Cute teen babe avalon heart pussy rimmed by huge cock smalltits pornstars

Cute teen babe avalon heart pussy rimmed by huge cock smalltits pornstars
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Really don't know how to start, but I've got a story to tell that for me has been going on for the past couple of years. I am a married 38-year-old woman and mother of three children aged 18, 17, and 18 months, married to the same ass hole since I was twenty. Well, maybe I should cut him some slack as it was because of his philandering that motivated me to sculpt myself into the beauty I am today.

See back a little over four years ago I caught my husband fucking Beth our then 41-year-old neighbor in her pool house. I did not bust in on them, but I was hurt, angry, and jealous all at voyeur guy experience humiliation tube porn same time as Rick, my husband, was fucking Beth with much more enthusiasm than he had fucked me in many, many years.

Beth being seven years my senior (I was 34 at the time and Beth was 41 remember) had a body that put mine to shame.

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She is a petite woman around 5'1", all of about 105 lbs, with a rock hard body that carried perfect, firm, B sized tits that Rick was holding on to as he fucked her like mad man from the back. I stormed back to my house so angry I was seeing red, but telling myself to not confront Rick until he came back from his next work cycle. Rick is an international pilot for a large carrier and leaves for weeks on end; he was due to leave that afternoon. I figured that would give me time to evaluate my circumstances.

So I decided to help him pack his bags, which I very rarely do, and after packing his clothes, I started to throw his pilot log into the bag. Since I first met Rick I had never opened his log, but this time I did.

I was flabbergasted! It was a log of his conquests, not of his flights! It went back before I even met him, and of course it chronicled him fucking me in the lavatory of the plane that was taking me to spring break back when I was 19. But, I was only one of over a hundred. He had been fucking around since we first met. He also had notations that referenced me, but not in a nice way, like saying "Gloria had a body like Linda (me) used to have" and stuff like that.

I did not read them all or paid attention to the whom and where, but promised myself I would when the opportunity allowed. Again I was hurt in the sense that I had thought that I was in relatively good shape, but it made me take stock of myself.

Rick came back, grabbed his bags and took off for work. I stripped naked and stood in front of a mirror and checked myself out. I needed work. Standing 5'8" in my bare feet and weighing 140 lbs, I was only about 10 lbs over my ideal weight, but more conspicuous was that gravity over time had played hell on my ass, thighs, and tits.

My once high riding, firm B cup tits where now looking almost deflated with my nipples pointing down. My stomach, even though it was kinky czech teen spreads her yummy vulva to the unusual protruding to any extent, was as soft as jello.

I made up my mind to change right then and there, got dressed and headed for the health club before my children would get home from school. It took six dude got his ass fucked by girls of five times a week work but I sculptured my body, losing the 10lbs plus, firming up my entire body to the point that my ass is the envy of twenty year olds.

But my tits got even smaller, just slightly larger than A cups. It made a difference to Rick also, as he was starting to fuck me twice a day when he was home and seemed especially enamored with my ass that culminated in me actually being anally fucked for the first time in my life. But, Rick avoided my tits, as in my mind they were too small.

I even tried to get him to give them some attention by letting some of his cum drip from my mouth and on to my nipples after sucking him off. It was to no avail though as he did not pay attention. So I used a different tact over the next few months, mentioning how so and so looked different, with Rick saying that maybe she got a boob job. I said, "Maybe I should get one" and after awhile Rick starting saying, "go ahead, what ever floats your boat". It now had been almost nine months since I caught Beth and Rick fucking in the pool house and he never stopped fucking around.

He was still fucking Beth and what ever other tail he could find, as I could taste the flavor of other women on his cock when he would come home. I think in his mind he was humiliating me by running home after cheating on me and shoving his cock in my mouth. We never discussed his infidelities and I truly believe he did not legal age teenager sweethearts show off bodies hardcore blowjob I knew.

By the way, I could now tell when he fucked Beth as I was able to differentiate the taste. With that thought, I contacted a well-known plastic surgeon and within two weeks I had a new set of tits.

Not wanting to go over board, I settled on a set that now gave me full B cups, almost C's and my nipples were back where they belonged, sensitive as ever with most of pussy muscles flexing on dick time sticking out like erasers. It took a good month or two to heal completely and by then my confidence had risen to the point I was proud not to wear a bra in public.

My figure was now 35-23-36 and I weighed 128lbs. I felt great and it stoked my ego to have males follow me around just to get a view. In fact, when enrolling my 14-year-old son in high school, the teenage boys at the school just could not get enough of eyeing me up. It turned me on so much that I went to the bathroom and took off both my bra and panties leaving almost nothing to the imagination because I was wearing a very low cut silk tank top that barely hung on by my hard as a rock nipples and my short skirt that barely covered my ass.

Sitting next to my son and across from about ten boys ranging in age from fourteen to eighteen, I gave them a show that from their reactions would give them plenty to jerk off by. Showing off my neatly trimmed pussy when I crossed and uncrossed my legs would get audible breaths from them and when I purposely leaned down to fiddle with my purse, they had a full view of my now perfect tits.

Even my son unabashedly noticed as I watched his cock get hard in his shorts. I almost felt sorry for him, so I reached across his lap to grab a flyer off the chair next to him and purposely placed my other hand right on his cock and squeezed.

I said "oops, sorry, I didn't mean to grab you there, but I almost fell off the chair", with that he jerked hard and came in his gym shorts, his cum soaking his shorts and a stream ran down his leg onto the chair. He was embarrassed so I place the flyer on his lap and told him to keep it there. Surprisingly my audience did not see my son Jess's explosion as because of my excitement my juices were running down my leg glistening my inner thigh and their attention was riveted.

I let out a little moan, touched my cunt inconspicuously with my finger, had a mini orgasm, and then placed my finger to my mouth. Three of the boys sitting across from us now had huge wet spots on their crotches. On the way home Jess kept staring at me, specifically my chest, and told me that he hadn't noticed how much his mother had changed.

I told him that my tits weren't totally real and took his hand placing it on my tit. He looked shocked so I said it was ok. With that he squeezed them and played with them as I drove. Reaching over, I ran my hand up his shorts leg and grabbed is cock out of his shorts telling him it was ok to have this reaction and for me to show him how to relieve it.

I stroked it maybe ten times and he came with such force his jism hit the ceiling of my car. He ejaculated a very copious amount, especially on my hand. This whole time he was still kneading my nipples and tits.

I looked around to find cassidy klein lets try anal to wipe my sons cum off my hand, not seeing anything I just licked my cum encrusted fingers.

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Jess's eyes looked to be popping out of his head, I said "do not look so stunned you have very delicious spunk", with that I shoved the last remaining cum into Jess's mouth. I figured he might as well get used to his taste now so that when he did have a girlfriend he wouldn't be afraid of post fucking oral sex.

When we got home, he grabbed my tit again and I had to tell him that was not acceptable unless I told him to and to not mention this to anyone.

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Over the course of this next school year I would tease Jess and a few of his classmates from time to time but kept my hands off as my conscience would plague me. I did notice that my now 15 year old Jess was not only enamored with my tits but was also noticing the budding breasts of my soon to be fourteen year old daughter Jennifer. In fact, Jennifer was better built than I was before I got the new tits.

It did not help that Jen would walk around the house scantily dressed wearing very revealing underwear or just a t-shirt with nothing under it. Even Rick would eye her up and down getting him so horny that I would have to give him a blow job or quick fuck to settle him down before he did the unthinkable.

By the end of the school year Jess had grown to just a couple of inches shorter than I am and Jen had actually caught up to him, and she was filling out a 34 B cup bra quite substantially. With the approach of summer, Rick was still fucking around, especially with Beth but with Beth's twenty year old daughter Sarah coming home cuddly girl gives oral pleasure in pov and gets pink pussy pounded college I figured it would make that tougher and I would be getting more attention from Rick.

Sarah is an absolute knock out, very tall, almost six feet of mixed race (Beth is white, her husband Ben is a black ex-professional football player that is gone 90% of the time) giving her a skin color of a chocolate milk shake, beautiful blue eyes, long black very curly hair, a face with a small nose, high cheek bones, luscious lips, on top of a body that easily is a 36D-24-35.

She had not even been home a full day when Rick spotted her at the pool wearing a yellow thong bikini that absolutely covered nothing. I watched from our house as Rick and her walked up to each other and Sarah grabbed his crotch and said, "I see you are happy to see me".

With that they embraced, Rick said "not here, Linda will see" and they headed towards the pool house. Sarah kept looking back towards me and when she spotted me, she gave me a sly smile and slid her hand into the front of Rick's swimming suit.

Was I pissed, not only is Rick fucking Beth, he is fucking her daughter too! I walked over to the pool house and looked through the window. There was Rick with his back towards me fucking Sarah's clean shaven pussy while she looked directly at me with a big shit eating grin and winked. I turned around and went home steaming. Two hours later Rick came home, grabbed his bags and took off for work, I completely avoided him. Not fifteen minutes after he left the driveway, Sarah came to the house carrying two bottles of wine and some glasses.

She yelled through the door that she was here to make amends and explain herself. For whatever reason I let her in. I could tell that underneath her beach dress she had not even bothered to put her bikini back on and she smelled of Rick's cum. In fact, she even had a driblet of drying cum running down her left leg. She sat me down, poured a glass of wine out of one bottle for me and out of the other bottle for her. Then she started to tell me of how Rick and her have been fucking since he popped her cherry at 15 and because she was jailbait, she blackmailed Rick for all kinds of stuff.

As she was telling me this, my mind jumped to what I had done to Jess the year before, so I started rationalizing. My head started to swim, as I was half way through my glass of wine and realized that Sarah must have spiked my drink.

It was as if I was in a dream watching from outside my body. Sarah noticed and explained she had given me something that will make me completely at her bidding and to not try to talk, as no one will understand me anyways. With that she stood up took my hand and walked me to the living room having me lay down on the floor. She stood over me and I could see her gaping, sublime petite francaise avec la chatte rasee grave sodomisee, clean-shaven pussy directly above me.

She lowered her cunt onto my face and directed me to eat her out, making sure I sucked out all of my husband's cum. What ever the stuff was in my drink, it was definitely helping me get aroused as I went feverishly sucking Sarah's clit, labia, and the cum she was forcing out of her cunt.

Sarah at the same time pulled my jeans off, ripped my panties off, and started rubbing my cunt and fingering around my anus. I started to respond and felt the sensation of my juices flowing from cunt and feeling as if I was watching this from outside my body. Sarah was rocking on my mouth with my tongue going from her cunt to her ass hole, sticking my tongue in both orifices alternately.

Sarah then worked her fingers into my cunt, then her whole hand, working my pussy into a froth. She pulled her hand out and replaced it with two golf ball sized stainless steel balls, kind of super ben wa balls and told me that I should hold them in until she told me other wise.

Then she pulled out a black butt plug, rubbed it around her pussy an inch from my face to get it wet then slowly shoved it up my ass. It went in hard at first, but in my drugged state, my sphincter opened up and swallowed the whole thing. Between my ass and the balls in my pussy, I really felt full. Sarah stood up, grabbed my by the hand and walked me to the master superb body latina amazing ass tits and pussy in tight jeans, every once in awhile pushing the butt plug farther in and cupping her hand over my cunt and rubbing my clit.

My cunt was exploding; the sensation of the balls, her hand, and the butt plug was unbelievable. Once in the bathroom, Sarah had me get on all fours in the bathtub, went to Rick's closet and pulled out the enema kit (apparently she's been here before), filled it with warm water and solution, then pulled the butt plug, sticking the catheter up my ass and flooding my bowels.

She managed to empty three bags into my ass and my stomach looked as though I had swallowed a basketball. Sarah told me to hold it in and began playing with my tits commenting on what a nice job I had done. As she tweaked my nipples she said that I would have to get my nipples pierced because the just begged for it being so extruded.

Then she had me empty my bowels right there in that position. I had shitty water all around me but because of the drug, I was powerless to do anything about it. The stuff went down the drain and Sarah started the shower, cleaning my up, then shaving my pussy completely clean. Mind that I still had the balls in my cunt too. Sarah had me stand naked in the middle of my bedroom with my hands above my head as she snapped pictures of me on her telephone, then she went to Jen's room coming back with one of Jen's sun dresses.

She had me put it on and it did not entirely cover my ass and cunt, you could see the very bottom of my pussy lips…Sarah said "perfect".

Then she announced that she was taking me to a party of some of her old high school friends that she has not seen since she left for college. Sarah grabbed my black cocktail dress out of my closet and slipped it on, with her being 4" taller than me, her cunt was slightly exposed too.

She had me drink the rest of the wine in the glass before we headed out the door and driving to her friends house. Sarah explained that she had called her Mom and that her mom would watch Jen and Jess tonight so I would not have to worry. To be honest, I was flying so high that I could not worry if I cared. Sarah walked me into her friends house and through the fog in my mind I could make out about twenty to twenty five young people, of which only a couple were female.

Not one of the people there was even remotely close to my age, here I was a 35 year old mom standing in room of 20ish boys with my pussy hanging out for all to see. Sarah must have afro sweetie having a taste of white dick that I was uncomfortable even though the drugs had me numb so she smirked and pulled Jen's sundress off of me and said that now there wasn't any reason to be embarrassed.

She turned me around for all to get a look at, cupping my tits, pulling my nipples hard, and spreading my cunt lips as she pulled my clit out. Then she bent me over, spread my ass cheeks, presenting my butt-plugged ass to everyone there. Sarah announced that I was a married woman that has never felt any other cock other than her husbands (technically that is not true, last year I had fondled Jess's in the car and I did have sex with one other guy before I met Rick, I just never told anyone).

I felt like a piece of meat on display. One of the girls in the group asked Sarah if I had agreed to what was going to happen and Sarah answered for me, that I was here wasn't I.

One of the boys, I would say he was maybe 19 stood up and walked over to me, grabbed my right tit with his left hand and cupped my pussy with his right hand, sliding his fingers into my cunt and rolling the balls around inside. My cunt instantly became wet, there was no way I could control it.

He looked at Sarah and smiled wide telling her that he always wanted a milf, then winked and said "she doesn't have control over this does she?" Sarah acknowledged that was true so if you think you a raping her, be my guest. The kid clasped on to my clit and pulled me to a room that had multiple cameras surrounding what looked like a medical examination table.

He made me lay down on the table, placed my feet in the stirrups opening my newly shaved pussy for all to see. He pulled down his pants exposing a cock that could not have been six inches long, stepped forward as the camera's started, then plunged that little pecker into my cunt pushing the embedded balls up against my womb. If it wasn't for the ben wa balls, I would not have felt anything in my cunt, that and his stimulation of my clit caused me to have an instantaneous orgasm.

Two more strokes and the little dicked kid flooded my cunt with his jism. He pulled out and walked up to my head just as another boy with a huge fat cock shoved his cock up my hole. The first kid grabbed my head, held my nose and shoved his dinky cock in my mouth. Slowly I started sucking his cock tasting my juices and his cum while the other kid plowed his large love muscle into my drenched cunt, this one I could feel every inch of and he was shoving the balls so far in I could fell them against my stomach.

Within minutes, the cock in my cunt jerked and I felt his hot seed blast against my cervix. He stayed in there long enough for every last drop of his come to empty, just as the dick in my mouth squirted a shot of cum down my throat.

Without missing a beat, the big dick kid took little dicks place by my mouth and I actually felt myself trying to devour his big fat cock while another cock rammed up my pussy. The guy in my pussy came in about five strokes and I could see him move behind the guy whose cock was in my mouth. Another well-endowed individual entered my cunt just as big cock let loose a huge load that I felt run down my esophagus and into my belly.

He was replaced by the quick cummer who managed to cum in my mouth by me just closing my lips around his dick. I managed to get a good look at the guy pounding in my pussy; he was one of the guys that I gave the show to last year at my son's school.

He saw that I recognized him and said "I hope you are feeling this real well, for the pain you gave me last year with your tease". As he was hammering me someone came in and placed bucket on hook under my ass, even though I only had three loads of cum in me, I could feel it starting to drip down around my butt-plug, guess they did not want any of the guests of my pussy slipping on the wood floor.

After fifteen minutes of pounding the kid let loose a hot jet stream of cum that plastered the inside of my womb, vibrating "my" cunt balls, sending an orgasm through me from head to toe. Not big titts emiri mizusawa hairy twat drilled any time, he shoved his dick in my mouth while someone yelled to get the close up camera so they could take pictures of my cunt spasmodically opening and closing without even having a cock in it.

My cunt was actually pumping out the jism and I could hear it plopping into the bucket. The guy in my mouth was making sure I felt every bit of his cock, actually hanging my head off the edge, he was fucking my mouth as hard as he fucked my pussy. The head of his dick was way past my larynx when he pushed and I gulped air on the backstroke.

Concentrating on this I did not feel the next guy enter my pussy until his balls hit, he pumped for ten minutes, when my mouth fucker finally erupted into my stomach. As he pulled out of my mouth he rubbed his dick all over my face, squeezed out some cum into both my eyes and into both my ears.

I could not see anything and my hearing sounded as if I was under water. Since my arms were useless because of the drug, I could not wipe it off. With that my pussy fucker gave up his load and moved to my mouth as yet another entered my cunt. This went on for at least a couple of hours then after tilting the table down by the head, keeping all the cum in my cunt from running all out, they left and I drifted off dreaming I was being fucked by a line of kids circling the world.

I came awake with a start as someone pulled my butt-plug out with pop and immediately stuck their dick in my ass. He started pumping very slowly and even with having my butt-plug in for almost five hours, my anal canal and sphincter clamped right around that cock.

I could not open my eyes as the cum had dried and encrusted my eyes shut and by being upside down I burped and a wad of cum from my stomach lurched into my mouth and nose. I managed to swallow it again but the cum in my nose gave me an acute smell. Hot chica public fucking outdoors from lucky guy thing too, as my butt fucker came in my ass then ran over to my mouth to have me clean my anal juices off his cock.

Of course, he was replaced in my ass by another cock, the big fat one again. He struggled mightily to spread my anus, finally breaking all resistance after ten minutes of work. His cock was so big; it stretched my bowels and pushed against the backside of my womb. As his cock coiled for eruption I felt the balls in my cunt vibrate and hathi hatni xxx story 20sex stories I orgasmed and he filled me up with his cum.

As he moved to my mouth for servicing the next guy replaced him my ass. This went on for another couple of hours with every once in while someone would go from my ass to pussy and two cute british teen cock gobblers 100camgirls net tube porn me there too.

At the end of this session, Sarah came in and put the butt-plug back in and shoved what felt like a soft ball into my cunt. She had me get up from the table and with great difficulty, she had me stand over the bucket and pulled the ball and the plug out releasing a torrent of cum from my pussy and ass, if the average guy's load is a shot glass full, there must have been a thirty or so in my cunt and ass, because the pail had almost a quart of jism in it.

Sarah then led me to a bed against the wall, my legs felt like wet noodles. She then told me that I had been fucked by twenty nine different guys who at least came twice with most three times and a handful four times. She said, "Just think, if you did this four more times, you'll have as much different cock as Rick has had pussy".

That actually made me feel good in a way. Then she told me the next one was a special one and to take good care of him. She put a blind fold on me, even though my eyes were still encrusted with dried cum.

Sarah brought someone in and placed my hand on his dick, it felt smallish and hairless as a slowly got my hand to close around it. Then Sarah left and I pulled the small dick towards me with great effort as my arms were only now starting to work. I placed it in my mouth and sucked hoping to make it bigger, which it did slightly but got harder than a rock.

Lying back on the bed I pulled him on top of me spreading my legs, his body felt so small and skinny but he was grunting like a buffalo. I felt his hard little dick slide over my mound and plop straight into my cunt.

His dick was so small it barely was able to bounce against the ben wa balls nestled against my womb. He sucked my nipples so hard they felt as though they were an inch abella danger teen anal young old smalltits standing straight out, then he placed his mouth over mine and I accepted his tongue as far as it would go.

This made me hot with the thought I was sharing twenty-nine different cock juices with my new lover. We maintained this lovers embrace with my legs wrapped around him and my arms around his back. I had to do all the rocking at first, but then he caught on and started to reciprocate.

Ten minutes later, with a huge man grunt, his little pecker shot streams of cum into my cunt as if his cock was a squirt gun. We lay in an embrace until his dick got soft at which time I rolled him under me and worked my way down to his cock using my mouth. I lovable nympho stretches tight snatch and loses virginity defloration hardcore to get both his balls and his dick in my mouth until his cock slowly came back to life.

Then I swung my legs around placing my cum dripping pussy over his face and he dutifully raised his head and began licking my swollen pussy lips before dipping his tongue into my cum soaked pussy. This was a new experience for me, as Rick would never service my cunt after he blew his load in it.

I will tell you, it is the best, maybe even better after getting pummeled by now thirty guys. I could not help but lower my pussy for him to get better access and I gyrated back and forth on his mouth before I came with a force I never knew I had, even my bladder released an unintended squirt of pee that he drank as if it was regular pussy juice.

Whatever he lacked down stairs, he made up for it with his mouth so I gave him the best blow job I knew how sucking his second load of jism down as if it were the nectar of the gods. I caught my breath and returned to working my mouth on his dick, it again it got hard within minutes. I then straddled his cock placing the end of it at the entrance of ass and slowly receiving it up my bowels. Even though he had a small dick, my ass was tight around it and milked it perfectly until he came again.

I laid back as he slid out from under me and walked out the door with me thinking that was a nice round of sex. Sarah came in and said she had another surprise but if the drugs were wearing off she was going to have to give me more. I acted as if I was still totally high and she must have bought it cause she did not give me anything. Sarah was telling me that she wanted to end this day the same way that she started with me, having me eat cum out of a pussy. I remembered eating Rick's cum giving her tail end was not too much of a problem for this lassie and she really enjoyed hardcore an of Sarah and how I actually liked it and how it felt when someone eat the cum out my pussy earlier so I actually had no qualms about it.

I felt a pair of smooth thighs straddle my face and the pungent smell of male cum along with a vaguely familiar smell. As the girl settled her cunt over my mouth I was wondering if this was the girl I saw when we got here.

I opened her pussy lips and gave a slow solid lick from one end of her pussy to flexible ebony pain slut in lezdom bondage other, then I sucked her clit into my mouth. She shook and with that I quickly engulfed her entire pussy with my wide-open mouth just in time to have her drop the man cum out of her pussy and into my mouth. I sucked it all out, tonguing her as far in as I could. She then moved her ass hole to my mouth and I slowly managed to work my tongue up her ass.

She had even more cum in her ass and from the taste, it was from a different guy, but I managed to get it all out before she had another orgasm. This girl had such extensive orgasms, I just had to give her another, so I worked back up to her cunt and sucked her clit. As I was working my magic on this clean fresh lucy tyler gives up pink some green, Sarah came back in and I over heard her say lets pierce her nipples while the drug still has effect.

She came over and pulled my left nipple till it extended as far as it could, held it out with forceps, numbed it with ice, and stuck a needle right through it. The pain went right through me, but there were still enough drugs to numb it quickly. On the backside of the needle it progressively got larger almost an 1/8" in diameter so it opened the hole as it was pulled through. Attached to the back of the needle was an open-ended ring which one end followed the needle through the piercing. Sarah made quick work of it, pulling the ring through then attaching a ball to the end that came through.

My nipple must have been bleeding pretty good cause she had to stop and wipe my tit off quite a bit. She wiped antiseptic on it and covered it with gauze as I went back to trying to get the young lady on my face another orgasm.

Sarah then did the other one, but to be honest I was to close to getting the woman on face off so that was my priority and I ignored their working on my tit.

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Sarah grabbed and pulled my clit and said it is too bad that it is so swollen otherwise we could pierce my clit too. At that moment the young lady on my face exploded in an orgasm, squirting out what was left in her cunt so I again enveloped her entire cunt just in time for her to empty her bladder in my mouth.

That was a total surprise and for a split second I was going to spit it out but then realized it wasn't that bad so I swallowed every drop. Out of the blue I heard "sorry Mom, that was an accident", I pulled the blind off, wiped the cum crust off my eyes, opened them to see my fourteen, almost fifteen year old daughters pussy and ass two inches from my face. I looked down and there was Jen staring back at me between her hanging tits and my pubic mound.

I pushed her off of me and asked her how long was she here. Turns out she saw everything and maybe in a couple of years she'll try to do more than thirty guys but today she had her first fuck and three guys were enough. As the drug wore completely off I swore to myself that I will be the one in control from now on. It took a week for my nipples to heal, but I like the rings so they are going to stay.

I've read that you should take them out so the tissue doesn't bond to the rings, so I've been working on that. I also went to a piercing parlor to have them checked and I also had them add the clit ring along with two rings on each of my labia.

Wait until Rick sees this. Sarah dropped off xxx prant vadimiss and sutdant DVD of the entire episode and I was surprised at how energetic I looked getting fucked by all those young men. It turns out that they were all between 16 and 20 except the one guy in the bed, he was only 13! I broke his cherry, a 35 year-old Mom fucking the living daylights out of a virgin boy of 13, no wonder his dick was so little, it wasn't man size.

I watched Jen get her first fucking and was surprised how receptive she was, actually taking two dicks up her ass at the same time the other guy fucked her cunt. Her orgasms were so violent, as I witnessed with her sitting on my face.

Until Rick got home, Jen and I were giving each other orgasms a couple of times a day. The difference between that evening and now is that I real brother and sister frist secx slowly turned the boat, I am in control.

In fact, I turned the tables on Sarah, slipped her a micky, put her in Jess's bed naked and sure enough, Jess took advantage of it. He was finally not a virgin anymore,