Latina teen zaya cassidy oiled up riding cock

Latina teen zaya cassidy oiled up riding cock
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After arriving in New York, Mina is dropped off at the Ritz Carlton to unpack, relax and get ready for dinner later. I go to my office to business meetings for most of the day.

I call Mina telling her, that I will be back at around 5pm. Mina is waiting for me. Her heated longing stirring deep in her pussy? She is pacing. She has looked at her watch a hundred times this past hour.

Almost time. Almost. My knock on the door startles her. She looks at her phone and sees no new texts or calls. Hurriedly she grabs a robe hanging in the closet and tying it tight around her, She peers through the peephole. It appears blocked. " Hello? " Her voice falters. " Let me in baby." Her low voice quietly comes through the door.

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Excited now, she unlocks the door and swings it wide for me to enter. She watchs me walk by and toss my jacket on the chair as she locks the door and turns to me. " Nice room." She looks at me, standing across the room, and the nervousness comes back to her.

" Uh, yes. You should see the view." She stammers, walking towards the window. Although partially blocked by the desk, she leans over and takes a deep, calming breath as she peers out the window.

She can hear my steps behind her and feel me come behind her. " The view is stunning from here." I whisper next to her ear, my hands melanie monroe and katerina kay hot ffm some on the couch young old pornstars to rest on her waist.

A nervous giggle escapes her lips. My hands turn her body towards me. In her eyes I see the question, but she is silent. " Hi." She murmurs. " Hi yourself, beautiful." I smile and she feels her nerves calming. In a hushed, almost reverent, whisper I ask, " Can I please have you?" She can't even answer. She is thrown by my intimate question. She looks into my eyes and nods. This is the only answer I need. Ferociously, I pick her up and pull her to my body, crushing my lips down onto hers.

My tongue thrusts deep between her lips and she can feel my arms tighten around her, my hard thick shaft throbbing against her belly. Moaning " OOOOHHHH," She returns my kiss, surrendering to me completely. Setting her back on her feet, I untie the robe and rip it from her shoulders.

With a heated gaze down her body, I throw the robe aside and again take her in my arms. My mouth travels down her neck, leaving a heated trail of kisses, as my hands reach down to grab her ass, barely covered by the tiny lace panties, and pull her hard against my cock.

Using my grasp on her, I lift her against me and carry her into the bedroom towards the bed. Toppling her body back onto the bed, my eyes heat up as they travel down her body. " Get naked. Now." My voice is gruff and she hurrys to obey. She peeks back at me, catching glimpses of my skin as I strip my clothes off. She is naked, sitting on the edge of the bed, her breath coming out in quick panting gasps, She meets my eyes and sees fire.

I come towards the bed, my face unreadable. " My beautiful sex goddess. Are you ready to be fucked again?" I grab her ankles and flip her back onto the bed. She moans as my teeth nip the instep of her foot. " ooooohhhh.mmmmmm." I release her feet and my hands travel up her legs, squeezing tight on her upper thighs. " Oh yes, mom dad son xxx in room girl, I am going to remind you that you are mine." Arching her back, she feels my hands spread her outer lips.

She feels my fingers on her and know that I can see her juices running out of her pussy. " Well, I see that you are ready for me." My hands slide back up her legs, pausing at her knees to bend them forward until they are almost resting on her chest.

She became fully alert when a powerful thrust from my enormous thick rod entered her tight sore pussy. Mina screamed in pain " OMG! AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!, my hard thick cock stretches her again and she feels incredibly full as before. I pushed my shaft in and out, coating it with her juices. She groaned ."Ohhhhhh… Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh.

Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH!" with pain and her throbbing desire renewed. Suddenly, I began to ram hard, past the tightness stretching, scraping and tearing with each thrust. Mina gasping with both pain and pleasure " OMG! AAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!" I smile down at her. Mina's pleasure was replaced with pain again " OMG!

AAAAAAAHHHHH! STOP PLEASE! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!" and she tried to move her hips to cushion the blows from my hot cock.

" omg! stop! no more! aaaaaahhhhh! ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhh!," she whimpered under her breath. " Oh yes, a lot more!" I groaned. My hands reach up to grab her tits as my hard cock batters the tight tunnel deep inside her. Her legs are trapped by my shoulders and she can't even thrust her hips up against me. My fingers roll her nipples, squeezing them hard. Her head rolls from one side to the next.

Overwhelmed by the intense feelings coursing through her body again, She can only moan and tangle her hands in the sheets. Slamming Mina's tight pussy again so soon causes bleeding. Each time I slammed into Mina, she yelps " ohhhhhhhhhh! aaaahhhhhhhhh!" like a little puppy. My penis was thick like a ball bat and she felt pain and pressure in her entire crotch, as she is completely filled by my large hard cock.

Finally my grip on her hips tightened and with one last enormous thrust I cried, " Yeeeesss," and released my hot load deep inside her. It seemed to Mina that my release went on forever.

That last thrust nearly made Mina lose consciousness. Her bruised sore cunt was full of semen as I collapsed down onto her soft breasts.

She laid on the bed rocking her head slowly from side to side barely alert and moaning, " My God." I drop her legs, I stood up, breathing hard and pulled my penis out of her battered cunt.

Cum and blood began to drip down Mina's thighs. I sigh and look at her. " Oh babe? Unbelievable." I whisper. I come out of the bathroom after cleaning up and lay down beside her.

Crawling up onto her knees, She runs her hands up my legs, alternating long slow scrapes with her nails and soft massaging touches. She knows that my cock will be so sensitive, she can't resist tasting it. She leans down and slowly swirls her tongue around the head, aside from a low groan " uuuuhhhh," she hears no argument, so taking my cock in her hand, she slides her lips slowly down until they reach the base of my sexy thick bootylicious babe roobygen compilation bigass and ebony cock.

She has been waiting for the chance to taste me again. Involuntarily my hips thrust up and my cock is buried in her throat. Pulling her head back, she slides back up, pausing to suck hard on my head.

" Fuck baby, yes!" My voice tightens as her mouth circles my head before diving down my cock again. I'm hard again, never having had the chance to fully soften before her attack. Grabbing my hard cock in her hand, her lips slide down the thick shaft and she trails nibbling little kisses down the underside.

Her lips reach my balls and her tongue glides out of her mouth to circle them. My moans " uuuuhhhh.uuuuuhhhhh," push her further and she leans down to suck one ball, then the other, into her hot mouth.

Gently she sucks them against her tongue, her hand stroking down my thick shaft slowly. After teasing me for a couple more moments, her lips leave me and she looks down at my smirking face. Sticking her tongue out at me, she once more leans down to take me between her lips.

Her mouth slides against me, ever so slowly, burying her nose against my skin before sucking hard on the way back up. She speeds up, taking all of my cock into her hot mouth. My hands reach down and tangle in her long black hair, pushing her head down to my lap again and again.

A deep groan slips out of my lips " aaaaaahhhhhh," and she raises her head to look at me. " Ride me, baby." My hands come to her waist and lifts her slightly up, her legs straddling my hips as she feels my hard cock is ready underneath her.

Reaching between us, she grasps my cock and guides it back into her sore slick pussy. Sliding down, she feels me fill her up and she grinds her hips against me. My hands stay on her hips, slipping back to grab her ass as she starts to move. She lays her palms against my chest and flexes her hips as she rocks on top of my cock. " You feel so fucking good!" I smile at her; releasing my hand and bringing it back down with a resounding slap to her ass.

She bucks against me, moaning " aaahhhhhh.mmmmmmmm," picking up the pace as her pussy calls out for release. My hips thrust up against her and she rides me, arching her back to take all of me deep inside.

" Baby.Baby!" She cries out, as her pussy squeezes against my thick cock, an intense shudder coursing through her body. I thrust deep once more, my fingers digging into her ass, as my cock blasts more hot cum filling her pussy. My arms circle her and I lean up kissing her deeply, my cock twitching the last of its load into her.

She throws her arms around me and grinds her hips down, not wanting to break the contact. I lay back, taking her with me, and we collapse back on the bed, her body slick and trembling. My hands run over her hair as her head rests on my chest. " Even better than I imagined." I whisper.

" That's just the beginning," I murmur, " We have all night!" " Tell me you understand me," I whisper as my hand forces her to self stimulation. " Please, John, Please let me up," She meekly responds, but she does not attempt to do anything but stroke her pussy. " NO," my voice raises, " tell me you understand me, NOW!" " Roll over onto your stomach Mina." I said. Mina obeyed knowing what was coming next, she was apprehensive of having anal sex again.

I slide my hand under her then slide two fingers into her pussy as I push my finger into her ass. Mina felt all the fingers in her separated only by a thin membrane inside her.

I pumped my fingers in and out and Mina went wild. I could feel her body giving itself over to me. It was mine now to do as I wished. Her pussy was dripping wet, her ass clamped tight around my finger and her hips pushed back at me but I did not want her to explode just yet.

I suddenly removed my fingers from her holes leaving her empty. Mina screamed for me put them back in her, to fill her up again. " You Bastard.FUCKING BASTARD." Her eyes were wide open and she had a wanton look on her face. Her body was begging to be fucked but I was in no hurry. I enjoyed this moment and I savored her dilemma. I loved doing this to Mina, teasing her and prolonging her climax. I wanted Mina's anticipation to last as long as possible.

I then lowered my lips down to her hot ass and planted kisses all over it again. I massaged the smooth white flesh of her ass as I kissed it and Mina cooed. She longed for my fingers to be back in her. I moved my mouth directly over her anus and blew on her asshole. Mina thrusted her ass back into my face as if to impale her ass on my tongue. I needed no further encouragement and my hands spread her ass open wide anal fuck and facial for tiny tit cutie shrima malati and petitehdporn I could probe her asshole.

I stiffened my tongue like a tiny dick and probed Mina's asshole. I poked my tongue in and out of her ass then I covered her ass completely with mouth and sucked hard on it.

I begin to lick, nibble and tickle the sensitive rosebud and Mina cried out in passion. " OMG.YYYEEESSS.YYYEEESSS." " It's time for the beads," I whispered harshly in my excitement.

I greased up the beads and one by one I pushed them into Mina's ass. She felt the intrusion but no pain. She just felt full. I returned to licking her clit and fingering her pussy and Mina was going wild. She desperately needed to cum and I sensed it. " Are you ready to cum, Mina?

Do you want me to make you jasmine jae is going to take it on the office I teased her. " Oh God yes, please make me cum, let me cum," Mina screamed back.

I reached under her again and located her clit. Mina's pussy was sopping wet and I knew she was very close to a climax. I played with her puffy pussy lips as she diddled her clit and then I pushed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy.

Mina gasped and swallowed hard at the new invasion in her ass as her sphincter seemed to clamp down on the beads. I now had three fingers in her pussy as I picked up the rhythm. The thrusts became deep and hard as I relished with the delight of her pussy with my fingers. Mina responded by pushing her ass back against my hands as she fucked back at them. " That's it Mina, fuck back, fuck my fingers," I called out to her.

I finger fucked her pussy as Mina pushed back against me. I was getting carried away and I began to furiously fuck her beautiful pretty teen is gaping yummy pussy in close up and getting off pleasing and opening body with my fingers.

Sensing that she was close I pulled the beads out of her ass slowly. Then it happened and Mina exploded. Her body jerked as each of the five beads were pulled out of her ass. She clamped down on the fingers in her pussy and her pussy spasmed as a massive orgasm rocked her.

Mina screamed out loud with her mind blowing climax. " OMG.OMG.AAAAAHHHHH.OOOOOOHHHHHHH.AAAAAAAHHHHHH.MMMMM." I pulled the last bead from her asshole and replaced them with my mouth. I could feel the hot moisture in Mina's pussy as it coated my fingers. I continued to lick her quivering asshole as her first orgasm subsided.

I flipped her over on her back and filled her pussy with my hard cock. Another orgasm rocked Mina's body. This one seemed even more intense than the others and it caught her by surprise. I lifted myself up and looked at my beautiful wife. She had a look of pure lust and ecstasy in her eyes. I turned Mina over and pulled her hips up. Her head was turned to the side and her long black hair was draped over it. I got back behind her between her parted legs, I caressed her curvy ass again.

I whispered to her. " I am going to fuck you in the ass now. I can see that your ass is ready to be fucked." " John, I'm not sure," Mina said nervously but she knew she had come this far and I would not take no for an answer. I poured more lubricant on her ass and worked it into her asshole. Mina arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at me.

I coated her asshole with a generous amount of oil and slid my thick finger back in her hole. I took my time preparing her ass relishing every moment. I then coated my entire cock with the oil and placed the head at the entrance to her anus.

I pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into Mina's tight asshole. Mina was glad that she was stretched out using the beads. Mina winched in pain as her asshole was stretched wide again and she gasped, " Go slow let me get used to it." I withdrew my cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure than pain.

I pushed until a couple of inches were in her ass. Mina was holding her breath and her body was covered in goose bumps. I was so thick that her asshole stretched to new dimensions and held my cock in a vice like grip. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her each time going a little deeper. Mina pushed back, she knew that would make the penetration easier. Mina's brief pain had subsided and it was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

Mina relaxed a little and then felt more of my cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through her body. She was convinced that I had my whole cock in her now but really I only had about half of my big cock in her. She felt so full and had no idea that I had about another four inches before I was done. I kept adding more and more of my cock to her ass. There was discomfort then fullness and then pleasure each time I went deeper. Mina would tense, relax and then enjoy it.

This pattern continued until I had my whole cock buried in Mina's ass. I reached around and played with her clit as I pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached previously untouched areas in her. Mina was on the brink of another huge orgasm as I methodically fucked her tight amazing virgin aching for sex hardcore blowjob with my sizeable cock.

I loved watching my cock slide out of Mina's shapely ass and then she gets fucked after she did the one finger challange back in as my hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust.

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Her orgasm surged within her as I fucked her ass harder and faster. As Mina came her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around my fingers coating them with her juice. Mina's asshole pulsated as I drove my big cock in and out. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released my huge member as I fucked it causing me to finally lose it. I slid my cock deep into Mina's rectum as my cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her.

I kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass. My cock kept twitching and spurting inside her. Mina had never felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go, blocked by my swollen cock buried in her ass. I slowed my pace and eventually stopped allowing my cock to remain buried in Mina's ass. I did not go soft right away and I gently moved my hips pushing cum around in her ass.

Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips. Mina could not take any more and she pleaded, " Please no more, I can't take any more John, please stop." Reluctantly I stopped and slowly withdrew my cock from her loosened asshole.

I marveled at the sight of my cock sliding out of Mina's shapely ass. Cum flowed from her asshole and ran down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. My cock remained hard and looked menacing. It was satisfying that I fucked her beautiful tight ass.

The pleasure was intense and pleasing, we slowly collapse onto the bed. The sheets are soaked with sweat and cum. To her surprise and pleasure, she pulls her trembling body close to me; holding me tight.

I gentle caress her body. She leans against me and revels in my strength; glowing with the feeling of sexy babes sally and gigi in a hot threeway fuck taken so completely and satisfied so fully. My hands are wrapped around her body and gently hold her breasts. Pushing her ass tight against my still firm wet cock. " I fly home to Dallas tomorrow, look forward to when you join me.

I will send the jet back at the end of the week to pick you up. Hope your meetings are successful." I told her.