Adriana chechik in hurricane adriana floods basement

Adriana chechik in hurricane adriana floods basement
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Diane's sex life had gone to hell ever since her husband Keith had passed away. She had a few boyfriends, but none of them seemed to satisfy her the way Keith always used to. When she got desperate, she would masturbate. This happened often, since she was an often-horny 39 year old woman.

Diane was a knockout for her age. She was 5'6, 140 lbs, D tits, shapely figure. She was not a pencil thin woman. She took pride in her semi-thick figure. She knew damn well that men lusted after her. She had one of those asses that a man could smack, and it would jiggle a little bit.

She often caught men staring at her ass, their eyes full of lust. Then she would go home and rub her clit, fantasizing about licking their cocks like a lolly pop. She knew what men desired, and she had no problems giving them that. She was nasty in bed. Diane loved to suck a cock and taste the hot semen as it squirted onto her tongue.

However, ever since Keith had passed away. she could never seem to find a man who could fuck her the way she wanted.

She wanted a man who was completely uninhibited, a man who would lick her from her ass crack to her clit. Diane wanted a man who wouldnt mind her grinding her asshole and her pussy all over his face and dripping her hot nasty twat juice all over his mouth and nose.

Chris was Diane's son. He was 18 years old, muscular, and appeared to be clean cut on the outside. He had gotten most of his fathers good looks, and his charm. One other thing that he had gotten from his father that most people didnt know about was his incredible sex drive. Chris could not be satisfied by one woman. One woman simply could not give him the amount of quality of nasty sex that he required to be satisfied for one day.

He could fuck two different girls in one day (not a hard task for him, he was extremely handsome and charming, both qualities from Keith) and still have to jack off two or three times that day before he was satisfied. Chris always had a secret obsession, that was the center of all of his masturbatory fantasies, that was his mother Diane. He was after all, only human. He lusted after her body just like every other man, except he was careful not to make it obvious to her.

She didnt know much about his sex life, although he knew about hers. He always could hear her moaning in her room when she would play with her pussy, and when he heard this, he would get his cock out and jack off.

When he listened close, he could tell when she was having an orgasm and that would make him shoot his load. Then sometimes when she was not home, he would go into her room and steal a pair of her dirty panties.

He loved to jack off while he sniffed her panties and amateur teen group aspen romanoff monica asisand marilyn mansion it was her pussy in his face. One day Chris decided that he was going to try to fuck his mother. He knew it was incest and innocent sweetie spreads juicy muff and gets deflorated defloration virginity it was wrong, but he lusted after her so much that he didnt care.

If he could only get her to feel the same way for him, he could have his fantasy and eat it too. While he was jacking off with a pair of her undies, he decided to leave her a calling card. He came into the crotch of her panties and then left them in a conspicous place in her bedroom.

He was not sure if it would go over well, but he knew that if she was angry and accused him, he could deny it, and aside from her crusty panties (which she could have easily done herself) she would have no proof. Diane came home from work early and found the panties in her room sitting on top of her bed. She usually kept her dirty laundry picked up and in a hamper so they caught her attention. She picked them up to put them in her hamper and noticed that they were damp.

She started to wonder why, since it had been three days since she had worn that particular pair of panties. Then, out of morbid curiosity she decided to sniff them. She immediately recognized the smell of fresh cum.

Her face went flush as it occurred to her that her son was the only man in the house. Why would he be jerking off into her panties, she thought.

Diane decided not to say anything about it. Over the next few days, Diane had payed close attention to her son. She had noticed a few things that were peculiar. She caught him looking at her cute awesome virgin acquires in natures garb and ass show her its done teen bj lespatrons sons with mia khalifa times.

She noticed that he was walking around the house in boxer-briefs and no shirt alot of the time. He usually wore basketball shorts and a tank top. He was starting to become touchy-feely with her. Hugging her more, always wanting to give her a kiss, offering to give her massages, and putting his arm around her when they would watch tv together.

She also noticed that whenever her current boyfriend was around, there was tension between Chris and him. All the signs pointed to one thing. Chris had a definate attraction to Diane. The more she thought about it, the less it seemed to bother her. It obviously wasnt the first time a boy had an attraction to his mother, and besides, she was sexy and she knew it. What normal guy wouldnt look at her that way? It started to flatter her, the more she thought about it.

Chris had given up hope of seducing his mom, when one day she came in from work and went straight to her room. He could hear her in there masturbating, so he went to his room and jacked off. He figured that this time he would make no effort to not be heard, since she obviously didnt. Diane could hear her son in the other room pounding his pud, and she knew it was because he knew what she was doing.

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She suddenly felt herself getting incredibly hot and wet at the thought of her son in the very next room stroking his cock and thinking of her. After she finished, she decided to have a talk with him. She would explain to him that she knew he lusted after her, and that it was okay, and even flattering, so he did not have to be ashamed anymore.

Then she suddenly thought about the possibility of that conversation going too far.

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Was she just flattered that her son found her attractive, or was she sexually aroused by it? Diane came out of her room in a spagetti strap shirt and a pair or short shorts. A few minutes later Chris came out in his now usual boxer-briefs. She started talking to him at that point. "Honey listen I have noticed some things and I just want us to be open with each other okay?" "Whats up mom?" Chris said nonchalantly.

He was a good actor because inside he was nervous and sweating. He knew what was coming. " I know that you are a grown man now, and that you have your natural instincts, like every other man. And I know that sometimes those animalistic urges do not respect social boundaries, and that is okay. After all, you are only human." beautiful tatooed girl with a hot ass "Mom what are you getting at?" Chris said, knowing exactly what was going to come out of her mouth next.

"Look I am aware that you are attracted to me, and that is okay. I dont want you to feel like you have to be ashamed. In fact, to be perfectly honest with you, I think you are an attractive young man also. You look alot like your father." Diane explained. Chris did not know what to say so he just told the truth. What else could he say? He explained to her his sexual troubles and that he knew alot about her sexuality because he could almost always hear her.

He explained that when he lusted after her, he just thought about her as a sexy woman, not his mother. When the conversation ended, they had an understanding. She knew he lusted after her, and she didnt mind, and he knew that she knew, and he no longer cared. For the next few days he was very liberal about looking at her. And she was liberal about prancing around in front of him in her spagetti strap shirts without bras and wearing her short shorts. And every night he would jack off thionking about the semi-show she had givin him that day.

One day she heard him jacking off when she got home from work. She had been horny all day, and she knew he was jacking off thinking of her. She knocked on his bedroom door and asked to come in. He covered himself and told her to come on in. She shut the door behind her and asked him bluntly "You were jacking off werent you? Were you thinking of me?" Chris noticed this horny look in her eye, so he said "Yes of course I was, but I thought we had already came to an understanding about this." "Oh honey we have, but I am curious.when you think of me, do you just picture my body or do you actually think about fucking me?

Do you think about me sucking your cock?" "Well can we talk about this later, my dick is so hard it hurts." Chris pleaded.

Diane had just one more morbid curiousity.

"Can I see it? I mean I already have seen it thousands of times, but not since you were a baby. I am just curious how big it is." At that point Chris was overcome with lust.

"Look I cant take it anymore, I have to have you!" he said, as he uncovered himself to expose his rock hard cock. Diane Was also overcome at the sight of his cock and at his words, and she immediately said "Im not your mom right now Im your piece of cunt" Then she took his cock into her mouth and started deep throating it. Chris told her to take it out because he was about to busty babe fisting hottie pornstars big tits, but she just kept on until Chris exploded in her mouth.

Then she hiked up her skirt and pulled down her hose and asked him if he wanted to lick her twat. He eagerly agreed. She bent over the bed and he buried his face in his mothers ass from the back, licking her ass crack and sticking his tongue up her pussy to taste her twat juice.

It was so good that he came again, just as she did. Diane stripped off her clothes completely and had him lay on the bed. She started rubbing her titties all over his soft cock to get it erect again. Once it was, she got on her back and said "Chris, give me that hard cock, I want a pussy full of your hot cum. Chris jumped this attractive babe has musical pink flaps top of her and slid his stiff rod into her hot cunt which was still very tight and lovely.

He licked her titties as he fucked her like a wild animal. This went on for a few minutes while Diane got off several times. Chris pulled his cock out and stuck it in her face. "I want you to lick the pussy juice from my cock" he said.

She agreed and began licking his cock like a lolly pop. Then he said "Now get on your knees and give me that sexy ass." She did just as he ordered. She bent over and stuck her ass up, saying "Come on and slide that cock in me baby" He fucked her doggy style and she got off one more time before he flipped her over on her back.

He slided his cock in and said "Mom I am going to shoot my cum up your fuckhole, and I want to see your face when I do it." He thrusted his cock in her and let out a loud moan as he let go in his mothers twat. She moaned "Come on baby shoot that cum in mamas puss!!

Oh yeah shoot that cock off in this cunt baby let it all out!" When they were all done, Chris looked at his mother and said "Mom I still want to be your son." Diane agreed. "I still want to be your Mom. But I have not had such a good fuck since your father. Will you keep fucking me? I promise no one will ever know. " "Mom can we talk about this later? My cock is so hard it hurts." Chris said, looking at her busty tits. Diane grinned and began sucking his cock all over again.