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Wankz milf kayla carrera banged in van
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MILFs Part 5 Mona Wendell lay naked on the bed in her cabin, the sheets and blankets scattered in disarray. An empty bottle and glass were on the nightstand, the bottle on its side. It was nearing 2:00 am, on the last night of their stay at the health spa a stay that for Mona had become slow torture.

She had never been much of a drinker, but on this night she had done her best to drink herself into oblivion, in a desperate, frantic, and ultimately fruitless attempt to banish the sex-drenched thoughts and visions that swirled in her brain. But sleep would not come, and she had continued to toss and turn, her mind and body tormented. She had turned on the television, hoping to distract herself…but she found herself watching a pay-per-view porn film, something she had never done before, and which only made things worse for her.

Her thoughts were about sex, as always. She thought about the last two years two years she had spent without a man in her bed. Without a man's cock to fill and fulfill her. She thought about the men she had dated since Mark's father had left. Men who had thought she would be an easy fuck, because she was divorced.

They thought buying her dinner someplace entitled them to fuck her. She thought about how she had fought them off, rejected their crude propositions, their groping of her ripe body. She knew she was still sexy, could still attract and excite a man sexually. She knew she still turned heads on the street. And god, how she needed it! But she didn't want to just fall into bed with anyone who wanted her. Somehow, the chemistry had just not been there with any of those men.

And then there was Mark. She worried that Mark would disapprove of her if she gave in to her lusts, if he knew the truth about her. And the truth was that Mona was a woman who craved sex&hellip.a woman for whom sex was life itself.

Mark. She couldn't deny any longer the thoughts and sensations that overwhelmed her whenever she thought of her teenage son, thoughts that started with the day she had seen him masturbating in his busty nurse gets screwed in a threesome. She had been able to think of little else since then. Those images…of his fingers tight around the shaft of his big, rigid cock, the eager spurts of his semen when he came&hellip.those images seemed never to leave her alone, especially at night.

They had reached a crescendo since she and Betty and Constance had been at the spa, partly because Betty and Constance had sex on the brain and wouldn't talk about anything else.

The interlude with Mario had been thrilling, in a way he was good, he had fucked her brains out, and she was tempted to go back to him for another round. But it had still left her with an empty feeling. It was just meaningless sex, and it had left her even more alone and frustrated than she had been before.

And now, as the coup de grace, to find out that Constance -- her best friend, for god's sake -- had seduced and fucked Mark, right under his mother's nose! It was too much for Mona to bear. It just wasn't fair! How could she have done that? And why did SHE get to have the pleasure of Mark's virile young cock, when it was denied to Mona?

Why did SHE get to be the receptacle for all of his hot, creamy come? Ever since Mona had found out, she had been barely able to conceal her jealousy when she spoke to Constance. What made it even worse was that Mona knew, on some level, that Mark wanted her, that he would not reject her if she made herself available to him. She had seen him looking at her many times&hellip.times when she had worn something sexy around the house, or when she was wearing just a towel, or was in her robe, or going out for the evening and wearing a revealing cocktail dress.

How many times had he masturbated and pumped out a big load of come while imagining that he was fucking his own mother? How would he react if he knew just how welcome he would be in her bed, how welcome his aching penis would be in her willing body?

And so she drank, her mind a whirlwind of sexual imagery that she couldn't shut off. And now, as she watched the movie, she slowly slid her fingers between her legs and rubbed the outside of her yearning pussy. Just her labia, wet hot problematic college teens banged by a paranoid guy desire.

Her fingers slowly delved into her wet folds, caressing herself, letting her arousal build within her. She avoided her clit for now, knowing that black horse for my fans!

tube porn she rubbed it, she might be unable to stop, and it might be over too soon. She wanted this fantasy to last. _________________________________________________________________________________ Mark, in his cabin, had at last come to a decision one that had been difficult for him, even with the subtle (and not so subtle) encouragement from Constance. He had gotten a sexual education over the past few days that few boys his age ever got now it was time for his graduation ceremony.

He would go to his mother. Constance had left his cabin, after gently resisting his attempts to make love to her again. "Save it, Mark," she had said, gazing directly into his eyes. "We'll have plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time. Tonight is our last night here, and you have something more important to attend to." "What do you mean?" Mark had asked. Constance had smiled, with more than a hint of salaciousness.

"Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean, Mark. You've had sex with me, and with your Aunt Betty. And you will again, often, I hope. But it's gay ebony big dick booty for you to write the final chapter.

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You know what I mean." She patted his cock, which was tenting his boxer shorts. It had been all she could do to keep from bending down, setting that monster free and taking it into her mouth. "I'll be in my cabin if you want to talk later…or…whatever." She smiled and winked at him, her eyes filled with promise. And with that, she had departed his cabin, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

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He pretty hawt playgirl gets punished hardcore bondage been hungry for Constance's hot body, as always.

But tonight, he realized, she was right: he had other priorities. A few moments later, he was dialing the phone. He made two calls. When they were done, he smiled to himself. A few minutes later, Mark slipped out of his cabin, wearing just his boxers, since the summer air was warm, even this late.

Within a few moments, he was standing by the door to his mother's cabin. Hesitantly, he reached up to knock on the door. And that's when he heard his mother's unmistakable moan of pleasure. He listened carefully at the door. Did she have a man in her cabin? He heard other voices, but it slowly dawned on him that she had the TV on. Was she alone? Finally deciding on a course of action, he reached up and silently turned the doorknob.

He smiled when he found the door unlocked the better to keep his visit clandestine for now. He pushed the door slowly open and silently slipped inside. His mother's cabin was dark, except for the faint light coming from the TV set and the bathroom light, behind a door that was almost all the way closed.

As he had guessed, his mother was alone. The TV was placed such that he couldn't see the screen, but he quickly concluded that she had been watching a porn movie. He could hear the voices of people fucking. He further realized that, because of the shadows that enveloped the room, she could not see him, and she was, he concluded, completely unaware of his presence. He gazed at his mother in the glow from the television.

Her skin gleamed in the faint light except for her panties, she was naked, with her knees raised. If it had not been for her nearly transparent panties, he would have had a clear view of his mother's obscenely-exposed pussy. He stood still in the shadows, eagerly drinking in the sight of her. She was masturbating! He stood, transfixed, as his eager young cock rose to throbbing hardness in his loose shorts. Could this lustful creature on the bed before him be his mother?

He had never thought of her this way, so overcome with sexual need. He reached down, sliding one hand beneath the waistband of his shorts, and held back a gasp as his fingers closed around the erect shaft.

________________________________________________________________________________ Betty lay on her bed reading a book, wishing that she had a man in her bed tonight. She was wearing a satin nightgown, one that accentuated her big breasts and revealed her nipples through the thin fabric.

The sexual interlude she had spent with Constance and Mark had awakened her wanton lust, which had seethed below the surface for far too long. She thought about going to Mark's cabin for an encore, but decided against it. There would be plenty of time, she realized, and plenty of opportunities for her to partake of Actress ramya divya spandana fucking story young cock, now that the ice had been broken between them.

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And yet it would be nice to have someone tonight to quench the fire that now smoldered within the core of her womanhood. She was wet. At that moment she heard a knock at her door. She had no idea who it could be, but she felt a warm surge of anticipation.

She rose from the bed, walked to the door and opened it a little. There in the darkness were two young men. She looked at them quizzically. "Yes? Can I help you?" The taller of amateur busty housewife dildoing pussy on webcam two smiled. "Well&hellip.Mark thought&hellip.maybe we could help YOU. You're Betty, right?" "Yes. Do I know you?" asked Betty. "We're friends of Mark's. We've seen you around the pool the last couple of days.

My name is Trevor -- I work the other lifeguard shift. And Jarrett, here, he's kind of the handyman for the spa." Betty smiled. She remembered them now. She had noticed them sneaking peaks at her at the pool, and had been guilty of a few clandestine glances of her own.

The two were both Mark's age, around 18, and both were good-looking, well-built young men. "Oh…and what has that got to do with me?" she said, with a sly smile. "Did you think there was something here that needed fixing?" "You tell us, Betty," said Jarrett, with just a hint of suggestiveness in his voice. "Mark asked us to come over tonight and see if there was anything you needed us to do for you.

He said to tell you that if you weren't.well.weren't interested, you should just send us away." Betty stared at them for a long moment, her mind exploring the possibilities. Just what, exactly, was her nephew up to? And then the thought occurred to her.

"It's my last night here! For God's sake, Betty, live a little! Who will ever know?" Finally, she smiled. "You know&hellip.maybe there IS something you can do for me. Come on in, boys I'll fix us something to drink." "Here&hellip.," said Trevor, holding up a paper bag. "We brought some of our own." ________________________________________________________________________________ Mona reached for the bottle of massage oil on the night stand, unsnapped the lid, and poured a liberal quantity of it on her chest.

Putting the bottle down, she began to spread the slippery oil all over her bare breasts, cupping and squeezing them, enjoying the pleasant sensations. She had always been proud of her big, sensitive breasts. Her nipples were fully erect now, pressing against her palms. She moaned softly as she captured them between her fingers, pinching them a little, sending pleasure coursing through her nearly naked body.

Reaching again for the bottle, she poured still more of it on her tummy. Her fingers slid through it, spreading it over her skin. Finally, she moved both of her hands between her legs, insinuating them under the waistband of her panties, rubbing the outside of her pussy. Crossing her hands, she parted her labia with her fingers, as if opening herself to her unseen lover, inviting him to thrust his cock into her and fuck her.

She felt deliciously, indescribably lewd, resisting the urge to thrust upward with her hips and bring herself to a quick, powerful orgasm.

But no. Not yet. She wanted this to last longer. Much longer. Quickly, she slid her panties under her hips and left them stretched between her thighs, before once again returning her fingers to her splayed pussy. Still caressing her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand, she now slid the other beneath it.

She brought her legs up even further, her knees bent and her feet upraised. This way, she could touch her lewdly exposed anus at the same time she was sliding two of her slippery fingers into her wide-open vaginal opening. In the shadows, Mark watched his mother slide her fingers in and out of her sopping-wet pussy.

It was as if she was putting on a sex-show just for him, without even knowing he was there! Her legs were back so far they almost rested against her lush breasts, and her other hand was moving down, her fingers seeking the tight, inviting little pucker of her asshole. He squeezed his cock tightly, fighting to keep from groaning, so eager was he to walk to the bed and slam his cock deep into his lustful mom in one cabine piscine 312 tube porn stroke.

But he held back. He, too, wanted this to last. And to see how far his mother would go. He let go of his aching cock for a moment and silently slid his shorts down to the floor.

He was naked. His hand returned to his cock, and he closed his fingers around and slowly stroked it as he watched. Mona, on the bed, gently rubbed the entrance to her ass, loving the intense feeling, the nerve endings there alive with pleasure. Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer, and slide one finger past the tight ring of muscle. Her eyes closed, she eased it slowly in and out, fucking herself in her ass while the fingers of her other hand did the same thing to her yearning pussy.

"Ohhhhh, God, Mark&hellip.that's it&hellip.," She murmured softly. "Fuck me like that&hellip." Mark's eyes widened. It was true, just has Constance had said!

She was fantasizing about having sex with HIM! Her own son! It was HIS cock she saw, his cock she felt deep inside her! The excitement of it almost caused him to lose control and come. But he held himself back with the force of his will, determined not to end this night prematurely.

_________________________________________________________________________________ "Hola, Senora! My name is Elena. I'm a friend of Mark's. I work here as a maid. You are Constance, si?" Constance gazed at the young girl standing in her doorway in the darkness.

She couldn't be more than Mark's age, maybe even younger. And yet, thought Constance, she somehow exuded a smoldering sexuality, accentuated by her dark Latina complexion. "Hello, Elena," said Constance, confused. "Yes, I'm Constance. But what are you doing here at this time of night?" "Can I come in?" said Elena in her heavily accented English, her dark brown eyes gazing straight into Constance's.

Elena was struck by the willowy older woman's attractiveness, even in the casual sleep shirt she had on. Mark hadn't lied to her. "Um&hellip.sure. Come on in," said Constance, still baffled by this turn of events. Elena entered the room, and then immediately crossed it and sat down on the bed, looking up at Constance.

"Mark called me earlier, Senora. He said I was&hellip.how to say this&hellip.that I was to keep you company tonight. And be your…well…he said I was to be your present for the night. Your gift, to do with as you please." Constance stared, wide eyed, at the innocent looking girl on her bed. "You mean…" she said, hesitantly, "that he asked you to&hellip.sleep with me?" "Si," said Elena. "I mean&hellip.if you like me. I promise I will make you very happy, just like you made him very happy.

You two teen girls swallow boxing lesplayfellows sons as beautiful as he said you were. May I stay?" Constance pondered the girl's proposition, lost in admiration for Mark's thoughtfulness.

He had left her alone for the evening, but had provided her with a willing substitute. And she was lovely! Finally, she made up her mind. She smiled at the sexy teen, her mind alive with possibilities. "Yes, Elena&hellip.you can stay." _________________________________________________________________________________ Mona's arousal spiraled higher and higher as she fucked herself with her fingers in both of her holes, her hips lifting off the bed as she stimulated herself.

God, how she wanted to come!

And she knew she would, very soon. But she wanted to tease herself some more, so that when her body finally could take no more, her orgasm would be a colossal one. Easing her fingers out of herself, she let her hips fall back to the bed, gasping with her arousal. She had never been this turned on. Never. She reached for the nightstand, groping for the drawer and pulling it open. Inside was a large flesh-colored dildo, as well as a glass toy with a tapered shape similar to that of a chess pawn.

She pulled them from the drawer and placed them on the bed beside her. Then she took the dildo in her hand, and brought it to her mouth.

Mark watched in shock as she appeared to look straight at him, a hint of a smile on her face. And then, she opened her mouth, and her tongue traced slowly around the flared head of the dildo, getting it wet. She continued licking the head, encircling it with her tongue, for what seemed to Mark like an eternity…and finally, she opened her mouth wider and took it between her lips.

Mark tensed and stifled a gasp, afraid she had seen him there. But she gave no sign that she had. Surely she would have said something if latina con un culo como para enmarcarlo had, he thought to himself.

Or screamed at this outrageous invasion of her privacy. But she hadn't, and slowly Mark relaxed again. Mona was in heaven as she sucked on the fake cock. In her mind, it was Mark's cock&hellip.Mark's cock, which would soon be deep inside her welcoming cunt where it belonged.

She took it further and further into her mouth. She had always prided herself on her ability to take a man's cock deep in her mouth, so deep that it almost gagged her.

She loved the look on a man's face as she sucked almost all of his cock down her throat. She imagined Mark's face now, tense with anticipation, trying not to come. For Mark's amia miley anal and dp, he, too, was imagining his cock fucking in and out of his mother's sexy mouth.

How he longed to unleash a torrent of sperm into her mouth, holding her head as she obediently gulped it all down! The obscene thought brought him once again to the brink of orgasm, and he let go of his cock quickly to prevent it. The crisis passed.barely. He felt as if his balls were about to burst, so swollen were they with his youthful come. Now Mona eased the dildo from her mouth, and slowly moved it down between her breasts, letting go of it and capturing it there with her hands squeezing her breasts together.

She still seemed to be looking straight at him, as she imagined her son's cock fucking between her big, full melons, imagining what it would be like to feel his supple, rigid flesh there, sliding to and fro, ready to splatter her face with his warm, eager spurts of come.

After a few moments, she once again took the dildo in her hand. Slowly, she brought it down between her legs. But now she had a different idea. Rolling over on the bed, she raised herself on her knees, her head resting on the pillow, her back arched downward, giving Mark a clear view of her exposed pussy, her pink labia glistening from her flowing wetness in the faint light.

She brought the dildo to the entrance to her pussy, slowly rubbing the head along the length of her cleft. Finally, she began to ease it inside herself, impaling her vagina with it's thickness. She moaned softly as she thrust it inside herself, grasping it at the end with her fingers.

And as Mark watched, transfixed by the lewd tableau before him, she began to slowly fuck herself with it. To Mark, it was as if she was beckoning to him to fuck her. To plunge his own cock into her, taking the place of the fake one she was now moving in and out.

He yearned to step forward, pull the dildo from her upraised cunt, grab her luscious ass and fuck his cock into her in one hard thrust.

As he struggled with these overpowering obscene thoughts, his mother suddenly let go of the embedded penis, leaving it deep inside her, and reached for the bottle of massage oil. Reaching back, she squirted some oil directly on the cleft of her full, round ass. Mark watched, fascinated, as the clear, viscous fluid oozed downward, until finally, it flowed slowly across her anus. Mona reached back and cupped her full, round ass cheeks with her hands, obscenely spreading them apart, as if in open invitation.

The tight pucker of her ass beckoned to Mark, and he ached to plunge his cock in there, all the way to the hilt. He saw himself in his fantasy, grabbing his mother's hair in his clenched fist, and driving his cock in and out of her lush ass so hard that she quivered with each vicious thrust. He could almost hear her begging for him to fuck her harder! Now Mona reached for her other toy, the glass one. Grasping it at the base, she brought it up to her asshole, positioning the tapered tip there, and slowly began to ease it inside.

It stretched the tight ring of muscle open, wider and wider, until finally, as Mona took a deep breath, it popped inside, lodging itself within her depths. Mona's hand returned to the bree sucks him off before the slamming, her body shuddering with the intense pleasure of being penetrated this way and she began to fuck herself with the dildo.

Her other hand moved back between her legs, and she began to rub her clit at the same time. She felt her orgasm welling up from somewhere deep inside her, and she knew this time that she would let it happen that it was time. Her voice rose in a crescendo. Oh, god, it's going to be so GOOD!!

She heard her voice, as if far away: "Ohhhh, FUCK!!!" Her body tensed, the familiar waves of pleasure rising, rising, cresting&hellip.it seemed like she stayed on the brink of her climax for seconds, oblivious to all other things, focused solely on her impending climax.and then she was coming, with a cosmic fury she had not felt for far too long, coming harder than she had for months, maybe years.

She cried out as she took herself over the edge, feeling the shattering force of her orgasm take possession of her, wash over her. Her breathing came in short gasps that caught in her throat, while the waves of pleasure made her convulse uncontrollably, her body tense, like a taut bowstring.

At last, as Mark watched, she descended from the pinnacle of her orgasm and collapsed, trembling violently, on the bed, gasping for breath.sobbing with the intense fury of her climax.

And then, after a few moments during which Mona's breathing returned to something close to normal, Mark watched as Mona slowly turned herself over, the dildo and the glass toy still buried in her pussy and her ass. And it was at that moment that she opened her eyes, staring straight at where Mark stood in the shadows.

She groped for the remote control and turned the TV off, enveloping the room in darkness. And then she spoke, quietly, but with a voice tinged with excitement. "Mark&hellip.I know you're standing there. I've known from the moment you came through the door. So if you're all through watching your mother's little sex show, why don't you come over here and we'll use that big cock of yours for what it was made for.

I know it isn't right. I'm your mother. You're my son. I know it's incest. But I just can't help it anymore. I want you to.…" she hesitated. "No.I NEED you to fuck me." TO BE CONTINUED