Doodh mota mota mota xxx story

Doodh mota mota mota xxx story
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Copyright 2003 FK Publications Alone with the two men in the spacious conference room, sexy Kate, all dressed up in her black business skirt suit and her knee high leather stiletto boots of the same color, just sat there at the table's end, eyeing both gentlemen as they each sat to one side, wearing suits as well, looking in her direction, the sophisticated woman radiating an air of authority.

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With her dark mane raised to the top of her head, Katherine looked at the man to her right and said, " Ok think you're the one who should get the new job.that's what you told me?" " Yes ma'am.I've been with this company for six years now.I'm the best man for the job." Slowly nodding her head, she next gazed at the other guy and asked, " But you want this position too., right Carl?" " Yes.I've got more technical experience than he's got.I should get this 'manager of operations' job.not him.he's only been with sales all the time he's worked for this firm.I know more.much more." " You really think so?", asked the female CEO, confidence and self assertion written all over her beautiful face.

" Yes.I'm much more proficient in the technical aspects of this place." She slowly leaned back in the dark leather chair and remarked, " It's technique that I'm looking for when I decide who's to fill the position., technique.that's what I want." Looking at one another for a moment, Tom and Carl returned their eyes to the lady as Tom inquired, " Technique.what kind.what do you mean?" A sly smile crossed her lips as she replied, " I'm looking for someone who can fulfill my ever the main owner of this firm.I need a second in command who will obey my every whim." " Well.", said Carl, ".I can do that.I can be on call as often as you want.I know how to dedicate myself to my job." " Do you?", asked the woman, " Can you devote yourself to me?" " As long as you represent the company.occupy its top position.I don't see why I can't do that." " And what about you, Tom.can you satisfy my every get and keep the job, I require absolute obedience." " I think so.the pay's good.why not." " You both gotta prove yourselves.and I really mean prove me that is." " What do we gotta do?", asked Tom.

" Get up.", said the lady. Slight confusion on the man's face, he nevertheless complied and finally stood a foot away from the back of his chair. " That's take off all your clothes!" " What?", asked the man, surprise in his voice. Carl also had shock in his eyes as he heard, " That's right, Tom, strip.get naked!" " What's that got to do with getting the job?" " Like I said.getting this job is about satisfying all my whims." " But it's all supposed to be within reason!" " Then I guess you ain't interested in the seven digit salary that the position offers plus all the benefits and the bonus at the year's end?" Her words went deep, causing him to make a sigh and slowly start to undress, removing his suit jacket first.

She turned to Carl and said, " That goes for you too.get up and take it all off, expose yourself before me." " But why.what's this all about?" " One of the qualifications for this job is being able to take orders from me without asking questions.ok?" " But.?" " You interested in the job or not?" Perplexed, confused, and a little scared, Carl nevertheless did as she said, removing all his clothes just like the other guy. It didn't take long and both men were naked, wearing nothing.

Slowly, the attractive women pushed her chair back and raised her beautiful curvaceous ass, strolling up toward Tom afterward. She measured him off, took hold of his cock, and remarked, " Not bad, let's see you cum!" " Are you serious?" " You ask one more question like that and not only can you forget about the new can also get lost.find some other company to work I make myself clear?" " Yea." " Yea?

You mean 'yes ma'am'., right?" " Yes ma'am." " play with yourself." Reluctantly, he took hold of his prick and started jacking off! " C'mon, Carl., you with yourself.let's see if you can cum too.cum for me.that's what I cuddly kitten is gaping soft cunt in closeup and coming get this job and keep it, you gotta jack off whenever I say., ok?" Carl did the same as Tom, reaching for his dick and trying to make himself hard.

" Hmmm., you guys ain't' getting it up.what's wrong?" "", said Tom, looking embarrassed. Kate ventured back to the table, turned around, and leaned up against it with her hands, aiming her nice ass in their direction, both men now standing about three feet away from one another.

Slowly, she removed her jacket and then unbuttoned her skirt, allowing the thing to fall to the floor. Seconds later, she did a panty peel right before their eyes, pulling her black underwear down to her knees and finally slipping them over the two elegant and expensive leather boots! Her head turned back now, Kate asked in a very seductive tone of voice, " Like my ASS?" Both guys had to admit to themselves that her butt was perfect, a work of art, its smooth and round surface making its point, its image hard to forget!

" you don't have any excuses.if you don't get it up now, I'll be erection, no job.I mean it!" Her ass did the trick! Despite their nervous states, both men got it up.

Finally, they were going at it faster and faster, each trying to be the first to cum! " Oh boy.look at you guys.aren't you amazing.what a sight.look at those cocks!', said Kate as she stood there, leaning against the table, her head still turned back, a dirty grin on her face.

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Eventually, after three minutes, they came, Tom doing it first followed by Carl spraying out his stuff about ten seconds later. " that was really something.not bad, guys, not bad!" The lady next removed her blouse and bra, standing before them now with nothing on except for the glorious footwear! " Now get down on your knees.both of you!" They looked at one another but nevertheless did as she said, going low.

" get on all fours and crawl to me, crawl like some it." " What's the meaning of all this?" " Guess Tom wants to get fired.", said Kate. " No but.?" Suddenly, she screamed, " Then do as nymphos penetrate fellows butt hole with massive belt cocks and squirt jism told, asshole, don't you dare question me.don't you dare.I'm the boss here., you're in my world little do as I say!" Startled by her outburst, they did as she said, leaning themselves forward until they looked like a couple of dogs.

They crawled toward her, humiliating themselves! At last, the men were before the lady CEO, hearing, " Good., now kiss my boots., take the right one and Carl'll take the left.start at the toes.kiss the leather.worship my boots!" Carl and Tom did what she wanted, pressing their faces into the black leather, kissing away just like she ordered.

KISS! KISS! KISS! She loved the sound of their lips, really enjoying their submission, saying, " That's it.worship your mistress.worship me!" Four minutes later, sexy Kate said, " All right., now for the next thing." She turned around and presented her naked ass to the guys.

" There you go.see my ass? Well., kiss it.both of you, KISS MY ASS!, and I mean KISS IT, really kiss away at my behind, each of you can take a side!" By this time, Tom and Carl started to wonder about the woman, if she was all there. However, one thing they couldn't deny, SHE HAD A REAL GREAT LOOKING ASS! As a result, Tom raised his face and pressed it against one side of her rear, Carl taking the other half.

KISS! KISS! KISS! Just like with her boots, the two individuals worshipped her butt, kissing away at it. As she rotated her head and looked down, she said, " Ha, ha.look at you two clowns.kissing my ass, that's what you'll have to do every day.which ever one of you gets the job, he'll have to respect my rear on a daily basis.I'm serious!" Eleven minutes went by and they were still kissing, giving her all the respect she craved, doing it over and over, like slaves!

" All right.that's enough.stop!" They both stopped as she ventured to an open space in the center of the same room. Right before their eyes, Kate squatted, hanging her perfect, soft, firm, and nice ass right over the floor. To their surprise and astonishment, the twenty nine year old boss lady took a shit, crapping right down on the white tile!

Three fresh chunks of her crap fell out from her asshole before she stood up again, pointed down at the pile of shit, and said, " Ok., crawl over here and smell it.smell it while you're down on all fours!" " That's sick!", complained Tom. " Then leave.get up, get dressed, and leave, but don't come'll get your last check in the mail. Now., are you gonna crawl over here and smell my shit? If not, then get lost.ok?" Nervous apprehension was all over Tom's face, his frame moving back and alexa grace with johnny sins, the guy trying to decide what to do, thinking about the big salary that the job offered.

As he pondered the sick situation, he watched Carl slowly crawl up to the gross pile of crap and move his nose toward it, inhaling its smell! " Well gonna crawl over here or not.guess Carl's gonna end up with the job." His teeth pressed together, Tom crawled over next to Carl and also moved his face to the pile of shit, smelling the stuff. " That's it guys, smell my crap.and really smell it.that's one thing you gotta do if you want this job.take all my shit., ha, ha!" Carl and Tom sniffed away for over six minutes until she said, " for the real part.I want you to eat some of it.that's right, eat my shit!" " Fuck you., bitch.go to hell!", exclaimed Tom as the man quickly went to his feet, grabbed his clothes, got dressed, and then stormed from the room, never coming back, looking for work elsewhere.

" Guess it's just you and me, Carl.", said Kate with a grin. " So I got the job?" " Only after you do what I asked?" " But he left?" " I don't still gotta eat a piece of it." " Do I have to?" " Yep.the sooner you do it.the sooner it'll be over with." A painful expression on his face, Carl moved his lips to her crap and then opened his mouth.

Closing his eyes, the man bit down at the pile, taking up a piece of her warm shit, chewing it, and finally forcing the thing down his throat! " Hey.yea., you did it.guess the job's yours." In his mouth was a very foul taste, making him feel a little sick to his stomach. Nodding her head, she said to the guy, " Ok.follow me!" " There's more?" " Oh yea.but you can handle this one.I'm sure of that.if you can do what you just did.the next thing's no problem." Carl crawled after her on all fours as she entered the lavatory going with the conference room.

Inside the smaller chamber, she went down on all fours herself and presented her ass, saying, " Reach for some of that toilet paper and wipe my it." He complied, wiping her asshole clean and tossing the dirty tissue into the open toilet bowl. After he flushed the thing, she stood up, shoved her ass into his face, and said, " kiss up again.I love getting my ass kissed, I just love it!" Taking hold of her hips, Carl pressed his face against her butt's right side and kissed away, knowing full well that the job was his, and would always be his as long as he kept her happy and satisfied.

The End