Brunette girl smiles while masturbating for you

Brunette girl smiles while masturbating for you
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Part 1 can be found here: In which Melissa violates her curfew. and as punishment is placed in the family pillory on the front lawn for the next two days. And after she is put out, her disgruntled younger brother plays a counting game with her with some of his lunch, before heading off to school.

Author's note: As a wise man once said, "Specificity is the soul of all good communication." I must admit that I mis-communicated in part one.

I was using the term stocks, when what I actually meant was pillory. I hope my readers can forgive me my error. Additionally, I appreciate all comments, both positive and negative. While I think I know where this story is going, my characters have begun to surprise me a bit. MELISSA GETS PUT OUT Part 2 After a couple of minutes the spasms subsided, but the pressure inside her didn't abate, she had to get these things out of her.

She got her feet back under her rear, she was still bent at the waist, but she no longer thought she was in danger of falling while in the pillory, and hurting herself. She started trying to push the carrots out, like she was going to take a huge crap right in the front lawn, but she couldn't get anything going from this angle.

She shifted from one foot to the other, and felt that the plastic baggie was still poked halfway into her ass, and she couldn't do anything to work it free. After nearly twenty minutes of fruitless struggles, the front door opened, and her mother stepped out, she walked in front of her daughter, and looked down at her critically, then her nose wrinkled.

"Oh, Lord, you smell like a toilet already." She disappeared around the side of the house,and was gone for a moment, she came back dragging the hose, the pistol grip in one dish-glove clad hand, and several coils of green hose in the other.

She stood back, and sprayed Melissa son seduce mother by massage the face with a heavy stream of cold water.

The cold was shocking, and drove any hint of arousal from Melissa's body, she began to cramp even harder around the knot of carrots her brother had fed into her ass one by one, and it wasn't helped when, after she was done thoroughly dousing her daughter's face, Sharon began to work her way around, playing the strong blast of cold water up and down her body.

When she reached the the back, she didn't stint her daughter's pussy and ass. She had been spraying the cold water perky titted amirah adara raunchy sex and anal at her daughter's pussy when she noticed the baggie stuffed into Melissa's ass.

"What have you gotten yourself into already?" she sniffed as she pulled the bag out. "Honestly." Suddenly one of her mother's dish-gloved fingers was jammed up her ass past the second knuckle, this got a grunting groan from Melissa. "The little shit stuffed a whole bag of carrots up there, Mom!" The finger was whipped out of her ass, and her mother was in front of her in an instant, two hard slaps rang against her face. "I am not your mother, and I will not have you speak of a member of this household so.

If you must address me, you may call Mrs. Donnelly, Mam, or Mistress, do you understand?" "Yes, Mam." said Melissa meekly. "Now, do you want those things stuffed up there for the next two days? Believe you me, they won't get any more comfortable." "No, Mam." "Then you'll do as I say." Melissa saw her mother stripping off a glove as she walked around behind her again. She felt the glove laid across her back, like it was some kind of end table, and the gloved finger returned, as she heard her mother muttering under her breath.

"I'm going to have to talk to that boy about his nutrition." She poked around in there for a while, and as she did, Melissa's sense of shame deepened, her mother was treating her like some kind of chore, not necessarily unpleasant, but simply workaday, like laundry or vacuuming.

"Those are really in there. I guess there's nothing to it but this." And with that, the questing finger was removed, and suddenly the rough metal of the nozzle of the hose pistol was pressed to her anus.

"Wha!" Melissa squeaked as cold water flooded her already stretched and cramping bowels.

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She could feel the icy water blaze a trail past the carrot blockade and run a deep twisting path through her guts. The water was relentless, it just kept coming, the hose on full, she felt like her belly was filling up, becoming huge and swollen like Tanya's had been when she was pregnant, and it was so cold, she began to shiver all over as gooseflesh raced across her skin.

Suddenly the water stopped, and the nozzle was removed, and Melissa began to push out the flood that had entered her body. "Not yet!" snapped her mother as she quickly replaced the nozzle with the dish-glove she had removed, stuffing it roughly into her ass. The glove felt huge, stretching her sphincter and sealing it at the same time, as nearly the whole thing was wadded up and stuffed in.

"You hold all that in, while I go get what we really need." and with that, her mother disappeared back inside the house. Melissa shivered from the cold, her lurid fucking delights for pretty chick hardcore and blowjob hard as rock, and for once, not from any kind of arousal, no blush, no matter how fierce could warm the cramping cold inside her guts. A cold slow trickle made its way past the glove and ran down her legs.

A morning bird began to sing in the tree above, and Melissa hated it for existing. Her restrained hands clutched in tight fists.

She hurt too much to cry. She saw her mother reappear in the kitchen, placing the mop bucket in the sink and running water into it, and she seemed to have another, smaller pail from somewhere with several items in it, one of them looked like a comically large syringe.

As she came out, Melissa saw that her mother had rolled up her sleeves, and had donned what looked to be elbow length latex gloves, a pail in each hand, The mop bucket obviously heavy and full of steaming sudsy xxxxx university in college xxx story. Mom went straight behind her and set to work, unpacking the other pail.

She heard several things set on the ground, and a distinctive "ding" as a the kitchen timer was placed sharply on the top of the pillory. "Now," her Mom began, "you're never going to be able to push anything out standing like that.

You need to work your feet forward, and squat down, arching your back as you do, DO NOT begin to push until I remove the glove, do you understand?" "Yes, Amazing babe seduces one boy friend pornstar hardcore, Mistress." "Good, now start moving your feet." Melissa was able to do as her mother had instructed, taking short steps forward, and squatting down as she did so.

It put some pressure on her back and neck, but she had been in the same position for nearly two hours, and even this small change felt like a relief. She felt the bucket placed under her lowered ass, and suddenly, in a single tug, the dish-glove was whisked away, and the need to void her bowels was undeniable. Melissa felt and heard the water pour out of her in a rush, the overwhelming pressure relieved, there was also a satisfying plink, plink, plink, as some of the carrots were expelled in the rush, She gasped and panted, thinking that it was over, but less than a minute later, she felt her insides spasm again, and another rush of water and a few carrots more shot out out of her ass and into the waiting bucket.

"That water is filthy, I thought I told my daughter to go to the bathroom again, this morning." her mother complained, "We'll just have to take care of this now." Her mother took the bucket, and Melissa saw her carry it to the front of the house, and dump it behind her azalea bushes.

"We're going to have to open you up a bit to get them all out" her mother declared when she returned, and Melissa heard something make a spurting noise, like the catsup bottle when it was running low. "Alright, stand back up." As she did she felt her mother's fingers at her asshole again, they were smoother, thinner without the dish-gloves, and they were also slippery, the first one slipped in smoothly, easily without resistance.

Her mother's finger was warm after the cold rush of water. The finger began to pump itself in and out of her ass, and was quickly joined but another, and then a third. The third one hurt a little bit, especially when they were in deep, near the knuckles, but when they were all the way in, she could feel her mother's pinky brush against the bottom of her pussy.

This went on for a few minutes, and Melissa started to warm up, starting where her mother's finger kept brushing, brushing, brushing her. The pinky suddenly joined the first there fingers, just the tips of all four were as tight as the three all the way in, and as her mother slowly increased the pressure, pushing the four fingers ever so slowly deeper and deeper, she began to rotate her wrist, twisting the fingers back and forth drawing gasps and groans from Melissa.

The fingers were removed, and then there was a long slow sucking sound from behind her, and a few drops of warm water sprayed her back, and then Melissa felt something hard, wet and warm press against and then into her recently stretched anus. "Here it comes." her mom's voice was a little muffled, kind of like when she was hanging clothes to dry, and had a clothespin in her mouth when she talked. Warm water, that felt almost scalding, in contrast with the cold hose water, flooded her.

Melissa realized that it must have been from the large syringe thing she had seen. But that thing was huge, bigger around than my wrist, she thought, Oh God, what have they done to me?

The syringe held a lot of water, but not nearly as much as had been pumped in her with the hose. The warmth filled her, beginning to chase away the chills. Then the tapered end of the syringe was removed with a sucking pop, and just as quickly, something cold and round and smooth took its place in her contracting sphincter. It must have tapered, but it got broader quickly, and soon was the size of the syringe nozzle had been, but Melissa's mother kept pushing it harder.

At Melissa's squeak of pain, her mother piped up, "Sorry dear, it's the smallest one we had." Just as Melissa thought she would be split in two, the butt plug snapped into place. Melissa realized just what it was as it did, she had seen pictures of them on, but she never understood what people would do with them.

As she heard her mother twisting the kitchen timer, she thought, wait, she said 'smallest one we had' just how many do we have? She felt her mother's gloved hand slide down her bare, exposed slit, and she shuddered. "You are a beautiful young lady," her mother said in a considering tone of voice, "I bet all of the boys are after you, and probably some of the girls." The hand stopped at the hood of Melissa's clitoris and started working on it, coaxing it out from its hiding place.

Melissa's shock of her mother working on her like that was quickly overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure, somehow Mom was even better at this than Marcus. When her mother's amazing fingers finally worked their way inside her pussy and encountered her maidenhead, they stopped suddenly in surprise. "Oh my, I guess none of those boys have caught you yet! Hmmmm?" There was a pause, thinking, "I'll be right back, don't you go any where!" She said with a merry chuckle.

There was a rustling, and then her mother went back inside the house, and into the kitchen. Melissa noticed that her mother wasn't wearing her apron, which was usually a permanent fixture unless there were visitors, or she was going out. She could have sworn her mother had been wearing it when she came out.

Melissa stood there in the pillory for a few long minutes, her horniness receding as the need to void her bowels became more pronounced. The ticking of the kitchen timer served as a reminder of how long she had been holding the load of soapy water.

The plug in her ass felt huge, but not nearly as invasive as the mass of carrots had been, she thought that there were at least a few still inside her. She couldn't believe how hard she had come from her brother doing that to her, it was only the second one she had ever had, it had felt so good and wrong at the same time. What did it say about her that she was the kind of girl that could get off by having her little brother stuff carrots into her ass on her front lawn?

What was wrong with her? And then her mother, playing with her pussy like that! Her own virgin daughter's pussy. And just like that, thinking of her mother's hands, touching just right, sliding, slipping, teasing, she felt her nipples stiffen again, and started to think of her mother's slender but strong hands on them as well, skilled, precise, knowing exactly what to do. She wanted those hands all over her, she wanted.

BUZZZZZ-DING! Went the kitchen timer, interrupting her fantasy, and bringing her back to the reality of her punishment. She was naked, in the front yard of her house, bent over in a heavy wooden pillory, her ass and pussy facing the street, a public invitation to anyone passing by to do what they willed with her, her bowels full of water, a butt plug holding everything in, and she felt like she needed to take a crap like nobody's redhead cougar gets shaved cunt roughly banged. She heard an approaching car, she knew that there had been others, people heading to work and such, but she had been distracted with her brother and then her mother too much to worry about them.

She heard the car slow down and come to a stop on the street behind her, her stomach wilted, here it comes, a stranger to rape me, to take my maidenhead, to ruin me for my husband, but then the car drove off down the street. She felt so relieved, but there was also a sense of.what? Longing? Disappointment? Maybe it was better to go ahead and get it over with, but the idea of some stranger being her first hurt so bad.

What if she got pregnant like Tanya had. She imagined herself waddling through school, her belly swollen and huge.

She suddenly wished that she had paid more attention in health classes, and the whole cycles of fertility thing. She was trying to count the days backward to her last period when her mother came back out, she was sliding the long latex glove back onto her right hand. "It looks like time's up on that load." She said like it was a load of laundry, "Alright scooch yourself forward, and let's get the bucket under you." Her mother had her stop when she was about halfway down and began to work on the butt plug, it was in there really tight, and at her mother's coaxing, Melissa forced herself to relax as her mother tugged.

When it finally popped loose, her mother kept it tightly pressed in until her ass was as far down over the pail as it could go. Soon two inches of foul water and a couple more carrots were floating in the bottom of the pail. This made the trip to the azaleas as Melissa stood up again.

"We'll just have to keep going until it comes out clean." said her mother, "You'll appreciate this in case anyone is particularly fond of going ass to mouth, which can be no picnic if you aren't ready for it." What the hell? Melissa's questions were lost, as the refilled syringe intruded itself into her again, and Melissa could have sworn that her mother had jammed it even further up her ass brazzers big wet butts cathy heaven and danny d heavenly ass time.

When she grunted with pain all she got from her mother was a quick "Don't be a baby! This is nothing." Her bowels refilled, and butt plug snugly back in place, Melissa felt a damp dish towel begin a thorough cleaning of rough teen strapon xxx man milk cookies and tiny ass and pussy, and then down her legs where used liquids had dripped.

And then, the hands were back, her mother's incredible, talented, gentle hands. They. Were. Amazing. Melissa realized that what she thought of as Marcus's magic hands were the crude fumblings of a child next to her mother's expert ministrations. She no longer had any questions as to where her mother learned her way around another woman's vagina, she didn't care, all she wanted was more.

And she got it, she got it as her mother's hands held her wide, and her tongue went in deep. The only thing that kept her knees from buckling was the thought that it would move her pussy away from her mother's tongue. After exploring her pussy as far as it could reach, the tongue worked its way to her clit, and when her mother's lips closed around itand began to gently suck on the tiny nubbin Melissa came for the second time that morning.

But Melissa's orgasm wasn't a signal for her mother to stop, if anything, she redoubled her efforts, her mother's tongue lashing her pussy, a warm arm reaching around her left thigh so the hand could reach her clit at the big cocked guy fucks the hell out of yhivi time, and a finger of the other hand began to trace circles around the butt plug.

Melissa could barely do the 'rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time' trick, this kind of multitasking was beyond her, all she knew was that rather than fade, another wave of her orgasm was building, and about to crash ashore. Inarticulate noises came from her mouth, unable to express her feelings in anything more advanced than primal grunts and moans.

She was building to another peak, her mother's mouth, the fingers, the butt plug, the pressure of the enema, all working in concert to a crescendo, the wave was about to crash, and just as it did, like a master conductor, her mother took her swollen clitoris between her teeth and bit down sharply, interweaving sudden excruciating pain with the overwhelming pleasure, mixing the two together to the point that Melissa couldn't tell where the pleasure stopped, and the pain began.

"HuuuuuNNNNHHHHHHHH uhn, uhn, uhn, uhnHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!" the gasping choking scream tore from her, releasing a knot of fear, and shame that had been twisting in her gut for the last twenty four hours. As she was gasping for breath she heard the 'DING!' of the timer, and was able to finally pant out, "oh.god.Mo-Mistress.what do to me?" "Oh, you poor thing, what makes you think that was about you?" There was a sharp stinging slap of a gloved hand on her exposed ass, "let's get this water changed, and see if you are starting to clear out.

Time's-a-wasting, and I can't start the laundry until this is finished." As Melissa again emptied herself into the bucket, she was shocked at her mother's lack of interest, lack of caring of the earth shattering orgasms that she had delivered to her own daughter.

It made her feel like a thing, what had felt like sudden, explosive, sexual enlightenment was reduced to, to she didn't know what, but it made her feel small and unimportant inside.

As the syringe went in, even (gasp!) deeper again this time, and the water flooded her, her mother said, "Well, Miss 'This Is All About Me', it seems that you have been out here all morning taking from people, and not giving anything back." There was another stinging smack on her ass as the butt plug popped back into place. "What do you know," she continued, "about giving pleasure to other people? I know you couldn't have done too much for that boyfriend of yours, what with your cherry unpopped, and you squealing like a little piggy any time someone so much as touches your ass." This was accompanied by several more sharp slaps on her ass, one of them grazing the butt plug.

"Do you let him kiss you, this boyfriend of yours?" Smack! "Yes, Mistress!" "With tongue?" Whack! "Yes, Mistress!" "Your tits, does he get to touch them too?" Smack! "Yes Mistress!" "Do you let him suck on them?" Smack! "Play with you nipples?" Thwack! "Yes, Mistress! Yes!" "Have you let him mom and son best fucking down on you?

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Eat you out?" Whack! Smack! "Y-Yes Mistress! Once Mistress!" "And did you liiiiike it?" Whap! "Yes, Mistress! A lot, Mistress!" Melissa found the confessions both liberating and shameful at the same time, here she was, screaming her sexual history out at the top of her lungs to her mother, in her front yard for anyone, everyone to hear.

"And that," her mother said, punctuating it with another flurry of blows to her now red and stinging ass, "was what he did for you! What did you do for him?" "I sucked his dick, Mistress!" "What?" Whack! Slap! Smack! "I SUCKED HIS DICK!" "And did he enjoy it?" Thwack! "HE SAID I WAS AMAZING! THE BEST! THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!" The assault on her rear suddenly ceased, and in the silence Melissa could almost hear her screamed words echoing up and down the street, it felt like her face flushed as bright red as her ass must be.

"Well now," said her mother, back again in a normal tone of voice, "we'll see about that." She moved around in front of Melissa, her full skirts rustling, the empty pail in her hands. Her mother placed the upturned pail on the ground a little to the side, and placed one sensible shoed foot on it. And then, right in front of her daughter's face, she raised her skirts, revealing her bare shaved pussy.

Mom goes commando? Was the first wayward thought that crossed Melissa's mind, then: She's PIERCED! And her mother was, a heavy golden ring pierced the hood of her clitoris horizontally with a small ball on the loop perched in the center, resting against her large exposed clit.

It must rub it all day long! "You may quite the little cocksucker, but let's see if you can do anything with a cunt. Get in there!" And with that, Melissa's mother shoved her pussy forward, and into her daughter's face. "Let's see if that tongue of yours is good for anything useful." The angle was bad, and hard on her neck, but with an instinct developed over a lifetime, she found herself obeying her mother's commands. For the first time in her life, she tasted another woman.

She could run her tongue around and over her mother's piercing, the ring ticking and clacking against her teeth, she lifted it aside with her tongue and held it up with her upper lip so she could run her tongue under the hood and around her mother's clit. Her tongue then worked it's way down to the top of her mother's pussy.

Her mother had heavier labia than she did, and from this angle she couldn't get her tongue in very far. "That's good, keep going." her mother cooed as she tilted her hips forward to give her better access. Her mother's pussy was getting wetter, but she didn't know if it was from her saliva, or her own secretions.

Her nose filled with her mother's scent, her mouth with her taste, cleaner and more subtle than Marcus's, she took her mother's clit into her mouth and began to suck, even as her tongue played with the ring, pulling it, turning it.

"That's good, Marcus wasn't half wrong about you." her mother praised as she pulled away. A long string of saliva curved from Melissa's mouth to her mother's pussy for a second, shining in the morning sun. It lasted for just an instant, as beautiful as a rainbow, before it broke and was gone.

"Let's get you a better angle for this." and her mother turned around, taking the pail with her. She bent over, hiking up the back of her skirts, and placing both of her hands on the pail, putting herself in nearly the same position as her daughter.

With a sigh she pushed her ass and pussy back into her daughter's face. "Now you can get in deeper," she called, "and don't forget my asshole either, I for one keep myself nice and tidy back there." Melissa went back to work, like a starving woman at a king's feast, she plunged her tongue into her mother's cunt, as deep as she could, and although no one was doing anything to her, she felt her nipples begin to tighten, and moisture trickle from her own sopping pussy.

Oh God, I' getting off on being forced to eat my own mother's pussy. Wait she called it her 'cunt', my Mom said 'cunt!' This struck her as funny, and she found herself suppressing a giggle as she moved up, and started to lick her mother's puckered asshole.

First with long up and down strokes, then with circles around the hole itself. She tasted nothing foul, just her mother's flavor, and the tiniest bit of soap. All this time, her mother kept up a steady stream of encouragement, suggestions, and pleased moans, that Melissa found herself following and responding to instinctively.

Without hesitation, Melissa plunged her tongue into her mother asshole. It was tight, and resisting at first, but it immediately relaxed, allowing her to tongue it nearly as freely and deeply as her mother pussy. Melissa felt her own stinging ass clench around the heavy plug, in both sympathy and pleasure. It was the only external stimulation she was receiving back there, and she began to shift her weight and hips back and forth, trying to get more.

Melissa began alternating from asshole and pussy, plunging her tongue in as deep as it could go into each, back and forth, back and forth, until her jaw ached, and she thought she would get a cramp in her tongue, she backed off, starting to simply lick broad strokes up and down, she saw that her one of her teen girl orgasms while partaking her first pee squirting movie hands had come back to join her, and was working her clitoris in tight fast circles.

Melissa wished her hands were free, she wanted to explore her mother's pussy, her mother's cunt, to get to know it like her brother had hers, but most of all, she wanted her alix lynx daddys hardest worker free, so she could see to her own growing need, she needed to frig herself senseless, and didn't know if she had a large enough hairbrush, she thought that she may have to go with her curling iron.

Her mother began to shudder, and and let out a series of surprisingly low moans, and her slender but strong hand shot out, and grabbed Melissa's chin, guiding her back to her pierced clit. Melissa began to suck on it, as her mother went back to bracing herself on the bucket with both hands. Melissa sucked on her mother's clit, as her mother continued to moan and jerk, her head got pushed back in the hole of the pillory as her mother pushed back with her ass, mashing her in place.

As her mother subsided, she pulled away, and eased herself down on the ground for a minute. They both were panting, gasping for air, Melissa in the pillory, her mother on the front lawn, on her side, her dress askew up to her waist, as exposed as her daughter.

"Well," said her mother between heavy breaths, "Marcus may know what he's talking about after all." The kitchen timer had gone off somewhere in the middle of all that, but neither had noticed. Her mother slowly got back to her feet, and smoothed out her skirts, brushing off red ceadar chips that clung to them.

She took the bucket back around and had Melissa squat over it again. "I think that's about as clean as we're getting you back there, but I think we're still missing some carrots." her mother said as she returned from the azaleas. There was the squirting sputtering noise again, and the butt plug returned, but this time, Melissa's mother didn't simply pop it into place, but instead, the began to work the thickest part in and out, over and over, stretching her abused sphincter to its limits. As one hand worked the bulbous butt plug back and forth, the other hand again began working it's magic at her pussy, and soon Melissa's squeaks of pain became something else as the pain of her abused ass mingled in the sexual pleasure she was receiving from the hand on her cunt.

The steady rhytnm of the plug slowly increased, as did the circles being run around her throbbing clit. Suddenly the plug was pushed all the way inside, and she felt her abused muscles start to relax around it, but only for a second, when it was wrenched from her a final savage time.

It came free with a slurping pop, and her mother tossed it to the ground before Melissa's eyes. It was enormous! Slick black latex, frothy with her juices and whatever her mother was using for lube, shaped like a pear, but even bigger that the largest one she had ever seen, the base was reinforced with metal, and there was a D-ring set into it to give someone a good grip if needed. Melissa twitching, violated asshole gaped wide, suddenly empty, after what felt like hours with one thing or another crammed in there.

Melissa felt so vulnerable, more exposed than ever. Then her mother's pussy slicked, gloved right hand moved up, and a wedge of all four fingers and thumb pushed their way into the pulsing, gaping opening of Melissa's asshole. With a twist, a girlfriend solo with banana in pussy tube porn stretching, and a firecrotch gets a dick in her coast to coast, she felt her sphincter contracting around her mother's wrist!

"GrrrAAAAAAAAHHHHHHnnnnnnnn!" forced itself past her lips. The most meaningful communication her brain could manage. The sensation, the violation was indescribable as she felt her mother's hand moving inside her, slowly moving deeper.

"Oh GOD! Mistress, get it out, get it out, get it out!" There was a painful twist of her clit as her mother said, "You don't get an opinion here, Stranger!" Her hand, deep in her guts formed into a fist, and twisted inside her violently. "Ye-huunngh, YES MISTRESS!" The fist relaxed, and Melissa felt the probing, questing fingers moving, ever deeper inside her, it was maddening. Melissa could have sworn, her mother was in up to her shoulder.

She was reminded of a video she had seen at school of a large animal vetenarian, shoulder deep inside the back of a horse. That's what I must look like, some mare being serviced, that's all I am to her, an animal chained out on the front lawn that has to be tended to before she does the laundry. Seep in her recessed, she felt her mother's fingers close into a fist again.

"I knew there was another one up there." and slowly, painfully, the closed fist withdrew until her mother's wrist was held tight by Melissa's clenching sphincter. "Well," said her mother over Melissa's screams as she slowly pulled her clenched fist free of her daughter's asshole, "you may not be ready to start being anally fisted as a vocation, but you really are taking your first time like a champ.

I'll have to show my daughter some exercises to keep herself fit down there, and we may have to see about some adult diapers for the next week depending on how today and tomorrow play out." With a final pull, the hand clutching the carrot was free, and it was immediately replaced by her mother's tongue, running large circles around the stretched, painful opening.

Melissa was at a loss for words, even her mother's skilled tongue couldn't soothe away the pain asian slut adores making out hardcore and massage the violation, both physical and emotional. Her mother finally stood up, and then she felt something blessedly cool and soothing being applied to her wrecked asshole, the sensation sent chill bumps up and down her body.

"That should help calm you down a bit back there, and the extra lubrication won't go unappreciated. After this, folks should be able to plow your ass all day without too much difficulty. It'd take a Great Dane knotting inside you your ass before you scream as loud as you just did. You little drama queen." And with that, she packed everything up and headed inside without once looking back.