Pussy lips gripping dick paying dues to get that ring back

Pussy lips gripping dick paying dues to get that ring back
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I have been working around the house, and thought it would be nice to sit and watch a movie with my wife tonight. So I text her and asked if it would b something she would be up for she said sure. She is such an amazing person and so gorgeous. She is 5' 2" 125 pounds great figure c cup tits, sexy from head to toe.

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Sexy little ass and reddish brown hair blue eye that will take ur breath away. Anyways I made a little dinner and checked on some movies. I didn't really see any that popped out at me so I figured I would wait for her.

She got there and nothing popped out and her so we just picked one and start it and dinner. After dinner the movie was about 15 min in was slow starting movie. I sat down on the reclining couch she said she would be back in minute. She walked back in carrying a blanket, and dropped it she stopped turned a round and bent over to grab it.

She had changed into a Tshirt and had a cute little pair of board shorts on. I was wearing board shorts and that was it. But when she bent over I could see right up them little shorts she was wearing and liked what I seen. She came over sat next to me and covered both of us up. So we start getting into the movie a little when it comes to a make out sene. I feel her hand laying on my leg start to move a little charming brunette beautiful cutie rides up fat cock and I can see she is moving around a little in her seat thought she might be a little uncomfortable.

That was until she slid her hand up and grabbed my cock and squeezed. I instantly felt the twitching starting as it started to grow and get really hard. I could feel her breathing change she slid closer to me but never looked up from the tv. I slid my hand down to feel her upper thigh and found that the shorts she was wearing were now not up on her waist they were at her knees.

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She grabbed my hand and put it on her very heated pussy. She was so wet, the sene had ended but she kept her hand where it was and was taking her thumb across the tip of my cock. Every so often she would grab the base of my cock and squeeze and pull up bringing a little cum out to rub around the tip. I continued to circle her clit with my finger, I would hear her moan softly every once in while and my cock would swell for a sec.

She had put her head on my stomach I could not tell if she was still watching the movie or if she was totally into what we were doing. That was till the movie got hot again and she start med squeezing husband fucking next tsleeping wife cock again and grinding her pussy against my hand.

All sudden I hear her say mmmmm feels like ur licking me please don't stop. So I whisper I so would taste your sweetness. She takes a deep deep breath I slide down as I'm doing that she says she is not letting go of my cock so I had better find a way if I want it that bad.

I flipped around and spread her pussy open and kissed it softly. Licking from the bottom all the way to right below her clit I could feel her start to twitch every time stunning doll is popping out her opened wet hole in closeup finally grabbed her clit and fluttered my tongue across sending her over the edge. The hole time she had a death grip on my cock and was stroking it so fast.

She slowed and wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked it into her throat and kept it there and I slowly lick her juices out of that amazing pussy. I feel the slide off my cock and continue to so slowly stroke my cock, I could feel and taste more and more of her juice flowing out. I glanced up to see her watch the tv and there was another really hot sene on and it was sending her over the edge again and I could hear her saying faster.

So I slowed even more causing her to grip tighter and slow ever more. All the sudden I feel my balls tighten up and she could feel it to and this made her even wetter.

She was moving up and down my cock so slow I was not sure I could cum but I feel it slowly moving threw me and all sudden I erupt and she continued to move so slow, and I never stopped licking her pussy but moved to her clit and slid my finger from the edge of her ass to the bottom of her pussy and slid into her.

She lost it she gushed it was amazing. She didn't stop with my cock I so thought we were done and she kept stroking and I never felt like was going soft. She pulled me up to her and said fuck me right here on the couch while we watch them fuck on the tv. I stood up and she spread her legs and grabbed my cock and pulled me to her.

It was like she was using my cock like a toy rubbing it all over her clit and sliding it in and out of her. I felt like I was going to explode again and she knew it pulled me out and pulled me up to her chest and said fuck my tits for a bit so I can see that cock close up again.

After a few min she pushed me back to her pussy and pulled me in and the next thing Big tit milf strapon first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in knew she was shaking and moaning. She stopped moving and looked up at me and smiled, grabbed my cock pulling to her mouth and didn't stop till I exploded in her mouth she took it all and swallowed it.

Looked up at me and said we should have movie night more often. Got up and walked out of the living room.