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Slave chinese school girl bondage game show adultsmartlinksorg
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Jenny Part 2 She was still gorgeous; the same short curly hair, blue eyes and freckles. I was still entranced. This time she wore tight jeans and a girly short sleeved shirt, I still couldn't keep my eyes off her. And her cousin …………!!!!!! About two months after my tryst with Jenny by the river, one Thursday evening the phone rang about 7.30.

A feminine voice said "Hello, is that Geoff?" I said "Yes it is. Who's that?" "It's Jenny do you remember me?" "Of course I do Jenny. How are you?" "Not too bad, I've been trying to ring you but there's been no answer." "I've been away working Jenny, it's great to hear your voice." "I'd like to come and visit you Geoff, would that be OK?" "Yes I'd love that, when?" "Well, I'll be in town this weekend.

How about 10 o'clock on Saturday?" "OK, see you then." We said good bye and hung up. I pictured her as I remembered her, really pretty, a sparkling personality, short curly blonde hair, tiny shorts and those TITS!!! Two months ago we had a sexy afternoon by the river. I fucked her twice and gave her my number but then I left town to work the wheat harvest, and just got back last weekend. I do skilled farm work; driving machinery, handling sheep and cattle, fencing, etc, it's hard work and keeps me very fit.

The work is seasonal, but I'm well known and always welcome. The wheat harvest is long hours of hard work, living on site. Finally I was back in town, it was the summer holiday period and Jenny was in touch. That was exciting enough, but I had no idea what a surprise she had big load of cum for tammys tits hardcore big tits store.

On Friday I caught up with housework, and had a few drinks at the pub. Some friends wanted me to come with them camping on the weekend, I just said I had plans.

Saturday morning I put fresh sheets on the bed, cleaned my BMW motorbike and went inside for a coffee, then the doorbell sounded. Jenny and I gazed at each other, grinning crazily. I could see her nipples pushing out the material of her shirt; she bounced in and impetuously jumped into my arms.

I caught her and pushed the door shut as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She began kissing me passionately, so I put her against the wall and leaned on her, grinding my hardon against her pussy. Still kissing and tongue wrestling I carried her to the couch and sat down with her straddling my legs.

We slowed the attack a little; I started stroking her back, sides, arms, face and legs. Jenny drew my hands to her breasts and ground her pussy against my cock. We pulled each other's shirts off, Jenny wasn't wearing a bra and she rubbed those magnificent tits against my hairy chest, I could feel her hard nipples. I squeezed her bum and she lifted her tits to my face. Jenny began panting and whimpering as I licked and lightly bit her nipples.

She was writhing and groaning, it turned me on to the max. I lifted her and turned around, putting her on the couch, she kicked her shoes off. More passionate kissing followed, I rubbed my face around her breasts and belly and undid her jeans. Jenny lifted her arse as I peeled her jeans and panties completely off. I hardcore barely legal teen anal rape porn storys smell the scent of her pussy juice, Jenny smiled at me, her eyes alight.

I gently pulled her legs apart and moved right in close. I grabbed her bottom and took a deep breath smelling her, then pulled her pussy to my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her vagina, tasting her. Then I moved my tongue up and down her inner lips and around above her clit licking the hood. Jenny moaned and squirmed on the couch thrusting her crotch up into my face. Her juices were flowing copiously, I licked her opening sucking in as much of her essence as I could, then began to tongue fuck her.

She squealed in pleasure and pulled her legs up behind her arms. I pointed my tongue and worked it around her clit barely touching. I flicked my tongue tip back and forth across the top of the clit-hood, then sucked her clit and inner lips into my mouth, nursing on her, turning her on more.

Next I changed back to tongue fucking, and then clit flicking back and forth, driving her arousal to greater heights. Meanwhile I loosened my jeans and pushed them down. As Jenny became more hairy mature and teen lesbian my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin more aroused, so did I. My cock was as hard as it had pretty brunette has some odd looking boobs big tits and big butt been.

As Jenny began to peak I got up on my knees and shoved my cock into her in one stroke, she screamed and hit her orgasm while I fucked her hard and fast. She bucked and thrust against me and I fucked her as hard as I could.

As her orgasm subsided I slowed my movements but continued to fuck her deeply. Jenny slowly came down as I stroked my cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

She opened her eyes, released her legs and we kissed gently. Jenny put her arms around my neck. With my cock stilled inside her, I lifted her from the couch and lowered her to the shag pile carpet. We lay in the missionary position for a while, kissing gently and getting our breath back.

Realising we hadn't spoken yet, I looked into her eyes and said "Hello", we both laughed. "So", I said "What have you been doing while I was away?" "Oh, nothing much," she said, "School exams, visiting my cousin, Annie…" Jenny locked her eyes on mine and said "…getting on the pill." "Really?" I was a bit surprised.

Jenny said "I want you to cum inside me". I began to fuck her very slowly, with full length strokes. Keeping eye contact, I fucked her pussy real slow. Between strokes I ground, gently against her clit. She moved in time, pushing against me and closed her eyes, beginning to pant. I kept my movements slow, for a while then said "Let's try some different positions." "Ok" said Jenny. I withdrew and lay at her right side, with Jenny on her back. I lifted her right leg over both of mine and drew her left leg between my legs.

Entering her wet pussy again, I fucked her slowly still, while stroking my right hand over her belly and tits, and tweaking her nipples. Jenny began to writhe and moan, I fucked her faster and harder. Sliding my hand down to her pussy I stroked two fingers up and down one each side of her clit-hood, while fucking her hard and fast. Jenny cried out and exploded in orgasm again. I held still while her orgasm subsided then pulled out, and guided her onto her knees and fucked her doggy style.

Next I got a cushion and pushed her down onto her belly on the cushion. Forcing her legs wide apart with my knees, I thrust into her cunt once again. Putting my hands forward under her and grabbing her shoulders for leverage I fucked her with all my power, until my body locked tight and my cock blasted a river of cum right up inside her spasming cunt.

Trembling with spent passion we lay still on the floor, recovering our breath. "Oh God Geoff," said Jenny "that was fantastic!!" I kissed the back of her neck, stroked her shoulders for a while then got up and led her to the shower. We washed each other gently, then dried off and got into my bed. We lay on our sides facing each other. Jenny put her upper arm around me and the other down between us and took hold of my cock.

I put one arm beneath her head and the other around her, stroking her back. We kissed gently, tongues exploring. I felt really tender towards Jenny. With eyes closed I gently rubbed my cheeks and lips over her face.

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We just lay there kissing and touching for several minutes. kannada actress rakshitha prem sex storys long are you in town?" I asked.

"Just a few days, staying with my cousin Annie. I'm going on holiday with my family in a few days, and Mum wants me to come home on Monday." "How long will you be away?" "Three weeks, we're going hiking in Mt. Kosciosko National Park." "I'll miss you." Jenny hit me on the arm and said "I've been missing you for two months!" I drew her close again, stroked her face and kissed her lovingly. I asked "How long do we have now?" Jenny said "I've got to go soon, Annie's waiting for me at the Shopping centre.

But I can come back after dinner. What time is it?" "It's 12.30" "I've gotta go now! Drop me at the mall with your motorbike?" We got dressed and went to the door where I took Jenny in my arms and kissed her thoroughly.

On the bike she wore my spare helmet and we cruised through town to the shopping centre. When we stopped Jenny took the helmet off and asked "Is it ok for me to come back after dinner? Are you going out?" "I'm not going out, my friends have gone camping." "Ok, I'll see you later and I've got a surprise for you." Jenny giggled and skipped away. I put the helmet on its hook and looked for her. Some distance away, near the entrance to the shops I saw Jenny with a tall black haired girl, they had their heads together obviously whispering.

They looked my way, Jenny waved and both were smiling before they turned and went into the mall. The other girl looked back over her shoulder, before she went inside. I rode out of town into the hills. BMW motorbikes handle really well and are an absolute joy to ride on winding roads. They are also very comfortable cruising. I took the tight twisting road south west towards the mountains and stopped for lunch at a nice café with a view over the hills towards Mt Bogong.

Over lunch I thought about Jenny and how I felt towards her; very tender and loving. But she's very young, jailbait. Also she could easily be hurt, if she got too attached. And I could get too attached.

The girl with black hair would be her cousin, but what was the surprise? After lunch I went the longer way back to Wodonga, along more winding roads through lower hills and farming land. That area is mostly cattle country, although I wasn't watching the cows. I was thinking sunny leone and daisy marie lesbian my little filly, coming over again after dinner.

Back in town late afternoon, I put the bike in the garage and went for a walk. Then showered put on lounging pants and a tee shirt and made a meal of left-overs.

I was sitting with a beer and listening to music when the doorbell rang about 8.15. Waiting outside were Jenny and the girl with black hair.

They came inside and Jenny introduced her cousin Annie. Now Jenny was cute as a button with gorgeous freckles, a magnificent figure, and a delightful personality. She was a fascinating young girl.

Annie was several inches taller, had long glistening black hair, bigger breasts, more developed in the hips. Amazingly attractive she looked like a young, taller, Kate Winslet. Jenny was obviously proud of her beautiful cousin.

They both wore jeans that fitted well. Jenny had a white top and Annie wore dark blue. I looked them over and said "Well, I've never seen two more beautiful girls!" They both laughed Jenny took my arm and pressed her tits against me.

She said "Annie's the surprise." My jaw fell open Jenny giggled and said "I told her about you and me weeks ago. She's been wanting to meet you." I didn't know what to say, I felt nervous of their parents finding out.

"Jenny you weren't supposed to tell anyone!" "I know, but Annie's my best friend, we share everything …… Every . Thing!" Annie came close to me, looking nervous and said "When Jenny told me about how you and she had such amazing sex, it really turned me on. I'm a virgin but … I really want to have sex and … if you like, … I think I'd like to try it with you." I asked "Where do your parents think you are?" "At the movies, it's a long black pregnant babes are being very naughty and they don't expect us back till 11.30." Jenny was still pressing her tits against my left arm.

I looked at her, she smiled and nodded. I gazed into Annie's eyes, fell in lust with her and smiled. Annie slithered under my right arm and pressed her whole body against me. She was only a little shorter than me and kissing her hardly required any bending down at all. We kissed briefly, made eye contact again then locked lips passionately. I felt her body quiver against my side. I put my left arm around Jenny and kissed her too. My boner was at full mast.

I kissed both girls, swapping back and forth. While kissing Annie, I turned my hips to Jenny and rubbed my tented pants against her belly. She rubbed her belly up and down against me. Swapping the kiss to Jenny I turned my crotch to Annie and rubbed against her. She gasped and put her hand down to feel my cock through my pants. Without undies my hard cock was obvious. Annie gripped my cock in her hand and squeezed.

Jenny reached over and guided Annie's hand inside my pants. She said "Take it in both hands and slide them up and down. Don't squeeze hard." Jenny pushed my pants down, Annie used both hands, her eyes were really big.

Both girls knelt down and Jenny started telling Annie how to handle my cock. I was so turned on, I couldn't speak. Jenny took over from Annie and said "Try this." She took my cock gently in both hands, lifted it and rubbed her face up and down the underside. "Your turn" Annie took my cock and rubbed the underside on her face then the end on her cheeks and forehead. Jenny said "Put it in your mouth like I told you yesterday." Annie opened her mouth and slid half my shaft inside her soft velvety lips.

"Go up and down slowly" said Jenny. Annie moved her head up and down experimenting with different pressure with her lips and tongue. My cock felt like it was on fire, I groaned out loud.

Jenny said "See, he likes it! Put it in as far as you can." Annie slowly pushed her mouth down my cock until I felt the back of her mouth. Her gag reflex kicked in and she pulled off quickly. Jenny said "Showing you is better than telling you" and slid her mouth down my cock as far as she could.

Holding her fingers where her lips had gone to, she bobbed her head up and down slowly then faster and faster till I got close to cumming and told her to stop. I kicked my pants off, took the girls into the bedroom, and told them to take each other's tops off.

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They looked at each other then started on the buttons, with only a little hesitation. I wondered had they done this before? I knelt down and undid their jeans. First each button one by one then each zipper. Then bit by bit I worked each girl's jeans down her legs, slowly revealing little knickers, Jenny's white with frills, Annie's black with embroidered edges.

By this time all the shirt buttons were undone showing matching bras. The girls took turns pulling the other one's shirt off her shoulders and arms, while gazing into each other's eyes.

Yes, I thought, they've been here lela star gang bang by 4 cocks. I pulled Jenny's jeans right down and stroked her slender legs.

While she stepped out of them, I pulled Annie's down revealing long very smooth and shapely legs. I kissed and nuzzled her belly while she stepped out of her jeans. I stood up and drew both girls to me into a hug, and then a three way kiss with four firm bra covered breasts pushing against my chest and my stiff cock nestled between two beautifully rounded bellies.

We three French kissed passionately, my tongue going from mouth to mouth. While they kissed, I nuzzled their cheeks, necks and ears in turn. "Have you two had … sleep overs … together?" I asked, they both blushed and giggled.

Jenny said "She's got really big nipples." Annie blushed; I smiled and kissed each of them deeply in turn. Putting my arms around Jenny I undid her bra and removed it. I took her breasts in my hands and put my face between them. I gently nuzzled her wonderful tits and sucked each nipple. Then turning to Annie, I slowly embraced her and undid the clasp of her bra. Kissing her deeply, I kept her body horny yo petite julia wilde teenager teens me and slid my hands up to her shoulders, pushing the bra straps onto her arms.

I put my hands on her bra keeping it in place and stepped back a little. Her arms were by her sides. I kissed her again then looked at her chest and said "Well let's see those big nipples". I pulled the bra off showing a pair of perfectly placed C cup breasts, with pink areolas about two fingers wide and nipples as big as my thumb. The biggest nipples I have ever seen. Annie pulled her shoulders back presenting those magnificent breasts to my gaze proudly.

I said "Wow", reverently, looked at them for a while then began to fondle them with both hands. I stroked my palms and finger all over her tits, flicked the nipples with my thumbs then put my face in and nuzzled away.

I was in heaven, Annie was breathing heavily. I pulled both girls into another three way hug, kissing Jenny first, then both of them. They took turns rubbing my cock on the other one's belly. I put my left hand on Jenny's arse and my right hand on Annie's, and (of course) there were two firm globes of bum flesh for each hand to enjoy. One crack for each set of fingers to explore and one crevice at the top of each pair of thighs to probe.

I nuzzled all four tits in turn, sucked each nipple to full hardness, then got the girls to kneel down again. They held their breasts together while I rubbed my dick all over them, between them and turkey slapped each breast with my cock, making them jiggle. Next I guided my cock to Annie's mouth. She took the base in one hand and engulfed me, sliding her lips slowly down to her fingers.

She slid slowly up again to the tip and moved one finger away on the way down, getting more of my cock into her mouth. Jenny said "I've heard that if you straighten your throat and swallow, you can get a guy's cock all the way in." Annie stopped and looked at her.

"Try it" said Jenny "Put it in as far as you can, and pretend you're swallowing some food or a drink." Annie tried it but gagged and coughed. I said "Take a deep breath trough your nose, relax and just swallow without trying to push it in. Let the swallowing motion pull it in." Two more tries and she got it, suddenly my cock eased into her throat.

Annie eased it back into her mouth and I almost cum. I quickly withdrew from her mouth, panting and moaning, and squeezed my cock till the urge to ejaculate subsided. Annie asked "What's wrong?" "Nothing honey, that was wonderful, but I almost cum in your mouth. You can't do that without warning a girl." "Why?" "Well, you might not like the taste, and if you're not ready or don't know what to do, my cum could go in your windpipe and you could choke on it." She appeared to understand so I offered her my dick again.

This time she swallowed it easily and was able to move it in and out of her throat several times. The feeling was incredible; I said "OH MY GOD, that feels so GOOD. I'LL CUM IF YOU DON'T STOP!!" Annie pulled off me and Jenny wanted to try. She asked Annie how if felt, "It's really strange, the trick is to take his cock in as far as comfortable, then swallow without pushing.

Imagine you're drinking from a water bottle and just swallow it." Jenny looked up at me and said "I want you to cum in my mouth." She took my cock in between her lips and slid down slowly, as far as she could. She took a breath through her nose then began swallowing. It felt amazing; each muscular swallowing motion moved the end of my cock in and out of her throat.

Three swallows and Jenny had my cock all the way in, with her lips touching my balls. She eased me out into her mouth again, then swallowed me completely in one go. She eased my cock out of her throat again and took another breath. Then she grabbed my arse and pulled, fucking her own throat with my cock. I was on the edge of cumming right away, I grabbed her head and as my cum began to erupt, I thrust in as far as possible and sent spurt after spurt straight down her throat, while Jenny held my arse and pulled me hard into her mouth.

Jenny eased my cock out of her throat into her mouth, and sucked the last of the cum from it. Her face was red as she got her breath back. I collapsed on the bed groaning. Annie said "That looked awesome." She was clearly excited; I took her hand and pulled her onto the bed with me. Jenny came onto the bed too; I held her and kissed her thoroughly and said "That was unbelievable!!!" Needing having natty group sex striptease and hardcore recovery time I said "I'm thirsty, who wants a drink?" Annie said "Can we have a real drink" I asked "Have you had alcohol before?" "Yes we had some at a party, a few weeks ago" "Did you get drunk?" "Noo-oo?" It turned out that Annie had two Bacardi breezers, Jenny had three and got quite tipsy.

They had slept over at Annie's place and that's when Jenny told her about me. I made a jug of Vodka and orange juice and poured three glasses. We sat up in bed sipping them. The girls finished theirs fairly quickly and were looking expectant, duty calls!

I drained my glass, put it down and drew them into a hug. Looking at Jenny I said "Annie first, ok?" She pouted a bit and Annie said "You had yours this morning, greedy bitch!!" I laughed and kissed them both, "Annie, you're a virgin, have you had any sexy play with hawt year old amazing girl receives fucked hard hardcore and massage boy?" "Well I've kissed a few boys, and let Kyle feel my boobs and pussy." "Was that nice?" "Yes but he told his stupid mates, so I haven't let him do anything since." "Did he lick your pussy?" "No, Jenny's told me about that." Jenny squealed and said "Yes, that feels great.

Do her!! Do her!!" I turned Annie onto her back and knelt over her with my knees each side of her hips, Jenny was very excited and lay on her side close to us. Kissing Annie gently on the lips, I held my weight with one hand and stroked her tits and belly with the other. My cock and balls were lightly touching her thighs, and I began to rotate my hips to drag my cock up and down between them. Her big nipples were even bigger and hard, I pinched and flicked them with my fingertips.

Annie was breathing harder and beginning to squirm beneath me. Jenny was watching and running one hand over my back. She rubbed my bum and balls then reached between us and grabbed my hardening amirah adara jolee love so fucking what part on with amirah and jolee balls deep anal dap gapes crea. Jenny pushed my cock down between Annie's thighs, Annie opened her legs to accept more of it then squeezed it firmly.

Jenny started stroking Annie's pussy. Annie began moaning, as I moved my mouth to her nipples. With my lips covering my teeth to imitate a baby's gums I sucked and nibbled on those big nipples. Annie was now writhing, gasping and moaning loudly. I put my knees between her legs, then my right hand on her pussy; Jenny's hand was still there stroking her pussy lips and clit.

Annie opened her legs wide. My fingers went to the bottom of her slit while Jenny's went to her clit and clit-hood. I gently pushed my index finger into her opening and stroked just inside on the g-spot, feeling the hymen with my fingertip.

I lay down between her legs and brought my head down to her pussy, pushed Jenny's hand away and began licking along her slit and around outside the clit-hood.

Her pussy tasted delicious. Jenny grabbed Annie behind the knees and pulled her legs way apart and up to her armpits. Annie was crying out and humping her hips up and down as she reached a massive orgasm. Her pussy juice flowed copiously. I removed my finger and covered her whole pussy with my mouth. I tongue fucked her while sucking up all her juices. Annie quickly built to another huge orgasm and as she crested I moved up, put my hard cock to her opening and pushed straight into her.

Annie seemed to be passed out; I brought my knees up outside her hips and pushed my left arm under her shoulders keeping my weight off her. Jenny let go of Annie's legs, I put my right arm around Jenny and kissed her on the lips. We looked at Annie and Jenny said "Wow. That looked amazing." Annie put her arms around my neck then went still "Your cock is in me!" "Yes I did that while you were cumming." Annie looked at Jenny "You were fingering me! And then you pulled my legs up." Jenny said, "How did it feel?" Annie said, "I don't know how to describe it.

Thank you both. That was the best thing that's ever happened to me." Jenny and I both kissed her. I said "We're not finished yet." Annie giggled, "Oh yes, you haven't fucked me yet, have you." I moved my cock in and out a little, "How does this feel, any pain?" "Yes, but not much.

It feels good." I stroked gently in and out watching her face. Annie relaxed and began to move with me, I began kissing her again very gently. Our movements were slow and full, her pussy gripped my cock like a glove. Jenny was kneeling beside us watching, and fingering herself.

I could see her fingers pushing in between her pussy lips. The lips were glistening with her wetness and stretching around her fingers, as one then two fingers disappeared inside her.Annie said "All the pain is gone now! Your cock feels wonderful!" She was breathing harder. I sat back on my heels and drew Jenny's head down to Annie's tits. I concentrated on fucking Annie with slow intensity, and gradually building up speed.

"Annie are you on the pill?" I asked she said "No!" and looked a bit scared, "Don't worry" I said I can stop in time. Jenny began licking and sucking on Annie's incredible nipples, then kissing her lips. I put one hand on the bed to support myself and used the other to stroke her belly, tits and neck. Annie's legs were around my waist. As she got more and more excited, she pulled me with her legs and thrust her pussy up against me as hard as she could.

I kept the pace under control wanting to last, give her a good cum and not cum myself. Annie's excitement became more intense; she was moaning and making inarticulate noises. Jenny put her arm under Annie's neck and they kissed passionately. My thrusting strokes became longer and faster. The girls stopped kissing, Jenny went back to sucking Annie's nipples and I could see her arm between her legs moving quickly back and forth.

Annie was really close, writhing, thrusting up and down and moaning loudly. I wet my thumb and started flicking side to side against the top of her clit hood. Annie went into orgasm, bucking wildly, gasping and with both arms holding Jenny tight against her chest. I kept fucking her hard and flicking her clit, till she said "Stop, Stop!!" I leaned down and gathered both girls into my arms.

Annie tori black free porn sex video black there, spent. I withdrew from her, went and got a warm damp washcloth and gently wiped the blood and juices from her pussy, and also my cock.

Jenny got up onto her knees and looked at me with smouldering eyes. I fed my cock into her mouth. She slid her lips and tongue up and down a few times then said "Fuck me Geoff!" Jenny lay face down with a pillow under her hips and looked at me.

I knelt with my legs outside of hers, her pussy was really wet and I shoved my cock into her. I lay over Jenny, put my arms under hers, grabbed her shoulders and began to fuck her. I was close to cumming very soon, I put my hands on top of her shoulders and straightened my knees. All my weight was on her, pushing her down on the bed as I fucked her hard and fast. My cock pounded into her over and over, Jenny was moaning loudly and pushing boyfriend cumming inside me he cant stop cumming full of cum arse up against me.

As my orgasm approached, I felt Annie climb onto my back. She put her pussy against my bum and began thrusting in time with me, adding her strength to mine so that we both fucked Jenny together. This quickly pushed me over the edge, I shoved my cock in hard and held still, spurting my cum into her. Annie kept on humping against my bum causing a slight thrusting action into Jenny's cunt. Jenny cried out and reached her peak as well.

As we calmed down I lifted my weight onto my elbows and craned my neck to look at Annie, she giggled and said "That was fun." I laughed, Jenny made a puzzled sound, and I told her "Annie is piggybacking". "What?" "She's lying on my back, we were both fucking you". Jenny got a fit of the giggles, so did Annie, it was like being in a warm vibrating pile of flesh. With both girls laughing and shaking, I started laughing as well and my half soft dick was jerking in Jenny's pussy. But I didn't get hard again and after a little while Annie slid off me and I got off Jenny.

We lay down with Annie in the middle and I pulled the sheet and blankets over us. Annie's bum crack was wet and with my fingers I slid my soft dick into her crack. Annie said "Mmmmmm" and pushed back against me. Glancing at the clock I saw 11.30!!

"Hey girls we better stop, you're supposed to be home now!" There was a flurry of movement as they squealed and leapt out of bed. They panicked a bit but I told them to calm down, have a quick shower and be sure to dress properly. "You don't want to get home in a mess and smelling of sex, do you." I got dressed and when the girls were ready I checked out the front.

A neighbour was walking by I called a greeting to let the girls know someone was there, then said "Plenty of stars out Jim, should be sunny tomorrow." Jim agreed and went on to his house. I ducked back inside and hugged Jenny and Annie together. Annie threw her arms around konoha of double blowjob and oral creampies neck and said "Thanks, that was so amazing, I want to do it again." "Well, I hope we can" I said, and kissed her like a lover.

I looked into her eyes, and then kissed Jenny the same way. The coast was clear and the girls left quietly, I walked them to the gate and watched as the two most gorgeous girls I had ever been with walked away. At the corner they waved and were gone. I reflected on my amazing day, with Jenny then both of them. A kaleidoscope of images of those two beauties ran through my thoughts as I changed the sheets, put the soaked ones in the wash basket, had a long shower and went to bed. A message came on my phone.

First some pictures, Jenny and Annie's smiling faces in one. Then a pair of breasts, followed by another pair of breasts, a bum, and another bum.

Next a pussy in close up with legs together and another pussy, close up with legs spread wide apart. The message was "Can you guess which tits, arse and pussy belongs to which of us?" The tits were easy, Annie's nipples being much larger.

The rest took some thought, however Annie is a bigger girl and in one shot there was enough of the legs showing for a reasonable guess. Both pussies were shaved now so no easy clue with colour of pubes, but I thought Jenny was more likely to pose with her legs wide apart.

I sent the pics back with names attached. Back came the reply "Two out of three hahaha" It was Annie's pussy with her legs apart. I sent to them "Well my two darlings, next time I'll take my own photos."