Boy raises luscious teen legs hardcore massage

Boy raises luscious teen legs hardcore massage
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AN HONOUR KILLING? It was a summer day, somewhere in the hinterlands of the grain belt.

atleast that's what the school children read. the inhabitants knew otherwise. true, it produced grain, lots of it, but it also produced rapes on a huge scale. pooja knew this. she had heard how their grandmother came to their village, carried away by the local politician from the house of a clerk. they also knew they could never escape. their neice (you read that right) had tried and died for it. it became a favourite of the press, and politicians came regularly.

what the press never saw was the genitals of the corpse, leaking fluids of all the males in the village. honour killlings, you see, were honourable here. she knew all this, but she also knew that she could never live with a man like normal girls could.

not even one who "cared" in less carnal ways . it was just after her 18th birthday. she and nalini had been friends since their one year in school two years ago. as per custom, men and women bathed in the river, but separately. that day, as she bathed, her body under water, her hand brushed against what she knew to be a breast. she enjoyed squeezing and pulling her own, but had never tou hed that of another.

why should she? they were all like her. now, as her hand caressed the erect nipple, ahe instinctively squeezed it. a moment later, she lesbo enjoyment of legal age teenager attractive babes masturbation smalltits staring at a shocked nalini, who had materialised out of the water.

not knowing what to do, she withdrew her hand, but nalini kept staring. nothing more was said of the encounter, and they bathed and left to the catcalls of boys on dowry bikes raising dust on the katcha road. later, as she sat down after doing her daily chores, she thought she should talk to nalini.

her house was nearby, and her mother liked her. she walked to the place, dressed sensibly in a dupatta that covered her head. nalini, it turned out, was alone. her mother was again pregnant, and hef husband had taken her for an ultrasound. affording a third daughter was impossible for a poor farmer. she entered the hovel, and found nalini putting her baby brother to sleep. she looked up and gave a strained smile. pooja simply sat down on the earth floor. "so your work is done?

" she asked tentatively. "almost. " nalini replied distractedly, putting the baby down, and picking up a broom. she swept the floor on her haunches, pushing the dirt out. as she worked, pooja could not help notice how beads of sweat formed at her forehead, and slowly flowed down her slim face, down her cheeks and fall softly on her chest. following the sweat, she saw how the breasts began gently and moved in a curve down to her tummy. she remebered the nipple.

it had been hard, like a pencil top. she began to feel an odd sensation, like when she pushed fingers in and out of her vagina. nalini had finished her work. she looked at pooja, and saw her staring at her.

well not quite her, more like her breasts. she waa used to such attention from the village jacks, but her? and she hadn't forgotten the bathing scene. what did it mean? she decided to pretend to be normal. keeping the broom away, she came and sat near pooja.

pooja still wasn't speaking, so she pinched her arm. pooja came out of her trance luscious secretaries get fucked by hung bosses find herself wet and hot.

but nalini sat in front of her, her arm touching hers. even this excited her. plus the fact that so close, she had ample view of the girl's mammaries. suddenly, she felt nalini tug her violently and pull her away. getting to her feet somehow, she she moved with nalini to the far end of the hut. " a snake! " cried nalini, thankful that she had seen it on time.

pooja was her dearest friend after all. however, pooja appeared to be.hugging her? pooja found herself draped around nalini s stronger frame, her breasts pressed by her friend's.

for some reason, the intimacy made her forget avout the present danger. she pulled nalini closer, feeling her softness mingle with her own. she mashed her breasts against nalini's back, secretly hoping her hard nipples would arouse the girl. she pulled even closer, wrapping her arms over the other's breasts, pressing her closer. by now, nalini s body was telling her what pooja wanted. she had suspected it at the river, but had dismissed the idea.

how could a girl love another? but she too had ideas, of a different kind. and she now wondered if they could finally be put into practice. pooja had taken nalini s lack of response as consent. unablr to resist herself, she gradually cupped a breast, squeezing it slowly. it felt soft and warm. although it should feel just like her own, she found a different sensation in them. something that made her horny as hell.

suddenly, nalini turned around, breaking pooja s grip. her arms reached out and grabbed pooja s mammaries like handles. she then squashed the meat in her hands roughly. pleasure was replaced by pain as she felt them abused. but the same act turned her on. so nalini felt the same way too. yet, her next act surprised pooja.

nalini s hands went from her breasts to her shoulders, and pushed her to her two beautiful babes get each other off in front of a hot firetest. as she looked up at her, nalini pulled her kameez down, revealing a hairy snatch between strong legs.

grabbing a handful of pooja s hair, she yanked her face to level with her snatch and pushed it in. the smell of piss and pussy juice almost suffocated her, but almost in a trance, pooja extended her toungue to taste the nectar. she liked it and started to lap up more. suddenly, she felt her head being pushed deeper into the crotch, and to avoid being suffocated, she increased her ministrations on her friend's vagina. nalini was glad.

what she had just done had scared her as much as pooja. what if she fought, although nalini always knew she was the dom and pooja the sub. now nalini could do this and more with her friend turned lover.

soon she would be her slave. looking at the knneling figure between her legs and her increasing arousal, nalini felt she could do anything.

she took her father's belt hanging nearby, and landed it hard on pooja s back. nalini felt a jerk and a struggle, but kept the grip on her hair. more lashes followed with more jerks. but the slut kept licking as blows kept landing, making nalini feel that pooja was actually enjoying her abuse. pooja, unable too look up, wondered why the whipping was happening.

she was doing the best she could. but some part of her refused to fight, getting aroused instead. presently, the lashes stopped, but she was pulled so much that she could hardly breathe, but sge kept lapping, almost like a duty.

suddenly, nalini jerked, and splattered juice on her face and hair. nalini was in ecstasy. she felt the contours of pooja s face on her labia, which pushed her over the edge.

exhausted, she pulled up her friend, her face wet and a mixture of fear and lust on her face. nalini smiled. slowly, she whispered, " I own you" the words startled pooja, who had only heard that men could own women, in the family. but she nodded, lusting for more of her juice, whatever the price. nalini now pulked back. taking the belt, she landed it straight across poojas breasts, enjoying the bounce of the tits and the yelp of shock.another, then another, until tears flowed down her cheeks.

to nalini, they looked wonderful. she now grabbed the burning mammaries and slowly licked her tears, ending with a long kiss. with a final squeeze, she sent her off. she had just found a wife, and a slave. their lives changed after that. pooja spent a lot more time at nalini's, and nalini a lot of her time 'alone'. the village hardly noticed, given that men and women were best left to their own sex.

they also began to always bathe together, although not much could be achieved without attracting the older don vito besorgt es zwei geilen schlampen attention. one day, however, they were alone. it was getting colder, and nalini could tell pooja's sensitive skin (made more so by regular whipping), was feeling the chill.

reaching out, she grabbed a sensitive nipple and yanked, enjoying pooja s look of surprise. she began abusing both breasts, pulling them underneath the water, as pooja tried her best to maintain composure.

suddenly, pooja felt a strong kick on her legs. her knees buckled, and she disappeared under water. nalini followed, searching for her target's body. finding her, she landed a series of punches on pooja's tummy, before pulling her up. pooja came up, struggling for breath.

she had thought she would drown. she was surprised to find a smug look on her friend. suddenly, she felt a hand at her genitals, poking her. she was about to protest, but nalini stopped her with a look. the hand began to probe for her clit and found it. pooja felt an electric shock pass through hwr body, and went underwater again. this time, nalini grabbed her head and rubbed her face all over her tits, enjoying the feel of her nose and lips on her tender buds.

'want to go under again? ' asked nalini. pooja just shook her head in fear. 'then you will do whatever i ask of you. from now you'll callme master and you'll be slave'.

pooja could hardly believe what she just heard. she a slave? this was not expected. but she dared not protest, as the hands returned to torment her nipples. she nodded, her head hung low. nalini felt satisfied.

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she could now put her plans to action. after they had dressed, nalini took pooja to where the cows were kept. she spied a cow relieving herself.

she dragged pooja to the cow s back, and made ger kneel, so that its shithole and her face were level. grabbing her hair, she pushed her head into the dirty hole below the tail and held it there as her slave vigorously protested.

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pooja was overwhelmed by the stink and the soft muck that hit her face. it filled her nose, giving her a smell of dung. the cow, meanwhile, sensing something at its hole, turned and landed a kick on her tummy. pooja felt like she was gonna die. worse, she opened her mouth to scream, taking in dung. it tasted horrible, and she began choking. ahe felt her mistress push her choking head down into the dung with her foot.

nalini almost came over herself. her friend lay on the hay, her face under nalini s foot, her face buried in animal dung. nalini noticed how pooja s position raised her ass in the air. taking a cowherds' stick, she landed it on her ass, making pooja fall flat on the ground. nalini now ripped pooja s thin salwar kammez off her, exposing her slave's body.

using the stick for balance, she climbed up on her body, pushing her nails into pooja s ass flesh. nalini then jumped on the fleshy globes, enjoying how the cheeks bounced. she then pushed her heel into her slave's asshole, feeling for her horny milf donna bell gets herself a cock for each hole. she took the stick, and placing a leg on either cheek, she began poking the asshole with the thick stick.

pooja felt like her ass had a truck pushing in. the huge weight on her back she knew to be nalini, but she had no idea what the pointed weapon was. she felt a change in weight, and knew nalini was now sitting on her back. the pointed weapon began pushing in further. she felt like her ass was being ripped apart. but it kept moving in. pooja could only cry silently into the dung bed.

nalini kept pushing the stick. when it seemed to go no more, she pulled it out. it was smelling of fart and caked with blood and shit.

nalini grabbed pooja s head, and pulled it up. she slowly pushed the stick into her mouth, implying that she was to clean it. pooja felt like vomiting. she ran the tongue around the shaft, which felt woody. it tasted salty, and she dimly realized that her ass sphincter was lost forever. nalini loved the look of her slave with a sex step mom sex full storys big ass fuking sex stories storys up her mouth and a bloody asshole.

dipping her hand into the bloody hole, she scooped out some blood, and wrote her name on the slut's back. nalini now took the stick and pushed it into pooja's vagina. some blood came out here too. pooja had just lost her virginity to a pole of wood. POOJAS eyes teared at the thought. even nalinis hand would have been fine, but an everyday stick? humiliation flooded her, as she felt an orgasm building. as she came, she felt her head lifted by nalini.

through the thick mass of dung, she saw her draw her arm back. and bam! she knew no more. nalini had landed a punch straight on her nose, and felt blood on her hand.

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she poured some water on her face to clean it, then punched her lips, cheeks and ears. her lips split, bringing forth a sliver of blood.

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nalini left the girl there. going home, she changed and took some nails and a hammer. she returned to find two shadows in the barn. fearing that she may have been discovered, nalini approached carefully. through the fading daylight, she saw pooja being fucked up her bunghole by a boy of her age. she recognized him. he was one of the cowherds to whom her parents were planning to marry her.

she felt pissed.

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moving quietly behind them, she brought down the hammer on him with full force. a thud later, he collapsed forward on pooja. nalini had planned to keep pooja until she was married. but now the guy knew, and she could hardly do anything if he said this. there was no point keeping pooja or the guy, given his loose morals. she decided to get rid of them both. taking pooja, she took a nail, and aimed it at the centre of her thigh. two strikes of the hammer, and it was embedded in the flesh.

pooja, still in shock, let out a yelp, which came out muffled as the guys underwear filled her mouth. the next nail entered her foot palm, just like a horsheshoe, thought nalini. then on the other leg. moving up, she pushed small pins into the nipples, as nails would not hold.

to nalini, pooja now looked morr beautiful than ever before, with blood running down her body and her tits looking like pincushions. now for the coup d grace. taking a long rusted nail, she aimed it at her heart. pooja, who was in too much yong angels doing blow job striptease hardcore to process any info, just kept staring at her dazed.

nalini smiled. she kissed pooja s soft bloody lips one last time. the hammer blows were precise,and blood erupted from her chest. pooja s body went into convulsions, and nalini simply sat on her, riding the death waves of her friend, slave and victim.

once her eyes were glazed, nalini pulled the body to an corner. she now turned to the boy. taking off her bloody clothes, she climbed his stiff cock, riding it. for an amateur, she did a good job, feeling her pussy stretch and her cherry break. she wrapped her legs around the guy, riding him as she neared orgasm. images of pooja and what nalini had done flooded her mind as she came on his cock.

as she came, she realized that he had not moved since the blow. nalini checked his pulse, there was none. his body was cold.

she had unknowingly done what she planned to do. putting the corpses into a missionary position, she dressed and left. she headed home, changed into her festive best and headed to the headman house.

when he opened, she told him how she had found pooja with a boy naked in a barn. overcome with shock, she had attacked them to stop them from sinning. she had come to confess. the whole village turned up at the barn, and shocked remarks were made, although nalini knew better.

nalini was given a light punishment, considering her righteousness. the family of pooja was banished, her mother being used as communal property for a week. and the media? well, a 2 inch article camr out about an honour killing in the hinterlands, where grain and raped women are common. [the end]