Shoplifting teen dolly leigh blowjob big schlong

Shoplifting teen dolly leigh blowjob big schlong
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My father must have been a fool to leave my Beautiful mothe. He left about 15 years ago when i was 2. But mom and I made it out fine. She is now a important buisnes woman and we actually have a alot of money. We live in a very secluded area with a pool and hot tub out back. My mother dosent date much im not sure why but i think no guy will ever be good enough for her because she is far to beautiful for any guy. She has long brown hair with dark brown eyes she is about 5 '10 and she is nice and tan.

She has an amazing figure for being 39 her breast are a c d cup and her as is perfect size not to big not to small. I started looking at my mother in a sexual way when i was 13.

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One day when i got up i went to my bath room and i looked out the window at our back yard and i saw my mother tanning nude as she usually does.

I found myself staring at her perky nipples as she lay there in the sun, then i noticed he neatly trimed pussy shaved into a triangle.

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when i looked down i noticed that i had a huge hard on and that it poked out of my boxers. i quickly grabbed the lotion on the sink and started to beat off. This is where the morning ritual began.

After 2 years this wasnt enough i needed more so one day while she was at work i decide to sneek into her room which was always forbiden. I looked into her dresser, her closet and even her night stand and found nothing but sexy thongs and bras.

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I was about to give up when i thoought about one more place under her bed. There was an enormus box under her bed and when i open it i found many amazing things. She had 20 magazines of porn and about 6 videos, she had anal lube and about 4 differnt shaped dildos.

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I knew that my mother was lonely but never this lonely. I could not beleive that my mother used all off these thing so later that night i decided to investigate. My mom usually goes to bed around 1 o clock so i stayed up and i waited for her to go to her roomthen i slowly krept up to her door and listen. "yeah suck my dick" i heard which obviuolsy was the porno tape the i herd a small humming sound which i could tell was the vibrator and the i could hear small moans.

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hearing all this i immediatly cummed in my pants. The nightly masturbation continued for 2 more years until i decided that i needed to freshbigboobs blonde gets it in her juicy pussy this for myself. one night my i grabbed my own tube of lube and i went and hid in my moms closet. After My mom nightley shower she would come to bed and then masturbate.When she came in she ws wearing a robe with her hair up in a pony tail.

Then she took off her robe and i could see the beads of wter all over her body her buetiful nipples where fully erect and so was my 8 inch penis. she then reched for her body oil and staterd to rub it on her neck.I grabbed some off my lube and started to rub it on my dick. the she started to rub oil on her nice breasts and her chset was shinning and oily.

the she bent over and started to rub her legs up and down and i could see her asshole and cmel toe. this was to much i could not take it anymore i rubbed more lube on my dick and i slowly walked up to my bent over motheri grabbed my dick with my right hand and positoned it right behing my mothers ashole then i put my left hand on top of her back and pulled her into my throbbing cock.

She let out a loud moan and tried to resist but i forced her to greab hold of her dresser.

She brced her self as a rammed my dick in her tight litle asshole. Soon the she stopped resisting and started to talk dirty to me "fuck me harder" "yeah harder baby" she would scream then i pulled my dick out and threw her on the bed.

She laid looking up at me with suprise as if she never knew it was me. " yo- your cock is so big!" she said as she looked at it she then started rubbing her clit as i could see her juices all over the bed, "well dont stop!" she said and then i went down to on to her pink little clit and sarted to lick it as her pelvus went up. the she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her face and she looked me in the eyses and whiperd "fuck me now".

With kayme kai loves to get slammed hard she got on top of me and satterd to ride my cock slowly and i grabbe dher enormous brest and watch her as she moaned in ecstatsy. the she strted to ride me faster and faster then i felt her pussy muscle expand and i felt her warm juices on mine then i herd her say in a low voice "cum inside me dammit" which i did and she the whipped her hair around and she kiss me on the mouth.

This is where the nightly ritual started.