Mom seeping son sex mom

Mom seeping son sex mom
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Ladies Tailor Designing exclusive outfits for exquisite females is my profession. I am well known for my haute designs. Most of my customers are the rich classy type. One of my sex crazy friends showed me this site.

I didn't mind revealing the experience I once had with of my horny customers. But first let me introduce myself properly. I am 24 year old, name is Vinod. Our whole family is into ladies tailoring business. My father was from a poor traditional family. Hence I was also very simple and sincere person, at least until I met Radha.

Radha is the wife of a very rich businessman. It was known in society that she is a terribly horny woman. She is 30 but kept herself in perfect shape.

Maybe she didn't have to make much effort to keep herself in shape. Her sexual activity itself must have been her physical fitness exercise. Earlier my father used to go to take her measurements etc. Once he sent me. Radha had said she wanted a special type of blouse to wear with one of her new sarees. The first time I saw her I was shocked with her sexy beauty. She had the most beautiful curves and tightly loaded figure.

Instantly my mind was filled with fantasies of Radha. She warmly welcomed me into their large house which looked totally empty.

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Their big hall had a dimly lit romantic atmosphere. She gave me a gorgeous naughty smile. But I had to remind myself that I had come on a professional basis and I am much below her standard of class.

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I kept a straight face trying not to show any attraction towards her erotic appeal. Radha dropped the pallu and asked me to measure her. Just when I was measuring her from all sides she raised her arms high up stretching her upper fully. I couldn't stop myself from sweating heavily from the forehead and all other places. She noticed me sweating. She was quietly admiring my young dynamic appearance.

After taking the measurements I went back to my shop. Throughout that night I couldn't stop fantasizing about Radha's sexy body, her unavoidable deep cleavage between the voluptuous balls. Next time I went to her I showed her the blouse stitched by me.

She didn't look happy with it. She told me it was covering too much. She told me to make it with as little material as possible. Again she took off her pallu and showed me with her finger how wide and open she wanted the neck to be.

The kind of neckline she was asking for was almost as good as not wearing three hot amateur college babes orgy partying blouse at all. But we had done these kinds of blouses before. Many women love to show off their cleavage and boobs, so there was nothing new about it. Again in 2 days I went to her with the new blouse as per her demand. She looked happier this time. She turned her back, dropped the pallu opened the blouse she was already wearing and put on the new one right in front of me.

I couldn't forget the first sight of the glowing skin on her bare back spiced with an expensive looking bra. She turned facing me again walking up embarrassingly close to me. Her boobs were almost touching my chest. She pointed at the front hooks of the blouse.

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3 of the 4 hooks were already opened. She said the last one was not opening properly. I checked to see but it opened very easily. The blouse was fully open exposing her massive bosom peeping through the semitransparent black bra. Her large nipples were also visible. She caught me gulping as my mouth was watering with the sight. She smiled naughtily removing the blouse completely. Radha supported her boobs with her own hands and asked me "what do you think of these?" I had no answer.

My eyes fell on her cute navel. Her saree was tied far below the navel almost touching the lower abdomen. She walked upto the door of the hall and locked it from inside. Then she told me that her husband was away and there is no one else in the house to disturb us.

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I was too shocked. I didn't think she would do this so fast. However, the situation was perfect but I tried to tell her that I am a professional tailor from a poor family. If I get a bad name I will loose all my business and my family won't accept me then. She kissed me on the cheek and told me "Don't worry. No one will ever know. This will remain a top secret only between you and me." Saying this Radha opened the string of the petticoat letting it fall to the floor.

There I saw her crimson color satin embroidered panty with lots of peepholes in it. Her hot pussy was partly visible too. Then she walked upto me and without asking opened my shirt and dropped it. Then quickly she opened the button and zip of my trouser. Her eyes widened, closely observing my hard dick hidden inside the underwear. Impatiently she pulled the trouser down along brunette girl smiles while masturbating for you the underwear telling me to step out of them.

I was fully naked I front of her.

I feeling embarrassed with my erect dick. There was already some cum massive hooters bounce on a fat cock out. Radha held my dick in her soft warm fingers and took the first lick of my cum. I was feeling an electric current passing through me. My head was bursting with heat. I couldn't hold or control myself any longer.

It was anyway too late to escape. I wanted to prove to Radha that I'm not a lallu. I gripped her strongly in my hands and thrashed her to the floor. She was enjoying my fury. I sat on top of her hot belly, tied her hands over the head with my measuring tape, cut open her bra and panty with scissors and straight away started rubbing my dick vigorously on her hairy pussy. There was a thick jungle of hair over her pussy.

I don't like hairy pussies so I cut the unnecessary hair with scissors. As I was cutting the hair I slightly inserted the scissor in her clit, opened the scissor which separated her lower lips too and I took a detailed look at the inside of her cunt. She was getting very stimulated with my adventurous style.

I poured my cum on her face and spread it all over then gave her lots more to swallow. She was behaving like a starving bitch. I thrust my hard dick into her vagina banging her soul nonstop for nearly one hour during which I ruined her boobs by biting and chewing on it mercilessly.

I scratched up her whole body (parts of which were bleeding heavily) so that she never thinks of raping a young innocent boy again. I even trimmed the tips of her nipples. Then banged my dick through her nose and ass and all other holes possible and impossible.

She thought she was going to enjoy raping me. But I made sure she paid the price of it. Before leaving I told her the blouse is a free gift to her from me. Later she was hospitalized.

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Her husband never came to see her. But she was very nice. She never opened the secret to anyone. i felt pity for her. I attended to her in the hospital as long as she was there. After she came back to her home we again met and after that we have been having very sweet loving sex which is still kept secret from the world