Sexy hottie babe kendra secrets fucks to the max interracial pornstar

Sexy hottie babe kendra secrets fucks to the max interracial pornstar
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Suprising my Track Teamate. Story: "Distance team your doing hills today" said couch "ughhhh" we mumbled. Hills werent normally problem but it was 39 degrees out in farenheit. So went outside and my teamate alicia was looking as sexy as ever.

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Alicia is 5,5, brunette hair, c cup tits and a very tight bubbly ass to die for that makes me hard every practice. I am faster than alicia and I am normally in front of her in our workouts but she was wearing leggings today and i just couldnt help but run behind her. After the first hill i was already rock hard and it hurt to run up the hills.

She was walking in front of me down the hill and she stopped very quickly and bent over and i couldnt stop in time and my rock hard penis went right into her ass crack only covered by leggings and panties. She jumped up looked at me weirdly and at my pants but didnt say anything and continued walking.For the rest of the workout she tried to stay away from me but it was obvious that she was distracted by what had happen.

After the workout I saw her disappear underneath the little bridge that connects us to the parking lot. The hill we were running up is shaped like a c and is connected with a stream and a bridge over it. My friends were walking back to the school and i said ill be right back and i walked to where alicia went.

I peeked my head around the corner to see alicia bent half over taking a nude picture of her ass. I almost and came in my pants right there as this was the first time ive seen her perfect ass. She was slowly bending back up and i ran over and tackled her. She screamed as she hit the ground and turned around in panic and said "m m masin???

what are you doing".

pussy dance on top of big cock natural tits doggystyle the fuck up i know you want this dick" and with that i pulled out my dick and shoved it in her mouth.

At this point i was having the greates moment of my life as this was my first blowjob as it showed as i was face fucking her hard. I couldnt get enough of the gagging and choking everytime i shoved my dick in her mouth.

She kept struggling so i had to hold her arms down with my knees. I came in 2 minutes as hard as i ever have in my life and shot after shot bursted into her mouth. Even though i was exhausted from the best moment of my life i could not let her get away without fucking that amazing ass. She was crying as i flipped her over and as her pants were still down and her ass red from the cold i stuck a finger in her pussy to get her wet.

She screamed but by this time everyone was inside so i let her scream and scream as i fingered her. Eventually she was wet and i lined up my dick with her pussy and moved forward. I felt the most amount of pleasure i ever had in my life and i quickly shoved my whole dick in it as i felt something tear inside her.

I didnt care as i was inexpeirenced in sex and it felt so good i was going as fast as i could in and out of her. In my moments in heaven she slowly turned her head and swung her hand around and smacked me in the face. My dick got pushed out of her and i hit my head. I opened my eyes to her on top of me "so you think you can just have your way with me tyler" she said, i stood there stunned my dick still rock hard she quickly sat on my dick with her asshole with no lube and she forced me in raw.

It hurt and felt amazing and i quickly got some water from the stream and lubed us up. Her ass was ten times tighter than her pussy and i came in almost seconds and i almost lost conciousness to how amazing that felt and i was dazed as she took selfies of her mouth over my softening dick and posts #hes exhausted.

What turned into my forcing her she started forcing me and she started sucking my dick again. Even through all of that she stuck her bubble butt in the air and i was hard again as she got me close to cumming then stopped. i gave her a look and she pulled out her phone and filmed me cumming in her mouth.

"your my pet now tyler you do what i say or i sent these pictures to your friends, girlfriend and family. "But why? you have a boyfriend", "hes religous so he wont fuck me" and besides i kinda like messing with you and your not that bad at fucking.

"Here you want a picture to save for the road as i know youll be jerking off to me later" alicia said yeah i said as she pulled down her pants turned around and took a picture of her ass. Nina elle having her first lesbian sex experience was hard again stood up and slapped her ass as hard as i could. She jumped said ow and then said disipline me daddy.

I bent her over and shoved my dick in her pussy again and began ramming her she was recording and moaning as i fucked her and she talked to the camera you gotta fuck tyler. His penis hits just the right spot.

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I slapped her ass again turned it around and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and i began fucking her while walking towards the school. We went right next to the door where everyone else is and just fucked there for about 5 minutes all the sudden a door opened and there was a little corner so i was able to hide.

"what are you doing alicia" michael said.

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"N- nothing" she said in a soft moan. I was slowly fucking her and he said ok and went away as he left i felt her cum as her muscled squeezed on my dick which made me cum in her pussy as the door closed. We both laid there in heaven as we came down from our orgasm and she said " we can get other people to join too".