each other directly from the source. Things only continued to improve. The End Office Party 329