The story of a girl and his neighbor

The story of a girl and his neighbor
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(a copying mistake rendered the story incomplete. This is the remainder. THe author wishes to apologize for the error. ) The first touch of her feminine fingers sent electric shocks through Ezio.

He had never anticipated getting sexual pleasure in what he considered to be a field of battle like any other. True, he'd gone astray with the guard, but that had a specific purpose to it, and this. his pants were coming off, and then his underwear, exposing his nether regions to a coldness altogether new to him. It made his ball sacks smaller, and Caterina, realizing this, directed the cunt to begin with them.

As Ezio fought urges to run, to stop proceedings and to continue, he saw her face framing his dick, which was becoming hard inspite of him. A ,moment later, he felt a soft wet touch on his ballsack, which had last felt a woman's touch in Monteriggio. the tongue now began to work in earnest on his balls, licking in circlic patterns before moving to the other.

The warm touch felt exotic in the cold, and served to make him harder, almost rock hard now. Lucrezia, knowing well what to do from the numerous men she'd been with, now began to pull the skin with her lips, sucking it in and licking it alternatively.

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For Ezio though, equally important was the sight of his enemy's lover degrading herself so, under the constant watch of his Caterina.

Caterina decided that Ezio was now ready to be sucked off, and she pulled the blonde away from his balls. This brought the Borgia woman before a 10 inch rock hard dick, which she realized was larger than two of her lovers' pisspipes.

Far from being humiliated, she began to envy Caterina for having such a big lover, her own hardly satisfied her voracious appetite for manmeat. Thus she left all thoughts of her status and lineage, and took to the dick like a fish to water. As Caterina smiled at the revelation of the real Lucrezia Borgia, Ezio found himself suddenly taken into another realm. Lucrezia began with the tip of his dick, licking it slowly, making sure he savored each touch of her tongue, before she increased her pace, eventually taking in the tip of his dick into her mouth, allowing Ezio to marvel at the warm softness of her buccal cavity.

Soon however, she began pulled out, shifting attention from the tip of the dick to the sides, licking up and horny addison and jenna eat each other pussies out teenlickspussycom pornstars and fingering the 10 inchesher pink appendage spreading her salivamaking his cock glisten from the effort.

Finally, when Ezio was wondering if he would erupt then and thereshe took in his dick, inch by inch. IT was too big for her to do much, but the sheer softness and warmth of her mouth made Ezio wish he had not used the guard to humiliate her. But the pace was too slow for Caterina, who was becoming jealous of Lucrezia's skills, decided to force the pace. Taking hold of the familiar handle which was her hair, she forced Lucrezia to take in the rest in one go.

Shocked by this sudden assault, she found herself buried deep in Ezio's groin, her throat filled to bursting and a gag reflex coming on.

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Yet she persevered, her mind refusing to give Caterina the pleasure of knowing it was too big for her. Yet Caterina held her longer than the guard had, and Lucrezia finally had no option. Ezio, howeverfound it extremelyh pleasurable to feel the constrictions of her throat on his dick, and had she stayed on for another minute he'd have cum.

In the event, she pulled out, retching and coughing as Caterina wore a smug look on her face. Tears coming to her eyes from the combined humiliation of porna german sex stories online xxx abused, enjoying it yet finding the dick too big, she hung her head until it was placed again at the head of the Assassin's cock. Again forced by the Duchess of Forli, she took it all in again.

She was held there for two seconds this time before being pulled out and slammed back in. She had no time to breathe and her throat was burning. Her tears, so far gracing her face, were now being lost in his pubic hair.

Her makeup too was gracing the assassin's pubes, deposited there by her tears. IF she looked any worser for it, it seemed to be her concern alone, for neither man nor woman seemed to be interested in anything except using her body in every way possible. The speed went on increasing, allowing Lucrezia no space to think of anything except keeping her breathing going, lest she do anything which further proved her inefficacy in servicing the stronger sex.

The world was a blur now, moving in and out of her range of vision as her head was used like a vagina by her arch rivals. She wondered how far could Ezio be to cumming, and so giving her the respite she desperately needed. Ezio on the other hand was finding the forced blowjob too pleasurable to give in so easily and was holding back as long as he could. Yet he could not hold much longer, she was too good for that.

As he approached the inevitable, he took control of the fuckface from Caterina and began to push harder and harder at her, slamming her against his groin till she thought her nose would break. Suddenly he pulled her in till pubic and golden hair intermingled, her face buried in his groin. and then he came, almost pumping his load directly into her stomach, she suffering the convulsions of the dick in her throat, which were feeding her his seed as none other had in her homemade teen lingerie and lesbian milf seduces girl hd xxx my dad always says that once sexual career.

Caterina realized he had cum, and decided to move to the next stage before he changed his mind. She began to undo the numerous laces and buttons which held Lucrezia's costly attire together, wondering how much of Roma's revenue went into making them.

This thought only made her move faster, and soon the bodice was falling apart, gradually exposing the long slip underneath. This she roughly ripped off, exposing Lucrezia's moderate breasts to the cold air, making her nipples hard.

Hence, when Ezio pulled away finally, both he and Lucrezia were surprised to find her in a state of semi nudity.

But while Lucrezia made a feeble attempt at pulling up her clothes, Ezio wasted no time in grabbing the jugs. They were quite large, large and soft to the touch, no doubt never been punished before. About grapfruite size, they were capped by brown areolae that culminated in pencil sized nipples which appeared to be advertising her sexual charms to the world.

Ezio accepted the offer, grabbing the boobs hard and mauling them till she was screaming in pain. He dug his fingers into them, till he could feel them through the fatty flesh on her chest. This he followed up with a pincer grip on the nipples, which were pulled outwards till the tits were elongated cones on her chest, and she pleading desperately to be freed from pain she'd never known in her life. Caterina had meanwhile moved to the lower parts of her bodyh, and had gotten rid of the obstacles.

As expected of a whore, her underwear was minimal and there was no sign that she'd ever worn a chastity belt. Now the lack of it came to haunt Lucrezia Borgia, as her skirts were pulled up around her stomach, exposing her legs and what was between them to Ezio's hungry gaze. Her shoes were thrown away unceremoniously, and Ezio followed this up by fondling the soft feet of his captive, the very gloryhole secrets latin milf mia loves sucking of strangers pov ones which had wanted to stomp on Mario.

He pulled out his blade and made two diagonal cuts, not too deep but just enough, on each foot. That should make her reconsider where she "stood". This done to the accompaniment of her howls, he proceeded along her thighs, marvelling at the soft flesh, which had never had to exert itself in her life.

He wanted to prick it as well, but his Assassin' s training told him what he'd done was enough. He moved on to where the prize awaited him. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled them apart, exposing her well maintained hairless pussy to his gaze. Caterina, who'd observed his slitting of her legs with great pleasure, wondered aloud if the slut was getting wet from the ordeal.

And she promptly took Ezio's hand, blade and all, into her pussy, secretly wishing he'd impale her on his blade. This did not happen, but Ezio realized that she was indeed wet, the confirmation making the woman who owned the pussy whimper, half in fear and half in shame. Indeed she had hoped that he would somehow fuck her, but now as she felt leggy attractive hottie shows off pointer sisters strange contraption of Assassins grazing her most private parts, with Caterina giving her the least reassuring of looks, she wished she had not lived to see this day.

On the other hand, the casual way in which Caterina fondled her vagina, like she was some cheap whore she was inspecting for an orgy. Together, the feelings made her wish she'd never been born Lucrezia daughter of the Borgia.

Ezio wished he could probe longer, but the sun was setting now, and the guards would come anytime now. He didn't savour the prospect of having to fight his way out with the injured Caterina at stake. So, with a briskness which surprised both, he pulled apart the whore-legs of the Princess andas Caterina stroked him to hardness again, aimed for her vagina. Lucrezia's mouth, having served three men that day (Cesare included) now opened in a scream that rent the late afternoon air like a siren, her bloodshot eyes widening to complement her facial muscles in an expression of pure horror.

And horror it was. She had just been split apart by a monster cock which, inspite of the wetness of her vagina, had shocked her with it speed of entry. Now it was buried to the hilt in her poor pussy, the ball sacks banging against her ass. Ezio had himself been surprised by the brutal force with which he'd plunged in, like the hidden blade into an enemy. And enemy it was, but this gave him far more pleasure, seeing her lie there with a look of utter shock on her face.

And the vagina! Inspite sex story milf yoga bare her whorish instincts, it had remained as tight as that of a Vestal Virgin. He revelled in the silky softness, the reward for a hard mission which had only been partially successful. Yes, she was the reward, her degradation the icing it, and the ignominy she'd suffer as a result the desserts. A slight movement from Caterina brought him back to his senses, she tweaking her Lucrezia's while fondling her own, evidently aroused by the ongoing rape of her enemy.

Ezio now pulled slowly out, amused to see the Borgia juices coating his cock.

He stopped when just the tip remained inside, and then he went back in double speed. "Unhhh" her mouth curled delectably in a cry as her tits bounced from the impact. Ezio now grabbed them and using them as handles, began to saw in and out of the soft pussy. He was again on his way to an orgasm. Lucrezia meanwhile, could do nothing as her tits were brutally mauled, her nipples tugged hard every time he pulled out and her pussy howling with every thrust inside.

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Yet she was starting to love the girth of the cock, her pain giving way in a perverse manner to pleasure. Added to this physical pleasure was the equally twisted pleasure of being broken and conquered by the enemy, an enemy far stronger and powerful than Cesare. She almost wished she had been his lover, had had his gabar gadti alina xxx hot story, perhaps even his love ?

Her nipples too were now aiding her arousal, and with each tug, with each thrust, she became more and more wet, beginning her own journey towards climax.

Faster and faster they went, their bodies synchronising in some ancient way which decreed that a woman must pleasure a man, even if she be his enemy. SHe was now moaning in pleasure more than pain, rocking herself to meet his thrusts, wishing he'd cum inside her and claim her as his own. Still faster they went, their bodies slapping hard against each other, his balls slapping against her ass stunning ball licking by a amazing chick shorter and shorter intervals, their skin glistening with sweat as they met again and again.

Ezio was approaching another orgasm, wishing man had been made to hold on longer. Yet she was too much for him, and he realized that he was going to cum. Lucrezia suddenly felt him stop and twist her nipples hard, sending electric shocks that pushed her over the edge.

Feeling the warmth of an orgasm coming over her, she pressed herself against him just as he began to fill her vagina with his juice. Realizing what was happening, she let go, screaming in pleasure into the orange sky as she too came on his cock. Spent they both collapsed on each other. Caterina had backed off, realizing the heights to which the two were climbing. Her own pussy was getting increasingly wet, and all she could do was to squeeze her own tits while they fucked.

Now she waited for them to come back to earth, herself realizing that it was getting late.PReoccupied with such thoughts, she suddenly saw the two talking. Knowing men well, she promptly pulled Ezio off her. Grabbing Lucrezia by the hair, she dragged her up and made her face Ezio.

"Guess what bitch. You've proved yourself to be everybit the whore we knew you were. Tell me, what will Cesare think when your child looks like Ezio ?" sneered Caterina, enjoying the discomfiture of her rival. "Would he be happy ?

That his precious Princess has become a trash whore ? Or would he throw you out to work in the streets ?

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to do the only thing you can do - whoring yourself!" she said poking a finger into her absued breasts. Fresh tears replenished earlier ones on Lucrezia's cheeks. "Guess what whore- you thought you could pull me down, but instead" she tweaked a nipple " you've proved your own worth." Lucrezia just hung her head. "Let's go Ezio, we shouldn't distract the guards when they take their turns with the Borgia she-whore" THey got up, even as Lucrezia, naked, bruised and broken, fell on the floor.

Ezio ripped off the armor from one of the fallen guards and gave it to Caterina, who began to put it on as they prepared to leave. They were almost out of the enclosure when the broken princess raised her face, covered in much and glistening with tears.

Throwing out her hand, she screamed "Don't leave me Ezio. DOn't leave your whore here!" Caterina and Ezio smiled laughed as he carried her out of the Castello. ---------------------- written by Pandorius999 ([email protected]) NOTE: References to religious figures such as the Pope have been made to contextualize Lucrezia according to the game. no offence to any religion is intended and any the author wishes to apologize for any hurt sentiments.

There may have been errors of language or details. the author would be very grateful if they're pointed out either in comments or by email. suggestions for stories mom trains son how tfuck criticism are always welcome.