Busty latina babe gets pussy banged in the pawnshop

Busty latina babe gets pussy banged in the pawnshop
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Warm Story Alison was lost, afraid and very cold. She had left the party because things had gotten just too rough and crude for her and then her car had broken down.

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The storm had started after she had been walking for a half hour and the now she could not see very far because of the blowing snow. She saw the faint outline of a house and a light, there would be help there. John was putting more wood into the old wood burner when there was a knock on the door, well more like frantic banging. When he opened the door more than a cloud of snow blew in, an angel covered in white, or so it seemed to John.

Alison fell through the door into John's arms along with a blast of wind and snow. "god damn what the hell is this". John slammed the door closed and picked her up in his arms and carried her to the sofa. " What the hell are you doing out in a night like this and dressed like that?" Alison was wearing a skirt that was slit up the side to mid-thigh and top with a boat neck that showed a lot of cleavage.

The coat was more decoration than serviceable. Shivering uncontrollably, "I ran away from a party and my car broke down and I got lost and, and". Tears began to form. "Its okay your safe here and I will get you warm." He pulled her to him and gave her a hug, a friendly hug. John grabbed a blanket and wrapped her in it and then put more wood in the stove. He laid another blanket on top to warm it up. It a few minutes he exchanged blankets and wrapped her it the warm on.

It was then he notice how wet her clothes were. "Look your clothes are wet and you are not going to get warm very fast in them. I have a sweat suit strip for you to stroke your cock gd douglas can put on while they dry. I will get it and leave the room while you change. Okay". Alison was so cold and appreciative for his help she would do anything he said now and besides he was going to leave the room.

"Okay" John handed the sweats to her, "here and just put clothes on back of that chair by the stove so the dry out." He left the room and closed the door but not too tight. Peeking through the crack he had left he watched as the girl got up and pulled off her top and because the bra was also wet she removed it. Thinking to himself, "damn she has a nice figure and such nice little tits." Then she put on the sweat shirt and proceeded to remove the skirt and then her panties.

"oh shit what a body, mmm those legs are beautiful and such an nice round butt and oh man she is shaved." His cock pulsed at the view of the half-naked girl.

"Okay I am done, you can come back." She slid back under the blanket wearing his sweat pants and shirt. The warm material felt good against her cold smooth soft flesh. Entering the room he smiled at the bundle of beauty on the sofa, "good see you all comfy, oh I am John and you are?" "Alison and thank you so much I don't know what would have happened if you were lover cuple sex fairy tales9 sex stories story here." "Well I would say you would have frozen to death but that is not going to happen now.

So you left a party and your car broke down, want to tell me anymore or just leave it there?" "A boy invited me to a party and well it seems there were a lot more males than females and somehow they all thought I was for sharing and so I left." "Okay I sort of get the idea.

So would you like something warm to drink?" "Oh that would be great, I am feeling warmer already, thank you so much, your sweats are so soft." She wiggled a little saying that and the feel of the material rubbing against her hard nipples sent a thrill through her. She slid down a little on the sofa and felt the pants tighten into her crotch and felt the seam press hard against her bare pussy.

Another shiver went through her only it was not a cold one. "Okay would you like hot buttered rum or just some coco?" "Oh the rum sounds good." John went to fix the rum and left the room.

Alison was left with her own thoughts and the feel of the sweats rubbing her nipples and pussy sent her mind to sex. She was getting warm and it was not just the heat from the wood burner. In the kitchen John made a couple of rums and thought, "what a woman and in my house and mmm she was at a party that must have been well she is no stranger to sex so, oh hell go slow and don't blow it." "Here you go" as he handed the mug to her, " easy it is hot". "Oh is smells so good." Sipping is teen party sex bombs flashing big boobs and eating dicks, "and it tastes delicious, oh thank you, this is the best and I thought it could have been the worst night.

You are so kind." "Well it's not every night the wind blows a beautiful woman into my house. So I am not sure just what to make of it.

From the way the storm is building you just might be here awhile. Do you have anyone waiting for you?" "No, well my roommate but she knows I went to a party so if I am not home in the morning she probably will not be upset." "Well do you have a phone? You should just call her and tell her you are okay and if it makes you feel better you can tell her you are at 4737 Jackson Road." Alison looked at the man as he looked at her and she felt so at ease with him.

Taking a long drink of the rum she felt the warmth spread through her body. She looked him up and down thinking, "mmmm nice body." "Oh I don't need to call anyone, I feel so warm now." As she had not eaten much the rum went to her head rather quickly and she was feeling very relaxed. He went to set in a chair on other side of room but she stopped him. "Hey come and side by me, I feel sort of rejected tonight after that terrible party." She scooted down the sofa so he could sit by her head.

When he sat down she moved so she was putting her head on his shoulder. "I hope that's okay, I just wanted to snuggle up to you a little." The rum was working and so were her desires. As her head lay on his shoulder she could feel the muscles in his chest flex. He put his arm around her head and down to hold her arm. His has was only inches away from her breast and the temptation was driving him crazy.

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"MMMM does that feel okay, I mean my arm?" "Oh you can hold me like that all night." There was a little giggle from her. "You feel so good." She wiggled and snuggled tighter to him and in the process her breast rubbed against his hand. All the movement had mad the sweat pants work tight into her pussy which was getting wet with the rubbing. Then when his hand brushed her breast she let out a soft moan.

She had been a little horny all week but a gang bang was not what she wanted, but this well this just might be the thing. She moved very slowly around to allow his hand to graze her breast again.

She felt, through the sweats, the edge of his hand against her nipple, which was hard as a marble. He felt her move and then felt the breast against his hand.

He was sure he heard a moan from her and then she moved and he could feel the nipple against the side of his hand. His mind raced, "oh shit this woman wants me or so it seems damn." He gambled and moved his hand to cup the breast. She felt his hand close over her breast, "mmmmmmmmmmm that feels so nice." She turned and looked into his face then reached up grabbing the back of his head and pulled him to her.

Their lips meet and parted instantly with a kiss that was deep. His tongue stabbed between her lips as ebony hottie sizi sev blows big schlong of bf as they connected and the tongue dance began. His body move back and reclined as she moved up on him. His hands went under the blanket and up under the shirt. The feel of her warm smooth flesh drove him crazy as his hands moved up and down her back. Her hands were entwined in his hair and her tongue danced with his.

She wiggled around until her legs were straddled his leg and her pubic bone rubbing his thigh.

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She could feel his hard cock through all the material. His hands moved up and pushed her around so now they were side by side, which allowed his hand to cup her breast. She moaned as his hand cupped her tit. The feel of his rough hand against the soft smooth flesh of her young tit sent a thrill through her body.

He kissed along her jaw to her ear and down neck to base which he bit and sucked. The sound of her moans drove him on. He pushed the sweat shirt up and over her head and now she was naked from waist up laying along side of him.

Pushing back and looking at her in a very appraising way, "oh god woman you are the most beautiful creature I have seen in a long time. " With that he bent and quickly kissed her shoulder and neck and moved down to top of tit and then his tongue made circles around the nipple. Her body quivered with sensations as his tongue tease her nipple until she could not wait and grabbed his head and pull his mouth over the nipple.

"Suck it now suck it hard, oh yes suck my tits, ahhhhhh." As he sucked her nipple deep his hands moved down over the smooth soft tight skin of her belly. Down to the edge of the sweats. The feel of her skin was such a turn on his cock was jumping in his pants. Her hand left his head and started to work on his shirt pull it over his head.

He broke away and ripped it off and then returned to teasing her tits first one then the other. His lips then moved down over her warm soft flesh to the top edge of the sweat passionate swallows it xxx fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy. As he made a circle with his tongue around her navel his hands pulled the sweats down and his tongue then followed.

The feel of his tongue on her belly and then the sensation as it reached her pubic mound drove her wild. When his mouth cover her pubic mound and bit she moaned loudly. "OHHHHHH god yes yes." She grabbed his hair and pushed his head lower. She spread her legs wider and kicked and to get the sweats off.

She then bucked her hips up and forced his moth over her pussy. "Oh eat me eat my pussy you dirty rotten bastard.

Oh yes yes. AHHHHHHHHHHHH". She bucked her hips hard into his face.

He stabbed his tongue between the wet pussy lips and licked them fast. Then move up and found her little hard button of a clit. As he sunny leone long time viodo it with his tongue she want wild calling him all sorts of names but no matter him was going to fuck this little bitch so hard.

The taste of her pussy made him crazy and the feel of the little clit between his lips was oh so nice. He sucked it hard and then took it between his teeth and pulled back. She exploded with the sensation and bucked hard. "Oh yes yes suck it suck it harder. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." She had a first orgasm but was ready for more this was going to be a long night.

He broke off and stood up to strip off his pants and as he did his cock sprung up. She saw his beautiful hard cock bobbing up and down and was turned on even more at the thought of it sliding between her pussy lips and going deep into her. "Oh yes you hunk fuck me fuck me now like you never fucked anyone before." He spread her legs wide and lifted them up to his shoulder. With her ankles on his shoulder he took hold of his rock hard cock and rubbed the tip against her pussy lips.

"Oh god fuck me fuck me now you bastard stop teasing fuck me" and she tried to thrust her hips at him. He rubbed and rubbed watching her face contort with pleasure and her body twisting with anticipation. Finally he pushed the tip of his large mushroom headed cock between the wet lips. Her body shook and she moaned loudly as the large hard shaft slid deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She flex every muscle she had to grip and feel his cock inside her. He could feel the butt cheeks flex and felt the keleg muscles squeezing his cock. She spread her legs wide and off his shoulder his arm moved up and his hands took her tit and squeezed as he drove deep into her ramming his cock to her cervix.

The feel of the large cock head against her cervix made her buck her hips up and she wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs and pull.

He bent and took one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard and whipped the nipple with his tongue. She moaned and then let out a loud primeval howl as the orgasm sent sensations through her body that made her convulse like never before. She had needed a good fucking and she was getting it. The howl sent a thrill through him and her fingers raking his back drove him crazy. He pushed hard and arched his back as his balls emptied into her pussy. She felt his cum filling her and ayden and kayden wash their feet to fuck tube porn it oozing out along his hard cock as he continued to thrust.

There was little room on the sofa and so he held her and rolled both to the side. As his cock softened he looked into her eyes and she closes them and smiles. He kissed her softly and held her tight. John could only hope the snow did not stop. And it did not.