Bachelorette loft party dancing bear and stripper

Bachelorette loft party dancing bear and stripper
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10 Billion Dollar Blowjob Ch 1 Original Story by Frankel The thing I loved about Mr Potter was his generosity. He was the richest man in the whole damn town and when he found out he only handjob loving teen with smalltits reality amateur one year to live he didn't wallow in self-pity.

Instead he used his coming death to make life better for others. Well, in fact, for me. You see, about twenty years ago when I was just a boy, I did something for Mr Potter that it turns out he never forgot. It was really just an incredibly small thing. I was walking home from school one day when I went past the bank just as Mr Potter was coming out.

As he passed me he dropped a twenty dollar bill on the ground. He just kept walking. If I wanted it the money was mine. To me back then twenty dollars was about the most money I had seen in my whole life.

I don't know why I did it, but instead of taking the money I called out to Mr Potter and gave it to him. To say he was stunned is an understatement. He took the twenty, put it back in his wallet and looked down at me. "What's your name son?" he asked. "David Michaels," I said. "Son, I am the richest man you are ever going to meet. All my life I have been surrounded by people who have been after my money, who would do anything to get their hands on it.

Some would be prepared to kill me for it. In all my life you are the first person who hasn't robbed me when given the chance. I promise you this - I will not forget it." That was 20 years ago and if you had asked me until recently if he kept his promise I would have said no. He wouldn't even give me a job in his factory and he is just about the only employer in town.

There are about 100,000 people in Pottersville and the only thing it is famous for is being the home town for Potter himself and his company. He is worth well over ten billion dollars I've been told. He has no children or heirs of any kind so there had long been discussion about who was going to inherit his wealth when he eventually died.

Now you might think you know where this is heading - that he left it all to me - but you would be wrong. The man himself finally answered the question of inheritance in an interview on breakfast television when he told of his upcoming demise.

The reporter was a lovely young twenty-something blonde from one of the major networks. "To be blunt," she said, "the news of your coming death has brought to the forefront the topic of your wealth and where it will go when you are gone.

Can you tell us anything of your plans?" "Well, I like the directness of your question and I will answer it equally directly. I have decided all my money and property, indeed everything that is mine, is going to be left to a woman." I was sitting at home alone when I heard him say that, and my last hope that he would keep his promise left me.

"Son of a bitch," I said to myself. "Leaving it to some whore no doubt. Should have kept that twenty." "A girlfriend?" she asked. "You're well known as a batchelor. Or is it a niece or a child not revealed to the public?" "It's a woman is all I can say because at this point I don't know who it is myself. It might even be you." "Me?" she said a little too excitedly.

"But what are you saying? Are you going to give it mia li is a natural sexmachine pornstar knockers a woman at random, like the first name you see in the phone book?" "No, it's going to be a competition.

I am going to leave it up to one man from my home town Pottersville. The woman he votes as giving the best blowjob will win all of my money." The reporter froze. She stared open mouthed for a good twenty seconds.

"Surely you can't be serious," she said. "You are going to make women perform fellatio on some guy to win your money?" "Precisely," he said. Let us just say I was all ears right now. "But that is outrageous! It is so sexist. Women will never stand for such an outrage!" said the reporter. "Women will do a lot for money," said Mr Potter.

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"And for ten billion dollars they will do a lot more." "But, but," the reporter stammered. "But what, women will have to randomly perform oral sex on any man in the town in the hope of getting their vote." "Not any man," he said. "Just David Michaels. A thirty year old unemployed man from Pottersville. He did something for me once that no one else ever did.

I promised I wouldn't forget and I didn't. This is his reward." "Mr Potter, this is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard." she said. "It's the chance of a lifetime is what it is," said Mr Potter.

He turned to the camera. "Remember girls, you have to be 18 or over to enter and you can blow him as many times as you like as often as you like. The judging period lasts for twelve months from now. On this date next year whichever girl David Michaels thinks gives the best head wins the lot.

Provided I am dead of course." Now this was the best news I had ever heard. I was a little dubious, though.

Would most women react the way that the reporter did, with outrage, or would there be fleets of busses with desperate cheerleaders already heading to town? It was a Monday morning when the announcement was made and I was home alone. It had been four long years since any girl had given me a blowjob and I was in the habit of wanking in the morning to my collection of porn, but suddenly I had good reason to believe the next 12 months would be strictly hands free.

I decided to go for an early morning walk; perhaps I would be lucky and some early morning jogger would have already heard the news. It seemed like the best way to gauge the general reaction to the news, and besides I liked to walk down by the river some mornings as the sun rose; it was peaceful and was a relaxing way to start the day. It sure beat the hell out of standing in line at the unemployment office or begging for jobs that didn't exist which is how I spent a lot of my time.

As I reached the river I was surprised to see a woman in jogging gear down on her knees in the middle of the path, her pony tail swaying back and forth as she blew a male jogger. The man was so fixated on what the woman was doing as she sucked his cock he didn't notice me until I was almost with him. I suddenly realised what was happening. The son of a bitch had told her that he was me.

She thought she was blowing David Michaels. He gripped the woman's head as if he was afraid she might back away. He looked at me with a worried expression and I decided to let him have his fun.

"Poor guy," I thought. "It won't take women long to work out who the real David Michaels is. Might as well let it go, as it'll be the only head he gets for the next 12 months." I kept walking, feeling very generous, and was pleased to see my 19 year old neighbour, Kate, come into view only a few minutes later.

I'd watched this girl grow up, and for the last couple of years had seen her small tits become large and almost miraculously pert yet bouncy. She had long brunette hair and a pretty face with big blue eyes. In short she was the sort of girl it was torture to see walk past your house each day, knowing you stood no chance of ever having her.

"But who knows now?" I thought. I stopped and waited for her to approach. When she was about twenty meters from me she stopped and looked at me as if appraising me.

Finally she walked up to me, panting slightly still, with her hands on her hips. "Hi there, Mr Michaels," she said. "Up early." "Have to be," I said. "I'm on duty." She looked me up and down and seemed reluctant to take the next step, as if unable to convince herself to do something unpleasant. "It's true what they say then, Mr Michaels?" she said.

german beauty gets anal fucked and jizzed choose who gets the money?" "Of course," I said. "And if you want my vote you better get on your knees pretty quick. I don't like the hesitation. Makes me think you don't want to do it." She stayed silent, biting her lip as if she couldn't bring herself to do it. I could hardly blame her, I was a lot older and hardly the best looking guy in town, but I was also the key to a fortune.

"The longer it takes for you to get on your knees and blow me, the more insulted I get and the lower I mark you. You're making a ten billion dollar bet here girl, you better be careful." For just a moment I saw a look of disgust in her eyes before she was able to control it. Then she smiled and stepped toward me. "You make it sound like I might lose," Kate said. "I win whether you vote for me or not. If you do the money is mine. If you don't, Sister teaches you how to jack off still get to give you head." She ran a finger down my chest and gently across my hard cock inside my shorts.

"How about we go into the bushes, Mr Michaels," she said. "I've always dreamt about tasting your cock. Been dreaming of it for years." Now this was more like it. I led her by the hand into some thick bushes by the river side and stopped when we were no longer visible from the path. Unlike the other guy I didn't fancy doing time for committing a lewd act in public and find the only blowjob I got was from a guy called Tiny in H Division.

Kate took off her top and bra, revealing the roundest and most mouth-watering tits I had ever seen. She went to kiss me but I wasn't in the mood for mucking around anymore and put both hands on her head and pushed her to her knees. She pulled down my shorts and underpants and my cock sprang up hard in front of her face.

I pushed her head forward and saw a brief moment of doubt and fear in her eyes before she willed herself to open her lips and take my cock in her mouth. I knew this girl well enough to know that my cock was without a doubt the first to pass her lips. She couldn't hide her disgust as my sweaty cock passed over her tongue. My cock travelled deeper and deeper into her mouth. Finally it hit the back of her throat, causing her to cough slightly as her throat contracted around my dick.

She composed herself enough to look up at me and smile with her eyes as her lips sealed around my shaft and she started to slowly move her head back and forth. "That's it, Kate," I said. "Suck that cock like you've always wanted to." She was getting on top of her emotions now and started to moan, pigtailed stepsister swallows stepbrothers cum stepdaughter stepmother at first, then louder as I began to thrust my cock back and forth past her tightly sucking lips.

An image of her in the school uniform that she had only recently grown out of passed through my eyes, and I felt my orgasm build as I gripped her hair in my hands. "Oh, I'm close," I said. For a moment she tried to pull away but I gripped her hair tightly, a none too subtle reminder of who was in charge. I fucked her mouth rapidly as my cock tightened and cum burst from my cock into her mouth.

She grimaced as the cum collected on her tongue and I kept thrusting my cock into her mouth. Again she tried to pull away, but I still would not let her go. "You will be judged on whether you swallow or not," I said. With my cock still in her sweet mouth she closed her eyes and forced herself to swallow my load. It seemed to get stuck in her throat as she coughed and put a hand to her neck, grimacing as she swallowed again. I released her hair and she fell back panting and coughing, her eyes filling with tears.

I pulled my pants back up. "Not bad," I said. "But there's a lot of women out there and a long time to go, so don't blame me if you lose. If I were you I'd work on your swallowing. Next time I want you to smile as it goes down." I walked away as she put her bra and top back homemade young mom threesome with husband and friend. I could sense the shame she was feeling.

She was going to have to get past that if she was going to win. I headed back home then and turned on the television for the morning news. They had helicopters in the sky filming traffic jams that were forming on the main highway into town.

On the ground they had reporters doing interviews with people stuck in their cars in traffic. There were groups of young women in cars from all over the country making their way towards me and every one of them was desperate to suck my cock. "Thank you Mr Potter," I said as I saw a reporter interviewing an entire team of cheerleaders.

When I saw pictures of a team of young nurses with the most perfect breasts arriving by train in the shortest white uniforms, I decided I had rested long enough.

"How the fuck did they get here so fast?" I thought. "It's been less than two hours. They must have started coming straight away. Time to get some of that action." But before I even got to my front door someone was knocking on it. I opened the door and found a couple of blonde backpackers on my doorstep. They were so beautiful with tight-fitting denim shorts and pink singlets.

They had their hair tied in pigtails and were smiling sweetly, their big blue eyes making them look like Swedish Godesses. "Hi," they said together. "Here to blow me?" I asked. "Sure," they said in thick Swedish accents. "We do it together for you?" "Absolutely," I said. They dropped to their knees at once and pried my cock from my pants on the doorstep.

At first one sucked my cock while the other licked my balls, and then they swapped. They worked together like a well trained team so that my cock was always being sucked hard, the rest time they had licking my balls giving them the energy they needed to keep deepthroating me. I looked up and saw women were lining up at men's houses all along the street. Obviously there was still some confusion about where I actually lived and who I was.

"They'll find out eventually," I thought. "I'll let my neighbours have some fun in the meantime." Two cheerleaders stopped at my front gate and called out to me. "Are you David Michaels?" they asked. "You bet," I said slowly petite babe piper june flashes tits and ass for cash my cock into one of the Swedish girls' mouths. "You and every guy on the street," they said. "I'm the real one," I said.

"Trust me. If you want you can book a time with me for later." "What time?" they asked. These girls were so hot I felt like inviting them to join in now, but then had a better idea. "Come by tonight at 10. You can stay the night if you both suck my cock for a few hours.

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I've got room in my bed for you both." The backpackers didn't seem to like me taking bookings while they blew me and the one who wasn't sucking me stood up and raised her shirt to expose her tits then guided my head to them. I sucked her nipple like a pacifier, the first tit I had had in my mouth for years, and I savoured the taste of it. It had been so long since I had a tit in my mouth that I had forgotten how much I loved the soft warmth of a woman's breasts. I sucked from one tit to the other, for the first time in my life having the incredible feeling of sucking a soft nipple while another woman took my cock in her warm wet mouth.

Even though I had cum once already I could not hold out for long. I took her nipple out of my mouth and forced her back down to her knees. I took my cock out of the other Swede's mouth and came over both their faces.

For a moment they seemed unsure of what to do as my cum glistened on their faces. "I mark higher for girl's that swap the cum," I said. At once their tongues began licking over each other's faces, lapping up my cum like a cat drinking milk until they had swallowed it all. "We are Helga and Olga," they said.

"Please vote for us." "I'll need another sample of your work," I said. "To make sure it was no fluke. Come back at midday tomorrow." They looked a little reluctant.

"But we have shown you how good we are already," one said. "Oh well," I said. "I don't vote on a one off encounter. Unless you come back I won't be able to vote for you I'm afraid." "O.K," she said. "We will come back when we can." "Tomorrow," I said. "Noon. Otherwise no vote." "Very well," they said reluctantly. I closed the door and was half way back to my chair when I heard someone knock again.

Thinking it was the Swedes I was going to tell them to clear off, but found when I opened the door it wasn't them at all. It was my twenty-five year old smart arse cocksucking pawnee shows her ass and pussy reality and amateur very fine looking unemployment officer.

The bitch who had made my life a living hell for the last few years as I searched for work. The smart arse who I knew looked down at me like a piece of dirt and liked to tease with me with her tight fitting shirts and mini-skirts. "Here about the blowjob?" I asked. She looked shocked and for a minute I thought I might have been the one who blew it. This straight laced bitch was likely to cut off my benefits for a line like that.

Then to my great surprise and relief she said, "Yes." I didn't care if I had just cum on the faces of two Swedish girls, my dick was going in her mouth hard or soft, sticky claire dames is a busty cop on patrol cum or clean even if it took me three hours to get it back up and the rest of my life to cum.

Fucking her face was my number one fantasy and thanks to Mr Potter it was about to come true. "O.K," I said. "But I get to tie you up," "O.K," she said. "And I'm going to make it hard," I said. "You're going to have to earn my vote." "O.K," she said, unable to meet my gaze. "Christ," I thought. "Have all these women gone insane?! Only one of them can win." "You better come in then," I said. I led her into the house and showed her into the bedroom and made her lie down on the bed.

"Take your clothes off," I said. "I'll be back in a minute." I went into the laundry and collected a length of rope from the cupboard and returned to the bedroom to see her lying nervously on the bed.

I had dreamt of taking her by force for years and wasn't about to question her stupidity in thinking I would ever vote for the bitch who made my life hell no matter how well she sucked.

Before she had time to reconsider I turned her over and tied her arms behind her back then connected the rope to the bed and made her sit up against the bed head, taking a hard grope of her breasts. Despite the morning's work my cock horny arab and muslim couple home away from home away from home already hard watching her squirm in front of me.

It occurred to me that if it had been only a few million dollars no woman would have done what she was doing, not for the slim odds of actually getting the money.

But 10 billion dollars changed everything. It was so much money common sense had gone out the window. Just as I was climbing on top of her to take a free titfuck before putting it in her mouth my phone rang.

It was annoying but I figured she was tied up and not going anywhere soon so I might as well take the call; it would stop whoever it was calling back and ruining what shaped as the greatest blowjob ever.

I ran out into the kitchen and picked up my cordless phone. "Hello," I said. "Is this Mr Michaels?" an unfamiliar male voice asked. "Yes," I said returning to my captive.

She was looking less than pleased with me for making her wait while I answered the phone. "I represent a major booking agent. We've begun offering a new service this morning playing with a hairy japanese smutty cleft you to help with the unusual demands being placed on you following the recent news." "What kind of service?" I asked climbing on to my bitch and rubbing my cock over her face.

She opened her mouth to take it but I pulled away, teasing her with it. "Well, we are aware you will soon be overwhelmed with the number of offers for sexual services you are receiving. We are offering to act as your agent, taking bookings on your behalf and scheduling women to your needs." The bitch was reaching for my cock so I pushed her head back into the bedhead and slammed my dick into the back of her throat. Her eyes opened wide in shock as I started fucking her helpless face.

"At a fee, I suppose," I said. "Kind of," he said. "It's at no cost to you. We simply take ten per cent of the money the women pay to access you." "Say what?" I said. "Women are wanting to pay?" "You're not letting them do it for free are you sir?" he asked. "Women are wanting to pay?" I repeated. My unemployment officer gagged as I held my cock in the back of her throat.

"Yes, sir," he said. "We are suggesting a price of $1000 for access to you, plus our commission." "Shit," I said. "I'm letting my unemployment case worker suck me for nothing!" "See, sir," said the agent. "You really need our help. She is taking advantage of you." The bitch was looking up at me while I rammed my dick down her throat and the feeling of power I had over her was almost as good as the feeling of my cock in her warm wet throat.

I could tell she was doing everything she could to keep from throwing up as she squirmed beneath me, bucking her hips and straining at her wrist restraints beneath her. And yet this guy reckoned she was using me! "Can we sign you up as a client?" the guy on the phone asked. "Sure," I said. Suddenly I saw the genius of Mr Potter. He massive hooters bounce on a fat cock paying me back twice.

Once in a year of blowjobs from the sexiest women in the world and also in money. At $1000 a pop I would be a millionaire by the year's end. "Excellent, sir," he said. "Just send us your email address and we will start booking girls for you. Send us any preferences for things like hair colour, breast size and fetishes and we will start booking girls in.

Don't worry, you are free to reject girls or alter bookings at any time." "Alright," I said. "Thanks." He gave me the email address but I didn't have a pen, so I looked down at the bitch below me and said, "Remember this address - [email protected]" I hung up the phone, gripped her head and really started to fuck her mouth hard.

She started to gag on it and make this "ugk ugk ugk" sound as my shaft pounded her face. She drooled spit out of the side of her mouth and kicked her legs in the air as she struggled to breathe and keep from submissive little slut gets hammered in a dozen positions pornstars blowjob up.

I relentlessly kept fucking her face for half an hour, my earlier explosions keeping me from cumming too fast. Finally, when her face was covered in spit and tears I let my orgasm build to breaking point and withdrew my cock to her lips so I could cum on her tongue, forcing her to let it run over her whole mouth before swallowing it.

At last I pulled my cock out of her mouth and dragged it over her face. "You fucking prick," she said. "Why did you have to be so rough?" "You want my vote or not?" I said. "Be a pity if I had to vote for someone else after all that." She wanted to say something else but clearly thought better of it. "Can you please untie me now?" she asked.

"I have to get back to work." "Later," I said. "I've got something I need to do first." She screamed at me as I left the room, leaving her tied to the bed. I turned on my mobile phone, the only access to the internet I could afford, and sent my email details to the agency, including my preference for rough oral with young innocent women.

I went back to my employment officer and played with her tits for a few minutes as she tried to pull away from me. "You fucking son of a bitch," she said. "Let me go or I'll have you charged with rape." I decided at that point it had gone far enough. "Relax bitch," I said. "I thought you wanted my vote." "I do," she said. "And I'll blow you any time you want any way you want but I need to go. Besides I could make you enjoy it more if you would let me move." I span her over and untied her hands.

"I like it when you can't move, bitch. If you want my vote that's the way it's done. But if you want another go you'll need to book." At that moment my email alert rang and I opened the message on my phone.

"Book!" she said. "How dare you!" "Not only book it will cost you too." "Cost me!" "A thousand bucks," I said, reading the email from my agent. They had my registration complete already and I was fully booked for the week, one blowjob every four hours from 6 am till midnight with the midnight girl booked as my "bed companion".

There was a profile of every girl and not one of them was over 19, most of them cheerleaders, and every one of them willing to enact rape fantasies as I requested. "This," I thought, "is the Golden Age. I'm going to make 5000 bucks a day raping young women in the mouth.

Thank you Mr Potter!" "I have a spot available Monday week," I said. "But like I said one thousand bucks and you need to book through my agency." She quickly dressed, clearly furious, but I was already reading the profile of my next girl.

There was even a message from her. "Hi, I'm Susie," it read. "I am 18 years old and a high school senior from California. I have D sized natural breasts and am happy to blow you any way you want. Happy to fulfil any fantasy." She was due at 2 so I had some time to recuperate and plan for her. I have always had really strong rape fantasies and suddenly I not only had an endless supply of women, not only to do it with, but who were willing to pay me a lot of money.

Well, willing might be the wrong word. Perhaps prepared to do it for the chance at becoming a billionaire would be closer to the mark. I decided I wanted to take this one at knife point in the kitchen. I emailed instructions to her via my agent and had a brain wave. If I was going to get this much action at home I needed to record it for posterity - after all 12 months from now this dream would end and I was not going to be number 1 on the must employ list of whichever woman got Potter's money.

I quickly ran into town and stopped in at the local electronics store and purchased, on credit, a four camera home surveillance kit.

It was good quality with audio and all cameras recorded to a hard drive. I bought a couple of back up hard drives and now had the capacity to record everything that went on in all four rooms of my house for the next couple of months.

As I was paying for it, I couldn't work out why the sales clerk was kind of distracted until I looked down and saw a woman was below the counter sucking his cock while he served me. Then I noticed his name tag. "David Michaels" was written on a piece of tape, covering whatever his real name was. He smiled at me nervously, afraid I might give him away, but I just smiled back happy for him to have his fun while it lasted.

He was just about the only pretty gorgeous babe gets fucked hardcore and massage I saw while I was out.

I couldn't believe how quiet it was on the streets. The only foot traffic was young women in between blowjobs, as they still tried to find out who I was.

I gave my agents details to the better looking ones and turned down offers from at least twenty older women on the way home. Ordinarily I would have jumped on any of the women who offered, but things were different now and somewhere out there was my young 2 p.m schoolgirl preparing to let me fuck her mouth. When I got home I quickly installed the cameras myself, not bothering to hide them.

Any woman who wanted lihci gotty sexy porn bitter xxx vote was going to have to deal with the fact she was being recorded in her efforts to get it.

When it was ready I put a key under my doormat for my next girl and went for a lie down to recover my strength. I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew it was 2.15 and I could hear the sound of someone moving about in the kitchen. I got up, undressed and went out to examine my next victim.

I opened the kitchen door slightly and was greeted by the sight of an 18 year old schoolgirl in a plaid mini skirt and white shirt. She had her hair up in pig tails and was wearing white bobby socks and black leather shoes. She was every man's fantasy with perfect round breasts and big fuck me eyes with bright red lipstick and flawless skin. I made a noise so she would know I was watching her. I saw her tense up as she sat at the classy british babe fucked hard by old man table pretending to read.

I liked knowing that she knew I was watching her. That she knew my cock was getting hard as my eyes wandered over her perfect body. That she knew in a few seconds she would be on her knees, a knife at her neck, a hand pulling on her pigtails and a cock plunging in her mouth.

She knew what was coming and could only sit and wait. There were two doors leading into the kitchen so I decided to go around to the lounge and into the kitchen through the other door. That way I could come in from behind her, unseen until the last moment.

I slowly and silently pushed open the kitchen door in the lounge and stepped carefully into the kitchen. She was frozen, barely breathing as she waited for me to strike. I took a knife from the kitchen counter and sprang on her.

I held the knife to her throat as I dragged her from her chair by her pig tails. She fell to the floor screaming and I ripped open her shirt, buttons scattering across the floor as her braless tits bounced free of their confinement.

"No," she screamed. She was either a good actor or genuinely scared but either way I was going to fuck her pretty face.

She had agreed in writing to let me rape her mouth so no rape accusation would stand up now. I pulled her to her knees by her pony tail and put the knife in front of her face. "Please no, sir," she said.

"I've changed my." But I didn't let her finish the sentence. Having taken my cock out I pushed it into her mouth. She looked up at me through tear-filled eyes, trying to push me away with her hands while I gripped her hair in one hand to keep her head still and pounded my cock into her throat. I kept the knife near her eyes as a constant reminder not to bite if she really had had a change of heart.

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"Suck it bitch!" I screamed as she refused to wrap her lips around my shaft. "You don't suck, I don't vote." Still she refused to seal her lips around my cock and I knew she really had changed her mind. "I'm not fucking around bitch!" I said. "You agreed to this so you suck it. This knife's not just for show!" Finally she was scared enough and her lips wrapped around my cock.

"Lick it bitch!" I said and at once her tongue started flicking up and down my shaft, her eyes pleading for mercy as she gagged on my cock. I had cum three times already today and it took me another half an hour of relentless pounding latinasex with mercedes carrera latina gets her panties snipped tube porn the young girl's face to finally feel the cum rise up my shaft and pulse in short sharp bursts into her mouth.

She gagged and choked on it, clearly disgusted by the salty taste but I didn't let go of her hair until she had swallowed it all.

I pushed her to the ground and pulled my pants up as she gathered her breath back, lying face down on the floor, her face covered in spit and tears. At last she looked back up at me. "Will you vote for me?" she asked. "Maybe," I said. "If you come back again and suck when I tell you to." "I thought you wanted me to struggle," she said, still on her knees at my feet.

"I also want you to obey," I said. "You'll get the hang of it." "But I can't afford another go," she said. "Maybe you should turn some tricks, then," I said.

"Blow some of my neighbours for cash and use it to pay for me." I didn't really care if she came back or not. I had no problems in terms of supply. But I found the idea of her turning tricks for my neighbours so she could afford to blow me absolutely irresistible. It was even better when she said, "OK." This was going to be a fun year.