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The wind was blowing the snow around hard outside the frost covered windows, howling like a enraged beast pursuing its prey leaving everything in its wake under a frozen blanket of white. Sitting there wrapped up in a soft warm blanket stoking up the hot coals in the fireplace under the freshly added timber.

Her eyes glow with subtle splendor as she gazes into the hot fire, feeling the gently caress of her silk negligee hanging loosely on her body as she adjusts the blanket over shoulders. Sitting there listening to harsh winds mixed with the soft crackle of the burning wood she feels herself feeling completely relaxed yet a yearning is growing inside her, an urge to join the savagery of the winds an to match the heat of the gentle fire.

Elena gets up an looks to the clock an sees the time an realizing her man will be home soon, his shift had finished an now only nature an time stands between them. She walks into the bedroom an fetches the quilt an some pillows from the bed an spreads them on the floor in front of the fire. She finds a few candles an places them strategically around the house creating a candle lit trail from the door to where she will be waiting.

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All the lights in the house are off except for the candles she had lit which now fills the rooms of the house with glamorous smells that enhance her desires. She hears his jeep plow up the driveway followed by a steel door slam on the wrangler an snow crunching footsteps pounding up to the house.

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Her hearts pace begins to raise with anticipation, her eyes fill with desire an she throws the blanket from her shoulders leaving her laying there under the soft light of the candles an fire upon the quilt.

Her breathing is slightly enhanced her bosoms are mildly heaving as her thoughts of what's to come race through her mind resting her head laying back upon the pillows.

Her heart leaps in her chest as the door opens an she sees her man stomping the snow from his boots an removing them with his coat an hat. He is a simple man dressed in his blue denim jeans with a white t-shirt covered by his dark blue button up he wears for work. As he removes the boots she cant help but see his strong thick fingers negotiating the knots an the muscles flex in his powerful forearms as he removes them.

He stands up straight an stretches his back putting his arms in the air his biceps taught at the sleeves in such a way would lead her to wonder how they don't tear as he flexes them. He turns his head now an looks deep into those big lust filled green eyes and she immediately has his full attention. He walks toward her while not saying a word nor removing his gaze in which she has sex games by a naughty wench hardcore and blowjob ensnared.

He has looked into those loving eyes many times but never has he seen this look to them before. This is not the look of simple love there is something else, something more animal or savage lingering in those bright green orbs.

He approaches her directly kneeling down to where she lays, where she instantly leaps to his chest wrapping her arms around his strong shoulders pulling him into a full hot passionate kiss of which he had never known before.

As their lips are locked an their tongues dance among one another she pulls him to the floor turning his shoulders landing him with his head upon the pillows while she climbs upon him.

Straddling him like a wild Comanche princess upon a bronco she breaks the kiss an begins ravaging the buttons upon his shirt tearing them from their place. With his blue shirt now open she places a hand to the back of his neck raising him up to her removing it as he does then once again forces him to floor lowering her lips to his allowing their tongues to dance once more. Amid the hot embrace among their lips she reaches down in the narrow space between them feeling his powerful hands cosplay loving ren mizumori in blue and white playing with her big tits and furry pussy yet firmly kneading into her back.

Gripping by his belt she takes hold of his white shirt, in a an instant almost as a single movement she pulls at the base of it an lifts away from her lover just long enough to remove the shirt from his back.

His strong arms fling above his head allowing the shirt to be removed an as he tries to bring them back to caressing her she catches his wrists an slams them down onto the ground holding them by the wrist over his head.

She looks hard into his eyes seeing the savage gaze now being returned from his eyes as she holds him in place with a single horny bearded dude having some hot group sex while the other reaches down between her legs where she can feel his firm excitement through the denims as she opens the belt buckle an top button of his pants.

As she draws down the zipper slowly she can see the urges of animalistic desire taking him over in his hazel eyes, that almost appear glowing in the flicker of the hot fire.

Playfully she draws rubs her palm over his denim covered thigh working gently up an down the his now solid manhood. The feel of his heartbeat pulsating through his member onto her palm, he tries to move his arms down to her but she holds his wrists firmly in place.

Leaning down to him moving both her hands now to his wrists she forcefully places her lips against his shoving her tongue through his seemingly unexpected lips an kisses with a passion hot enough to equal the heat of the coals. As they kiss she begins to work her hips up and down over his teasing his denim locked cock.

His arms struggle slightly to come down but she holds them still in place. As quickly as the embrace was made she pulls away moving her soft silk clad body down his legs her hands catching the waistline of his pants an boxers pulling them down to his ankles an removing them vigorously.

She smiles slightly with delight seeing his now free member bouncing straight up free from its moment ago denim chamber. He reaches down placing his arms to her shoulders as she climbs back up his powerful legs until she is once again rested upon his hips. His manhood now pushed back against his stomach pinned down by her hot wet slit as she takes his arms an shoves them back above his head.

They once again embrace pushing her body into his as if to try an make them one, her hips begin rock up an down his cock which is now throbbing with anticipation as their tongues meet yet again for a kiss with such heat an passion that no thoughts can enter their minds. They are no longer two people who love and adore each other, now they are simply animals listening only to what the urges in their bodies are telling them.

As she looks deep into his eyes she can feel the muscles in his forearms tense an his gaze widens, she knows he can no longer wait to have her. Reaching down between her legs she firmly grasps his engorged cock feeling the wetness from herself saturated upon its surface she runs her hand up an down it working the juices all over it until its completely covered.

She raises her hips as she lifts the head away from his body lining it up with her hot soft pussy an forces herself down upon it. Her body begins to tingle with satisfaction as it enters her, a soft moan of excitement releases from her lips. Placing both hands once again upon his wrist she begins grinding an working her hips up an down him, feeling more and more satisfaction with each increasingly fast thrust she makes. His hips begin to buck slightly attempting to match her pace, raising his head his lips now gnaw at her hard nipples through her negligee.

Feeling his teeth gently pinch down on her nipple as his tongue twirls over it. Removing one hand she grasps at her chest releasing her heaving breasts to his eager mouth. His lips instantly attack one nipple then the other, holding each one firmly to allow his tongue to work it over then moves to the other running his tongue along her chest as he rotates. Her hand continues down her body to her clit an vigorously begins to rub it as she slams down into him harder an harder.

Sweat begins to drip from her body, heart pounding, and breathing heavily now a sensation begins to take over. Every muscle begins to clench tight in expectation her hips thrusts more savagely while her hand works the hot clit, she feels his forearm tightening as his hands ball into fists an legs tighten as his toes curl.

Suddenly she feels his hot cum shooting into her body sending her into complete ecstasy as her climax takes over her body, shaking as her muscles flex from this incredible overwhelming feeling, she feels her fluids now shooting from within her all over his raging cock as it unloads its hot cum into her.

Her hips begin to slow their pace, her grip upon his wrists loosen as she collapses onto his heaving chest. Wrapping her into his arms they look into each others eyes feeling the sweat build man initiates amazing sex scene hardcore blowjob upon her skin now soaking into his, their breathing in unison begins to steady, they kiss once more, a soft yet passionate kiss of exhaustion and complete satisfaction.

Reaching over he covers them both with the blanket and they shift to a spooning position holding her in his arms watching the gentle glow of the fire, whispering confessions of love to each other as they drift off to sleep.