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Black cock lances taut ass hardcore russian
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This story took place about a year after Carol and I were married, a week before Memorial Day weekend of 1981. If you read Gym Teacher 1 through 4, then you already know the people involved.

Carol's mom had moved in with her then Lover, and now husband. Bill lives in a very nice house, about an hour outside of the city, with a huge yard, and really not to many neighbors near him.

Now these two have known each other for years, even before Carol's dad died. They were all nudists and swingers, and after about a year, Susan and Bill started dating. Bill is around 52 now, and Susan is 50, and by looking at her, you would think she is maybe 40. She is about 5' 4, 120 lbs, with auburn hair, and 34C boobs that mother black and white sex stories bf story pond is starting to catch up with, because they do sag some now.

She is still a hottie and if they had the term back then, a definite MILF. Bill wanted to remodel their master bath, and get rid of the tub, and just put in a shower, and change out the vanity and put in a new floor. Not that daunting of a task, but as Susan said, Bill isn't the handiest, when it comes to things like that. A month before that weekend, Carol and I were out there, so I could go over the plans with Bill and told him what I would need, and if her could, start tearing things out.

They have another bathroom there, plus one in his basement too. I had been coming out then on the weekends and on my off day from work, to get this job done. On the weekends, Carol always came with me, and during the week, I was there alone, since Susan and Bill worked.

Bill worked as the lead sales rep for a machine company and Susan was a beautician. She found a job out there, when she moved out to Bill's. Most times when we are there, Carol and her mom go nude, but Bill and i can't, since we are working. Which is good anyways, in my eyes. See Susan likes to tease me, because I still have a hard time viewing her nude and regardless if we are clothed or naked, I try to keep some distanced between us when we say hello or goodbye.

Carol think's it silly, but I counter her by saying, dear would you rather I pop a hot raven haired stunner rides a massive dong on when your mom's naked body touches me?

Carol laughs, and say, so what, it's a natural thing to happen. I said that may be, but its your mom. Susan is always saying that she is going to get me in a bear hug and never let me loose and then kiss me deeply, just to get me hard. The weekend before Memorial Day, Carol and I went out, and we were going to spend the night agin, since we are so close to finishing up this project. That Saturday, we laid the tile on the floor, since on Wednesday, I put the tile on the shower walls.

My hope was to finish the floor, then on Sunday grout the tile, so all I had to do was put up molding, and put in the vanity and shower heads and faucet. Saturday went as planned, and then that evening, after dinner, Bill and Susan told us to come onto the deck so they could show us their new 8 person hot tub.

It was very nice and had all of these lights in it and looked really cool. Bill suggested that he and I go shower real quick, and then join the ladies in the hot tub. I looked at Carol and she said that sounds great. I went to the basement and showered and Bill used the other bathroom, and when we came back outside, the girls were already in the tub, sipping on wine.

Bill and I each had a beer and we got in on the opposite side of the girls, and just sat back and enjoyed the jets shooting the warm water over us. After getting up and down all day in the bathroom, this felt like heaven.

We made small talk about our upcoming holiday plans, and also summer plans. I told them how Carol and I are selling my interest in the boat, so we can have one less bill and buy a house we saw, that was about 20 miles from Bill's. Susan was so excited that we'd be living close to them.

Susan got up, and said they needed more wine, and asked us if we wanted another beer. I said I was good, and Bill said he could do with another, and off Susan went. I have to admit, my mother in-law is a quite sexy lady and when she stood, the water just cascaded over her breast and body. Her nipples were standing at attention now. I turned my head then because I didn't want to be caught staring at her. When she returned, she handed Carol her glass, and Susan's as well, then came around to our side and handed Bill his beer.

Then she stepped into the Hot Tub between Bill and I. She was facing my way and if I would have turned my head towards her, I could have easily licked her bald pussy, but I kept looking at Carol, who was grinning, shaking her head. Bill's hand came up on her hip to steady her, and once she was in, she looked at me and smiled a big smile. She, once again, was teasing me. I was thinking of anything that would prevent me from getting hard, like watching those car wreck films in drivers ed class.

We sat and chatted some more and Carol asked if she could cut my hair, since I haven't had the chance in a while get it done. Susan said absolutely, and said, let's go do it now. I said we didn't have too, but she insisted.

As we got out of the tub, I felt a hand grab my ass, but fortunately, it was Carol, and she gave me a wicked little smile. Susan had me sit in a chair, in the kitchen and got out her apron that she uses for haircutting. I am thinking, thank god, I'll be covered up. Now back then, men's hair was longer, and mine was just above my collar and over my ear's, which was the style for a long time. Susan said men are going shorter now and wanted to know if I want mine shorter too.

Carol of course, said sure Mom, make him even more handsome than he is. She did the back and the sides first, then came around the front. Now keep in mind, she is still naked, and when she came around to my front, her boobs were inches from my face. I looked at Carol, who was giggling because she knew I was uncomfortable being in this position. Carol finally told her mom to stop teasing like that, or one of these days, he is going to bite one of those nipples of yours. Susan laughed and said, that a girl can only hope.

Bill laughed and said Babe, you do like torturing him don't you? She laughed and said, who? Me? She finished up and took the apron off of me, little cute teenager fucks her older neighbor I was sporting a semi-hard cock now. She just looked down and gave me a raised eyebrow look. I told Carol I needed to go shower again to get the hair off of my back. She said she would come join me. Bill and Susan said they were retiring to bed themselves.

In the shower I told Carol, one of these days, I am going to call your mom's bluff, and kiss her deeply, then bend her over and rub my cock right on her slit, then walk away. Carol laughed and said go for it, great pounding with legal age teenager hardcore and blowjob be warned, she'll chase after you then bangbros sexy latina pornstars with big asses play soccer and get fucked finish the job.

I laughed and told her, don't worry, I would never do that anyways. She kissed me and said, well you can run that lovely cock on my slit, and you better be sticking it in me then.

We went to bed after that, and just before we got to our room, we could hear Susan moaning real loud. We both giggled at that and said, let's go, that sounds like a fun thing to do.

So off we went and made love for the next half and hour.

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I said I wanted to get up early tomorrow so I could finish up. Carol said no worried baby, I'll have you up. The next morning, I was awakened by Carol alright; she had her mouth all over my cock, and was giving such a sweet blow job. I said good morning beautiful and asked where my breakfast was.

Without taking my cock out of her mouth, she then straddled my face and planted her pussy right over my hungry mouth. I licked and sucked her pussy for the next ten minutes, until she came in my mouth. Then she got up and straddled my cock and impaled it deeply inside her. We started slow but soon started getting really into it, to where with every downward motion; I would meet her with an upward thrust. After a good ten minutes, we both needed to cum, and she told me to fuck her good now so we could cum.

She started cumming and I joined in right after her, then she fell down onto me and we just held each other. I then rolled her to her back and went down and cleaned up my mess between her legs. She just loves when I do that.

We got up and went to the kitchen where we made coffee, and Carol started breakfast. It was not to long after that, that Bill and Susan joined us. The girls decided to go shopping for new towels and stuff for the bathroom, while Bill and I finished up with doing the grout, which took a few hours to do.

BY the time we finished up, the girls just got back. We ate a late lunch with them, and then headed home. Carol told me how impressed she is with the job I did for them and can't wait to see it and use the shower next week. I told her my plan was to be there around 8 on Wednesday, wipe up the film left by the grout, install the vanity and sinks, and the shower head and faucets, and leave Susan a note, to go ahead and use her shower that evening.

Carol said she will wait, probably, for Bill to get back from his work trip, that Thursday, so they can try it together. I laughed and said your mom and you, are so alike, always horny. She slapped me, but said, you are so right, the branch miya khalifa full sex stories download fall to far from the tree.

That Wednesday, I kissed Carol and said goodbye, and told her I should be back in time for dinner, or even before, hoping to get out before her mom came home. I arrived at their place about 8:30 that morning, knowing her mom usually leaves for work around 8am. I unlocked the front door, and then brought in what tools I was going to need, to finish up today, and set them down in the foyer. After shutting the door, I started walking to the kitchen to get a glass of juice, and then saw Susan, at the kitchen sink, naked of course.

She saw me and smiled, and said well good morning. I said hi, and what are you doing home? She said a girl she works with called last night and needed to trade sifts with her, so she is off Friday now.

I said ok, and then I got a glass of juice. Susan dried her hands and then came up to me and tried to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I sort of backed away, and she just chuckled and said one of these days, I am going to get that hug and kiss, and who knows what else. I looked at her and said, may be, just may be.

I then grabbed my tools and headed back to the bathroom. I was thinking to myself, that I should shock the hell out of her, get naked and go up and hug her and see how she reacts to that, then we can get this done and out of the way.

So I stripped down and walked back down to the kitchen, where Susan was still doing something in the sink. She probably could not hear me, since the water was running.

I came up behind her and reached my arms around her and hugged her tightly to my chest. Susan let out a little gasp, then moaned a little and said, now was that so hard? I chuckled and said no, I guess not. I started to let go of her, but she stopped my hands and then started blonde beauty gets fucked in her ass her ass on me, which started giving me a hard on. Susan said, ohhhhhhhhh, that feels nice. I don't know what I was thinking, but my hand went to her one tit and started massaging it, and then took her nipple and started rubbing it, making it so hard.

She started moaning. I stopped and said we really should not be doing this. She said, yes we can. She then said, look you two swing, and so do Bill and I, just think of them off in another room playing right now. I told her that we always play in the same room. She said just don't think about and let's enjoy the moment, because I have wanted to fuck you for over two years now and I know you have thought it too.

I wasn't thinking anymore with my real brain, and now was letting the little brain take over, which was hard as a rock, but bent down touching her thigh now.

Susan spread her legs slightly, and my cock went between her legs now and was resting on her pussy lips. When my cock touched them, she let out a loud moan. My hands went back to her nipples and started rubbing and lightly pinching them. Susan started moving her ass back and forth, so it would rub my cock, and she was quite wet now.

She shifted her head to my one shoulder, and brought up her arm to cradle my head. I started licking her neck and ear then. She was really getting into this and said let's go upstairs and do this right. I hesitated for a moment, and she could tell I might just back out.

She grabbed my hand and said come on, no one will ever know but you and I. She took my hand and I followed her up to her bed, which wasn't made yet. I knew this was so wrong, but yet, lust was winning over me. I was behind her on the stairs, and reach out and licked her ass as we went up. She just went mmmmmmmmmmmm, I like that. She said she saw Carol and I Sunday morning 69ing. I said oh really? She said yeah. Carol must of left the door open when she went to the bathroom before I awoke.

I asked if it turned her on? Susan oh yes, and if it wasn't Carol in the room with you, I would have joined you two. When we got in the room, Susan turned toward me and gave me a passionate kiss, one the lasted a good minute. As she kissed me, her hand went for my cock and started stroking it.

Then she said, son, you have a great cock there. I then backed her up to the bed, and she sat down. I then got on my knees, between her legs and started eating her. I was slow and methodical in my approach. I figured if I was going to do this, then I would make it one of my best.

I teased her pussy lips, and went down to her ass, and she offered no resistance there, so I stayed there a good minute. She was moaning quite loudly now. She moved her feet up onto the bed and really spread her legs now, so all of her pussy was mine for the taking. I finally slipped my tongue inside her, as my one hand massaged her ass cheek. Susan kept moaning saying Oh Fuck Baby, eat me just like that. I inserted a finger inside her as I continued licking her lips.

She was moving her hips all around as I continued my assault on her hot, wet pussy. I hadn't even touched her clit yet, but i could see it sticking out, just waiting my tongue and mouth to work it over. I inserted another finger in her and she went wild, thrashing about, saying Holy Fuck a lot. I found her g-spot and concentrated on that, and as I did, my mouth finally found her clit. As soon as my tongue made contact with her clit, Susan let out a long Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

It did not take long for her to cum then, as my mouth sucked her clit. I removed my fingers so I could taste all of her sunny leone sucking anal sex. As she was coming down from her orgasm, she said she hadn't cum like that in a long time. I was still sucking her clit and she said to stop, it was way to sensitive. She then said for me to lay on the bed and that she needed to reciprocate my excellent mouth work.

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She wasted little time in sucking my cock into her hot mouth. She took me all the way in and kept latin hoe kiaraxx gets her pussy pleasured me like that, then she would suck my balls and then lick back up my shaft. I was moaning quite a bit now. Her ass was pointed my way, so I started fingering her again.

Which made her suck me harder then. She then threw her leg over my head, so we were now 69ing and I went to work on her pussy. Susan started cumming again after a few minutes of me eating her.

She was set off by my tongue fucking her ass, more than me licking her pussy. Susan started stroking my cock and sucking the head then and I told her I was going to cum soon, but she started speeding up and I started shooting cum into her mouth. She caught most of it, and I know I shot at least 3 hard ropes into her mouth. She then turned around and came up to me and kissed me, with her mouth full of cum. After we kissed, she said she always wanted to do that with a guy. She said she heard that I eat pussy after cumming in it, so she figured I wouldn't care about this.

I told her Carol and I do it all the time. As we laid there catching our breath, Susan kept stroking my cock, to keep me hard. Then she laid down on her back, and spread her legs and said, ok sonny boy, take this old lady's pussy with that beautiful cock of yours.

I got between her legs and rub the head all over her slit, until she begged me for it, telling me to quit teasing and fuck her pussy. As I entered her, she said, look, I like to talk dirty during sex, just like my girls do, so don't be shocked, now fuck me. I sunk my cock tony receives a thanksgiving deep throat blowjob deep into waiting hole.

We fucked like that for a good ten minutes, nothing hard or fast, just a good rhythm. She kept saying, oh fuck baby, you feel so good in me, why didn't we do this a lot sooner. We then rolled over so she was on top, and now she started grinding her pussy hard into me and moving her hips in a circle.

Then she leaned down, and just before she kissed me, she asked if I had any regrets. I said no, that this was a long time coming. She said speaking of cumming, lets cum soon please. So she started riding me hard then. We had the bed bouncing as hard as she was fucking my cock.

Then she started moaning real loud telling me she was about to fucking cum, and to cum with her. I let out a long Fuckkkkkkkkk, grabbed her ass, and piston my cock in her hard and started shooting inside her.

She said holy fuck, and started cumming herself. She then collapsed on to me and kissed me passionately. We laid there for a good five minutes, trying to catch our breath, then I rolled between abigail mac and cherie deville in sex addicts anonymous legs and cleaned her up. I was down there tasting both of our juices, her hands going through my hair, telling me how erotic that it was that I would eat her after cumming in her.

I went back up to her and then kissed her, so she could taste our juices. Then she said, I better get some work done now. Before she let me up, she said, so no more of this keeping your distance from me when we are nude? I said ok, but if I get hard, it might be hard to explain. She laughed and said if that happens, she'll tell Carol to go take care of it, no need wasting a hard cock, and then she chuckled. Susan then left to go do some errands and I went to work.

I got done with everything about 1:30, and Susan just got back then. I was taking my tools out to my car, when i saw her. I told her that her bathroom is complete and can be used. She was so excited and went in to look. She said it looks so much better than it did before, now that it is cleaned up, and definitely better than it used to be. I said she can use the shower now and everything. She went into her bedroom a minute and came back with two towels and was naked, and said lets try it out.

I said, don't you want to try it out with Bill? She said no, he'll get plenty of chances with me in there. She said get the clothes off and join me.

She started the water and got it nice and warm and then led me into the glass surround playground. We kissed again and then she got on her knees and started sucking my cock, and got me hard in no time. She laughed and said wow, you young guys do get hard quick. I reached down and played with her nipples for a few minutes as she sucked me off and then pulled her up to me. We kissed again, then I spun her around, and she bent over, inviting me to fuck her again.

As we started fucking, she told me to really fuck her hard this time. I need to feel that big cock deep inside me. So I did, I fucked her so hard, and with the water flowing over us, it intensified our body's slapping sound. It did not take long for either of us to cum again. As we came, both of our legs got a little shaky. After we dressed again, I got ready to leave and she held my arm and said I was the best son in-law a woman could hope for. I told her she was the sexist mother in-law a man could ask for too.

She laughed and said it would be great if the four of us could swing one time together. I said I would be game, but sure about the other two. She said oh well, at least we had this today, and I am happy. She then said maybe just the four of us in the hot tub with you and Carol fucking while me and Bill fuck.

I said if you got Carol drunk enough, I could see that happening. She laughed and said, well let's work on that. We never did repeat this act, although there was a few times we both wanted too.

Carol and I did go over there one weekend when Bill and Susan had guest there, and we all ended up in the hot tub naked. Carol was a tad bit drunk and started playing with me, and I said dear, you better not start something, we cant finish. She said look at them, like they would care, as I looked over and saw Bill playing around with the other couples wife and Susan and the guy were ebon gives wet oral sex hardcore and blowjob a heavy lip lock.

We did end up fucking out there for to see. Carol even came real hard too. I think she was totally into just to sex that night. Susan saw me the next morning and said that was awesome and she got off watching us two go at it. Carol was a little more subdued that morning and told me she couldn't oh daddy fuck me alyssa gets her way with daddys friend we fucked in front of her mom like that. I said now dear, you were the one that wanted too.

She chuckled a little and said yeah, I guess I did. I said at least we didn't swap partners. She laughed and said ewwwwwwwwww, no way. I am pretty sure Susan took what we did to her grave, for I know I never said anything. I did feel some guilt at first, but it passed, and I did loosened up around Susan after that, which made Carol happy.