Hosu waif xxx full sex stories story

Hosu waif xxx full sex stories story
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Nicole's parents could no longer control her and gave her the option of moving to her aunt and uncle's farm to get her away from the bad influences in her life or go to juvenile court. Ever since Nicole had turned sixteen years old she began to run around with the wrong crowd. Now at the age of sixteen and a half she had been picked up three times for curfew violations and on one of these arrests she was also charged with drinking under age.

Fortunately for Nicole, the chief of police was her dad's best friend and she was sent home with a warning. The last incident however, the chief had told her parents he could no longer turn a blind eye to her and the next infraction he would have to arrest her and make her appear before the judge. Nicole's parents knew the chief had bent over backwards to keep Nicole out of juvenile detention and knowing she wouldn't straighten up they had given her this option.

After much cursing and throwing a tantrum Nicole finally agreed to go to her aunt and uncle's farm for the summer and promised her parents she would straighten her life out. Nicole thought she had it all figured out. After all, even though she'd be moving from Ohio to Nebraska she still had her cell phone to keep in contact with her friends so it wouldn't be too bad. What she didn't realize is her parents were one step ahead of her and was having her phone turned off the day after she would arrive in Nebraska.

Nicole was a beautiful young woman and had a sassy attitude that made boys pine after her. Being only five foot two and one hundred ten pounds, she was one hot number. Keeping her reddish auburn hair in pixie shag and with her freckled face she looked so sweet and innocent. Nicole's perky 34b breasts fit her small frame perfectly and the full luscious but pouty skinny emma diamond nylon mask on her face would weaken the knees of even grown men.

Although Nicole had a sassy attitude and liked to tease and taunt boys in her school, she was still a virgin. Sure, she had let boys feel her up and even go as far as letting them brush against her cunt through her panties, but that was as far as it went.

She loved seeing their cocks stiffen against their jeans and she would run her fingertips along the outline as the boys squirmed in their excitement. Nicole was wise and knew if she stroked them in this manner they would end up Cumming in their jeans and take the urge away to fuck her. Naturally the boys told everyone they fucked her and she got the reputation as being loose and a slut.

Maybe being away the entire summer vacation, the reputation might subside and when she went back home she could go to her senior year without the stigma of being a slut. Aunt Jenny was her dad's sister and had married James over twenty years ago.

They had a two hundred acre farm and the house was located right in the middle of it. Although there were other farms laundry day with adrian maya and xianna hill the immediate area, the nearest town was almost twenty miles away.

Aunt Jenny was a striking forty two year old woman in her own right. She was five foot five inches tall and weighed one hundred and forty pounds. Although in some standards she was about fifteen pounds overweight for her size, she was solid from working the farm and looked to weigh less than she did.

She had jet black hair that she kept cut to a length to just touch her shoulders. Jenny had 36C breasts and although sagging a little, they were still pretty perky for a lady her age.

Uncle James was forty one years old and a rugged looking man with his deep farmer tanned face and arms and his sandy colored hair. James was five foot ten and a solid one hundred eighty pounds. He was very muscular from the daily farm chores and Nicole couldn't help but notice just how sexy he looked. She felt herself fantasizing about this rugged mature man holding her tight and kissing her deep while she clung to him.

The squeaking brakes of their pickup truck brought Nicole back to reality and she was embarrassed that she was even thinking such thoughts. Nicole wished her aunt and uncle had children of their own to keep her company, but according to Nicole's dad, Aunt Jenny was infertile and since the farm kept them busy they never adopted any children to fill the void.

When Nicole woke up after the first night at her aunt and uncle's farm she decided to call one of her friends back in Ohio. When she realized the phone had been turned off by her parents she went ballistic as she flew down the stairs to where her aunt Jenny was sitting at the table drinking coffee. Jenny let her vent off for over twenty minutes and then in a non-threatening voice told Nicole what was done was over and she needs to calm down. Reluctantly Nicole listened to her aunt and went outside to begin her daily chores.

It was Nicole's job to gather the eggs every morning and evening and also to feed the chickens. Her other duties included feeding the two horses and helping her aunt around the house. Other than that, for the first week Jenny and James let Nicole settle into the life of a farmer in her own way. Each evening after dinner the three of them would watch television before retiring for the night.

Although Nicole didn't like having to be in bed by ten O'clock every night, after several days of getting up at five A.M.

to gather eggs she gained a new respect for farmers.

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The same routine went on for seven evenings and Nicole no longer even thought about her cell phone anymore. Each evening after dinner while the two women cleared the dishes, James would take his shower. After James got out then Jenny would follow. Normally Nicole would take her shower as soon as her Aunt Jenny finished but on the eighth evening of her stay Jenny told Nicole since the hot water was low she should wait and take hers' once they shut down for the night.

Precisely at ten O'clock Jenny and James began to shut down the lights and as they headed to their downstairs bedroom, Nicole went upstairs to take her shower and go to bed. With her eyes closed and head tilted back, Nicole let the warm water from the shower rinse the soap from her face. She felt a slight rush of cool air and then almost immediately arms wrap around her waist as a body pressed against her.

Shocked, Nicole opens her eyes and as she turned her head, Jenny's mouth met her own as her aunt kissed her. Nicole tried to pull away, but her aunt's arms were locked around her waist and her aunt was telling her to just relax and let it happen.

Nicole couldn't deny that her aunt's hot breath on her neck and her arms holding her tight felt nice and she remembered all the times she let boys kiss her and touch her.

As her body relaxed, Nicole didn't resist as her aunt turned her so they were facing each other. Her aunt's lips were amazingly soft as she kissed Nicole and her fingers was caressing Nicole's butt cheeks with a tenderness that Nicole had never felt before.

The only time boys caressed her ass was when she was fully clothed and they were kissing. The boys hands were more groping and rough compared to her aunt's soft seductive touching's. Nicole could feel her own juices flowing as her aunt sucked on her tongue and their breasts pressed against each other's. Jenny knew her niece was aroused and took advantage of the moment as she eased Nicole from the shower and slowly dried the girl off.

While drying Nicole's young sweet body, Jenny continued to kiss her on the lips to keep the passion burning. Nicole passively followed Jenny's lead as the older woman took her hand and led the girl to the bedroom. Jenny told Nicole to lie down in the middle of the bed and just relax and spy my wife and boos her do all the work.

All Nicole could do was moan softly as her aunt's mouth began to kiss her. With slow deliberate kisses, Jenny kissed her nieces eyelids as her hands caressed the young woman's full firm breasts. Nicole's skin was soft as a baby's and she tasted so sweet. Sliding her tongue inside the young woman's mouth, Jenny fondled Nicole's hard nipples as the girl began to suck on her tongue.

Nicole hungrily sucked on her aunt's tongue as her own hips began to gyrate from her aunt's attention to her swollen nipples. As Jenny squeezed Nicole's nipples harder, she kept her tongue deep in the girl's mouth as she felt the girl begin to squirm from the pain now taking over her lust. As Nicole tried to push her aunt away, Jenny just held her tight and told her to relax and let the pain turn into pleasure. With more and more pressure being applied to her nipples, Nicole shut out the pain and to her surprise she was beginning to get turned on by the pain.

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Jenny could feel the stiffness of Nicole's body relax and rewarded her niece by biting a nipple until Nicole cried out in pain. Kissing the girl softly once again, Jenny assured Nicole that she only wanted her to experience how pain could bring pleasure and was in no way done in an abusive manner.

Nicole kissed her aunt back and whispered that she knew and it was alright. Xxx nage girl story donlod body convulsed and raised off the mattress several inches as her aunt shoved her tongue deep inside the girls cum dripping cunt.

Clutching the girl's hips in her hands, Jenny locked her mouth on the girl's sweet cunt and sucked the flowing juices as if she needed the girls cum to survive. Nicole had trouble breathing as her aunt ate her cunt while pinching and twisting her hard swollen nipples.

If someone had told Nicole before this evening that one woman could make another woman feel this way she would have told them they were nuts. Her insides were like a mass of jelly as her aunt's mouth made her back to back orgasms seem endless.

The intensity of the orgasms was so powerful and Nicole didn't even realize when her aunt shoves a dildo up her cunt to break her hymen. As Jenny slowly worked the dildo in and out of her niece's cunt she would wipe the blood off with a wash cloth she brought from the bathroom.

Once the dildo was only covered with cum from Nicole's cunt, Jenny placed the tip of it to Nicole's mouth and told the girl to suck it. Nicole sucked her juices from the plastic cock as her aunt continued to excite her clitoris and cunt.

Jenny didn't stop working her mouth on Nicole's cunt and clitoris until the girl was totally exhausted from the onslaught of so many orgasms. Jenny kissed her softly on the lips and told her that tonight was just the beginning of what she hoped would be a summer filled with mutual satisfaction.

Nicole closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep within minutes as her aunt went back to her own room to join her uncle.

Jenny told her husband that the ground work was laid and within a week they would be able to go advance to the next stage of Nicole's fulfillment.

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Nicole couldn't understand why her aunt was doing this to her, but her insides were on fire and her juices were flowing like a faucet. Every time Nicole was ready to have an orgasm, Jenny would stop sucking her cunt and twist Nicole's nipples to make the pending orgasm subside.

It had been a full half hour of keeping Nicole on the edge when Jenny slid up Nicole's sixteen year old body and pushed her cunt onto the girl's mouth. Without a moment's hesitation, Nicole began sucking her aunt's cunt just as fervently as her aunt done to licking men tough jock hardcore and blowjob. Jenny orgasm almost immediately as her nieces tongue licked her inner cunt walls and her mouth sucked like a vacuum.

Rocking softly back and forth, Jenny rubbed her wet cunt over Nicole's face as the young girl continued to suck and lick until Jenny orgasm for the second time. As Jenny's juices flooded Nicole's mouth, with the grace of a gazelle Jenny twisted her body around so she could suck Nicole's cunt at the same time. She did this without disturbing Nicole's mouth on her own cunt. As Jenny lowered her face into Nicole's sweet cunt, she inhaled deeply to take in her niece's youthful sexual aroma.

Nicole's body reacted the instant Jenny's tongue stabbed itself inside her cunt and her pent up juices was like a tidal wave.

It was all her aunt could do to swallow fast enough to not lose a drop of her sticky sweet cum. Grabbing both of Nicole's legs at the knees, Jenny opened her nieces legs further so she could bury her face completely in the girls cunt.

As the juices oozed along Nicole's crack and coated her tiny hot asshole, Jenny's tongue lapped them up. Pushing her tongue inside her niece's ass, Nicole bucked like a wild stallion as a massive orgasm ripped through her young body. Jenny's tongue plunged inside the girl's ass and the taste of her ass juices brought Jenny off again as she flooded the girls mouth once more.

Jenny sucked on her niece's tight puckered hole and savored the somewhat musty tasting juice that was now forming inside the girl. The sensation of having her ass eaten by her aunt overwhelmed Nicole as she stopped sucking Jenny's cunt and just let the warm waves of pleasure wash over her.

Jenny gripped both of Nicole's ass cheeks and pulled them away from each other, opening up the girl's tight asshole even more.

Working her tongue deep inside Nicole's ass she urged the young woman to bear down and feed her the ass juices. Nicole seemed to cum almost non-stop as her aunt moaned and ate faster and deeper inside her virgin tight hole. "Fuck" Nicole panted heavily as another orgasm wracked her body as the older woman's mouth worked like a suction cup, draining all the juices that she could. Nicole could no longer take the waves of orgasm's she was experiencing and finally passed out in sheer exhaustion.

When she awoke, she was alone and still felt satisfied from the previous hours of enjoyment her aunt Jenny gave her. The combination of the glass of Chardonnay and two hostel girl party fucking boy pills mixed with it was taking affect after only twenty minutes. As Jenny and James sat on the sofa watching TV, they glanced periodically over at their niece Nicole. She was beginning to doze off and even though she was trying to fight the drowsiness, it was obvious she was losing the battle.

Jenny finally went over to Nicole and helped her off the chair and told her she could lie down in their bed instead of trying to go upstairs. Once in the bed, Jenny removed all of Nicole's clothes and told her to just sleep and not worry about anything.

Going back into the living room where James was waiting, Jenny told him Nicole was ready and they should proceed now with their plan. As Jenny stroked the young girl's hair softly, James handcuffed both of her wrists to the posts on the headboard.

Nicole didn't resist in the least and the older couple knew the wine and drugs had her fully mellowed out. After securing her ankles to the footboard posts, Nicole was so hot looking, lying there naked and spread eagle. Her young cunt exposed completely to the lustful eyes of both her aunt and uncle hardcore rough brutal double penetration she slept peacefully.

The couple knew she'd be out for at least four hours so they went back into the living room to watch TV until Nicole was fully awake and aware of what they would be doing to her. They didn't have to discuss how they would proceed with the seduction. They had discussed it privately with each other for the past week, going over every stage thoroughly.

According to Nicole's menstrual cycle, the next twenty four hours should be her most fertile mom an xtra small son pakking. Jenny and James wanted a child of their own and if it meant having to get their sixteen year old niece pregnant to make it happen then so be it. It took some talking with Nicole's parents to get them to go along with the plan but after James offered to pay off their one hundred and ten thousand dollar mortgage the talks went much smoother.

It was surprisingly exciting to James when he got so hard as Nicole screamed and struggled against her restraints as he and Jenny tried to explain to her how she was going to carry a child for them.

Even when Nicole realized her parents were sanctioning this perverted act, Nicole didn't calm lesbians sex in the yoga paints and in fact was more adamant that she was set free. James stood next to the bed stroking his thick but not overly long cock as his wife began sucking and nipping their niece's nipples.

James knew he had a nice looking 6 and half inch cock and wasn't the least bit ashamed as he taunted Nicole about how he was going to fuck her long and hard with his big man cock.

Nicole spit at him but it only made James hotter, as he scooped the spit from his face and then licked it from his fingers. "You won't get away with this; I'll let everyone know you raped me and got me pregnant." Nicole shouted at the two of them. "I'll see that both of you and my parents go to jail for rape and kidnapping." She continued. Jenny, James and Nicole's parents all discussed this possibility but in the end they knew she'd go along with it, once she knew she had no choice.

Also, her aunt and uncle was going to buy her a brand new car once the baby was born and she was free to go back home.

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Of course they didn't want to tell her this just know, and was enjoying how hot she made them with her violent temper and demeaning shouts. Jenny's cunt was dripping even though she hadn't touched herself or even undressed.

Nicole thought he was going to crush her as James put all of his weight on her as he guided his thick cock to her tight sixteen year old cunt. As her aunt Jenny forcibly held her head still, her uncle James began kissing her closed mouth as the head of his cock pushed inside her cunt lips and began moving into her body. Nicole frantically bit her uncle's lip as he shoved all of his cock inside her all at once. He just laughed and spit the blood from his lip in her face.

"Take it baby, take all of my cock." James spat at her. "I'm going to knock you up bitch, and then take the child from you and rear as our own." He laughed. After a couple minutes of pumping all the way in and withdrawing all but the head of his cock, Nicole quit protesting and her juices began to lubricate his cock.

Moaning softly, Nicole started to move her hips under the weight of her uncle and even nuzzled against his neck as the bulbous head of his gordibuena culona buena para mamar y coger entered her uterus with each drive inward.

James began to ease up his rough fucking and moved slowly in and out of his niece, feeling her cunt walls suck on his cock and her hot breath blowing on his neck. As the cum churned in her uncle's balls and his cock began to twitch, Nicole knew he was going to fill her full of his hot seed and try to impregnate her. Pumping deeper and harder as his cum began to explode from the head of his cock, James howled like a wild wolf as the searing cum filled his nieces hot little cunt.

The more he pumped the more cum gushed and his stream appeared unstoppable. Nicole was bucking her hips wildly against her Uncle's pelvis wanting to take all of his seed she could get. Even when his cock began to deflate, Jenna haze gets slammed in the office remained inside his niece, making sure his sperm had a chance to swim and penetrate her egg before it leaked out.

He knew since taking the Cialis that he would be able to fuck her at least two more times over the next few hours and then just a matter of time to see if she was indeed pregnant. It was a healthy seven pound eight ounce boy that arrived nine months later and although Nicole was glad the ordeal of having a child was over, she never regretted doing this for her aunt and uncle.

Over the months the three of them had sex almost daily and they gave her a great appreciation for both straight sex and also bi-sexual love making. Kissing them both passionately and promising to return often for a visit, Nicole got into her brand new Mustang 5.0 convertible and drove down the lane, heading to the city.