Cum loving oriental whore fuck scene japanese and hardcore

Cum loving oriental whore fuck scene japanese and hardcore
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I have never been too close to my sister Kyleigh; she just never seemed to have much time for me. I never had a problem with her, but if she wanted to ignore me, that was her business. She was outgoing and fun, but she just never had much time for me. She would give me advice when I needed it, but other than that, we kept to ourselves.

The only person who was at my house regularly was my dad, who, after my mom went nutso, devoted his life to his job and was never home. So I did not have much connection with family.

I think the distance between me and Kyleigh stemmed from the fact that we never really had much in common; she was into cross country, I joined the chess club. We both got straight A's, but I was more into writing than going outdoors, whereas she would spend every waking moment outside.

Her tan was ridiculously dark considering the fact that we are Polish, and my entire family is blindingly white. She would often sunbathe in nothing but tight boy shorts and a tiny bikini top.

I had loads of fun finding ways to spy on her without her noticing. Kyleigh is a year older than me at 16 years old, but she is tiny. I mean minuscule. I think she might be 5' tall. She has long wavy blond hair and an amazing, curvy body. I think her breasts are a B cup, but I don't care much for large breasts, hers are just fine.

I love her ass though. It is so round and perfect, and so amazingly tight. I must've seen a hundred guys ogling her horny redheads lick each others pussies clean little ass. I decked one of them for making a grab for her, and got a reputation for hurting people who messed with Kyleigh.

It wasn't even a big deal, but word travels fast when you knock out a 300 pound lineman with one punch. He was a big kid, but most of the weight was in his gut. He fell like a rock. I think I intimidate people, being 6'4". I know it's strange considering how small my sister is, but I'm a mammoth (and, no, neither of us is adopted).

I'm only fifteen, but I am pretty much the biggest guy at my high school. I used to be kind of overweight, but I bought some free weights and put any time I wasn't writing into those; I'm in pretty good shape now. I don't get any of the girls I want because of my preference for seclusion and the slight nerd vibe I gave off. Whatever, Sexy black beauteous babe is a cute cowgirl didn't care all that much, because keeping my sister from getting roofied at some party (trust me, it's happened before, but I got her home before somebody could rape her sexy ass) is a full time job.

She doesn't even realize how many times I've saved her. So, anyways, our relationship changed after I asked my sister for advice on how to ask a particular girl out. I totally adored this girl, Kaitlyn, and she was one of my sister's friends. They weren't that close, but Kyleigh knew her enough to help me out. Kaitlyn was shy, so I knew I had to be gentle with her.

I figured the easiest way would to learn as much about her as possible and then ask her to do something she might like with me. Everything worked out fine, Kaitlyn and I went out, hit it off, and dated for five months. I loved everything about her, and she seemed to like me. That is until one day, when I was doing some stupid community service thing so it would look good on my college transcript. I walked behind the gym, listening to my iPod, and the first thing that popped into my mind was "WHAT THE FUCK?!" "Kaitlyn, what the hell are you doing back here?

Who the fuck is this douchebag?" Oh, shit, I recognize him, I thought, that's that asian has no mercy for her holes I knocked out for groping my sister. "Oh, shit, Logan, I am so sorry!

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I couldn't help it!" Kaitlyn exclaimed. "What, you couldn't help making out with this fat prick, letting him grope you?

You barely even let me do that a perfect blonde webcam plays and showers more videos on sexycamsorg ago!" For those who don't understand what is going on at this time, I had turned the corner to see Kaitlyn making out with the fat ass lineman from paragraph 3, with his hands all over her ass. I naturally was pissed, seeing as I was in much better shape than this guy and treated her much better.

"I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me. Can you please forgive me? It was an accident!" "An accident, really? What, did you slip and fall against him and your tongues just happened to leap to each other's mouths'? And I suppose his hands were there to keep you from falling down again?" I took a deep breath to calm myself, and then I turned my attention to the douchbag she was making out with, who had been trying to slip away unnoticed.

I walked up to him and knocked his ass out again. Kaitlyn just looked at me with the guiltiest look in her eyes. "Can you forgive me? Please? I do care about you; I just wanted to know what it was like to kiss him.

He is not nearly as good as you, if it makes you feel any better." I sighed and pulled her in to a hug, making her think she was forgiven. "Thank you, I promise I'll make it up to you." She said, nearly sobbing. I smiled grimly to myself, and then whispered into her ear, "You do not deserve a guy like me. Now get the fuck out of my life." I pinched her ass hard, took a long look at her shocked face, and walked away.

I walked home without showing any expression; no anger, no jealousy, no depression. I walked in the door, called out "Ky, I'm home!" She poked her head out over the upstairs balcony, said hi, and then went back in her room. I walked upstairs to my room and closed my door. I put on some Disturbed music full blast, and let my emotions go. The first thing I felt was extreme rage, and I punched the wall, leaving a decent dent.

I immediately regretted not getting that punching bag when I had the chance. Now I had an ugly dent in my nice room, and my fist was bleeding as well as sore from punching that fat prick earlier.

I heard a knock on my door and took a deep breath. I paused the music and said, "Come in, Ky." Kyleigh poked her head in, gave the hole in the wall a bewildered look, and said, "What's with the wall punching? Something wrong?" Then she saw my expression and understood. "Was it Kaitlyn?" I just looked at her and nodded.

"Caught her making out with that fat bastard Corey." "Didn't you knock him out when he tried to grope me?" "Yep. I did it again today when I caught him with his hands on Kaitlyn's ass. I just don't get it. Am I so ugly that Kaitlyn would have to choose him to cheat on me with? He never even liked her, whereas I worshiped that little bitch." I stood up and started pacing. Suddenly I yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?" When I was done, Ash dashed into the bathroom, grabbed the first aid kit, sat me down on my bed and looked me dead in the eye.

"Listen to me, you had better stop that. You are not ugly, Kaitlyn was just a whore. You are nothing close to ugly." She giggled and blushed. "In fact, several of my friends said they would take you if Kaitlyn gave you up.

Hell, I would if you weren't my brother." To cover her embarrassment she began patching up my fist. "Really Ash? Thanks. That means a lot to me. But you never seemed to like me much." "Hey, just because I haven't had much time for you doesn't mean I don't love you and want you to be happy, or at least not depressed. You are my little bro, after all. So don't let that little slut get you down. I know it hurts, I know you liked her a lot, but there are plenty of girls that would kill to get as far as Kaitlyn did with you." She paused, "How far did she let you get, exactly?" I smiled, and said with pride, "Third base.

She let me finger her last week, and gave me a blowjob just after I made her cum." "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Too much information. I do not wanna imagine my little brother with his fingers in some girl's twat, or imagine her going down on him right after." If that's true, then why am I so wet? She thought.

"Hey, you asked. So how are things with your boyfriend. uh. Alex?" "Ha, I'm in the same boat as you. He was cheating on me with some skank on the cheerleading squad." "Really? What a dumbass. You are way sexier than anyone on the squad." Oh shit, did I just say that out loud? She smiled, "Thanks Logan. But you're just trying to make me feel better. I know for a fact that that's not true.

That girl Minnie has huge boobs." I laughed, relieved she wasn't weirded out by my comment, and curious to see how far I could go. "Please, there is no way those fake things could compare to yours.

Yours are perky. And besides, you have the most amazing ass I have ever seen. You look so delicious whenever you prance around in your tiny boy shorts; I can barely refrain from holding you down and taking them off with my teeth." She blushed.

"That's a rather vivid image. Do you often think about me like that?" I blushed, too, wondering if I had gone too far. I did not want to push her away. I mumbled some incomprehensible response, turning away.

She had finished bandaging my hand, but I left it in hers, liking the contact. She understood that I was shy but pushed anyways. "C'mon, tell me. Do you think about me every night?" Fuck it, I may as well just say it, she thought.

"I know you masturbate every night. I hear it through the wall. And I do the laundry. I've seen so many cum stains on your sheets, I know you either masturbate a lot or cum buckets.

So I wanna know, do you masturbate thinking of me?" I decided to just go for it. It would be nice to relieve the sexual tension I felt around her, even though this may just add another kind of tension. "Yeah, I do. Pretty often, too. More often than I do thinking about Kaitlyn." I saw her eyes widen a little and noticed her nipples hardening through her tank top. Holy crap, I thought, Is she getting horny? No, it must be cold. I couldn't make my own sister horny, could I?

She bit her lip, further convincing me she was horny. "What, specifically, bella bellz her huge tattooed ass gets cock screwed deep you think about when you think of me?" Wow, she's bold, I thought.

"Well, often enough I think about your sexy little ass and how it felt. er. would feel first time xxx sexy story free my hand and what it would look like naked." "What do you mean felt? Have you touched my ass before?" "I said no such thing!" "C'mon, tell me, Alex.

I won't be mad, I'm just curious." "Do you remember that time that I told you about when you got roofied at the party? Well, you weren't completely out until just after I walked you home. You fell on the bed, still in your party clothes.

I got you undressed, down to your bra and panties. My hand just brushed your ass getting your tight jeans down your hips, and then I just couldn't help it.

I started groping you and massaging your ass. It felt so good. Your ass is just so perfect. I'm sorry." She blushed and looked down, noticing for the first time the bulge in my crotch. It was big. "Wow, did just telling me that turn you on?" I shifted to hide my hard-on, failing miserably.

"Yeah. I've never said it out loud to anyone, let alone my super sexy sister." "So you really think I'm sexy?" "Absolutely. You're perfect!" She grinned. "Then how would you like to touch me while I am awake and willing? Everything you've been telling me has made me so wet and horny that I was going to have to go masturbate for hours just to calm myself down enough to think straight. So why not let you get a quick feel and then see where things go?

Who knows, I may just let you watch me masturbate. I'm certainly horny enough." I stared at her, awestruck. "You would let me do that? You are the best sister ever! But if you don't mind, I would like that feel now." She smiled and lay down on her stomach on the bed. "Feel away, stud. See if you can make me horny enough to do take my clothes off." I immediately dove at her ass, grabbing it in both hands and squeezing softly but firmly. Her pillowy cheeks felt heavenly.

I lay my head down on her ass, rubbing my face in her divine crack. I ran my tongue through the impression in her shorts. I pressed, squeezed, licked and massaged her ass until she was panting from arousal.

"FUCK! Take my shorts off!" She screamed. I was only too happy to comply, and slowly slid my fingers into the waistband of her shorts. I pulled her shorts off and stared at her tiny panties. I always wanted to take a girl's panties off real slow, so I took my time, slowly pulling them down her hips and finally removing them from her gorgeous body. I looked between her legs, staring in awe at the most magnificent sight I had ever seen. I had never seen her ass naked before, not having the courage to take her panties off while she was passed out last time.

Her ass was truly marvelous. I reached out and spread her cheeks, taking a good long look at her brown hole, before flipping her over to stare at her pussy.

Holy shit, she shaves! I thought. "Oh my god, your pussy is bald! That is the hottest thing I have ever seen Ash!" "You like it? I've never shown anybody that before." She purred. I was going to dive in and eat her out, but she stopped me. "Oh, no, naughty boy. You don't get to eat my kitty yet. You haven't earned it yet. But you have earned this." She pulled her tank top off, letting me see her in all her naked glory.

Oh, what a sight my sister was. Perfection, I thought. Her tits were so perky and her nipples were tiny, her areolas about the size of a quarter.

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"May I touch them?" "Go right ahead." And without further ado, I reached out and gently cupped her breasts. Oh god, I thought, we are going to have lots of fun together. I gently rolled her nipples around in between my fingers and listened to her moan. Feeling adventurous, I tugged on them, noticing how much she moaned with the pain.

I leaned down and sucked on her nipples, tasting them, flicking them with my tongue. I bit her softly and she let out a grunt, getting even more aroused than before. "God, I am so fucking wet. Take off your clothes.

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I wanna see that cock I've wanted for so long." Not one to argue with a lady, I took my shirt off, kicked off my shoes, and then stripped down to my boxers. "Go on, then. Take 'em off!" She said lustily. I grinned at the desire in her voice and slowly lowered my boxers, finally revealing my cock. She gasped as she saw it. Now, I am no pornstar, but I've heard that 8 is nothing to laugh at. "Have you ever seen one before?" I asked.

"Yeah, once. Logan made me give him a handjob, but I wouldn't let him touch me. I'm still a virgin." She smiled, liking the idea of us taking each other's virginity. "Man, bro, your dick is perfect. Logan's was pathetic, probably around four inches.

He is not even half the man you are." "Really? The star QB has a tiny dick? How sad." I took another long look at her wonderful naked body and my cock twitched. She giggled. "I think it wants attention. But you can't touch today. You'll just have to jerk off for me while I finger my tiny little pussy. I'm so fucking wet; I'll probably cum right away, which I'm pretty sure you will do, too.

Come kneel between my legs so you can cum all over me." The thought of my beautiful sister covered in dirty, incestuous cum made me wanna cum right then. But I held off and moved above her, watching as she began to finger herself. It was an amazing sight. She was so wet that her pink canal, no matter how tight it squeezed her fingers, couldn't hold them still.

She pumped two fingers in and out of herself while massaging her clit with her thumb. I slowly stroked myself watching. I was really fucking close, so I didn't pump too hard, wanting to cum with her. The moans coming out of her mouth were so sexy.

I stared at her tiny body as it tightened, preparing for one hell of an orgasm. I started stroking harder, getting ready to cover her with my brotherly cum while she was cumming.

Her moans turned to squeals as she got very close while staring at my cock. She looked into my eyes, and that did it for both of us. We both called out, "I'm cumming," and we both came harder than we ever had. My first shots of cum reached her face and breasts, which was surprising considering I was kneeling between her legs. My orgasm died down, my cum dribbling onto her stomach and would have gotten on her pussy had she not been covering it with her hands.

During the time I had been cumming; her orgasm was just as intense. The thing that surprised me was that she wasn't the only one to get doused with cum. My position between her legs made my chest the perfect target for her pussy to squirt at. I thought it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Oh my god! My sister's a squirter!

Once she had finally come down from her amazing orgasm, she gave me the strangest look. "What was that? Did I just piss on you?

It didn't look like piss." I gave her a worshiping look and said, "No. You didn't pee. You're a squirter. It's very rare I've heard. That was so hot!" "Are you sure I didn't just piss on you? How can you be sure? I don't want the hottest experience of my life to be pissing on my little bro." "Trust me sis, you didn't pee.

There is porn of every kind, and I have plenty of squirter porn. I would know." "Oh, that's a relief. Hmm, I might just wanna see some of that porn." She then noticed a sensational pecker riding session for miley may hardcore blowjob cum covering her body.

She got a curious look in her eye and scooped some off her nipple, bringing it to her mouth. Her eyes widened. "Oh my god, that's fucking delicious. Next time you have gotta cum in my mouth. I want it all!" She then proceeded to scoop as much off her body as she could and shovel it into her mouth. I tried the same with her pussy juice covering my body, and found it just as delicious. We sat there for a minute cleaning ourselves off with our hands, making sure we got as much of the love juice off as possible.

I then lay down next to her, and she rolled over, her ass in the air. "So, wanna take a shower?" I suggested. sexy niece gets slammed in various positions yet, I want the rest to dry on me. I wanna know what it feels like.

You go ahead, though. It wouldn't be a good idea to take a shower together anyways. I'd be too tempted to jump your bones in the shower, and that would be bad before I could get started on the pill. I don't want babies just yet." I agreed, not sure I was even ready to have sex with her yet. I wanted to get used to so much stimulation so I wouldn't cum too quickly. Then a thought occurred to me. "Wait, you make it sound like you would have sex with me once you are on the pill.

I thought you were a virgin?" "I am. I've been waiting for a guy to come along that wouldn't bail after he got to fuck me. I think you're that guy, Logan." "You're amazing sis." I got up to go take a shower, but before I left, I wanted another taste of that magnificent ass.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them, taking another look at her sexy asshole. I leaned in and took a long lick of it, making her squeal and squirm. I grinned, saying, "I've always wanted to taste your ass. It tastes amazing." And without another word, I went to take my shower.

On my way out the door, Kyleigh called, "Hurry back Logan! I wanna know what it feels like to give a blowjob!" To be continued.