Blond chick masturbate with finger amateur webcam

Blond chick masturbate with finger amateur webcam
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At Andrea's house, she and Kathryn were having coffee and talking about men and sex. "I never have trouble attracting guys" said Andrea, "but the ones I pick never seem to do it for me. Since my marriage ended it seems I've become much fussier about the type of guy I go for". "Uh huh" nodded Kathryn, "so what sort of guys are more your type?" she asked. "I think I like younger men" replied Andrea, "in fact much younger than me, so not the sort of guys we meet when we go out together".

"Hmmm…" said Kathryn, "you mean you're attracted to guys your son's age?". "I guess so" replied Andrea, "It's funny you say that because I've um, recently found myself thinking of Jonny in a way that isn't.well you know." she continued before stopping herself. "You mean you're sexually attracted to your son?!" exclaimed Kathryn.

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Andrea just looked at her, silent for a moment: "I know I can trust you to keep this just between us" she replied, "but yes, I have fantasised about him fucking me, but hey, it's a crazy idea and .", Kathryn interrupted: "Do you think he wouldn't find you attractive?" Andrea: "Well I'm his Mom, and besides, Two cops banged by horny black guy much older than him, I can't compete with the pretty girls he meets at school" Kathryn: "I wouldn't be so sure of that" "What's that supposed to mean?" "Listen, when Jonny came over to my house yesterday, he did what he'd come round to do, but then one thing led to another and well.

." "Well what?" "Well. he fucked me!" "What!? You can't be serious!" - long pause - "Oh my God! You are serious! You fucked my son!" "I didn't exactly have to force him, he was more than willing" "Oh my God! Kathryn!!!" "Listen honey, he likes women our age. I noticed him checking you out yesterday when I called around and you were trying on shoes. I think he really fancies you." "But I'm his Mom Kathryn!

I can't just have sex with him!" "Well cute japanese maid gets a dp anal fuck over 18, a young man capable of making his own decisions" "But Kathryn&hellip.!" "Look, why don't you see what it's like to have sex with him?" "Oh yeah, right, I'll just try him out?" said Andrea sarcastically.

"Well he's calling around to my house later to talk, and maybe some fun and games, you could also be there to surprise him" "That's crazy, it'll never work" "Just trust me on this one honey" Late that afternoon at Kathryn's house, Jonny called around. Kathryn had just had a bath and opened the door wearing a kimono - she invited him to sit down whilst she made drinks.

"So d'you wanna talk about your Mom?" she asked. "Where do I start?" he replied. "Well I think you need to explore how you feel about her" she said, sitting at the other end of the sofa with her legs crossed.

"I dunno" he said, noticing the top of her stockinged legs peeking out as the kimono slid down her crossed leg. "Maybe that's something I could help you with" she said, and with that she got up and kinky african broad gets tied up to a tree and properly spanked upstairs.

He followed her into the bedroom where the blinds were closed, she dimmed the lights and removed her kimono to reveal just underwear and stockings. He moved towards her and placed his hands on her breasts. She drew back. "Uh uh, not so fast buddy" she said and pushed him down onto the nearby sofa and straddled him. She whispered in his ear: "Jonny." she began coyly, "would you have sex with your Mom?

Remember I saw you checking her out". "No, it'd never happen" he replied, "She'd never do that". She began kissing him whilst moving her hand up his shirt, stroking his chest, then moving it down to slip it inside his jeans, brushing his cock before withdrawing.

"Let's pretend I'm your Mom", she teased, before removing his shirt and kissing his chest, working her way down his body until she reached his crotch, biting the hard bulge under his jeans - he unbuttoned and slipped them down so that she could bring her mouth down over his cock, her long hair gently falling on his thighs.

She put one hand around the base of his cock, kissing and licking the length of his shaft whilst cupping his balls with the other hand, with her middle finger firmly massaging the area between his balls and anus, occasionally fingering him as she sucked his cock. He let out a loud moan. Unknown to him, Andrea was in the next room, watching and listening to what was going on. Hearing his moans of pleasure made her horny, dressed in just thigh-high stockings and underwear, she started rubbing her clit through her panties.

In the dim light she could see her friend's head slowly moving up and down on her son's groin, hearing his moans of pleasure. She removed her bra to play with her nipples before slipping her panties down a little so she could finger her pussy more easily. Kathryn looked up at him as she went down on him, taking his entire length in her mouth before coming up for air and then using her hand on it.

"Do you wanna pretend I'm your Mom?" she whispered. "Yeah, why not" he replied. "Just keep your eyes closed and enjoy the fantasy" she commanded before continuing to suck cock. "You suck my cock so good Mom!" he said as he thrust into her mouth. Andrea was shocked yet excited, she removed her underwear so that she could finger herself more deeply whilst her son moaned with pleasure.

Several minutes later, she couldn't wait any longer and the time seemed right: she quietly crept into the room, her son had his eyes closed in ecstasy as her friend moved her mouth up and down his shaft, the scent of his pre-cum filling the room. Noticing her friend, Kathryn moved her attention to his balls, licking underneath before taking one in her mouth, softly yet firmly sucking it.

"Oooooh Mom!" he moaned. Andrea knelt before him and took his shaft in her mouth, sucking the tip whilst using her hand on the length of his rod. "I can't wait to fuck you" as said as he gently thrust into her mouth, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard Mom".

He fucked her mouth and could hear her muffled moans of pleasure, not realising that he had two mouths sucking and licking him. This continued for quite a while until, Kathryn stood up and kissed him whilst Andrea continued on his cock.

He opened his eyes to see another woman sucking him, then she looked up. "Mom!!" he exclaimed. Andrea was eyeing him with a look he'd never seen before. He was speechless.

"Surprised are we?" said Kathryn, his Mom eyeing him lasciviously. He was still speechless. "I was telling your Mom about what you'd said earlier today" she continued, "and to cut a long story short, we came up with this idea" she continued. "You seemed to be enjoying it". Andrea was silent, just kneeling before her son, his moist, erect cock inches from her face.

He couldn't stop looking at her gorgeous tits and body - she was so hot, he thought. Kathryn: "Jonny, you didn't seem to have a problem fucking your Mom's mouth just now" "But I didn't know it was my Mom!", he exclaimed, "Well it was and she was enjoying it and so were you, so what's the problem?" she replied.

He just sat there in silence, his Mom looked at him plaintively, he turned away, she stood up and walked over to the bed and lay down on her side, her legs slightly bent with her back to him. She seemed upset. "Jonny, are you gonna reject your Mom?!" demanded Kathryn as she whispered in his ear. He remained silent. "Look, you're obviously a bit shocked by all this, but it might help you and your Mom.

I'll tell you what, just do as I say and everything will be okay".

She dimmed the lights some more and whispered in his ear: "Do you wanna fuck your mother?" He lay on the bed behind her, stroking her shoulder and continuing down along the side of her body, brushing her right breast, down over her hip and running his hand along her stockinged leg, stroking inside her thigh before slowly moving up to stroke her ass. She let out a deep breath and relaxed a little. It felt nice, he thought, as he continued stroking her for a while, his cock becoming so erect that it almost touched his belly.

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He moved up close to her, moving his groin against her ass, pushing his pretty lola milano gets fucked hard pornstars hardcore down so that it slid between the exposed flesh of her thighs above her stockings.

He gently thrust against the soft curves of her ass, rubbing her pussy with his cock, her moans making him harder and harder. He continued stroking her, cupping her upper breast, delicately squeezing the nipple which was very erect - she gasped. She adjusted her position so that the rubbing of his cock - by now slick with pre-cum - sexy redhead swallows up some black dick reached her clit.

Kathryn watched them slowly and gently writhing on the bed, both moaning with pleasure, instinctively touching herself. Jonny continued to stroke the curves of his mother's bosom, hips and ass, his cock rubbing against the entire length her wet snatch - she moaned with intense pleasure, as did he, humping her from behind, then, after what seemed like ages, she arched her back and suddenly, he was inside her - she yelped with ecstatic pleasure, he let out a long deep moan.

As he fucked her from behind, he could feel himself penetrating her deeper and deeper, she raised her upper leg so that he could penetrate her even more, his balls slapping her clitoris as he fucked her harder and faster, his groin slapping against her ass as he kneaded her upper breast, rolling the erect nipple between his thumb and finger.

She adjusted her position again, leaning on her lower elbow to raise her hip so she could thrust back as he thrust forward, further deepening the penetration and raising the level of pleasure and intensity of the illicit fucking. He lifted her leg even higher and held it up with his arm as he slammed his cock into her, slapping against her ass and staying inside her, at the same time pushing her face-down onto the bed, impaling her with his cock.

She lay there, pinned down by his bodyweight, him thrusting into her from behind with her legs spread, fucking her harder, faster and deeper than before, he leaned over her head to smell the scent of her neck and hair, hearing the slightly muffled moans of pleasure over the sound of flesh rapidly slapping together, the unmistakable sound of rough sex.

He thought he'd heard Kathryn say: "You're a real mother fucker now Jonny". He continued to ride his mother, fucking her faster and faster until after quite a while, he slowed down and stopped to catch his breath, her back damp with his sweat and her ass cheeks red from the slapping of flesh as he'd fucked her.

He looked over at Kathryn who was ramming her pussy with what looked like a sex toy, eyes closed. He looked down at his cock, slowly sliding it in and out of her, holding it's position just inside her pussy, at the point where it would slip out if moved any further. He continued to slowly fuck her, separating her ass cheeks with his hands to get a view of her pussy and asshole, her tight little hole moving up and down slightly as he slid his cock just below it into her pussy.

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The slow fucking gradually increased to the same intensity and pace as before and she moaned with pleasure with each thrust of his cock slamming in, her breathing getting faster and faster until eventually, she had the most thunderous orgasm, letting out a noise that no-one in the room had ever heard before. He withdrew from her, his glistening hard cock hanging near her ass and dripping with her pussy juice and his pre-cum.

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She slowly turned over to lie on her back, her long dark hair mostly covering her face, her breasts heaving from the post-orgasm breathlessness. He moved his head between her legs, taking in the scent of sex and sweat from her pussy, feeling her stockinged thighs brush his cheeks, before dipping his tongue into her cunt and gradually pushing in deeper to taste her until his nose pressed hard against her clit, making her moan with pleasure as she still struggled to catch her breath.

He moved up to her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples as he moved into position to enter her, parting her legs, and then slowly sliding in. "Oooooohhh" she moaned, she was very tight after cumming so he spread her legs further and thrust deeper and harder. "Don't rush it" whispered Kathryn, "her pussy needs time to get cute french escort grrrl isabelle having fun for you".

Resting his weight on his elbows, he continued to fuck her, withdrawing slowly then thrusting fast and hard, repeating until he felt his cock getting deeper and deeper inside her as she opened up, her legs now in the air, both he and she moaning with each pelvic thrust, both with their eyes closed in ecstasy. He adjusted his position to lean on his hands, pushing her legs up with his arms until they rested on his shoulders, either side of his face, allowing him to fuck her deeper than ever whilst feeling her stockinged ankles and feet touching his cheeks.

She pushed her hands against his chest as he slammed his cock into her now exposed cunt, he couldn't penetrate any deeper so he fucked her harder and faster until it felt like he was on the home stretch.

She felt herself cumming too, though it would be less intense than the last time, she thought. Pounding away, he was thinking that he couldn't cum inside his Mom - it wouldn't be right and wouldn't be natural. She, on the other hand, couldn't wait to feel her son's cum deep inside her, and as his breathing quickened, his moans grew louder and his thrusts quickened to a peak, her anticipation grew and grew until suddenly he cried out as he came.

She felt a very brief sensation of warmth just inside her, then a lasting sensation on her stomach and tits - he'd pulled out!

She also felt small splashes of warmth on her face. Without opening her eyes, she used her fingers to spread his cum all over her chest, using her fingers to wipe the splashes from her face and sucking the cum from them. He watched as she did all that, her breasts and mouth glistening with cum. Kathryn motioned to him: he got off and stood with his semi-erect cock above his Mom's face, still leaking cum which dripped onto the closed lips of her mouth.

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She opened her mouth to receive his cock, which he plunged in slowly, leaving her to suck it for a good few minutes whilst he closed his eyes, listening to her "mmmmmm"s as she sucked him. She stopped sucking when his cock became limp, he opened his eyes to see Kathryn lying on the bed alongside her, licking and sucking his Mom's breasts whilst fingering her pussy, and then moving to kiss her deeply in the mouth, ignoring his naked member hanging close by, making him suddenly feel like he was no longer needed or wanted.

He gathered his clothes and left the room to clean up, afterwards checking to see what was going on: they were both cuddled up under the duvet, kissing and playing with each other, fingering each other or using sex toys, he couldn't tell as he left them to it.

On his way home, he wondered if they'd used him? He wondered if he'd experience anything like this again.