Tough hunk is working out fascinating darlings taut beaver

Tough hunk is working out fascinating darlings taut beaver
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I was 58 years old when Shelly came into my life. I had been living alone since my kids had left home and my wife died, and having lots of unoccupied time I took to doing a lot of work in the yard. Over the years I had built myself a nice deck, planted shade trees, a tall privacy hedge and put in an artificial rock waterfall that fell into a small poll surrounded by flowers.

The upkeep kept me busy but the results far outweighed the labor. I spent countless hours lazing in the shade of my deck, smelling the flowers and listening to the gentle splashing and gurgling of my waterfall; reading, relaxing or just enjoying the little slice of Eden I had created for myself.

I was having coffee and reading the morning paper one Saturday morning when I heard a large truck pulling up in front. I walked around the side of mofos fun games and sexy teen threesome licking and glasses house to see what it was and there was a United Van Lines tractor-trailer parked in front of the vacant house next door.

The house had been on the market for a few weeks and a "Sold" sign had I had recently appeared, so it was obvious my new neighbors had arrived. I was naturally curious about my new neighbors so I continued around to my front yard, I was hoping they wouldn't be a young family with noisy kids that would interfere with my peaceful moments of solitude. As I rounded the corner I saw a young man getting out of a late model mid-sized Buick sitting in the driveway.

He was a clean cut looking guy in his mid twenties and gave me a friendly wave as he walked around the car to open the door for his wife. "Hi neighbor," he smiled as waived.

I raised my coffee mug in a friendly gesture and welcomed him in return. I scoped out the inside of the car for signs of kids and thankfully didn't see any, the only other occupant seeming to be his wife, a pretty, youngish looking brunette. I slowly started walking towards them to get introduced as he opened his wife's door.

She seemed to struggle a bit to get out and he reached in to help her after opening the door. I wondered if she might be disabled and thought I might offer some assistance. "Can I give you a hand?" I offered and quickened my pace. "Nah, we'll be okay." He waved me off and helped her out. I could instantly see the reason for her struggle as she exited, about 8 months of pregnant belly.

By then I had reached them and stuck out my hand. "I'm Tom. Tom Redding." "Mike Brownfield," he replied as we shook hands. "This is Shelly and," patting her belly, "Bob or Sarah." "Hi Tom," Shelly smiled and extended her hand.

"We'll introduce you to him or her in another month or so," she placed her hand on top of her belly and lightly patted it. We had a little laugh at this small joke and I began taking a liking to my friendly new neighbors. Mike quickly excused himself and went to talk to the movers, leaving Shelly and I standing by the car. She told me they had met and dated while in college and had gotten married after graduating; Mike had gone to work in the local office of a national corporation and Shelly had pursued her own career goals.

About a year earlier Mike had gotten a nice promotion and salary increase and they decided to jump into the American dream of buying a house and starting a family. Shelly was a delight to talk to and we were soon casually chatting more like friends than new neighbors. We talked for about 20 minutes before Mike rejoined us. The movers had started hauling their furniture in and he needed Shelly's help to direct the placement of the furniture, distribution of boxes, etc.

I offered Mike my help if he should need it in rearranging anything after the movers left. He said he would keep it in mind and I returned to my back yard as they went into their house. I refilled my coffee cup, reclined in my chaise lounge on the deck, and reflected on my new neighbors. They both seemed to be well mannered and educated and I looked forward to establishing a good neighborly relationship with them. Especially Shelly. For some reason this young mother-to-be had captivated me.

She was cute and bubbly and I could see why Mike had fallen for and married her. She wore her hair short, just barely touching her shoulders, and her green eyes seemed to sparkle and dance when she laughed.

Her nose was slightly upturned and rested over a thin yet full pair of lips. Her body frame was overall kind of smallish in size, she stood about 5'4", and I imagined she had been rather petite before she became pregnant. I don't know where the thoughts came from but I suddenly found myself building a pre-pregnant naked image of Shelly.

I imagined her that fellow squeezes in to fuck hardcore blowjob about 34B breasts, a trim 24" waist and probably 34" hips. I pictured her with quarter-sized areolas that became bumpy when aroused, centered around hard ½" nipples. Nestled below her trim belly would be a full yet trimmed bush of hair that would glisten with her dew when she was wet.

Her image was morphing into her current pregnant state and I imagined how it would feel to heft her swollen breasts and bury my head between them.

To suck her nipples and lick my way down over her bulging belly to her wet pussy and suck on her puffy labia, then rolling her over and sinking my hard dick into her. I could feel myself getting hard when my reverie was broken. "Hey Tom." It was Mike. "I hope I'm not imposing but I can use a bit of help." "Uh, sure.

What 'cha need?" I almost felt guilty facing him after i like it when my pussy gets to the swamp had such thoughts about his wife.

He needed some tools to put together a couple pieces of furniture and since he didn't know where his tools were in the mess asked if he could borrow some of mine.

I normally wouldn't lend my tools to someone I barely knew but I liked the guy, and I guess to kind of assuage my feelings of the nasty thoughts I had about his wife, we went to my garage and got what he needed. He turned down another offer of my help and went home while I stood in my garage, my thoughts returning to Shelly. "Shit, Tom," I chastised myself. "You're thinking about fucking your new neighbor's pregnant wife. Get a hold of yourself!" I figured a few hours of hard work would probably clear my head and went out to my gardening shed to haul out the mower and some lawn tools.

I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon mowing and cultivating, and the concentration on my yard work had indeed refocused my thoughts. I kicked myself for the thoughts, after all how could a pretty 25 year old married woman like Shelly find anything interesting in a 58 year old man like me anyway, especially when she was expecting a baby. Oh, well, I thought, just a passing nasty thought and brushed the process away as I headed to the shower. After cleaning up I made a pitcher of lemonade and went back outside to relax.

I wondered how Mike and Shelly were coming along with their chore and decided to pay hairy teens first big black dick lookiamhairy and deepthroat a visit.

Figuring they might like something cold to drink I loaded a tray with the lemonade, a couple of glasses and a bucket of ice and headed next door.

My knock wasn't answered but from the commotion going on inside I felt nobody probably heard it. I opened the door and stuck my head inside. "Hellooo," I said in a raised voice. Shelly came around from a corner wiping her hands. "Hi Tom," she grinned.

"Come to help?" "Hi, Shelly, Where's Mike?" "Right here," he said as he also rounded the corner. "Hi 'ya, Tom." "Hey, Mike," I acknowledged. "How's things luscious lopez with ashlynn brooke good. I really appreciate the loan of the tools, they're coming in handier than I thought." "Your welcome. Listen, I thought you guys might like something to drink.

How about a nice glass of cold lemonade?" "Yeah." "Sounds great." They replied in unison. We went to sit at the dining room table, the only place that was reasonably cleaned and set-up. I heard them both utter an audible sigh as they sat down and I filled the glasses. They almost immediately drained the first glass before relaxing a bit as I refilled them. I could tell they had been putting in a solid days work, they were both sweating and had scattered dirt smudges, but for some unknown reason I found my attraction for Shelly growing again.

She was wearing a summer weight maternity top and I could clearly see her bra through the thin material. Her tits filled the cups fully and her nipples pointed out at the front. I briefly had that flash from my earlier minds-vision of their swollen nakedness and felt my dick twitch. "Stop it, Tom," I told myself and tried to be sure not to dwell on staring at Shelly. I alternated my gaze between them so as not to be obvious where my true attention was as we talked.

"Tom," she raised her glass towards me in a salute, "this tastes great. Thanks," she smiled. "Yeah, buddy," added Mike. "I'll second that." He tipped his glass back and drained it. "But this isn't getting anything done. I gotta get back to work." "Mike," Shelly stopped him. "If you don't mind I'm gonna sit here with Tom for a bit longer and have another glass of lemonade.

I'm a bit tired." "Sure, honey," Mike smiled. "That'll be fine. I don't want you to overdo yourself. I'll be up in the bedroom if you need anything." She returned his smile and watched him walk away then slid her chair back and slumped down the seat. "This was really thoughtful of you, Tom," she gave me a radiant lusty riding with horny massage therapist hardcore and blowjob. "I owe you one." Her slumping motion had caught my attention and I couldn't help from dropping my eyes to her midsection.

She was wearing loose fitting shorts and the smooth skin of her thighs looked oh so tempting. Realizing I must have been staring I jerked my eyes up only to find out I had been caught.

I was surprised that she didn't say a word or act concerned, but I did notice she raised the corners of her mouth almost like a small grin as we continued talking. As hard as I tried, I simply couldn't stop my gaze from wandering over her body as we talked. I tried to be as discreet as possible but she was on to me and I would swear was actually saucy pregnant minx has her muff plugged fetish blonde it.

She had begun to stoke her belly with the palm of her right hand and occasionally would run her thumb over the nipple of her drooping breast.

How the hell was I supposed to ignore this. I felt my cock getting hard and was afraid that she would see my bulge so I tried to surreptitiously rearrange my hardened prick down the right leg of my shorts so it wouldn't be obvious. I wasn't as slick as I thought though and I noticed her gaze had momentarily followed my rearranging hand. I tried to make small talk, I really couldn't concentrate on anything that would be more than casual.

"I hope everything's coming along okay," I mentioned, trying to find a subject. "I hope so too," she said kind of heavily. Her tone had caught my attention and I swear she ran the tip of her tongue over her upper lip. "I think everything is coming along just like I want it to, but I'm getting kind of hot." It might have been an innocent statement on its own, about their work in the house, if I hadn't noticed her dip her hand down between her legs and stroke it over her pussy mound.

I couldn't figure out what was going on, was she coming on to me or was I letting my imagination take over my thoughts. I was pretty sure she was acting intentionally so I decided to play along to see if I actually did have a chance to fuck this little honey. It didn't bother me that she was pregnant, in contrast it excited me that much more. My wife and I had fucked throughout her pregnancies and it brought back some erotic memories; she had been hotter than a firecracker and couldn't seem to get enough of my hard dick.

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I wondered if Shelly was of the same ilk. Maybe Mike wasn't up to fully satisfying her. I decided to find out for sure. I had been sitting with both of my feet on the floor and made a slight show of bringing my right foot up and crossing it over my left knee. This had the effect of bringing my bulge into sight and tightening the material of my shorts over it so that there was no doubt about my hardened state.

I had kept my eyes fixed on hers and, sure enough, when I shifted my legs her eyes drifted down to my crotch and lingered exactly where I wanted them. "Yeah," I said softly, "it is kind of warm in here." I dropped my hand and squeezed my bulge, continuing to watch her reaction. "I'm getting hot too." She glanced up and looked into my eyes for a few seconds before returning her stare to my prick.

We sat silently for a while, our eyes looking into each others when they weren't roaming over each others bodies. Shelly had spread her legs slightly and was openly rubbing her pussy and kept her eyes locked on my dick as I continued to squeeze it. "Tom," she uttered. "Would you think me a slut if I asked you to move your hand away so I could admire you?" "Admire me?" I knew what she wanted but I wanted her to tell me so there would be no mistake. "Admire your prick!" she husked.

Her breathing had deepened and her nipples were prominent knobs through her bra. "I want to admire your dick." I dropped my hand and crossed my legs tightly to make my bulge more noticeable. Shelly leaned forward toward my crotch, spread her legs more widely open and reached her fingers up the leg of her shorts.

I heard her moan slightly as I saw her fingers slide up the inside of her thigh and start wiggling against her pussy lips.

I slid my hips down the chair a bit and straightened my legs out, then rearranged my dick so that the shaft was lying straight up my crotch. I scooted my chair closer to her so she could 'admire' me more closely then started stroking myself through my shorts.

"Is thus what you wanted to admire Shelly? Did you want to admire my hard dick while you play with your pussy?" "Yesss!" she hissed. "Oh yesss! I want to see it Tom. Please." She was almost begging. "Please show me your cock." I wanted to and was close to whipping it out when the insanity of the whole scenario struck me. I was sitting in the dining room of the new neighbors I had met only that morning, getting ready to expose myself to the masturbating wife while her husband was working upstairs.

"No Shelly," I denied her with great restraint. "I can't. We gotta stop this. Mike's just upstairs and could come down hot milf sucking tight teen pussy and wants cock time." "Oohh, pleassee. Let me see your dick. Mike won't be down for a while," she was pleading and furiously rubbing herself. "I know what he's doing. I know what I'm doing.

You can. I can. We can. Please. I need to see your cock, Tom. Show it to me." "Fuck it," I thought and dismissed all caution. Reaching inside my shorts I hauled my dick and balls out and started stroking myself. "Here it is Shelly.

Here's my dick. Is this what you gang bang bitches get fucked hard and take it nasty in public to see?" She was highly aroused and was biting her lower lip as she stared at my turgid pole.

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She glanced up at me with a look of wanton lust on her face and I felt her free hand crawling up my thigh. I sensed she was seeking my approval to touch me and nodded my head.

"Sure, baby, you can do it for me," and I removed my hand; it was almost immediately replaced with hers. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and stroked me with a steady rhythm, stopping every few upstrokes to rub her thumb around the ridge of my glans and across the slit. She had scooted her ass to the edge of her chair when she started jacking me, spread her legs even playmate head and italian orgy poke man go, removed her hand from the leg of her shorts and slid it down under the waistband to cup it over her pussy.

She let out a slight sigh and from the movement I saw she had evidently started fingering herself. Since we were now touching I leaned forward and reached out and placed my hand on her swollen belly. I massaged her briefly, reveling in the soft firmness of her pregnancy, and then slowly moved my hand upward beneath her top and under her bra until I was hefting her swollen right breast in my hand. Her tit felt as I had imagined valerie fox gets plowed in hardcore fashion her nipple was stiff against my palm as I molded its softness while she jacked my dick and fingered herself.

My wrist had pushed the bottom of her bra upwards so that both of her breasts were freed and I let my hands drift between the two as I fondled them and rolled her nipples between my fingers. I thought I felt a bit of dampness on my fingers as I played with her tits and wondered if her she had begun to lactate and my ministrations has drawn out some of her milk. Shelly has straightened slightly and lolled her head backward when I started playing with her breasts.

She stopped jacking me, but still had her hand firmly wrapped around dick, and quickened the pace of her own masturbation, her eyes closed on her thrown back head as she groaned a throaty, hissing "Yesss!" She started sliding slowly off of her chair so that she was sitting on her knees, then removed abella danger and mia ryder threeway sex on the couch hand from her shorts and offered it up to me.

I could smell her musty scent as her fingers neared my face and I eagerly sucked them into my mouth, savoring the taste of her juices. Holding her hand in mine, I swabbed my tongue over her palm and licked between her fingers as we looked directly at each other. She slipped her fingers out of my hand and slowly moved her hand down towards my crotch, at the same time leaning forward and resting the side of her face against my right thigh. Her eyes were focused on my cock as she began jacking me again, the fingers of her free hand tracing through my pubic hair to cup and knead my balls.

It had been so long since I had felt a hand other than my own on my dick and, combined with the illicit nature of this whole scene and the close proximity of her husband, I was aroused beyond belief. Had we been alone I don't doubt that I would have laid her down and fucked her right there on the floor, but that was out of the question, so I figured I'd settle for a hand job. I hoped that Shelly had been correct that Mike was so absorbed in his work that we wouldn't be disturbed for I soon felt myself on the verge of cumming.

"Shelly, I'm gonna cum baby. Watch out." I wanted to warn her so that she could distance herself and not be sprayed by any of my load that could leave telltale spots.

"Oh yeah, do it. I'm wanna cum too," she moaned, removing her hand from my balls and reaching back inside her shorts to her pussy. I was surprised when rather than leaning backward to avoid my cum she plunged her head forward and swallowed my cock in her mouth.

She flicked her tongue on my glans as her head bobbed up and down and it only took a few seconds of her sweet sucking sensations before I felt the cum roiling down my shaft.

I grabbed her head and pulled it into to my pubic hairs as my load blasted from the end of my dick and down her throat.

She uttered an "Mmpphh" as her throat muscles milked me, and I felt her simultaneously stiffen as her own orgasm tore through her body. She kept her head buried in my crotch and sucked on me until she knew she had gotten my entire load, then slowly drew her head backwards and lifted her face to look me in the eyes as my dick inched out of her mouth, a small drool of cum escaping from the corner.

"Thanks, Tom," she looked at me dreamily. "I just love sucking a man's dick and swallowing his cum, but Mike…" Her expression turned wistful and she let the sentence trail off.

I was curious where she had been going with that statement and was going to pursue it but I heard Mike moving around upstairs and thought it prudent to get rearranged. I stuffed my softening cock back into my pants and pulled Shelly up so we were face-to-face. We looked deeply into each others eyes and brought our lips together for a slow tender kiss. Her lips felt and tasted as wonderful as I knew they would and I could have kissed her for hours, but that would have to wait until next time - and I knew there would be a next time.

Breaking our kiss, I pushed her gently backwards into her chair then leaned forward and held both of her hands in mine.

"Shelly, I don't know what prompted this but I'd like to talk to you to find out more.

But for now," I smiled at her and kissed her hands, "your welcome and Thank You." "Right now, though, I think you better go upstairs to check on Mike, I don't think it would be too good for either of us if he came down here to see you and got a whiff of this room." I stood up and pulled her with me.

The top of her head reached to just above my chin and I kissed her hair, then tilted her face up with my fingers and gave her a soft peck on the lips. "One more thing, young lady," I looked her in the eyes, "you better be careful because if you keep treating me like this I might just fall in love with you." "Oh, Tom," she playfully tapped my chest, "don't be a kidder." She then turned serious.

"I promise I'll explain everything when we can have some time together without Mike around. How about Monday morning, can I come over for coffee after he leaves for work?" "For coffee?" I raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Well…" she returned my smile. "Go home. I'm going up to see Mike." I gave her hand a tight squeeze and headed to the door and she headed to the stairs.