Teenrnbusty buffy gets her massive melons massaged with oil busty teen and orgasm

Teenrnbusty buffy gets her massive melons massaged with oil busty teen and orgasm
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This is only a fantisy n ive never written anything like this before I never really fit in with the guys at school. I dont know why but i could easly make friends with girls. because of this later down the road people called me gay. i never was really.but then when i was about 13 i thought more and more about it and i decided i was, well i wanted to be fucked by guys.

i never told anyone about my thoughts. i didnt have many girl friends and still wanted to date them but over the years i became more and more into gay sex. i never had sex up until the 10th grade.thus begins our story. at the time i was 15 and im the tenth grade, i wasnt exactly popular and not exactly the most handsome person in the world. i was 5'5" with brown eyes n hair. my nationalyity is queite mixed, half white, a quarter black n a quarter asian.

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i wsnt too into sports so i wasnt really muscular. one day after gym, which i had last block, we were getting out of the pool. i had this class with some fairly decent people, one of my male friends {Kevin, also in 10th grade, vietnemese, tanish skin n sorta hott ^_^ but hes straight w/ a gf :( } n a couple of other guys who i thought were hot.

so anyways me n kevin got in trouble during the class n the coach had us stay after i call my friend who i was supposed to leave with that i had to stay after with n he txts his g/f to tell her the same.

we had to do laps around the pool. after we were finnished we casada de rio preto acariciando o pau do amigo tube porn got out and went into the lockerroom to get changed, so we get in there n he says, "hey, can i barrow ur towel after your done?" "yea sure hold on a sec." i replied.

so i turn around n dry off a little n put the towel around my waist n drop my trunks n put on my boxers. i turn around n go to hand kevin the towel to see him staning there butt naked. "what are you doing man?

couldnt you wait like two seconds?" "oh sry am i making you uncomfortable?" "no not raelly i guess." i toss him the towel n he drys off. i cant help but stand there n a sort of lustfull stare as he drys off his chest making his way down to his soft tan cock. as im standing there i cant help but to get a hard on. as i realize this i quickly turn around n go back to my locker.

"wait a sec." he says. "um yea ?'' i turn my head n say as to not call atention to my hard on. "did you just get hard while i was drying off." crap, i think, now hes gunna think im gay n beat my ass! "ummm no i was just think of this girl alicia, u no from our bio class?" "yea right!" he says while walkin towards my slowly, "its ok man if ur gay i wont tell anyone. hey now u got me thingin of her!

look" he says pointing at his 4 inck cock. i cant help but look. "hey u saw mine now let me see urs." kevin says. "woah wut?" i say confused.

"yea, if were both hard we might as well beat the off here." "are you serious?" i say "yea why not? no ones here.

plus i think i heard the coaches left allready." "umm ok" i say and turn around n drop my boxers. "nice" he says. my cock was an inch longer than his and i had more hair. we both sit down on the bench and start slowly beating our cocks. he reaches over to touch my cock but i shift over away from him a little.

"hey man im not gay." i say "oh please, you so are. i can tell my the way ur allways watching me when ever we have classes together, and how you are so angry when u see me n mel together (his gf) but i have a secret" he says and leans closer to me. "im gay too." "are you serious?" "yea, well bi, sorta.

i just . me and mel have been fighting a lot lately and i just need something to forget about her." "well then, lets get down to buisness. hold on lets just make sure the coaches have left." i grab the towell of the ground n wrat it around my self. he grabs one form his locker and dows the smae. "hey." i say. "yea i had one the whole time i just needed something to luse you in with." we walk over to where the coaches office is and we peak in.

clear, thank god. we go into the showers and go into one of the ones with a curtin. we go in and shut it slightly. we put the water on and start to make out. he reaches around and squeezes my ass and sticks a finger into my hole. hes actualy the first guy i have done anything with. he goes to suck my cock but i stop him and say, "no today its all about bar scene where naughty girl gets dicked down upskirt and amateur. i want you to forget about the bitch of yours" i get on my hands and knees and kiss the top of his head.

i stick my toung out and caress his little slit.

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he lets out a low moan. "like it?" i say "more than you know!" i put the head into my mouth and suck a little.

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i ease more and more into my mouth and he puts his hand on the back of my head. more and morei swallow but stop to get a little air.i go back going faster nad faster deeper and deeper. "oh yea ur so good a sucking cock! why cant my girlfriend do this?" his cock swells and i can tell he's close. i take it out and jerk it off in front of my mouth. "Oh yea, oooo im so close!" after a few more pumps he explodes in my face. the first goes from the bottom of my nose up into my hair.

the second goes into my mouth and lips. i put thte head back in to get the last drops. i dont swallow yet and go up so we can make out with his satly cum.

it tasted so go with his toung added. his cock was still hard so i said, "wanna go back to my house n finish this? my parents wont be home till late n i want some more." "hell yea i wana fuck the shit you of you." As we go to leave the showers we hear voices. we look up at the clock and realize it was time for the football players to start irresistible stepdaughter loves her stepdads throbbing rod mounting her wet cunt practice.

"Shit were done for!" i whisper to him. we turn off the water and stay completely still. we must have been the for hours or at leats thats what if felt like. the voices seemed to leave but we waited a little longer. suddenly the shower curtin is thrust open and see Tyler, Sam, James, Paul and Tony standing there.

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Holy Clifhangers!! thats all for this episode folks please comment nicely because this is my first story.