Dirty talk throat first time so i thought i would let out some stress on that diminutive

Dirty talk throat first time so i thought i would let out some stress on that diminutive
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013 Chapter Thirty: Tiffany's Tale Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. My hands were shaking as the adrenaline bled off. But the images of the dead and dying would not leave my mind. Oh, God, so many dead, I prayed. Forgive me, Lord. "Why are you crying, Mother!" my daughter spat at me with such venom in her voice.

Her bile was a dagger in my heart. "What do you have to cry about, Mother? Are your loved ones dead and dying?" I looked sadly at my middle daughter, Mary.

She was bound, sitting in the corner of the swat van. Her eyes were puffy from crying and burned a deep green with hatred. Blood mated the front of her clothing, probably Mark's blood. I did not see any wounds on her. About her was a scarlet red aura, the stained aura of a Warlock. My own daughter sold her soul and I was sent now its time to fuck teen dani defeat her. "Because all that blood is on my hands," I whispered my answer.

"That is why I am crying, Mary." Mary gave a shrill, almost hysterical laugh. "You fucking nuns are such hypocrites. Karen was just as sorry after she nearly killing Desiree.

Did you ever think what would happen if you attacked us? Christ, Mother, your soldiers had automatic fucking weapons!" "It was the only way," I sadly explained.

"It was all for the greater good. We had to stop Mark and." "And me, Mother," Mary snarled. "You tried to kill Mark and your own daughter. What a great servant of God you are!" I flinched as her words whipped my soul bloody. I struggled to gather my thoughts, to marshal some sort of defense against her accusations.

To assuage my guilt and wash the blood from my hands. It was all for the greater good, Ramiel told me. For the future of the World. We must not be allowed to fail. Mark Glassner had to be stopped.

He is a Warlock, an evil man who sold his soul and corrupted my poor daughter. The van stopped. We must be at the getaway cars. I cloaked the SWAT van with invisibility to get us clear of the immediate area.

Already cops were swarming the street that Mark lived on. But it was too dangerous to drive an invisible vehicle on the streets. We were lucky no one hit us in the short distance we had to drive. Dennis, the only remaining SWAT officer under my control, opened the rear doors, climbed in and pulled Mary out of the van.

She was dragged kicking and screaming and Dennis easily manhandled her. I followed, walking over to the several vehicles we parked here earlier today. Dennis walked over to a silver, Jeep Cherokee and threw her in the back seat. I slid in beside my daughter. "Mark is evil," I told Mary, trying to justify my actions to my daughter.

And to myself. "He had to be stopped." "Did you do something to Alice?" Mary asked coldly. "Is that why she shot my fiancee, Mother?" "Yes," I sighed, looking down at my hands. "Oh, so there's another innocent person whose blood is on your hands, then, Mother. I'm sure you saw her bleeding to death when you captured me." Mary paused, her lip curled in contempt.

"She was Shannon's best friend growing up, remember? Alice used to sleep over at the house with Shannon and you would make them cookies to eat. Oh, but that was before you turned into a whore and abandoned us!" The pain of Mary's words threatened to crush me as memories of a sweet, black-haired girl playing with Shannon flooded my mind.

Tears were brimming at my eyes. Oh, God, what have I done. I looked down at my hands. They were surprisingly clean for hands so stained with blood. Alice. Isabella and Agnes. That blonde Thrall who spent her last breath trying to protect my daughter. From her own mother. I should have been the one to protect Mary. "Why couldn't you just leave us brother and sister reps bedroom com Mary asked, bitterly.

"What you do is evil," I said, feeling my anger replace my guilt. "You control people. Make them your slaves, steal their free will. Destroy lives. All those SWAT officers had relationships. Marriages. Broken and destroyed by what you and Mark made them do when they raided your saucy babysitter has her tight anus drilled didn't kill them," Mary spat back.

"You say we destroy lives? Who was it that took control of those men and led them into a killing field. Really a good act there. Who attacked whom, Mother? You're just as bad as we are. You killed Chasity." Mary's eyes brimmed with tears. "She was a sweet, loving woman and your soldiers gunned her down.

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You tried to kill your own daughter, Mother." "I didn't know you were the other Warlock," I protested. "I never thought in a million years my own daughter would." "Would be a Warlock," Mary sneered.

"Better than the whore who runs out on her family." Mary gave a bitter laugh. "Mark is bleeding to death. It won't be long until I'm out of your life, Mother. Than your mission will be complete." My forehead furrowed in confusion. "What? What are you talking about, Mary? I'm not going to kill you." "My Pact," Mary whispered.

"Mark wished for a long life. When I made my Pact, I wished to be young and healthy for as long as Mark lives. When he dies, I die." She sniffed, and a small lovely blonde milf fucking her shaved pussy appeared on her lips. "We will be together for eternity." "I'll exorcise you," I said, fear squeezing my heart.

I could not be responsible for my own daughter's death. That guilt would destroy me.

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"Then your wish won't matter. You'll live past him." "No!" Her shout surprised me. "Let me be with him. With Mark dead and my powers broken, only prison will remain for me." "How can you love him, Mary?" I asked her. "Where does this devotion come from. He's a monster. I know what a male Warlock does to his Thralls." "Love them?" Mary asked. "Mark never hurts them. We love them. Mark's a good man, deep inside.

The power he has, it's too intoxicating. No one can resist it fully. You want to know why I love him, Mother? Because he has a caring soul. Because he loved me so much he set me free from his powers. Because if I asked it of him, he would give up his powers." I laughed. "No Warlock has ever given up their powers. Not voluntarily." "Mark would, for me," Mary insisted. "I know Warlocks far too well, Mary." I shook my head.

The poor girl was besotted with him. She was young, only nineteen. She hasn't learned about the lies a man will tell a woman in bed.

I learned that lesson before I met Sean. "They all are selfish beasts." Mary snorted. "You swoop in, exorcise a Warlock and then head back to whatever convent you nuns wait at.

What do you really know about us? You speak like we're evil monsters and not just people with too much power." "For six months I was a Thrall." I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes as I began to tell my daughter what happened on March 15th, 2000, and the terrible nightmare that followed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thirteen Years Ago "Look what I made at school, mommy!" Mary said, all excited, when I walked in the door from work. She was bouncing on her feet dressed in a cute, plaid jumper holding a clay tablet with her handprint in the center. "I made if for you and Daddy." Mary was six, her auburn hair in two tight blonde pounded in a local store for some cash tails and her green eyes shining with happiness.

I smiled and took it from her. "It's very pretty. Thank you, Mary. Let's go show Daddy." Mary took my hand in hers and pulled me to the living room where Sean sat. I smiled at my husband. He had loosened the top few buttons of his shirt as he graded papers. A High School Teacher's work was never quite done. Except during the summer.

"Daddy!" Mary excitedly shouted and jumped up on Sean's lap, scattering his papers as she held up what she made in Kindergarten today. "That's so pretty, Mary," Sean praised. He was a great father and I smiled fondly at him. "Baba," Melissa gurgled as she stomped across the floor. She still didn't beauteous teen in thraldom gets pussy wet mama right, but I didn't mind.

She was learning to walk and only fell twice before she reached me and I scooped up my youngest daughter and spun her about and kissed her nicole pearl enjoys being fucked in a fantastic threesome nicoles double penetration threesome cheeks as she laughed. "Have you seen Shannon?" I asked Sean. Shannon was ten, and was reaching the age where she was becoming interested in clothes, and boys.

She was growing up too fast. It wouldn't be long before I was buying her a training a bra and she was dating some pimply-faced teen. "She's at a Alice's house," Sean answered, smiling at me. He had these amazing green eyes and still kept his hair long like when we first started dating in college, tied back in a bright, red ponytail. The very image of the cool, laid-back teacher.

"Can you take Melissa, so I can start dinner?" I asked, kissing Melissa's cute face before handing her to "daba." "Sure, Tiffany," Sean smiled, taking Melissa from me. Sean's hand brushed mine and he rubbed it just a little longer than necessary. I smiled, it was the little things that kept a marriage going.

I headed for the kitchen, trailed by Mary. I pulled on my plain, white apron and Mary pulled on her pink frilly apron. "Are you going to help mommy?" I asked her. Mary nodded, a serious expression on her face. I gave her some simple instructions and we started gathering the ingredients for dinner when I discovered we were out of milk. I sighed and popped my head back into the living room. "Did you forget to swing by the store, Sean?" He flushed. "Sorry, Tif," he said.

"I'll go right away." I shook my head. I loved my husband, but he was so forgetful. "I'll walk over to the Coopers and borrow some milk." I grabbed a small container and walked outside. The sun was setting, shining brightly on me as a drizzle of rain fell on my face. Weather in March was so unpredictable in Western Washington. It can go from sunny to rain to snow to hail and back to sun all in a twenty minute period of time.

And around sunset, you would often get rain and sun at the same time. I grabbed my jacket and walked quickly up Violet Meadows, admiring a beautiful rainbow as I walked up the street to the Coopers. I could hear music coming from an open garage, loud drums and the metallic screeching of an electric guitar. The Bronson boy and his band were practicing. They weren't that good, but I liked to encourage Kurt. He was a nice boy, despite that absurd mohawk and lip piercing.

He was always around the house, asking if he could do any chores to make some money. So, I let him clean the gutters or mow the lawn for a some money. Sean would grouse, "I can mow the lawn, Tif," or, "I'm perfectly capable of cleaning the gutters." Well, if I waited for Sean to get around to mowing the lawn on his own, we would have waist-high grass.

And I so hated being a nag. But today there was something different about the music. A beat that just seemed to flow into me, pulsing through my soul. They sounded good today. No, great. Their practice was starting to pay off. Before I even realized what was happening, I was crossing the street. It was hard to think about anything other than the music as I stood at the entrance to the garage.

I had never heard music so amazing before. The music was a primal beat that pounded through me. There were four members of Kurt's band. Kurt looked so powerful, so manly, with his mohawk and piercings and ragged, jean jacket. Not his usually, scrawny seventeen-year-old self. He had transformed in my eyes into a virile man. His eyes found mine making me feel weak in the knees.

I licked my lips as he stared hungrily at me and I felt my nipples harden and my pussy moisten. Kurt was lead guitar and vocalist.

Next to him stood Tor, playing rhythm guitar, with his long brown hair and ears covered in piercings. Pat was the bassist and backup-vocalist, his black hair in conical spikes.

Bones played drums, a big man with a shaved head. And then for reasons I couldn't understand, I reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down and threw them at Kurt. The music just spoke to me and it felt so right. The air was cool on my drenched pussy and more juices leaked out as Kurt grabbed my panties and inhaled my scent, smiling broadly.

The other members of his band were smiling like a bunch of pleased little boys. "What did I tell you," Kurt boasted. "Stick with me, boys, and we'll be famous and have more poon then you can shake a stick at." They started up another song and the musical was so primal that my body responded to it.

My heart was hammering, my nipples ached so hard in my bra, and my poor little pussy was itching to get laid. If Sean were here, I was pretty sure I'd jump his bones right then and there. I was getting so horny. I was looking at the teenage boys playing before me. Kurt was a hot young man, and his hair spiked up into that mohawk and those piercings on his lips were really turning me on.

Thoughts of Kurt on top of me flashed through my mind. He would take me, make me his woman. "Wow, they are amazing," Grace Copper gasped in awe. I jumped in shock, realizing she was standing next to me.

Grace was a beautiful woman with long, honey-brown hair. We were close friends. Sometimes I would babysit her three year old, Dawn, a cute little blonde girl. I blinked in surprise as Grace began unbuttoning her pants, pulling them down her slim legs. She was going to give Kurt her panties, I realized. Grace had a neatly trimmed, blonde bush and a nice ass I noticed as she threw her panties.

Then the music stopped as all the boys stared at Grace's nudity and she suddenly flushed, realizing what she did and reached for her jeans with one hand, trying to cover her sex with the other hand. "Wait," Kurt said. "Why don't you lovely ladies be our groupies." That was a such a great idea, I thought and I glanced at Grace and she seemed to agree with me.

"Sure, Kurt," I said with sister krat ksote hue choda smile I walked into the garage and Kurt grabbed me and started kissing me. I struggled in his arms and he broke the kiss. "What's wrong, Mrs. Sullivan? Groupies are supposed to fuck the band, right." "Oh, yeah," I flushed in embarrassment. You always heard stories about girls who went backstage to be groupies, to let the band have them. Kurt gives me the wonderful opportunity to be a groupie in his band, Satan's Silvered Tongue, and I almost blew it.

Grace was doing better, sitting on the drummer's lap. Bones had his hands between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. Kurt was kissing me again and I kissed him back, the piercing on his lips rubbed roughly on my lips, excitingly so. When he broke the kiss there was a dark lust burning in his teenage eyes. "I've been jerking off to you since I was twelve, Mrs. Sullivan," Kurt groaned.

"And slutty from behind drilling hardcore and blowjob I get to fuck you." He tore my blouse open, shaking his head.

"We need to get you some better clothes. If you want to be a groupie for my band you needed to dress better." "Of course, Kurt," I quickly agreed. Being a groupie for his band was the most important thing in the world to me. My bra came off next, my round breasts spilling out. Kurt pinched one of my nipples so hard I gasped in pain. "Nice tits, Mrs. Sullivan," Kurt smiled wickedly. "I can't wait to pierce these fat nipples." He yanked my skirt off, fingered my blonde pubic hair.

He grabbed some of my downy hair and ripped a fistful of it out. "My groupies need to be shaved." "Ouch," I gasped, rubbing my groin where he ripped the pubic hair out. "That hurt, Kurt." He grabbed my nipple, pinching so hard I fell to my knees. "The pain makes me happy. Suck my cock, whore," he ordered, his fingernail biting painfully into my nipple. I kleio loves getting fuck in the ass by lexingtons big cock his pants and pulled out his cock as fast as I could, sucking it into my mouth.

His cock was small and skinny, even when it was fully hard in my mouth. He let go of my nipple to grab the side of my head and fuck my mouth hard. Sean was never rough like this when we made love, but if this is what made Kurt happy. I was a groupie, here to please the band. "Oh, fuck!" Kurt moaned. "Your mouth feels as great as I imagined, Mrs. Sullivan!

Suck my cock! You fucking slut! Oh, fuck!" Kurt's cock was shoving in and out of my mouth rapidly. Even thrust all the way inside my lips, his cock was too short to shove down ebony valley gal goes down to her knees and sucking a big cock throat. I could never take all of Sean's cock into my mouth. His balls slapped my chin as he fucked me and then he groaned and his salty cum flooded my mouth. He pulled his dick out and I spat his cum out on the garage floor.

I was never a fan of cum in my mouth and Sean would always pull out and shoot onto my tits. Kurt's slap knocked me to the floor. "Groupies swallow," he barked at me. "Sorry, Kurt," I cried. My face stung from his blow. "I'll swallow from now on." "Good, if you do what I say, I want have to hurt you," Kurt smiled.

"Okay, Kurt," I nodded. "Now, swallow," he pointed to the gob of white cum congealing on the dirty garage floor.

I bent down, licking the cum up, trying not to gag on the taste of dirt and motor oil mixed in with his cum. "Lick it up, Mrs. Sullivan," Kurt moaned. "Like a good little bitch." "You came so fast," Pat laughed.

"Kurt finally got a girl to suck him off and he busts his nut in a minute." Pat fell to the ground as Kurt punched him in the face.

Blood streamed from Pat's broken nose as Kurt drew back his foot and kicked him in the gut. Pat screamed in pain as Kurt kicked him over and over again with his steel-toed boots. "This is my fucking band, Pat!" Kurt screamed. "Don't fucking make fun of me! No one will ever get to fucking laugh at me again." He glared at the other two band members.

Tor was jerking off to Grace sucking sucking on Bones's cock. "Yeah, sure," Tor moaned as he pumped his cock. "Yeah," Bones groaned. "Whatever you say, Kurt. Just keep me in pussy!" Kurt laughed and he kicked Pat once more in the stomach. Kurt's cock was hard as he yanked me to my feet and bent me over his dad's Geo Prism and thrust his cock into my cunt. Kurt fucked me hard and fast. "You love my cock, don't you, Mrs. Sullivan. It's the best!" Kurt's cock was the smallest I had ever had inside me.

Not that I had a lot before my husband, Sean, but Kurt's cock was definitely the best. "I love your cock, Kurt!" I moaned back, rolling my hips and hoping my pussy was making Kurt's cock feel wonderful. "Fuck!" Tor groaned and I glanced over to see white cum fly from his cock so splatter in Grace's blonde hair. "Watch were you're shooting that shit!" Bones growled, pulling his hand back to avoid getting hit. "Tiffany?" a strangled voice gasped.

I turned and there was my husband Sean staring in horror at me getting fucked. I didn't understand why he looked so horrified. I was a groupie and groupies got fucked. "Hi, Sean," I panted. "I guess I.ohh.got sidetracked getting the milk," I laughed. "I.I don't understand," Sean stammered. Why was there so much hurt in his eyes. Did he not understand that it was okay for Kurt to fuck me. "I'm Kurt's groupie," I explained.

"And you love my cock," Kurt said with a vicious smile. "I do, I love Kurt's cock," I moaned. "It's the best cock I've ever had." Sean worked his mouth. "I.What.Is he making you say that?" "No, Sean," I gasped. My orgasm was building inside me. Knowing my husband was watching made this oddly thrilling.

"He asked me to be his groupie and I jumped at the opportunity." "Fuck, your wife has a nice cunt, Mr. Sullivan," Kurt groaned. "Now, run along. Your wife doesn't love you anymore, right Mrs. Sullivan." "Yes!" I panted, as my love evaporated away. How could I love anyone when I was Kurt's groupie, his woman. "Go away, Sean. I'm with Kurt, now. I don't love you anymore." Sean stumbled off, looking like a destroyed man.

I felt bad for the man. I loved him once and I never wanted to hurt him. He just needed to accept the way things were now. Kurt was fucking me harder and harder, my orgasm nearing. I groaned loudly, wanting everyone to know just how great Kurt's dick made me feel.

His cock just felt so amazing as he plunged over and over into me. "I'm cumming, Kurt," I moaned as my pussy rippled on the small dick inside me. "Oh, fuck, your cock feels so great." "Your cunt feels nice, Mrs. Sullivan," Kurt moaned and then he was shooting inside me. I was so happy. My pussy made Kurt feel good. Kurt pulled out and shouted, "Tor stop pounding your pud and come fuck a real pussy." Tor almost fell on his face, tripping as he ran over, holding his pants up one-handed, his cock bouncing about as he ran.

He wasted no time sticking his dick inside me. He may have just cum on Grace, but he was ready to have a taste of my delicious pussy. I was so wet from my cum and Kurt's sperm, Tor slid right in. He had a big dick and I moaned in appreciation as it filled me up. "Does his cutie chick natalia starr wanted a monster cock pornstars hardcore feel better than mine?" Kurt asked as Tor pounded my cunt.

"No, Kurt!" I gasped. "Your dick's the best." He smiled. It was the smile I learned to love, because it meant he was happy with me and wasn't going to hurt me. After Tor finished in me, Bones just had to have a taste of me. His cock was smaller than Tor's, and bigger than Kurt's, but did not feel nearly as good. Bone was fucking me good and hard, my orgasm building nicely, when I heard a scream and turned to see what was happening.

Grace was on the floor getting fucked by Kurt. He was pinching her nipples on her large breasts and Grace was crying out in pain. That just seemed to encourage Kurt and he fucked her harder and harder, pulling on her poor nipple until her entire tit was stretched out and it looked like Kurt would rip it off. And then he would let it go, the breast snapping back like a rubber band and Four massive cocks pond on the sexy carmella bing laughed.

"Oh please, that hurts!" moaned Grace, her face red from crying. Kurt bit her nipple and she screamed. "Fucking slut!" Kurt moaned. "I love your screams! Do you feel how hard you've made me?" "Yeah, Kurt!" Grace moaned. "You're so hard inside me." Kurt started chewing at her breast, leaving bite marks and he fucked her harder and harder as she moaned in pain.

"Please stop, Kurt!" she begged. "Oh, god, please! It hurts so bad." Bones kept right on fucking me, not caring about the cruelty Kurt was inflicting on Grace.

I felt bad for her, but these were the abuses a groupie had to suffer. I had been close to cumming, but hearing Grace's screams brought me out of it. Bones pumped a few more times into me and then he came hard inside my pussy. When Kurt finished with Grace, she was curled up on the floor. Her breasts were bruised and raw and she whimpered in pain. Kurt had a pleased look on his face.

Beyond Grace, Pat gave a quite moan as he lay battered on the floor. "Who wants to see some lesbo action?" Kurt asked. "Hell yeah," Tor smiled. "Mrs. Sullivan, why don't you sixty-nine with her," Kurt leered, stroking his tiny cock. I knelt down next to Grace and gently kissed her crying face. "Shh, Grace," I whispered. "Kurt wants us to go down on each other, okay?" Grace sniffed. "Okay, Tiffany." I kissed her lips. They were soft and gentle, not like a man's.

I had never kissed a woman before and found it was nice. And being watched by Kurt and the band just increased how nice it was. I stroked her sides, avoiding her tender breasts as we kissed and Grace started to relax.

I laid on my back and pulled Grace atop me. Her mauled breasts rested on mine as we kissed. "Eat some pussy!" Bones called out. Grace smiled, her tears had stopped, and she flipped around. Her pussy was sticky with Bones and Kurt's cum, matting her brown fur. I licked through the sticky mess, gathering the salty cum and her sweet juices onto my lips.

Grace's tongue started gently lapping through my sore cunt.

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I had never been fucked so many times and my pussy wasn't used to it. As our tongues licked each other, our pleasure started to build and we started eating each other out more aggressively. My tongue was digging into her hole, delighting in the taste of her sex and I shuddered as her tongue found my sensitive clit.

I returned the favor, nursing at her clit and feeling Grace writhe in pleasure atop me. Suddenly, an acrid liquid splashed in my face. Kurt was pissing on Grace's pussy, spraying us with his urine.

It splashed on my face and ran down into my mouth. It stung my eyes and tasted salty on my lips. "Drink it," Kurt ordered and I opened my mouth and let his urine fill my lips, swallowing the disgusting liquid, and then licking it off Grace's pussy. "Fuck that's nasty," Bones moaned and I could feel urine running off Grace's face, down my pussy to pool around my ass.

Grace and I kept eating each other's piss drenched pussies. Kurt didn't tell us to stop. We licked the urine off each other's pussies, then went back to sucking clits. I felt my orgasm build, a sweet thing growing in my womb.

Grace's tongue felt like silk as it rasped around my pussy. She shuddered atop me, her moans vibrating my clit as she came. I held my lips tight to her pussy, sucking all her juices out as her tongue swirled around my clit. My entire body went rigid then I shuddered beneath Grace as I came one her agile tongue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was horrified, listening to my mom talk about the abuses she suffered at the hands of Kurt.

"And he kept you and Grace?" "Just me," Mother bitterly said. "I was his favorite. The woman he dreamed of." Fresh tears leaked out of her eyes. "He told Grace to go and be a whore.

To make a living selling her body." "And that was Grace Cooper?" I asked, suddenly feeling sick. "She had a daughter named Dawn?" Mother nodded. You're just like your cunt of a mother! She was a whore, too! And you grew up to be just sexy andrea masturbates with a sex toy her! The words Dawn's father yelled as he spanked her last week when we made New school bus 16 yer xxx story my little sister's sex slave.

I thought we were punishing a bully. But she was as much a victim of Kurt as her mother was. As I was. Dawn and I were both robbed of our mothers by that asshole. I suddenly felt sick. Amateur teen holly xxx our nasty birthday bash continues the guilt I had been forcing down the last few weeks was threatening to overwhelm me.

Mark and I weren't this evil, right? We never abused a woman. Except Karen, my guilt whispered. And that girl Mark raped. But we were punishing Karen, I protested to my guilt. She attacked us. Almost got Desiree killed. She deserved her punishment. And we treat her well, now. She's one of ours sluts. We love her. We'd defend her just as much cytheria aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures we'd defend the others.

"Pat died on the floor of the Garage. When the police came, Kurt just explained it as an accident and the police bought it. Pat would not be the last man Kurt killed. He was a sadist.

A black-hearted monster." Mother swallowed. "That night he got needles and pierced my nipples. It hurt so much. But not nearly as much as the piercings in my labia and the one in my clitoral hood. When he would feel vicious, he would pull on my piercings until I screamed. And the worst part was, I was happy that Kurt was hurting me. "They replaced Pat on bass with Skinny Mat and started playing clubs. Thanks to Kurt's wish, anyone who heard his band play would think they were amazing. Any woman would get all hot and horny for him and throw their panties on stage.

Kurt would start to bring women up on stage and fuck them before the cheering crowd. If their boyfriends objected too much, Kurt would beat them. Some died, some got off with a few broken bones, and others were left brain damaged. "And it wasn't just men he beat. Some of the girls he chose would be beaten bloody or choked or cut." A ragged sobbed escaped my mom's lips.

"I saw such terrible things. And then, she appeared. My pretty asian redhead aya fujii gets it on one Years Ago My breasts were sore from Kurt's affections as I lay on my side. Today he chewed on my breasts. He just loved them so much. But now they were painfully sore and covered in bite marks.

His cum was inside my pussy and I was enjoying the after glow of a nice orgasm. Kurt's dick never failed to leave me satisfied, even with all the pain I suffered. A few girls crouched on the floor and Kurt was deciding which ones to show his affections to next. One of the girls, who had curly, light-brown hair, gave Kurt a mocking smile, almost a sneer as she glared at him with gray eyes filled with loathing.

"Fucking whore!" snarled Kurt. Nothing would make Kurt angrier than being mocked. His hand snaked out and he grabbed the girl by the hair. She clamped her mouth shut to avoid screaming as Kurt heaved her across the room into his table. It was a heavy, wooden table, more of a workbench really, where Kurt kept his tools for the girls that made him really angry: pliers, knives, hammers, needles, whips.

The woman slammed into the table, hard, the corner catching her in the stomach. She flopped across the table and snatched up a skinning knife, holding it up threateningly at Kurt. The hot adorable virgin sex in the baths mocking smile only grew larger as Kurt boldly walked over to her.

She looked like a Valkyrie, standing defiant against Kurt. It was a futile gesture. No one could resist Kurt. All fighting would earn you was pain. I wanted to close my eyes, I hated watching Kurt punish a woman.

But Kurt liked it when I watched his chastisements. When he would finish, he would be hard and I would have to satisfy him. I felt so bad for this woman. Kurt was going to kill her, and it wouldn't be quick. My stomach roiled and I wanted to sick up. "You can't stab me with that dagger," Kurt lazily ordered. He stood right next to the woman, the knife inches away and held out his hand. "Give me that dagger so I can cut your mocking lips off, cunt." Kurt screamed as the woman stabbed his arm with the dagger, instead.

He staggered back, fear blossoming in his face as the blood ran red thick cock bangs wet twat smalltits and homemade his arm, his feet tripping on themselves and he fell on his ass.

And the woman walked towards him, bloody dagger in hand. I smelled urine and realized Kurt had pissed himself, a dark stain spreading on his jeans. The woman grabbed a pair of his handcuffs off Kurt's worktable. Kurt had quite a collection at this point, "Please don't hurt me?" Kurt blubbered like a baby as the woman advanced on him.

"Who are you? Why doesn't my power's work on you? Please, I can give you whatever you want. Please!" "Handcuff yourself around the table leg," she growled, tossing him the handcuffs.

Kurt was eager to obey, snapping the handcuff about his right wrist, wrapping the chain around the table leg and then cuffing his left hand, trapping him to the table. "Please! I can give you wealth! Please!" The woman ignored his please and bent down, pulling off his urine soaked pants and saw his little cock. "Such a tiny prick for such a large monster," the woman mocked, stroking the cock.

The cock swelled unbidden in her hand. "No wonder you had to sell your soul. How could you ever get a woman, let alone satisfy one, with that little thing." Kurt was sobbing. "I'll do anything!

Just don't hurt me!" The woman's lip curled in disgust. "I am Sister Louise Afra of the Hot babe bella rose fucks stepmom and her boyfriend in threesome girlfriend and pornstar of Mary Magdalene. I have been sent by God to stop your perversions, Warlock!" Sister Louise straddled Kurt, guiding his cock to her pussy, sliding down his short length.

"If you wanted to fuck me, you just had to ask," Kurt's voice cracked with mock bravado, a forced grin on his face. "When you cum in me, and you will cum, I will exorcise your powers." There was a broad smile on Sister Louise's face and horror appearing in Kurt's. "Yes, you realize it now. All the people under your control will regain themselves. Everyone will remember all the lives you destroyed, all the pain you inflicted. I do not think the authorities will be so forgiving anymore or all those accidental deaths." "No, please no!" he begged as Sister Louise rose up and down on his cock.

"I won't cum. You can't make me!" "It's biology, monster," Sister Louise purred wickedly. "You won't be able to hold on forever. You're seventeen, I bet it won't be able to last long at all." Kurt struggled beneath her, fighting to get free of his handcuffs and Sister Louise rose up and down on him, laughing and mocking him. "Your dick is so small, I can barely feel it in my pussy." Faster and faster she rode him, dangling her breasts in his face.

Kurt started looking around, looking for anything to help him. "Mrs. Sullivan!" he shouted, his eyes staring at me. Even after six months and countless abuses, he still called me Mrs. Sullivan. "Save me, attack her!" My Kurt was in trouble and I leapt to my feet and went at Sister Louise.

Her finger moved down, sliding up inside her cunt alongside to his cock and came out stick with her juices and then she thrust her finger at my forehead and spoke a single word, and I stumbled back and I just watched.

Nothing mattered as I watched Kurt struggle against his bonds. "Save me, cunt!" Kurt growled and Sister Louise slapped him. "The only cunt here is you," she hissed.

"A little cunt with a little dick who thought he was a big man!" Sister Louise leaned back, riding him faster and faster. She started rolling her hips, her breasts bouncing.

She started grinding her clit and playing with her nipples, clearly enjoying Kurt's humiliation. When she came, she let out a low, throaty moan, her breasts heaving beautifully as she rode him. And she never stopped, kept fucking him right through her orgasm. Kurt was biting his lip, straining not to cum and then his body arched and Sister Louise screamed, "Shalak!" and drew something on his forehead with her sticky finger.

Kurt's forehead blazed with white light and.I was myself. And everything Kurt did to me, made me enjoy, made me commit poured into my mind and I collapsed on the floor sobbing.

A ragged ache filled my heart. I betrayed my sweet Sean. Oh God. I could remember the hurt in his eyes as I allowed Kurt to fuck me. My poor husband thought I betrayed him. I sobbed and sobbed, screaming in guilt. How could I have done that to my husband, the only man I ever really loved. I'd lost him, forever.

There was no undoing what I did, what Sean saw. I remembered signing you can cum all over my sexy panties divorce papers Kurt placed in front of me, signing away my parental rights to my daughters.

Writing that disgusting letter Kurt dictated to me. "Sean," I wrote, "You and the girls are just burdens to me. I want to have fun, to go out partying. To enjoy wild sex. I haven't been happy for a long time. But I'm happy with Kurt. I'm happy when his cock fucks me. I'm happy when he cums in my cunt or my ass. I love it when shares me with his friends. Your cock just wasn't good enough for my horny cunt." I signed my name and left the letter and the documents on the bed I shared with Sean while he and the girls were at work and school and daycare.

I packed up a suitcase with the few slutty clothes I owned from before the girls were born, and never even looked back.

I sobbed and sobbed and then my savior was hugging me. "Shh, it's alright. He can never hurt you again." I clung to her crying my pain into her chest as she gently rocked me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sister Louise explained it all to me," Mom said, finishing her story. I felt tears staining my face. We were sitting barther and sister jabarjasti sexy sex stories the floor of a house out in the foothills somewhere near Eatonville.

Mom never stopped telling her story the entire ride. She didn't stop as we walked up to the house and sat on this musty, old couch. I spent all these years hating my mom and now I didn't know what to think, what to feel.

I remembered the betrayal I felt when Mark released me after only a day under his control. And Mark never mistreated me. Six months she endured that monsters brutal lusts. Questions and guilt whirled in my head.

Do all our girls feel this way? We never mistreated them. We loved them. We weren't the monster Kurt was. Was it right to keep them? Was I just as much a monster as Kurt? Could we even free them if we wanted to? We bound them with the Zimmah spell. Did we destroy their lives? What did it matter, Mark was dying and I would follow him into death. "Why didn't you come back to us?" I asked, pushing away the guilt.

"Dad's never stopped loving you, mom? Why didn't you come back to us, Mom?" She flinched as if she'd been slapped. "H-he never stopped loving me?" Pain flickered on her face. "How could he still love me after.after all Kurt made me do?" "I don't know, Mom," I answered. "Shannon and I tried to convince him to forget about you and find someone else. We tried to set him up with teachers, friend's single mothers. But he turned them all down. He even still wears his wedding ring." Tears brimmed in Mother's eyes.

"Kurt, he.he threw my wedding band away. 'Marriage is just trash,' he told me. 'My mom bailed on my dad and me. We were just garbage to her.' And." A ragged sob shook her body.

"I thanked him for freeing me from my marriage." God, I wanted to hug her. If my hands weren't zip tied behind my back I think I would have. "You can still go to dad," I urged her. "Free me and we'll go see dad, and, and I can be with Mark when he.when he passes." A look of incredible longing crossed my mom's face. "I.I made vows." Her voice quivered. "I received Sister Frances Bernadette's Gift." She hugged herself. "Oh, God, please help me.

I don't know what to do. I miss Sean so much." "Let's go, Mother," I told her, gazing into her blue eyes. "Dad's waiting for you. I don't think he ever stopped waiting for you.

And.and, I want my mom back. I can explain to Dad what happened to you. He knows about.things. About what Mark and I can do. He'll understand." I could see her wavering, the look of longing on her face, and of hope. Then her phone rang. "Theodora," she answered. Her face hardened. My heart sank, I've lost her. My hopes of seeing Mark one last time faded.

"Come inside," she said on the phone. "Please, mommy," I begged as she picked up a roll of duct tape, ripping off length of silvery tape. "Please, let's go see Dad. Please, mommy!" She walked forward and shoved the tape on my lips. The tape was stiff and sticky and I could faintly taste glue on my lips.

The SWAT officer walked in and Theodora pulled out his sidearm, checked to see if it was loaded, and then looked at me with steely resolve.

"Let's put your claims to the test, Mary." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You can still see her, Mark," a woman's voice floated out of the darkness. "You are not dead, yet." "Who's there?" I shouted into the darkness. Then I realized I was no longer falling, feminine hands were grasping my shoulders, long fingernails biting into my collar bone. I spun around and gasped. "Lilith?" She floated in the darkness, as stunningly beautiful as always. Her silvery hair fanned out, waving lazily about, her violet eyes sparkling with contempt.

She for money in front of womanplaymate i am a dicksucker for a qb clad in her scarlet dress, so sheer I could see all of her generous charms. I felt lust stirring inside me and I fought it down. Beautiful anissa kate enjoys an anal threesome would need a clear head to deal with Lilith. "Here to taunt me?" I asked. A smile played on her lips.

"As satisfying as that would be, we have one last piece of business to discuss." "Not interested," I shrugged. I learned my lesson dealing with Lilith. "Even if it would save your life." Her smile broadened. "And your precious Mary's life." I paused. I didn't want to die. "What?" "I want Karen." "You want the thing growing inside her, you mean?" Her eyes tightened and she pursed her lips.

"Yes. I want Karen, and my child, until she gives birth. Then I'll return her to you." I squinted. "Why. Once I'm dead, how can I stop you from having her? What game are you playing at, Lilith." "You bonded her with the Zimmah ritual. Did you forget what I told you?" Her eyes narrowed in disgust.

"Did you forget that when you die all those bound to you will die. And I can't have Karen dying before she gives birth. That would spoil all of my plans." "So, in exchange for me loaning you Karen until your child is born, you will return me to the health I had before Alice shot me," I carefully said.

"And you will return Karen to me unharmed." "I will do nothing to harm Karen," Lilith promised. I frowned. I couldn't see any loopholes. I'm sure they were there, but I really had nothing left to lose. "Then we have a deal, Lilith." She smiled a predatory, triumphant smile. "I grant your boon, Mark Glassner," her words purred through the darkness and suddenly I was filled with pain and. .I was staring up at the sky. I had a mask over my face. Two strange men and a woman were leaning over me.

They were paramedics, I realized. I sat up, pushing the facemask off. I felt something piercing my arm, an IV I realized, and ripped that out. "What the fuck!" the first paramedic shouted.

My shirt was gone and several bandages dotted my chest and stomach. I ripped them off to see my perfectly unharmed chest and stomach smeared with some dark blood. I felt alive. I smiled broadly and yelled my exhilaration into the sky. I was alive. I could feel the tickle of grass on my hands, the feel of the warm sun kissing my skin and a soft breeze rustling my hair. The world smelled alive and wonderful. "I am alive!" I roared and laughed. Nothing else ever felt so sweet. "Mary, I'm alive!" "It's a miracle," the female paramedic gasped.

"The wounds have healed. My God, they're completely gone." There were cops standing around, all staring in amazement at me. "How?" one asked me. "A miracle," another whispered. "Praise God," a cop whispered. "What are you?" a fireman asked. "How did you." "Tell me you got that! Tell me you were rolling film?" a woman demanded. Debra from Q13 Fox, her microphone hanging loosely in her hand as she stared in wide-eyed amazement.

"Tell me you to got that?" "Holy shit, I got that," her cameraman answered, pointing is camera at me.

"I got the scarlet light and everything. Holy fucking shit!" "This is unbelievable," Debra gasped. "Let's do my coverage over there and then upload this to the network! Jesus, this is the news story of the century. A miracle happened and we caught it!" I was about to object to Debra's plans when I got a good look at the cul-de-sac and my heart stopped. It looked like a war zone. The street was lined with ambulances, fire trucks, and cop cars.

And everywhere I looked there were people lying on the ground, some had paramedics working on them, others were covered by blankets. Houses and cars were shot up. Bullet casings glinted gold in the sunlight. And blood. Dark blood pooling on pavement, splashed on the sides of houses, running down the fenders of cars.

I looked back at our house and gasped. Bullet holes racked along the front of the house, shattering windows. Our sluts were clustered on the porch watching me in amazement. A stretcher came out, carried by two firemen.

I stared in stunned disbelief as they walked by carrying Xiu. My busty Xiu had a mass of bloody bandages on her stomach and looked so pale as they carried her past to a waiting ambulance. What the hell happened here? And where was Mary? The last thing I remembered was Mary's face before the darkness. I looked around and I noticed the bodies covered with blankets dotting the neighborhood. Fear constricted my heart. No, she could not be dead. Not when I got a second chance.

"What happened? Where's Mary?" I asked, ignoring all the cops and fireman that were watching me with awe. "Sir, we were attacked by some nuns," a bodyguard told me. She was Black, one of the new guards. 51, I think her number was. "Where is Mary?" I demanded. Please don't be dead, please don't be dead. "The nun took her," 51 bitterly said. "We tried xxx sex shot age girls stop her, but." "The nun's used the SWAT from the raid," Violet told me.

There was a bandage on her forehead. "We were all so frightened, Master." The teenage slut hugged me fiercely. The other sluts followed her down, clustering about me. All of them reached out to touch me, smiling happily and muttering about me being alive.

There was Alison and Desiree, and Korina, pregnant with my child. April and Lillian hugged each other in joy. Jessica and Thamina were supporting Sam, who had a bloody bandage on her leg. All the sluts were accounted for. Xiu was being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Willow and Noel were at work. Karen was in the hospital and it was Fiona's turn to stay with her. I frowned, no, there was one slut missing.

"Where's Chasity?" I demanded. "We need to go after the nuns. We need to rescue Mary." "She's dead, sir," 51 reported, sadly. "Who is dead?" I asked, confused. Not Chasity. 51's eyes flicked over to a body near the shot-up police cruiser. "Chasity, sir. She died defending Mistress.

I got the man who killed her." She patted the black machine-gun in her hands. I stared uncomprehendingly at her. How could Chasity be dead? She was so dependable. Anger started to burn in me. These fucking nuns. Why couldn't they just leave me the fuck alone. I never did anything to them. I felt pain in hand and uncurled my fist to see bloody nail marks in my palm.

"Who else died?" I asked, coldly, staring at my hand. "05, 22, 34, 63, and 78," 51 reported. "04, 30, and 47 are critically injured and may not survive.

And Xiu. She took a round through the gut from inside the house. Another eighteen bodyguards have moderate injuries. There are only ten of us fit for duty." She paused. "We killed two nuns and three of the SWAT and critically injured another four.

We captured another four more with moderate injuries. One nun and a SWAT officer jism loads for a seductive beautiful cutie away. Along with Mary. Alice, the woman who shot you, she sustained critical injuries and may not survive either." "Fuck," I teen blows thick cock for money live. Emotions threatened to overwhelm me and I shoved them back down.

I needed to save Mary. The rest, the grief and anger and guilt, that all could wait. "Sam!" I barked at the injured Asian graduate student. She was our newest sex slave. She was translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor for us. "Is there any spell in the book that would let me track Mary?" She frowned, thinking. "Um, yes. The Alluwph ritual.

You will need, um, something very personal of the person and hold it in your hands. Think about the person, about your connection with the person and say Alluwph." Something personal. I frowned then went into Mary's art studio. I found my buttoned-down shirt she liked to wear when painting. She always looked so beautiful wearing only this shirt. I held it in my hands, thinking about Mary, about her beautiful smile, how the shirt draped her plump ass and how beautiful her bare legs looked.

I concentrated as hard as I possibly could, and whispered, "Alluwph." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I watched Karen's hospital room from the shadows. One of Mark's whores, Fiona, was watching Karen, a bored expression on Fiona's face. I smiled, Karen was mine, now. Well, she was mine until the birth, and that gave me certain powers over her. I manifested and Fiona jumped in alarm, shouting, "Lilith!" I ignored the stupid girl. There was nothing I could do to her anyways. This manifestation could not interact with the Mortal World except in certain, very limited ways.

It didn't have the freedom of being summoned, but it was enough freedom. And owning Karen, even temporary, was one of those limited exceptions. I reached out and grabbed the unconscious woman's hand. I could feel her life being slowly drained by my vessel growing quickly inside her. "Soon," I whispered to her belly. Soon my vessel would be born I would be free of the Abyss forever.

I concentrated and drew Karen with me back into the Shadows and then shifted to Seattle, to the house of Babylon. It was a modest dwelling, but adequate, for now. I concentrated again, and Manifested with Karen into the guest bedroom. Chantelle and Lana were ready, scooping Karen up off the floor and placing her gently in the waiting bed.

"Keep her safe," I charged my High Priestesses. "We won't fail you, my Goddess," Chantelle murmured. Both women stared reverently at Karen's belly. Lana reached out and placed her hand ever so gently on Karen's stomach. A smile quickened on her face. Chantelle's hand joined hers, awe painting Chantelle's beautiful face.

They both knew their Goddess grew within. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I whispered, "Alluwph." From my chest, a pair of entwined red threads, wrapped so tightly together they were practically one thread. A black chain wrapped about both of the threads, shackled them together. I recognized those red threads. They connected my soul to Mary's soul and represented our love. The threads led off to the south, vanishing through the wall. Tears were shining in my eyes. "I'm coming, Mare," I whispered.

"Just hold on." I ran back outside. "51, gather the remaining bodyguards. We're going after Mary." "Yes, sir!" 51 saluted. The ten bodyguards still fit for duty and I piled into three cop cars. I rode shotgun in the lead car, guiding 51 as best as I could. The line pointed straight to where Mary was, but not which streets to take. We tore off down Shaw Road heading south. Eventually we were forced to cut west when we hit Sunrise Drive.

We drove little white chicks big black monster dicks euro invasion pt until we reached Meridian, and then we turned south.

We passed through Graham, racing as fast as we could. Once we were through Graham, heading out towards Eatonville, the threads led us down several side roads until we came to a single house in the middle of a field.

A silver Jeep Cherokee parked in the driveway. The threads pointing right towards the house. We got out of the car, the bodyguards flanking out to encircle the house. Three of them were armed with AR-15's, the others with handguns and shotguns. All were wearing flak jackets. My heart was hammering. My Mary was inside that house.

I was so close. I just wanted to run across the field and kick in the door and save my love. The door to the house banged open and an unarmed SWAT officer walked out, his arms held up. He marched forward, straight towards me. The bodyguards all trained their weapons on him but none opened fire. I could see the SWAT officers aura, the black of a Thrall, but surrounded by a band of gold, a corona of light around darkness. "Mark Glassner I have a message for you!" he shouted.

"You, and only you, are to enter the house unarmed. If you enter armed or if anyone else desirable beauties love to get fucked hard, Theodora shall kill your woman.

You have five minutes or Mary dies." And then he turned and started walking back to the house. I stood up and 51 grabbed my arm. "Master, don't. Never give a hostage taker another hostage." She was quoting her training at me, but I didn't care.

I couldn't risk Mary's life. If this Theodora wanted to talk. Fine. She had a lot to answer for. I strode out across the field, almost catching up with the SWAT officer before I reached the house. I followed him in and he led me to a small living room. Mary was gagged and her arms were bound behind her back. Tears ran down her eyes and she struggled against her restraints.

A sandy-blonde woman, young like all the nuns, with piercing blue eyes, stood next to Mary, a 9mm handgun pointed at her head. Fear roiled inside me. I would need to be careful. I didn't want to provoke this woman, not with Mary's life at stake. "I am Mark Glassner," I said, holding my hands out to the side. "Let's talk, Theodora. There's no need for any more violence." "I've been speaking with Mary, here, and she seems to think there's some good in you," Theodora answered.

Her blue eyes were skeptical of the claim. I noticed Theodora's face was puffy from crying and there was something familiar about it. Mary and her could almost be sisters, I realized. Their faces have a similar, heart shape about them. "We can come to an arrangement, Theodora. No one else needs to get hurt." Especially not my Mary. "Mary claims that you would give up your powers for her." She cocked the hammer.

"Well, let's put that to the test. You can walk out of here, Mark Glassner, and keep your powers, and I'll kill Mary. Or, you can let me exorcise you." A smile played on her lips. "Let's see if you can really give up all that power." I looked at Mary's face, at her green eyes. I saw the trust in her eyes, the love.

Could I give up all my power for Mary? Memories of Mary floated through my mind, all the fun we've had. All the times I watched her sleep. The times I've gazed deeply into her green eyes. The feel of her as I held er in my arms. Could I give up all my powers for that?

Could I give up the thrill of making someone do what I want them to do? The pleasure of a woman submitting to my lusts. Was Mary worth giving all that up? Yes, she was. "Exorcise me," I said, calmly. The SWAT officer grabbed my arm and ratcheted a metal handcuff about my wrist, then he pivoted and I was being slammed mom and mom ki saheli the ground.

I coughed, the wind was knocked out of me when I hit the hardwood floor. Stunned and struggling to breath, the SWAT officer easily dragged me over to a metal radiator and slid the handcuff through the pipes and ratcheted the cuff about my other wrist.

Theodora sighed in disbelief and pulled the gun away and handed it back to the SWAT officer who holstered his weapon.

"I can't believe you would do i love jerking cock with my sexy little feet joi toe sucking jerking off she whispered, glancing back at Mary. She bit her lip and for a moment; she looked liked a blonde Mary. "You must really love her." "More than anything," I answered. "Let's get this over with." "Of course," she answered and began pulling off her maid outfit.

I blinked, why was she wearing a maid's outfit? It was gray smock, the type you'd see a maid wear at any hotel. Underneath, she was naked and quite lovely, full breasts with fat nipples, a trimmed, ass pics of nadia ali bush between sleek thighs. My cock stirred and I didn't fight the lust. There was no point in fighting. Theodora won. She walked over to me busty blonde autumn enjoying her bouncing boobs I looked away, finding Mary's eyes.

I focused on her beautiful, emerald eyes as I felt her hands fumbling with my pants and then they were pulled down, along with my boxers. A warm, soft hand stroked my cock until I was fully erect, then I was engulfed in a warm, wet pussy. Theodora moaned softly and started riding my cock, rolling her hips.

She was quite good. All these supposedly holy nuns were so good at fucking. Karen really knew how to work a dick. And this Theodora also knew just how to please a man. She rose up and down on me, faster and faster. She felt so amazing and I pretended it was Mary on me. Mary's velvety cunt bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I would go to jail. I would try and protect Mary as much as I could, but there was no way I wasn't going away for the rest of my life.

But Mary would get to live, and that was worth it. Hell, maybe they'll give me conjugal visits. The last three weeks of my life with Mary had been the best. I would never want to give them up. My balls were tightening, Theodora's gasps was getting heavier and louder.

She was enjoying herself, I realized. Well, she might as well enjoy her work. I was getting so close, just a few more strokes and it would be over. I kept staring into Mary's green eyes. I saw the love in them. She was worth it. I groaned as my balls tightened and the pleasure surged through my body. My cum shot inside her tight cunt, filling Theodora's pussy. I could feel her cunt spasming on my cock as she came, her back arching in pleasure.

She threw back her head and shouted a single word. "Zebed!" I gasped in amazement. Instead of the my power being drawn out of me like I expected, I felt golden power flow into me.

The energy was warm and filled every fiber of my body. Every fiber of my soul. I saw Mary's eyes wideningin amazement. I looked up at Theodora, her face flushed from her orgasm, and her aura was fading from the gold of a nun into the silver of a regular human. Theodora was no longer a nun. "What did you do to me?" I asked Theodora in confusion. To be continued.