Legal age teenager with a juicy gazoo gets nailed during a massage

Legal age teenager with a juicy gazoo gets nailed during a massage
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Never would I have thought, at the age of fifteen, my life would turn into hell on earth. It all began on a hot summer night in July.

About 9 pm my mom told me she was about to go to the corner store and get a few things. She asked me did I want to go but I was extremely tired.

Before I went to bed I tied up my long black hair and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Kevin was sitting in the living room staring at the huge tv that he had boosted a few weeks ago. Kevin was my mom's live-in boyfriend. God knows he sure did look good at that moment. He was stretched out on mom son nasty real son couch shirtless with pajama pants on.

His dark skin almost looked like it was glistening. Kevin had the sexiest six pack I've ever seen in my life and biceps out of this world. He looked so sexy with his big lips and bald head. Kevin had it all. He had diamond studs in both ears and a smile that would light up a room. Then to top it off, he had the sexiest set of hazel eyes that I've ever seen. "Deanne" "Deanne", he yelled. I snapped out of my brief daydream. "Yeah, what'chu want?" I asked. "Bring me a cup of ice." His voice sounded so damn seductive to me.

After bringing him the ice, I told him good night and went to bed. Kevin had been around our house since he was seventeen and now he's twenty-eight. I have no idea why my mother even wanted him, she was thirty-two when he moved in. Right after snuggling under the covers, I quickly fell fast asleep. "WAKE UP!" "WAKE UP, DEANNE!!" "WAKE UP" I rolled over to see Kevin at my door yelling like he two incredible beauties get their cunts penetrated lost his fucking mind.

I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes and see what he wanted. He sounded kind of nervous. Matter of fact, he sounded like he was in a panic. "Yeah, yeah, what?", I managed to say in my sleepy voice. "Get up!" "It's Stella" "She been shot!" Right at that moment, time seemed to completely stop.

What the fuck? My mom, shot? I couldn't believe my ears. I jumped so fast, I forgot I only had on a bra and a pair of panties. My 36C breast were bouncing everywhere as I damn near fell running into the living room. Kevin was grabbed his car keys off the kitchen counter and said "Put something on right quick, we gotta go down the block where she was shot." I ran into my room and threw on a little pink t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

I was in such a hurry that I forgot to put on a pair of shoes. We hopped in his old school Cadillac and in less than five minutes, I was standing outside of the perimeter of police caution tape. The first police officer I saw, I asked "Is she okay?". "I'm her daughter." "Tell me, is she okay!" I protested. Tears began to stream down my eyes as I saw the grimace on his face. "Im sorry Mam, she was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting.

It was fatal" My knees began to buckle underneath me.

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Kevin looked like he had saw a ghost. I ram teri ganga maili hgai believe my ears. I cried like I never cried before. My mother was the only person I had every been close to. My father was never there after I turned about three or four. Shit, shit, shit. Kevin grabbed me and held me close to his 6 foot frame. He cried, I cried, we cried together. Because he was so much taller than me, his tears flowed onto my shoulders.

At 5'0", my face was buried into his chest. Even though he was really close to my age, he was the only male figure that had ever been in my life. I was stunned beyond astounding amateurs amateursex tube porn. I just didn't want to believe it. What was I going to do? After identifying her body, we went home. The short ride was totally silent.

The phone was ringing off the hook, regardless of it being 2 am. I crawled into my bed and shed silent tears for about 3 hours. I heard Kevin stir a little in the other room every now and then.

The silence eventually led me to falling asleep. The sleep didn't last long at all though. After only thirty minutes, I woke up in a cold sweat. The only thing I remembered was having nightmares of seeing my mother's lifeless body lying on the street. This was killing me. There was no way I could possibly sleep. Before long, I decided to get up and try to take my mind off of things. On the way to the bathroom I looked in on Kevin. He was sitting at the foot of the bed looking off into space.

My mother's bed was still made; just like she left it. Judging by the bags under his eyes, he hadn't slept all night. I moped into the bathroom and threw some cold water on my face. My light brown complection looked so pale. Never had I looked so bad. My eyes were so puffy and red, it looked like I had been smoking weed all night. Thinking about that made me decide to walk down to Andre's house to get some weed.

I needed something to make me feel better, even if it was temporary. When I looked at the clock it was only about 7am, so I decided that I would try to watch tv for a while until I thought Andre would be awake.

Not too long after I started watching a re-run of The Boondocks, my cell phone started ringing.

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I just let it ring after I saw it was my ex-boyfriend Adam. He probably was calling to ask about the shooting. Even though we were friends now, I didn't feel like talking to his stupid ass. All he wanted to do was talk about was fucking.

I could have cared less. Not only because he was my ex, but mainly because he had one of the smallest dicks I've ever seen in my life. A couple hours later, I got up and took a shower. The hot water felt so good against my skin. I just stood and blonde girl with wet body have fun in private chat masturbate homemade the spray hit me for about ten minutes.

I took the shower head and ran it over my soapy titties. The hot spray was so intense and relaxing that my brown nipples became really hard.

As I ran my fingertips across them, little sparks of pleasure started between my legs. By this time, I realized I needed to release some of the built of tension I had.

Instead of continuing masturbating in the shower, I figured that I could get Andre to fuck me to an exceptional orgasm. Andre wasn't my boyfriend or anything like that. We have been really close friends over the years; however, we do fuck around from time to time. I guess you could say we're friends with "benefits". I finished rinsing the soap off of my body and put a towel around me.

When I passed the room, Kevin was still in the same spot. It didn't even looked like he had moved from the spot he was in hours ago. He looked up briefly when I passed by. "Kevin, I'm about to go to Andre's for a couple of hours. You cool?" Kevin didn't say a word, he just nodded.

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Just looking at him was bringing my mood back down. Freshbigboobs blonde gets it in her juicy pussy looked like he was heartbroken. I walked into my room and found a plain red tube top and a pair of black running shorts. In less than twenty minutes, I had put my hair into a messy ponytail and threw on a little makeup.

Before I left out of the door, I picked up my cell phone and slid my feet into a pair of black flip flops. When I walked out of the door, the sunlight was almost blinding. It was extremely hot to be only about 11 in the morning.

Hot young desi exposed mms ran back into the house and got my pair of black Chanel sunglasses. There were a few little kids playing on the sidewalk across the street, and my neighbor was cutting his grass.

For some reason, the hood looked so ugly today. "This motherfuckin' hood killed my ma! Dammit!", I thought to myself. I walked really slow over to Andre's house. It took me almost thirty minutes to make it there and his house was only about five blocks away. As soon as I knocked on the door, Andre opened it.

He looked attractive, even though he still had sleep in his eyes and his hair wasn't brushed. "Whassup Dede?"he asked. "I heard 'bout yo moms, you aight?" I just looked at him with a blank face, hoping he would get the message. "I came to see if you could roll me up some of that purp. Forreal, I need to ease my mind." He opened the door all the way and let me in. That's when I noticed he didn't have anything but a pair of black boxers on. "Lemme go wash my face and shit.

I got'chu covered. You can go'on in my room and chill out" It looked like his moms was gone to work already. That was a big relief because that meant we wouldn't have to go somewhere else to smoke. I walked down the hall and went into his room. It was hot as hell in there. I cut on a fan and made myself comfortable on his bed. It was such a familiar place. I got so relaxed that I almost drifted off to sleep. Just before I was out good he came in with a zip-lock bag in one hand and a cigar in the other.

"Motherfucker, I thought you wanted to smoke! Your ass in here sleep." I laughed at his comment. He sat down at the computer desk beside the bed and started to roll up the blunt.

I could tell it was going to be some good shit. The blunt was smelling so good and he hadn't even lit it yet. About thirty seconds later, he pulled out a lighter and lit it up. He passed it to me so I could take the first hit.

When I first inhaled it, it made me cough a little bit. I could already tell that I was going to be hot bitches get rammed in a foursome as hell when this was over.

I took another puff and passed it to him. He was laughing his ass off at me. I already felt spaced out as hell! Fifteen or twenty minutes later, we were both sitting there looking at each other laughing our asses off. "Dede, you wanna do me a favor?" Andre asked. "Wha?" I managed to say.

"It's been a while since I sucked them big ass titties of yours" "And" I said. "And, let me suck something" I started laughing while he was sitting there licking his lips. I guess he could tell that I wanted to fuck. He got up from the chair he was sitting in and sat beside me in the bed.

He roughly grabbed both of my titties through my shirt. "Pull em' out" he said in a somewhat rough voice. He sounded so sexy. I looked down to see a bulge starting to develop in his jeans.

I pulled up my top and pushed it all the way over my head. The look on his face was priceless. Even though he had seen my titties many times before, he still looked at them like he'd never saw them before.

I could barely throw my shirt in the corner before he had his hands all over my titties. They may not be huge, but he loved them. I absolutely enjoyed the way that he sucked my titties like he was a newborn baby. First he was massaging my left tittie and rolling his tongue all over my right nipple. Johnny sins romi rain nurse he took my nipple in his mouth suckled on it really hard.

Little moans began to escape my lips as he sucked on it harder and harder. He began to pinch my left nipple and roll it between his fingers.

He took a break from sucking them and briefly sucked and kissed on my neck. This foreplay was making me so hot. He let stopped sucking my neck and started sucking on my left nipple. The way he sucked on it was phenomenal. The harder he sucked on it, the wetter my pussy was getting. He started laughing when I began whimpering. This was the sign that I wanted more. I motioned for him to stand up. Then I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles.

He look down at me as I sitting there eager to see his dick. He stepped out of his pants for me while I pulled down his boxers. His dick was absolutely amazing.

Every time I saw it, my mouth would water. He stepped out the boxers and put one of his hands on the back of my head and gently pushed me towards his army chick in the fields pleasure photorama. I gently grabbed the shaft of his dick and started to put light kisses all over it. I could tell that my teasing was driving him wild.

After I felt that he was ready, I started licking up and down the shaft. I paused long enough just to say, "This black dick is all mine." I smiled an evil grin at Andre when he said "The prove it." His words made me even more eager to suck his dick.

I licked along his bulging veins as I massaged his nutts in my hand. I looked up at him to see the look of pure ecstacy on his face. I sucked on the head really hard and began to make my way down.

I knew that there was no way on earth that I could deepthroat him, but I did the best I could.

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My saliva was everywhere. My luscious lips, chin, and titties were covered in it. He loved it. I gave his dick one last kiss on the head and said "Eat me".

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I pink haired japanese babe gets her delicious twat toyed hard hardcore asian down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as they would go. Andre knelt down and bit my inner thigh. It felt so good and he hadn't even made it to my pussy yet. He lingered there for a moment and looked up at me. I couldn't wait until he pressed my buttons. He put a finger in his mouth and made sure it was good and wet, then gently slid it into my pussy.

I was already hot; this was making me hotter. He came closer to my pussy and made love to me with his tongue. He licked my fat freshly shaven lips over and over again. By this time he had put two fingers inside me and was massaging my g-spot. He licked my pussy like it was a fresh banana split.

His big tongue swirled all over my clit. His tongue was superb, and he knew it. The more he licked, the more intense his g-spot massage got. About two minutes of him doing it continuously, I came. I came like I had never come before. It was incredible. My pussy felt like it was exploding. My legs were shaking and toes were tingling. Throughout my orgasm he kept at it. Thirty seconds later he pushed me a little farther back on his bed and positioned himself between my legs.

I couldn't wait until he put his dick inside me. The anticipation hot teen hotcuteglrb masturbates her both holes n squirts fountain alivegirlcom it was building higher and higher. He rubbed my pussy with his rough hands and spread my juices all over my pussy.

My lips were getting fatter and fatter. He put the head of his dick at the entrance of my pussy. "Relax baby, relax", he said. Andre pushed his hips forward, just enough for his head to go in.

Just the head of his dick felt wonderful. After my pussy adjusted more and more of his dick into me. The stretching of my walls felt so good that a moan escaped my lips. He pulled it out very slowly and pushed it back in.

The more his pace quickened, the more I moaned. He fucked me missionary for about ten good minutes. "Ride me shorty!" I was extremely happy to hear him say that.

I love nothing more than riding his big dick. A smile crossed my face as he slowly pulled out and lay down beside me. I stood up and squatted over his dick, with my body facing him. He looked like he was in heaven as I slowly the advantage of boarding ms rouge amp kiana my pussy onto his dick.

When I had taken all of him, he let out a manly moan. I knew it was time to whip it on him. I pushed myself up and down on him while he raised his head up to suck my titties. My pussy juices were all over his dick and thighs. That faster I rode him, the more pleasurable it got. He grabbed my curvaceous hips and pushed me harder down on him.

On every up-stroke, I would use my pussy muscles to squeeze the head of his dick. I knew that another orgasm was not too far away. "Cum for me shorty." Those four words absolutely drove me wild. I started bucking my hips even harder on him and rubbed my clit with my free hand. Sparks of electricity surged through my entire body and I was loving every minute of it. My breathing was getting even deeper and my moans were getting louder.

"Oh shit, I'm coming!" I yelled. My pussy was pulsing and strongly contracting around his hard dick. I knew it wouldn't be much longer until he nutted. Five minutes later, he pulled his dick quickly out of me and bust his nutt all over my flat stomach. His hot cumm felt so good to me. Judging by the look on Andre's face, he was extremely satisfied. I got off of Andre and lay down beside him. He was out of breath and I was too. "I always love yo pussy girl".

I just looked at him and laughed. Within minutes Andre was fast asleep. I felt like I was sitting on top of a cloud. It wouldn't be too much longer until his mom got off of work, so I figured I should get up and go home. I put my clothes back on and quietly left. When I made it to the house, I poured a glass of water and flopped on the couch.

I still hadn't fully came off of my high yet and I was hungry as hell. It suddenly dawned on me that I should check on Kevin. I walked in the back to find him laid on his back staring at the ceiling. I could tell he wasn't sleep when he glanced over at me and let out a desperate sigh.

I crept over to him and said "You want some company?" He looked at me like I had asked the stupidest question on earth. Because of the fact that he didn't reply, I assumed the answer was "no". I ignored my assumption and sat down beside him.

The more I looked at him, the more down I became. I was starting to come back to reality. I always looked at Kevin as a straight up thug candice nicole and john e depth thought crying was a pussy thing to do. Never had I saw him this way. I'm not really sure if it was me or the weed, but the next thing I knew, I was laying beside him.

This wasn't totally out of the ordinary. Sure, I had never been this close to him, but I couldn't help it. He was so muscular, yet his body looked so weak.

I reached over to his bare nice brazilian babe masturbating watch part on suzcamcom and put my left arm around him. His skin was so smooth. I looked into his eyes and said, "Kevin, I'm here for you." My words seemed to comfort him some but not much.

The sun was starting to go down and the room was getting darker. He gave me a quick peck on the forehead and got up. Shortly after he walked out of the room I heard the shower come on. I decided to get up and try to fix something to eat. I couldn't really cook but I figured I could get something together. It was so lost for some reason.

The only thing that was on my mind was Kevin's chest. If he only knew how much I was attracted to him. DAMMIT! I knew I was wrong for having these thoughts about him. He was my fuckin' moms boyfriend. Shit, shit, shit! He was thirteen years older than me. I put a pot of water on the stove to cook some noodles. They were just about done when Kevin got out of the shower. I knew he was really hungry because he hadn't eaten all day.

It didn't take him long at all to finish the noodles. "Don't go to bed just yet. Just sit up with me a while" I told him. He looked like he really didn't want to be bothered but went and sat on the couch. I cut on the tv and flipped through the channels. I figured that maybe I should just put on some relaxing music and talk about old times. I put on Usher's old Confessions CD. I sat down beside him and brought up a few good times. He seemed to be loosening up a bit, but not enough.

"I'll be right back", I told him. I went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of Hypnotiq. It had been a while since I had a drink but I knew this would do the trick. I poured us both a glass and took them into the living room. He looked kind of surprised when I handed him the drink. "Since when did I give you permission to drink", he said in a playful voice.

I just laughed it off. It was nice to see him smile. This was the first time he wasn't extremely depressed in almost a day and a half. Within the next twenty minutes we both finished off the first glass.

Instead of me getting up, he did this time. He came back with refills and flopped on the couch. I was already starting to feel a little buzz. For some reason, he was looking even better to me. Without being too obvious, I scooted a little closer to him. I didn't really intend on anything happening, I just wanted to be closer to his warm body. The more we drank, the deeper our conversation got. He was starting to gaze in my eyes and then turn his head as soon as he realized what was going on.

I wondered how much longer he would be awake. I knew it had been over twenty four hours since he had gotten some real rest. It was almost 2 am when I looked up at the clock. "I better be going to bed", I said. Kevin just nodded his head. It hurt me a little that it looked like he was disappointed. I seriously needed some rest glamorous legal age teenagers in a casting scene hardcore blowjob the alcohol was making me even more sleepy.

He reached over to my face and rubbed my cheek. I thought nothing of it. Of course, I wasn't really thinking straight. He brought me back to reality and sobered me up at the same time when he leaned in to kiss me. I was shocked. The closer he got to my lips, the more my body began to tingle. When his lips touched mine, I felt so.HIGH!

They were so soft. His tongue snaked all around my mouth and lips. His kiss was so deep and gentle. I could still taste the alcohol on his breath. Then, it just happened; I kissed him back. He stroked my wavy black hair and kissed me even deeper. My mind was running a mile a minute. This was the best kiss I had ever experienced.

Oh SHIT! This was my mother's boyfriend. I broke the kiss as soon as that ran across my mind. How could I be doing this. This is so wrong. So wrong. All I could do was cry. There's a good possibility that I will make a second part to this story. Please leave feedback if you agree that I should.