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Sunny leone fucked by husband by her husband denial
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When I turned 18, I started getting hemorrhoids from time-to-time. They would come, it would be painful for a day and then they would pass uneventfully, so I thought nothing of them. As time went on, they began to come a little more often and be a little more painful, so I bought a tube of Preparation H.

That made things pass quickly oil massage unblock xnxx vidous pretty painlessly again, so I just put up with the occasional problem and went about my life. Surprisingly, though, over the years I began to feel some pleasure as I rubbed the gel on my ass and slipped the tip of my finger in to make sure I fully treated the problem.

This pleasure was compounded when my new girlfriend took to rubbing my hole while we had sex. She was the first girl to ever do this to me and it felt wonderful. I started to really enjoy the feeling of an "anal massage." Then one day, my little problem got worse.

After using the bathroom I noticed a little blood. I freaked out! I knew this wasn't normal and wanted to get checked out immediately! I called a proctologist and set up an big ass sex vidiin office for the next week. I explained to the nurse on the phone what the problem was and she told me I needed to fast after midnight and use an enema the morning of the procedure to make sure I was properly cleaned out.

The morning of the exam arrived and I did everything the nurse had told me over the phone. I arrived at the doctor's office early to fill out the paper work. When I was done with that, I was taken back to the exam room and was given a little hospital gown that I was told to change in to.

The nurse then left the room to allow me to change. The nurse came back in once I was changed and took my vital signs. She then asked why I was here and I briefly explained my symptoms. She then explained the exam that the doctor would perform to me. She explained that I would need to get into what looks like a reverse chair. My stomach would be against the table bottom and the table would then move to raise me up.

My legs would be in stirrups that would then spread my legs open to give the doctor proper access to my rectum for the exam. He would then use some lube to insert his fingers into my ass to conduct the exam and make sure everything was ok with my prostate and my anal muscles. The nurse said the doctor would be in shortly and again left the room. I then got nervous.

I realized that every now and then when I rubbed the Preparation H on myself, I would get a hard on. This reaction had just started after my girlfriend had began rubbing my ass during sex. It didn't happen every time, but it was completely unpredictable as to when it would happen. How embarrassing would it be if it happened today?

I waited nearly 10 minutes before the doctor came into the room. I spent those entire 10 minutes worrying about getting a hard on during the exam that was about to performed and how horrified I would be if it happened.

When the doctor and the nurse finally come into the room, I was a little surprised by his appearance. I was expecting an older man, maybe with a little belly and a grey beard. Doctors, in my experience, were much better at telling patients how to lead a healthy lifestyle than they were at leading one themselves.

Instead, he was in his late 30's and obviously kept himself in good shape. "Hi, I'm Doctor Stevens," he introduced himself. "What seems to be the problem?" I hated that! I just told the nurse what the problem was and had told them over the phone. He was reading my chart that said what the problem was. Why did I have to explain it again? But explain the problem again is exactly what I did.

When I finished talking the doctor asked a few other questions, then seemed ready to begin. "OK, did you fast after midnight and use the enema as the nurse asked?" "I did" "Did the nurse explain the procedure to you?" "Yes, she did." "And do you understand what we are going to do?" "Yes, I do," I replied a little nervously.

While my girlfriend had taken to rubbing my ass during sex, she had never penetrated me. "Don't worry," Dr. Stevens tried to ease my fears. "This isn't painful at all." He led me over to the exam table and I assumed the position.

It felt a little weird as the table moved my body and then spread my legs. The nurse came over and open the back of my gown more to give the doctor full access to the area he was about to prod.

I heard him put on the exam gloves and then he walked over to me. "This is going to feel a little cold," he warned me. I nearly jumped off the table as hid fingers and the cold jelly hit my ass. He was gentle and took his time, rubbing his finger around my hole, which seemed a bit odd. But it also felt good. For just a second, I let my mind wander to my girlfriend rubbing me there.

As I did, I felt my dick begin to harden a little. Oh, God, no. Please don't get hard! I tried to get myself to stop having this reaction. But the doctor rubbed my hole up and down a few more times and I was at half mast. "OK, I'm going to insert my finger now to check your prostate." He pushed his middle finger into me and, as he did, my dick came to full attention.

"Oh, please let him be so intent on giving me a proper exam that he doesn't notice my hard on!" I thought to myself. But he did notice. I felt him lean in and he whispered in my ear, "Don't be embarrassed. You'd be surprised how many guys that happens to during this exam." He pushed entire lubed up finger into my ass and found my prostate. As his finger tip hit amazing beauty alecia fox enjoys sensual sex on the terrace gland, a small moan escaped my lips.

"Shit!" I thought to myself. He probed my prostate, searching for any abnormalities, and I moaned each time his finger came into contact with it. I also became aware of a small puddle of liquid below me. I was slowly leaking pre-cum. Surely, this reaction wasn't normal.

"Nurse," the doctor spoke again, "Can you lock the door? I think the patient is going to need a more thorough exam." "Certainly, doctor," she responded, and I heard the door lock.

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As soon as the door clicked locked, I felt increased pressure on my ass. The doctor was pushing a second finger in my ass. I gasped as it went in. I expected it to hurt, but I had loosened up enough that it didn't. He kept exploring my prostate and my rock hard cock kept leaking pre-cum.

After a couple of minutes of this I felt another finger push at my rim and slide in. "Oh, God, yes," escaped my lips. I felt so full. It omani girls sexy xxx story so good.

The doctor gave up all pretenses of still examining me and began to slowly finger fuck me. "Does that feel good?" he asked, as his three fingers pushed inside of me. "Yes!" I replied as they slid out.

"Have you ever been with a man before?" he asked. "No, I'm straight," I answered in between moans. His fingers pushed and twisted inside of me. This felt so good. My girlfriend and I would have to "play doctor" together like this. His fingers were moving easily in and out of me now. I couldn't believe how hard my cock was considering it hadn't been touched. "Are you ready for more?" he asked. I wasn't exactly sure what he had in mind, but I answered "yes" anyway. "Nurse, hand me the lube, please." I felt more lube liberally applied to my ass.

Then the doctor handed her the jar back and I heard him take off the rubber glove. I heard his belt unbuckle, then his zipper go down, and finally his pants fall in a pile on the floor. "Now, you're sure that you've never been with a man before, right?" he asked. "No, never, I swear." I felt his hard cock rub up between my cheeks. He was rubbing it around my ass to get some lube on his member. "And you're sure you want to do this, right?" I felt so good, so horny, I would have said yes to anything.

"Yes, please fuck my ass. I want to feel it now." "OK, OK, just one more, very important question," he said. He leaned in to whisper in lesbian dolls stretch their deep ass holes and shag fat sex toys ear again. Feeling his hot breath on my ear made me so horny I could barely stand it. "You don't want to have to lessen your pleasure at all by having me put a silly little condom on, do you?" I was so filled with lust that his question and what it meant barely registered with me.

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All I knew was I was tired of waiting to have my ass filled again and by no means did I want my pleasure diminished. "God, no!" I blurted out. "I want all the pleasure possible!

Fuck my ass already!" I looked back to emphasize my point. I could see the big smile on his face. "Good," he said, "I love taking a saucy pregnant minx has her muff plugged fetish blonde virginity bareback. Every guy should feel a raw cock in their ass.

It's so much better that way!" I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole. This was it. A guy, a doctor, was going to fuck my ass. I watched as he grabbed my hips and held me steady while he pushed forward. The tip went right in. It didn't hurt; it wasn't any bigger than the three fingers he already had put in me. But as he pushed forward my ass began to expand to bigger dimensions. It was then that I finally noticed the doctor's cock was quite a bit thicker than mine was.

It was quite longer, too. I began to feel pain as his cock inched into me, and my eyes opened wide.

"You just noticed the size of my cock, didn't you?" he asked. "It's 8 inches long and the girth is quite substantial. Don't worry. Yours isn't the first ass I've fucked, and they've all been able to take it. Just relax." My ass felt on fire as he continued to enter me. He pulled my hips back, pulling me onto his cock at the same time he pushed forward.

He was tired of waiting on me to accommodate him. He just wanted to be in me! He pushed forward and pulled back and all of a sudden I felt his pelvis hit my ass hard as he made his way completely inside of me.

"Oh, fuck!" I gasped. "How does it feel?" he asked. "It hurts.

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It hurts a lot. But it also feels so good." My ass was stinging, but as he now began to slowly fuck me his cock felt so good! I saw a flash of light from my side. I looked over to see what it was and saw the nurse standing there with a camera. Fuck! I forgot she was still in the room. And she was taking pictures! "Don't worry," she assured me, "you'll get copies, too.

You really want memories of losing your virginity." And she snapped another as I stared into the my boyfriend fucking me doggystyle after blowjob. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" I kept saying, "this feels so good!" "Your ass is so tight!" he said. "There is nothing wrong with your ass muscles, that's for sure." He was pounding into me, pushing my whole body forward with each thrust.

My anal ring clenched onto his cock as he pulled out, trying to keep it inside of me. He pulled all the way out of my ass and then lined the tip back up to my hole and pushed forward until he was buried inside me with one thrust. He did it again, and again, and again, each time his cock hitting my prostate, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I was loving this so much. I loved feeling his bare skin slide along my anal canal. I loved feeling each vein in his cock as it passed over my ring. I loved feeling his tip hit my prostate. I loved how his long cock felt like it was going to push into my stomach and how much he stretched accidental towel drop luiggi gay ass open. He pulled out again, this time not entering again immediately.

He pulled my ass cheeks as far apart as possible and then I heard the click of the camera. The nurse had just taken a picture of my gapping hole. The doctor slammed into me again. The pleasure was finally too much for me. Three strokes later and my cock was spewing cum onto the table in heavy spurts.

I hadn't yet touched my cock, but I was cumming harder than I ever had! "Oh, God, yes!" the doctor yelled. "I can feel your ass clamping down on my cock! I'm gonna cum soon!

I'm gonna cum deep in your fucking ass, you slut! Is that what you want?" He was slamming into my ass so hard, just like I do to my girlfriend's pussy.

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"Yes!" I yelled. "Yes, what?" "Yes, that's what I want!" "What do you want? Fucking tell me right now!" "I want you to cum deep in my ass. I want to feel your cock explode in my ass so Sexy chick in stockings doing ass to mouth can feel your warm cum inside of me!" And the good doctor fulfilled my request.

He slammed deep inside me until his balls were resting on my ass and I felt him explode. His cock spasmed and shot load after load deep inside of me. He lay there letting his unprotected cock spill his seed into my rectum. When he got off of me, he walked around front of me. His cock was still at half mast and he waved it in front of my face.

"Suck my cock. Suck it clean." I took him in my mouth and sucked it. I could taste my ass on it and milked out the last drops of his cum. "Aren't you glad you did the enema this morning now?" he asked. I felt his cum leaking out of my ass and running down my thighs. He reached behind me, letting it pool into his palm. He then brought that to my mouth and told me to eat it. And I did. I licked his cum that had just been deposited into my ass out of his hand. Finally, he told me to get up.

"Look at my table. Look at the mess you left there," pointing at my own cum. "Clean up your damn mess!" I bent over and licked up my own cum from the table and swallowed it all. Again, the nurse took a picture of my depravity. "God damn, you are a good slut! And you will be happy to know there is nothing wrong with your ass.

Drink plenty of water and limit your dairy and the hemorrhoids should lessen." Then he turned to the nurse, "Nurse, please schedule a follow up with the patient for next Tuesday." He paused a second and then added, "And tell Dr. Richardson I will need a consult." Dr. Stevens then walked out of the room without even saying goodbye. "Does the same time next week work for you, sir?" she asked. "Yes, it works perfectly." "Good, I can't wait to see you again."