Christy love cant wait for the tugging to begin

Christy love cant wait for the tugging to begin
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My First Time With a Belt! My name is Dena, I am a brown eyed, dark haired girl, at the time just barely 18, and a skinny young thing in fairly good shape. I was rebellious to authority, and more than ready for adventure, especially sexual adventure, back then I had for the first time shaved all of the pubic hair from my little muff leaving it bare, and still do trying to stay lookand feel young, refusing to grow up!. I liked wearing loose fitting tube tops short shorts, short skirts, bikini panties, and outfits that would show a lot of my shapely young full 36 "breasts and equally attractive round bottom!

Now even as an older woman, I still enjoy role play like that of being the little girl next door. I loved dressing up for a spanking. Then and now! I really like it when a man treats me like a naughty little daddy's girl. But what I really like is a man who wears a wide leather belt, and knows how to use it, even these days the thought of this, and what happened to me back then is still quite sexually intoxicating!

My First Time With a Belt! This like many stories, was one that actually happened to me as a young girl in puberty, and has become one of my luscious masseuse canela skin gets dicked down fantasies to relive. I didn't get spanked much as a child and the spankings I did get were not much of a spanking at all, as my father never gave me a really good tanning like I probably deserved.

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The exception was after my mom and dad divorced my new step father gave me a number of bare handed and bare bottom spankings! He and I never got along and I rebelled to all but the simplest of his demands! My mother who worked a lot and was gone in the evenings had given him full permission to discipline me in any way he wanted, and his favorite was to turn me over his knee lift my dress and pull down my panties, and paddle my bare bottom!

I would always carry on begging him not to hurt me, but we both knew it was more than willing on my part, and later I was sent to a private school. This was where I did end up being quite severely whipped! I had received this whipping from the headmaster of the all girls school I attended.

We called them 'whacks' or 'swats back then'. I remember itand boy do I giant dock for gorgeous teen muff hiddencam and hardcore because of the way it was conducted and did it ever hurt. But it and the thought has always aroused me even now, as an older woman especially whenever I think about it. I had been sent to the headmasters office for wearing clothes I was not suppose to, a short pleated mini skirt, a loose fitting narrow tube top that clearly showed a lot of my cleavage, firm young nipples, and make up that was not appropriate for those of a modest young lady attending a private school like mine.

I had worn these clothes and gaudy red lipstick that actually made me look more like a slutty young whore than a prim and proper female student, and I had still done so after I had been warned repeatedly not to! I had walked slow to the headmasters office, and took the long way around thinking of not going at all, but it was my senior year and was suppose to graduate in only weeks, so I really had little choice.

I was afraid and worried that I was going to get much more than mere swats from our headmaster due to the stories I heard about his paddles and his belt! Especially for what I had done, that I knew was wrong! He was a big man and there were rumors that he had paddled or whipped several of the other young female students quite harshly, and that the whipping had produced some rather hideous welts!

When I finally arrived at his office, his secretary gave me a knowing look told, and me to wait on the firm padded bench! I think the wait is one part of the punishment, and for many like me the worst part, as all sorts of humiliating and cruel things were in my thoughts of what he might do to me? As I set there several sexually inspired fantasy's flipped through my perverted young mind, and all.had made my already moist pink little slit coupled with these erotic thoughts even stickier!

. A door opened and the head master walked out to talk with the secretary. I had seen him before, but when he turned to look at me it was with less than a cordial smile, the stern look on his face was one I had never seen before, one that really had me worried as he ordered me into his office?

When I tried to get up from the bench.the most embarrassing thing happened to me? OMG!

My wet young clean shaven labia lips and pubic folds along with the sticky wetness of arousal coupled with the soft padded material of the bench had conspired to stick me firmly to the bench, almost like a very efficient sexual suction cup!! The headmaster at first did not notice that I was stuck, as I squirmed around pushing up trying to free myself? All this had done was to make me stick to the bench even tighter, once he realized I was not behind him had returned, and with a perplexed look on his face had offered his hand to help me up!

Then with him pulling and me sill unable, had taken both on my hands, and as a big strong man had actually pulled the bench that squeaked along the polished floor as it moved the short distance, before my young wet stimulated sticky pussy lips finally pulled free with a very unladylike sucking sound followed by a subtle smacking pop! The look on his face was priceless, and on mine with wonder along with the secretary who was now standing looking directly at me, that had watched the whole embarrassing thing, first with disbelief, as the two of them had finally figured out what had just happened!

But for me the sensation with my already stimulated genitals, had not only brought my pale skin to almost crimson, but it was all I could do to squeeze my thighs together and hold back a sexual sensation that do to all that had happened was more than ready to easily rush out!

With him still holding one of my hands and my knees clamped tightly together a waddled into his office pigeon toed and trembling still on the very edge of one incredible orgasm that had been denied at least for the moment! It took several minutes for my composure to return and was finally able to stand on my own! Once there he asked if I had anything to say before he punished me? I could not help myself and blurted out defiantly my story of what had happened, and that as a grown young woman of 18!

And as such felt I could wear what ever I dam well pleased and that he or the school had no right to tell me any different as to what kind of clothes or make up I could, or could not wear! We discussed, "Argued" the matter for a time as he explained what I already knew, that this private school my parents had enrolled me in, had been given the sole power to discipline any of the students, including me, and in anyway they saw fit!

Including corporal punishment, and because I had willfully disobeyed the rules, and on more than one occasion insulted several of my teachers, and had even told one to get stuffed, so I was past due for some extreme punishment!

Plus the fact that I had not apologized to either of these teachers or made any effort to comply, and that I had even encouraged other students to be rebellious like me. Because of this he went on to say he had no choice, and concluded that I should be made an example of.a very stern example of especially to the other young women students!

Then informed me that he would tell my parents what I had done, and that I would be expelled and not graduate unless I submitted to this sinful asian milf cant live without engulfing balls punishment, and that it was for my own good! My perverted young mind had already fantasized about what he might do, would he have me pull down my panties, and grab my ankles! Or would he turn me over his knee setting behind his desk in his big office swivel chair and give me the appropriate bare sunny leone has a hot shower whacks?

Both thoughts had made the anticipation and arousal quite apparent, especially after what had just happened at being stuck to the bench, was even more incredibly stimulating? At that, he ordered me to stand at the end of his big oak desk, remove my panties then bend over and place my hands on the desk.

He went on to say it is customary when a young woman is disciplined a witness is required so that nothing inappropriate has taken place, and that the school would not be compromised or held liable with some sort of accusation or threat of litigation at a later date! He had called the secretary in observe the proceedings who after what had happened along with my now, well known infractions and the slutty way I was dressed, had little sympathy for my plight and was quite interested in what kind of punishment the headmaster, was going to give me?

First he told me, I am not allowed to touch you in anyway, and with my secretary looking on she will testify to that fact do you understand? Now not jenny jassie brea and haley making a party so defiant, and in almost total submission I murmured the barely audible words yes sir. He asked with booming authority! "Yes What"! "Yes Sir" a bit louder I said as I easily raised the short skirt and attempted to remove my sticky wet bikini panties that were were still stuck in my slit and between my soft full crack of my ass, this was from my young sexually erotic secretions and female ambiance!

After some fitful embarrassed tugging I was finally able to pull them free from around my bottom, and step out of them! This had left me slightly trembling with even more aroused anticipation from all that had happened, still on the edge, and the worried thought of was next? Once they were free the headmaster said, give them to the secretary who was now standing next to me!

The soiled undergarment was almost dripping from this sinful humiliating experience as I handed them to the woman and then bent over and grabbed the edge of the big wooden desk, and waited?.Was I ever ready, but it was not quite the whipping I was ready for!

I had seen several paddles hanging on the wall and had heard stories about them and how they had been used on other young female students? My heart sank at the sight of one, for it was a fine piece of wooden art.

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It was long, wide and thick with holes, dark stained and shiny. I could feel him standing next to me for what seemed like a lifetime, when he saw my wet sticky inner thighs and well shaven young camel toed pussy folds! This had incensed him to no end as the sight to him was that of a wanton young whore to be!

After seeing this he commented to no one in particular that a woman who would shave her pussy bare like this had no morals at all and needed the most severe punishing discipline one could ever imagine, and that he was going to make a real example, by giving me the whipping of my life!!.

With me already on the edge and my erotic thoughts of being bare ass-ed, and disciplined he ordered me to spread my legs!

It was all I could do, as I had been holding my little pubic muscles as tight as I possibly could and was only seconds away from a climax! With me bent over and wearing this short pleated mini skirt this had left most all of my young bottom bare and sinfully exposed! Then with clinical interest had with one hand folded my short pleated skirt over several times until it was above my waist resting it there, and with the other apparently from the sight of this bare and most sinful part of a young woman's anatomy, and unable to resist hesitantly touched me, and then ran his fingers slowly up and down my slit several times finally stopping at my now swollen little pea shaped clitoris!

OMFG! It had been all I could do to hold back, even before he ever touched me, and although his touch that was not meant to be sensual or arousing it had done just that, as I helplessly released this incredible orgasm I had been holding for all I was worth! Slutty lesbian bombshells are opening up and fisting anals screamed out a most bloodcurdling scream of sexual ecstasy a young woman could do from a fantasy and and his unintended touch!

I almost collapsed onto the big oak desk, as he and his secretary watched in total amazement, as neither had ever seen anything like this or a young woman like me get off with such incredible sexual pleasure!

Al this perverted display had done though, was to incense him all the more? Then after several minutes I was able to straighten out my legs and with my helpless pussy dripping strings of goo from my genitals!. He orders me to not move, and asks if I am ready. With a quivering voice I barely replied yes, but please don't hurt me, I pleaded knowing full well my plea would be totally ignored.

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He said, in a stern voice I wont hurt you. like hell I won't! Then asked, "yes what"? I quickly said yes sir. The first swat from his leather belt just stung. The second much harder one sent a cold burning chill through my body, and had allowed my full young unencumbered hanging breasts to easily flop out from under the loose fitting tube top!.

The third brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes. The fourth now blistering made me cry out, and the fifth had he not been holding me up by a handful of pleated skirt, would have made me collapse on the desk sobbing. He continued to hold me up tight raising my bare crimson young bottom up high as if he were going to give me another, asking me if I am going to follow the rules!

I cried out no, no, no! He thought this was in defiance, but it was for him to stop, and before I could explain a dozen more hash whacks of soft pink flesh and a firm leather belt had fallen, and with this I did collapsed on to the floor ending up humiliated topless, and in a puddle of my own cum!

He, with his secretary looking on handed me a box of tissue and told me to stay in his office for a while until I could get myself together. For me as a young woman that actually wanted to be bare ass-ed and paddled in front of others and one that had fantasized about this happening to me the harsh whipping with a cute lil sex fairy tales with see thru yoga pants belt by a big man, and one that was incensed in doing so turned out to be a most stimulating and very erotic experience and one as an older woman still makes me wet just thinking about what happened on that day in this private school!

Continued in part II A Spanking In the Woods