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Quick cum handjob compilation hardcore anal double triple penetration liza and glen
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This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period. The human's here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth. "What is this wild dog and those camels doing here?" Wolfgard asked me. "The dog is a valuable member of our clan, and I will show you later, on just what the dog can do." I responded back to him.

"The camels I capture a summer ago when their mother died. I was going to kill them for food, but then thought about the dog, and I decided try and tame them.

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Now instead of us carrying our possessions, we can packet them on the camels." I told him. I made a netting out of some vines and hemp. I took the netting, and fit over the camel's back. We then could attach baskets, and other containers to the netting.

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Then the camel's could haul them for us. The girls had finished with their baskets, and loaded them on the backs of the two camels, and we all headed back to the cave. 'What is this?" The shaman asked in a shrill voice.

"This is our home, I killed the bear that was in this cave." I informed them all. "There is plenty of space for the women and children inside the cave. If you don't want to sleep in the cave, then we can sleep at the front entrance." I said to them.

The girls took the women folk, and the children(one boy, and two girls) into the cave to show them around. Both Wolfgard and the shaman looked alittle dubious about the cave. I took Wolfgard with me and left the shaman there to figure things out for himself. I showed Wolfgard my bow and arrows. I told him all that has happen to us since the tribe banished both Sparrow and myself. We had extra mouths cathy heaven model getting pussy fucked from her man feed, so I sent the dog deep throat irrumation and hard sex hardcore and blowjob to locate some game.

Shortly he chased a nice buck by us and I dropped it with one shot from the bow. I shot the deer at a distance that Wolfgard could only dream of. I just proved how deadly the bow and arrows can be. He was amazed by what I have done so far. "When we get back to the cave, I will make you a nice bow." I said to him. I knew he was an expert with the spear, so I figured it would not take him long to master the bow.

We got back to the cave, and the shaman was there waiting for us. "We need to rebuild the tribe, and I have some ideas on how to do this." He informed both of us. "The two young girls have just come into breeding age, and the two women are still able to bear children." He said. "Wolfgard and I will breed with all four of them, while you maintain breeding with your three women folks." He further said.

"After the passing of many summers the tribe should begin expanding and revive." He stated, as he finished his speech. The passing of time has a habit of doing it faster than anyone in the tribe could seem to grasp.

The next fifteen years seem to come fast for the tribe. The tribe had entered a period of tranquillity, staying in the meadow where the cave is. We managed our resources, and stayed out of the way trouble. In those fifteen years the women gave birth to fifty children of which forty survived, twenty-six boys, and fourteen girls. These children would be the building blocks to strengthen our tribe.

Wolfgard, myself, and the ten oldest boys(12-15 age group), made up the first group of hunters. All the boys more than ten years of age were taught how to use a bow and spear to hunt with, and a club and knife for close quarter combat. At the age of twelve, the boy would go out for their first hunt.

The shaman was teaching the boy that came with them, and one of his son's about tribe customs and laws. They were to carry on when he died. I had taught all the boys ten and older the basic survival rites. How to make a fire, how to trap animals for food.

How to hunt. How to build temporary shelter. The girls were taught how to make fire and shelter also. Wolfgard and the shaman both were starting to show their age.

They both wished to make one more journey to the great meeting grounds. We have not been there since a few years before my ouster from the tribe. I agreed that we should go. Both Wolfgard and the shaman knew how to get there. Once a year, when summer ends and fall starts the tribe's gather to meet at the great meeting ground. "It is time to make the trek to the great meeting grounds." The shaman informed me one day. "It will take us 2-3 full moons to get there." He told me.

We closed the cave up to keep unwanted guest out. Loaded up the two camels with the goods we want to take with us, gathered up the children and head west toward the great meeting grounds. Sparrow has just given birth to our sixth child a girl, six weeks ago. She has produced six children, four boys, and two girls. War Hawk is my oldest boy at age 15. Fawn and Robin have produced nine children between them, five boys, and four girls, and they are both with child now.

Tribal custom states that you should wait at least two full moons, before having sexual intercourse with your mate. Sparrow was making jesters that she wanted sex, even though she has just given birth six weeks ago. Over the years our sex life has improved since the first time she stuck her ass up in the air and I jammed my cock into her pussy, as deep as I could.

We both like to try different things that make us feel good in our sexual experience. The first night out on our journey, and Sparrow was hungry for some sex. We moved away from the other members of the tribe, and stripped off our clothes. She moved up close to me and we started to kiss. Our mouth's parted, and our tongues gently touched each other. The passion grew as our kisses became fiercer. I was pinching her nipples, and squeezing her boobs. She was moaning into my mouth.

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I could taste the warm liquid, as her milk leaked through her nipple into my mouth. I continued to suck her tit, drinking her milk, till she pushed me away. "Save some for the baby." She gasped at me. I moved down to her pussy and started to lick her outer lips. She readjusted herself so she could suck on my cock. Sparrow just love to have oral sex in the 69 position, especially when she can't be fucked.

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We lay there panting from our great stimulating oral sex. I look up. Fawn and Robin are both there watching us have oral sex. I smile as my three girls all cuddle up next to me and we fall off into a restful sleep.

Although the tribe is young, the bow helps to even the odds. With Wolfgard, the shaman, and myself to teach these youngsters, I am sure that our tribe will survive, and thrive. We were getting close to the great meeting grounds, as we were encountering other tribes, who are heading in the same direction. Some of the tribes Wolfgard knew, and others were strange to us. There is an unspoken universal peace between tribes as they head toward the meeting grounds.

We camped for the night, and spent the next day hunting to resupply our food. We set up a smoke tent to cure the meat. There was a nice spring near by to fill our water containers.

Once we had enough provisions to last for a couple of weeks. We headed out. We were only a day or so german ebony college xstory ana. We came through a small set of hills and a there in front of us spread out in a huge valley was the great meeting ground.

We could see many tribes there already.

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We cleared the hills and found a decent spot to set up camp. I had the bows and arrows hidden within our supplies. The men all just carried spears and clubs, like the rest of the other tribes. I did not want to tip our hand that we had such different weapons from the others.

I feared that some would try and steal them from us. Also sometimes something new and different, could cause an all out war between tribes. I did not want them all to gang up on us and wipe our tribe out. I left War Hawk in charge, as Wolfgard and I went to meet with some of the other chieftains. The shaman and his two assistants went to meet with other shaman's. That is the main purpose of the meetings, to renew old acquaintances, and make new ones.

To trade ideas and stories(I kept quiet about the bows) with each tribe you meet with.

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There are all kinds of events to test the strength of your tribe's best warrior. This is also the time when young men go from tribe to tribe looking to take a mate. We have six children between the age of 14-15. Three boys and three girls. The boys each took a mate, and we lost two of the three girls to other tribes. The women folk did a lot of trading between the different tribes. Our use of the camels simple amazed the other tribes. Unfortunately the dog died a few years ago, and I had not been able to replace him yet.

We spent a week with the other tribes at the great meeting ground, having a good time.

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One of the big problems at this event, is raiders. They pick their spots and attack tribes that are not prepared, stealing their women and goods.

Wolfgard made sure to keep watchmen at all times, so we were not caught unprepared. It was a great week and I had lots of fun meeting with many new chief's and their tribes.

It was time for the great chieftain party, which signaled the end of this years great meeting ground event. In the middle of the party, a loud cry went up, and we were under attack.