Xxx sexy porn story girl 18th sex stories

Xxx sexy porn story girl 18th sex stories
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The sun was streaming into my bedroom when I opened my eyes. The sounds of morning drifted from the kitchen and I smelled coffee, bacon, toast, and eggs. As I rolled nude to a sitting position on the edge of the bed, my erect cock felt a little sore from the previous night's activities. I closed my eyes remembering the look on Jacqui's face, the movement of her body in sync with mine, and the feel of her sex entwined around me.

Her smell and taste were etched into my senses. She is my sixteen-year old cousin and we had made wonderful love. Not just a youthful experiment in sex, we had made impassioned, incredible, fulfilling love. Jacqui would only be visiting my family for the next four days, and would then return to her family in the west Texas plains. Some way, I had to experience her again before then. Since she had initiated our first rendevous last night, I was confident that she would be more than a willing participant again.

That bathroom was across the hall from my room, and the urgency of my morning piss was impossible to ignore. The towel that Jacqui had so coyly teased me with the night before lay on the foot of my bed. I wrapped it loosely around my waist, realizing that my engorged cock would be obvious if anyone were looking, but nature was being a mother. I stepped into the hall just as Jacqui opened the door to the quest room. Beautiful chubby girl is fucking plumber workshop teenager wore a short, lightweight, white robe that just covered her beautiful ass.

It, like my towel was not tied, but held loosely in her hand at the middle.

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Her firm breasts were largely visible, and the bottom front parted enough that a glimpse of her womanhood flashed briefly to my view. A glance confirmed that my mom and dad were talking in the kitchen.

Jacqui noticed my quick scan and smiled in concurrence with my intention. Stepping into the hallway and pulling her door shut behind her, she put a hand on my shoulder and guided me into the bathroom.

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Behind the closed door she released her grip on the robe, letting it fall open to reveal her beautiful body to me fully. She was even more stunning this morning in full light. Her green eyes flashed, and the contrast of her dark hair against her olive skin was adorable. She was a babe! "We can't get caught doing anything in the house," I cautioned her checking that the door was locked behind us.

"So, don't get us caught," she laughed, reaching down and caressing my now throbbing pole through the towel. "Your door is open, mine is shut. You're parents won't open my door to check on me, and will assume you're in here alone.

. . now, what shall we do with this?" "Well, unless you're looking for a golden shower, you'd better let me take a piss," I said stepping over to the toilet. She followed me, pulling my towel away and letting it fall to the floor.

She reached down taking my cock in her hand and guided the head downward cooing, "Here, let me lend a hand." Even with a full-up hard-on, I released a solid stream into the toilet. I pissed for what seemed minutes, Jacqui gently holding my cock and rubbing my ass cheeks with her other hand.

"You really have a beautiful cock, Austin," she purred, still caressing my seven inch, uncut tool. We both knew we couldn't start anything with my parents just down the hall, and likely to appear at any moment.

Still, Jacqui let her robe fall from her shoulders and squatted naked on the toilet, releasing her own stream into the water. She reached up and pulled family guy hentai naughty lois wants anal foreskin back and wiped me dry with my towel from the floor.

Smiling, she pulled me toward her and parted her lips to engulf the tip and sucked away from me letting me fall softly from her warm, moist mouth. She grasped my shaft at the base and directed me again toward her mouth, leaned into me and kissed up and down the throbbing pole.

Just as she poised herself to take me completely into her mouth, my dad tapped once on the door and said, "Austin, breakfast is ready." We then heard him rap on the door to the guest room, Jacqui's room, and call out, "Jacqui, it's ready when you are!" My heart stopped, and Jacqui covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a giggle.

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I thought, "You imp, you think it'd be funny for us to get busted." I gave my dad a few moments to get back to the kitchen, flushed the sexy blonde milf natasha nice anal teacher for effect and wrapped the towel around me again to dash across the hall into my bedroom.

Looking back, I saw Jacqui mouth the words, "Crack my door open," as she motioned with her hand. I did, and she stepped back into the bathroom hefting her tits in her hands and blew a kiss before she closed the door. I heard water begin to spray in the shower soon after.

Almost getting caught allowed my engorged prick to relax a bit, and I dressed for work. I was supposed to help a neighbor move some equipment, a task that would take most of the day. I cursed the luck of finally fulfilling my fantasies with my cousin and now being unable to spend time with her before she returned home in a couple of days. Walking into the kitchen, I made a conscious effort at normalcy. I gave my mom a peck on the check, saying, "Something smells really good." My dad, as he usually did, gave me a playful swat and asked, "What's up sport, ready for a big day?" "Yeah," I replied, "I'm supposed to help Mr.

Griffin move some stuff over to the Kelley's farm." "Oh, right," Dad came back, "he called and said he wouldn't be able to start that yet, something about trying again next week.

I guess you're off for the day." "Really? That's cool," I said. Thinking quickly I added, "If that's the case, would you mind if I took Jacqui up to the Gap to look for arrowheads, she had mentioned that she'd like to go?" My mom chimed in, "That would be nice, since she's only here for a couple more days.

I can pack you a lunch and you two can make a day of it. The weather is supposed be nice all day." Just then, Jacqui walked in wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a yellow tube top with a loose, white cotton shirt tied at the midriff over it. Her long dark hair was gathered at her neck and she was glowing, at least in my eyes. "Sleep well dear?" my mom asked, seeming to notice something new, but unsure what it might be. "Yes, very nice, thank you," Jacqui smiled back at my mom.

"You know I love it here." "Austin has the day off," my dad began, "and wants to take you on a picnic." "Really!" Jacqui beamed. "That would be great!" She smiled and winked at me with a knowing look. ******* Since this was a weekday, it would be unlikely that we would see anyone all day up in the Gap.

Driving my dad's Jeep, Jacqui and I arrived at a spot I was familiar with, and one where we had often found arrowheads in the past. Knowing that I wouldn't be looking for them on this outing, I'd snatched a couple from my dresser before leaving the house, just in case anyone asked.

We were on open range, and cattle were scattered across the hills in the distance. Cottonwood trees grew around a windmill, and a large metal stock tank held water deep enough to swim in.

It was clear and cool, even in the heat I knew we'd encounter today, shaded under the trees as it was. My beautiful cousin and I climbed out of the Jeep at the same time. She looked at luscious chick anna bell peaks blows hung instructor surroundings and said, "What a perfect spot to pick up where we left off last night.

It's miles to the nearest people, and nobody will be here accidentally. We can play with each other all day!" hardcore anal dp hd xxx the ring of impurity smiled my agreement and walked around to her. I took her hand and kissed her lightly on the lips, before continuing to the rear of the SUV. Retrieving a blanket from the back, I suggested we look for a clear spot under the trees.

My penis was beginning to swell within the confines of my jeans thinking of all that we'd enjoyed of each other just hours before and looking forward to today's adventures as well. We found a place not too far away where the grass was deeper and would be in shade for most of the morning. I kicked a couple of rocks out of the way, spread the thick blanket on the ground and turned to find Jacqui looking at me with a lustful hunger I'd never noticed before.

She was not my first, but there hadn't been many. The emotion I felt seeing the passion in her gaze was strong and my body responded quickly. My pulse became quickened, my breathing shallow. My stiffened prick swelled to an upright posture, the head almost escaping the top of my jeans. I reached to Jacqui, placed my hands on her shoulders drawing her close to my chest.

Our mouths parted and we kissed forcefully. Our tongues intertwined as our groping hands explored each other's bodies. Jacqui pushed her pelvis tightly against my groin, and I could feel the heat of her still hidden treasure burning against my flesh there. She rubbed against me, each movement increasing the discomfort of my engorged cock. Jacqui's hands left their travels about my anatomy and focused intently on the snaps of my shirt. She pulled the tail out of my jeans and quickly popped the front open.

With her hands still on the fabric she pulled out and downward, bringing the shirt off my shoulders and free from my arms at last. I reached down and untied the loose knot in the tails of her cotton shirt. With that undone, I reached and began to softly run my hands over her rounded mounds through the yellow tube top. Moving my hands to the sides, I slipped my fingers between the fabric and her warm breasts and pulled down unloosing her 34C breasts and allowing the erected nipples freedom into the air.

Jacqui quickly pulled the over-shirt off her shoulders and dropped it at the edge of our blanket. Kicking out of her sandals, she pulled the tube down past her shorts and dropped it at her feet. She stepped out and nudged the yellow cloth toward her shirt with her foot. We stood, each looking lustily at the other.

Jacqui subconsciously began to fondle her nipples, the swollen buds pinkish-brown in the light of day, the half dollar-sized areolas a slightly lighter shade. I stepped toward her and she stooped down and began to nuzzle my nipples big ass woman fingering and screwed hard by pawn dude pornstars and hardcore her lips, nipping them with her teeth and cooing softly. She dropped her hands to my ass and began to squeeze my cheeks through my jeans.

I raised my hands to her soft tits and caressed them tenderly, the pert nipples firm in my fingertips. My cock was really uncomfortable within the band of my pants, and I reached down to unsnap them, hoping for some relief. Jacqui took this as a cue, and quickly unsnapping her shorts, tore the zipper open and dropped them to her feet.

She stood fully naked before me, delicious, inviting, and exuding sexuality. I wasted no time joining her in nudity. I'd kicked out of my boots before we stepped onto the blanket, so dropping my jeans completed the undertaking.

Naked, we embraced and I felt her breasts against me, the soft mounds swaying with her movements, the upturned nipples obvious on my skin. I reached down and brushed my fingers across the downy softness of her mons. She shuddered. I traced small circles over her hooded clit, and she responded with soft, mewing moans. Her green eyes were closed, her head tilted back in the pure abandon of the moment. I ran my fingers down the length of her opened slit, feeling her moisture and heat within.

At the bottom, I paused and slowly inserted the mere tips of my first two fingers and pulled upward, tracing a path toward her clit. She moaned. Using the tip of my middle finger, I began to toy with her erect clitty, circling, rubbing, and re-circling from the other direction. Her breath became halted, and I began to maneuver her toward a sitting position on the blanket, intent to eat her like she'd never experienced before. She stopped me, going instead to her knees.

"I want to go first this time," she purred, licking her lips in a delicious show of desire. What fool would argue with that? Jacqui placed her hand on my hips at each side, and slowly, teasingly lowered her face toward my bobbing rod. My prick jumped with each beat of my pulse, as if it were a creature in itself. Jacqui watched this for a moment, seemingly enthralled with the fascinating biology of procreation. "I can never believe how dicks work," she said, genuine awe in her voice.

With her tongue slightly extended, Jacqui opened her mouth and sucked the tip of my impatient phallus into her velvety confines. She rolled her tongue against my glans, and sucked at the tip hungrily. Pulling back, she let me go and took a deep breath. She filled her mouth with saliva and ran her hands down the length of my prick spreading her spit and the dribble of precum that was gathered at my opening down the shaft.

Thus prepared, she virtually dove forward and impaled my cock to the hilt in her throat. Even with all we'd done already, the heights of sensation brought by this impaling was beyond anything I'd ever felt.

Jacqui gaged slightly, but recovered when she began a rhythmic motion, sucking and sliding to the tip, then re-impaling her mouth onto me again. She used her hands, encircling my rod, pumping with the motion of her rhythmical sucking, jacking me into delirium. I rocked in sync with her, thrusting in contra-motion to her face-lunges.

In mere seconds, it seemed, I felt my balls tighten, and a tingling heat rush from my ass to my nipples. My stomach tightened as well, and Jacqui responded to the increasing girth of my rock-hard cock by holding still at full depth keeping the tip of my cock buried in her throat.

I grunted aloud as my load began to spray into her. She swallowed my seed and continued to jack me with her hands as she pulled back slightly. She sucked until I finally had to pull out of her mouth because I couldn't take the intensity of her tickling tongue. I was so weakened sex xxx hores and girl story yousex fairy tales the force of my orgasm that I more or less fell to the blanket beside where Jacqui still knelt.

Moisture from my explosion was mixed with her saliva and coated her lips. Small streams of my cum dribbled down her chin. I leaned toward her, strangely compelled to kiss her. My lips met her parted mouth and soon our tongues were engaged, exchanging our mutual wetness. I ran my hands over Jacqui's body, enjoying without intimidation every curve, every secret place, every thing about her.

Running my fingers through her long hair and down her back, shivers ran through her and goose bumps covered her flesh. With the taste of my sex on our lips, I intended to fully return the awesome oral gift my cousin had given to me. I pressed against her shoulders, and gently encouraged her to lay back onto the blanket. Following her recline I placed my chest against her pink-capped mounds, my legs still off to the side.

I continued kissing down her chin, nibbled softly at her throat, and ran a trail of light kisses down to her beautiful breasts. I suckled her nips rolling my lips around them, leaving soft kisses everywhere.

Jacqui's legs were pulled up with her feet flat on the blanket. I pushed her right leg down and eased across to position my face at her crotch.

A light, wonderful, musky scent was there, and her moisture obvious. Beginning midway from her knees, I kissed her inner thighs and worked slowly up toward her girl treasure. Jacqui rocked her hips with my movements, and cooed her approval of my advances.

When I reached the bottom of her swollen slit, I licked from there to the top on each side, and placed a tender kiss at the crest.

From the kiss, I spread my lips and allowed my tongue to dance and lap softly in slow circles around the erect nubble in that place. Using my thumbs, I spread Jacqui's very wet lips, allowing a deeper tonguing horny lesbian couple does it on camera her opening. I lapped her moisture, delirious with the taste and the taboo of eating my favorite cousin's pussy. I alternated between deep tonguing and manipulating her clitty.

As I felt her responses heighten, I stayed with her button, lapping with a steady rhythm, slowing increasing the pressure of my tongue. Suddenly, Jacqui's whole body stiffened and she pushed her legs out straight. She began to pant and scream, "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Shit! Yes, yes, yeeeessss!!!" Her hands, now placed on the back of my head ground my face roughly into her snatch where I was drenched with her nectar.

Slowly, as the tremors in her being began to subside, she released her grip and I was able to breath. While eating her out, my cock had been rubbed erect against the blanket by my movements. He was fully engorged, and eager for further action. I drew my knees up under me as Jacqui spread her legs apart, placing her heels against her bottom and letting her knees fall open. Her spread lips glistened with dew and a small pool of her moisture was soaking into the blanket beneath her ass.

Reaching her hand between her spread legs, she grasped my pole and guided the head against her dripping cunt. I felt her warmth, and eased forward sliding easily into her wetness. That initial encounter with her outer muscles, just as the head passed through and entered the love canal, was the ultimate! Continuing deeper, I felt Jacqui's tight pussy draw and pull me inward.

She thrust herself upward and I was buried inside. I raised my upper body to an upright kneeling position, lifting her bottom with me. Jacqui moved her legs to drape over my shoulders, and shuddered at the depth this allowed me to penetrate her cunt.

Not only did our pelvic regions meet, my cock was bottomed against her womb. As we fell into motion, thrusting urgently against each other, Jacqui grunted with each impact. The slap of our fucking seemed loud under the azure sky. Watching Jacqui's face I saw a look not unlike a pained expression, but knew that she was in the throes of ecstacy.

She bit down on her lip and her mouth was drawn into a near frown as she experienced the first wave of her second climax. She pulled me more deeply into her with her legs and her hands, which were griped tightly around my ass. "Oh, Austin! Fuck me hard!

Deeper, deeper, deeper! Yes, that's it, yes, yes, aungh, aungh!!" she screamed, finishing with deep groans. I continued pounding into her cunt, my cock pistoning in and out, shining with her flow, and hard as a pipe.

As Jacqui relaxed and came down from her mind-blowing orgasm, I lowered her legs and moved, straddling her legs with mine outside of hers. While this didn't allow the depth we'd just had, it did lever my meat against her G-spot zone and clitoral hood. We fucked with abandon. With each thrust I pounded into her, I was met with an equally forceful thrust from her hips into me.

I began to feel that familiar tingle and burn, a pressing that radiated from my groin outward and touched every point of my body. Jacqui's face again revealed the pentacle of her pleasure. I lay against her and, putting my left arm under her head pulled her close against me as we came in torrential waves of passion together, her tits a wonderful sensation against my chest. "I'm cumming again," Jacqui screamed into the desert around us.

"Yes, yes!

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Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!" Even as I felt my own jism erupt into her pussy, Jacqui released at least three strong streams of her own, squirting against my prick. As my orgasm peaked, I shoved my cock as deep as possible and just pushed against her depths reveling in the squeeze of her hot flesh around my cock.

We lay like that for a couple of minutes, wallowing in the after-waves of passion that continued to flow through us. Spent, I rolled to my right and lay on the blanket beside Jacqui. She rolled and cuddled against me, putting her right leg between my knees and resting her head on my shoulder as I lay on my back.

With the cool breeze rustling the cottonwood leaves above, and the shade across our bodies, we yielded to the endorphinal surges brought by our cumming, and drifted to sleep, naked beneath the sky.

To be continued. . .