Flexible teen megan rain gets railed by big hard cock

Flexible teen megan rain gets railed by big hard cock
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The Change: Chapter 2 Later that same day Kylee and I were on our way to the walk in with lace panties fuck her in fishnets to do a little shopping as only two sisters can.

I couldn't decide if I was looking forward to it or not. As a guy I had never been one to do a lot of shopping. It was usually go in get what I need and leave. I didn't like to spend time looking at the various things that they had because they weren't something I either wanted or needed. I did notice, however, on the way that I was seeing things a little differently than normal. I had made this trip more times in my life than How deep is your quotpoolquot blackout pictures care to count with a mother and an older sister but this time I was noticing, for the first time, some of the things along the way.

I spotted four tanning parlors, six nail salons, and two flower shops. Don't ask me why I just now noticed any of these things, I have no idea. It could have been that I was riding instead of driving, but I think it has more to do with the female part of my brain beginning to wake up and these things are noticed by a lot of females. As we parked the car and walked into the mall I noticed a guy from school coming out.

Holy shit! He knows my sister and knows that she is the only sister we going to play this off if he says anything. Maybe I could pass for a cousin that I had never mentioned before. I'm not sure. I just had to hope that he keeps walking and doesn't say anything. We passed him and, thankfully, he never said a word. Maybe it was because he was on the phone and didn't notice us or maybe we just got lucky.

I'd like to think that he didn't notice us. All the way into the mall, since we parked a kinky czech milf lapdances for horny guy distance from the door.

My sister kept telling me how the first thing we needed to do was hit the shoe store and get me some nice shoes. Something with a heel she said. Was she trying to kill me? I'd never worn anything with a heel in my life. My work boots didn't count.

I suggested we start with tennis shoes and she told me that we were going to get those as well. We entered the mall at the food court and immediately I noticed a group of guys sitting around a table obviously checking out all the girls that we walking by. I glanced at them out of the corner of my eye as we passed and noticed that they were all staring at our asses.

Strangely, loves perky tits bounce in her casting deapthroat hardcore felt kind of good to know that I could generate that kind of interest in a person since I didn't seem to be able to as a guy.

Our first stop was the Victoria Secret shop. "You are going to need some underwear and bras if you plan on going out as a woman very often," Kylee told me as she smiled. "I can't loan you my things all the time. I will let you keep your stuff in my room though." "Why," I asked. I saw no reason why I wouldn't keep my things in my room. I always had and couldn't figure out why I should stop now.

"Would you want one of Michael's buddies finding lacy girls undies in your room?" "Good point!" I giggled. I giggled! I had never giggled before in my life. Chuckled maybe, but never giggled. It was nearly noon already and all of a sudden I remembered that I had plans to go out with my best friend Chase later that night.

He said he knew of a titty bar that I could get in at eighteen, just that I wouldn't be able to drink. I wanted to call him and tell him that I didn't need to go see tits on some random hot sex scene with anime girl in glasses for a fee because I could see them anytime I wanted for free, but I didn't think that would be such a good idea because then I would have to explain and I don't think either one of us was ready for that.

I knew I wasn't. So shopping continued. Kylee took me to the bra section first and asked my opinion on just about everything in the place. She chose several and told me to grab a few as well. Since I knew that my tits were a little bigger than hers I chose a 34C and a 36C just to try them on and followed her to the fitting room.

I got ready to walk into the room beside hers when she grabbed my hand. I froze. "Come on Michelle," pulling me into the fitting room with her. "I need someone to tell me how I look in these. Besides, I know you are going to need a little help too." She winked at me.

I had no idea why. She closed the door behind us and wasted no time in pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it on the bench. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra before shrugging it off to be left standing before me totally topless. "First time seeing tits," she chided me playfully. "First time seeing yours," I said. For some reason the urge hit me to reach out and pinch her nipple, and not being able to stop myself, I did. I drew back quickly once I realized what I had done, expecting her to slap me.

"Ouch! That hurt. Next time don't pinch so hard. They're sensitive." She reached out and gave my left tit a little pinch. She was right, it did hurt, but at the same time I felt a little jolt of electricity run straight down to my pussy.

Wow. That was a totally new feeling. She saw me close my eyes and shudder and asked me, "Did you like that?" I was a little afraid to come right out and say so but the flush on my cheeks gave me away. "You horny little slut. You did like that. You liked it when I pinched your nipple." She reached out and did it again.

And, again, a shiver ran through me that I couldn't hide. I was aware of the fact that I still had my shirt on and she was standing in front of me topless. At that moment I thought it appropriate that I assume the same style as her and pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the bench with hers.

I reached behind my back and tried to unhook the bra but had no luck. She sensed my frustration and told me to turn around.

She quickly unhooked the monstrosity and pushed it down my shoulders. As her hands neared my breasts she slowly moved to cup one in each hand. Whispering seductively in my ear she said, "Damn, your nipples are hard as diamonds and big too." She squeezed my tits ever so slightly and I moaned involuntarily.

I couldn't help myself. These feeling were all new to me and felt awesome. I could get used to this. She rolled my nipples between her fingers and I could feel her breath on my neck and her glorious tits pressed up against my back.

She lightly brushed her fingers across the tops of each nipple and I felt that familiar tingle between my legs again. I leaned forward ever so slightly, hoping she wouldn't notice, to increase the pressure she was exerting on my womanly globes. I was not prepared for what she did next. As good as it felt just to have her breathing on my neck; I got weak in the knees when she began to kiss the side of my neck. If I wasn't so turned on by all of this I probably would have thought that it was wrong and we should stop but I didn't.

It felt too good and there was nothing that could have happened, short of the end of the world, that would have made me tell her stop. She had her arms wrapped around mine so there wasn't a lot that I could do so I just reached back and started rubbing whatever part of her body that I could touch which just happened to be her thighs.

When I did that she began to kiss and nibble at my earlobe. I wasn't 100% sure but I thought I could feel myself getting wet because of what she was doing. Pushing my tits into her hands a little more caused me to lean my head back. She must have thought that I was trying to kiss her because as I turned to look at her and try to tell her what she doing to me our lips met. When they did there was no question that, while I had only been a girl for a little while, I was put your tight pussy on my pulsating black dick wet as hell.

The air in that fitting room was electric with sexual energy. She pressed her lips to mine and started trying to gain entry to my mouth with her tongue. I didn't deny it. I was so sex stories sex girls sex vedios by this time it could have been a horse standing behind me and I probably would have kissed it as well.

Our tongues danced the forbidden dance and I began to feel her hands roaming all over the rest of my upper body. Gently sliding up and down my stomach, squeezing my breasts and occasionally pinching my nipples causing me to whimper into her mouth.

All I could do was continue to rub up and down her thighs. The things I was feeling had me so turned on that I didn't realize that I had started lifting her skirt with my movements. It wasn't until my hand brushed lightly across her pussy and she moaned into my mouth that I realized what I had done and that my sister wasn't wearing any panties.

How could I have missed that? I didn't miss that. I saw her put them on. How had she gotten them off and me not notice? I didn't try to hide the fact that I was rubbing the first pussy I had ever felt besides my own, either as a guy or a girl.

I just kept rubbing up and down her slit, not really knowing what else to do of course. I felt her hands go lower on my body until she was rubbing my pussy with one nasty ebony gets her vagina screwed hardcore and blowjob, albeit through my jeans, and squeezing a tit with the other hand. The tingling I felt earlier was returning in a big way. I didn't know what to do so I just kept leaning forward trying to increase the pressure of her movements on my body.

All of a sudden she shoved her hand blonde teen gets roughly banged by bbc in doggy between my legs and began to rub even harder. I just knew that she was going to get rug burn from the denim of the jeans and the furious way she was rubbing, but I didn't care. All I could think of was how good it felt and the fact that I had my sister bare pussy in my hand.

I could feel her pressing forward into my hand so I increased the pressure on her pussy as well knowing full well that if she was experiencing the same feelings as me.

I could feel het wetness begin to cover my hands and on the next pass, without meaning to of course, my middle finger rubbed across her clit. I thought she was going to kill me at that point. She latched onto my tongue, sucking as hard as she could and pulled me back against her as tight as she could. I felt her body begin to shake at the same time that tingling in my pussy grew into a full fledged earthquake.

Had it not been for the fact that she was holding me so tightly I probably would have hit the ground. We continued to lean against each other until our breathing returned to normal.

I could feel the dampness in the crotch of my panties and wondered if any of it had seeped through my jeans. I hoped not.

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My hand was soaked from her as well. When she let go and back off a step I brought my fingers up to my nose and sniffed. It was a rather pleasing scent and I decided to taste it.

WOW! I was going to have to figure out a way to taste that again. If me being a girl was what it was going to take cute looking brunette ass fucking with dildo on webcam my mother was going to lose the only son she ever knew. Kylee smiled at me nervously and looked down. "I didn't mean for that to happen." I lifted her chin up and looked her straight in the eye and said, with a huge smile house big mom sex vdeos my face of course, "I'm glad it did.

That was awesome." I started running off at the mouth. "I have never felt anything like that before. I mean, as a guy or a girl. That was Awesome.

Thank you" I leaned in and kissed her, this time on purpose. Not a quick peck on the lips, and not a tongue involved French kiss but with enough passion that she knew I meant every word of it. I then gave her a hug and told her, "If we don't get out of here soon they're going to send a search party out after us." She agreed and we tried on the last few things we bought before settling on which ones we wanted.

Mine was the lacy pink 36C push up number that made my boobs look like D's at least and she got a black 36C push up as well. It didn't fit quite right until she put it on and concentrated on filling it up. Topless college girls make out at sex party it fit perfectly.

"You know," she said as she put her shirt back on with the new bra. "I don't think I am ever going to shrink them back. People pay good money for tits like these. Hey, grab the tag off this thing so I can pay for it." I plucked the tag off of it and handed it to her. She grabbed her purse and we went to the register to pay for them. The girl at the register looked at us like she knew what we had been doing but didn't say a word.

She just smiled and winked at us as she thanked us and told us to have a great day. I told Kylee, on our way to the shoe store, about my plans to go out with Chase tonight. I told her that if she wanted to she could "change" and go with us. Kyle could be my cousin from out of town. She thought it sounded like a good idea. She said she had never really gone out as Kyle much. She mostly just rode around and checked things out. She did say though, that one time she went to an auto parts store and wasn't hassled by the clerks while she was browsing.

She laughed at that because she knew as little about cars as Kyle as she did as Kylee. Kylee didn't put too much pressure on me at the shoe store. She let me buy a nice pair of tennis shoes and a pair of basic black flats that I could wear to go out in the next time I went out on the town as Michelle. Though she did tell me that she was going to buy me a nice pair of stiletto's for Christmas.

I groaned and rolled my eyes at her and she laughed. On the way home neither one of us mentioned the incident in the fitting room though I kept thinking about how her pussy tasted and what it would take to get another taste of it.

I thought about what it would be like to lick her pussy and felt myself beginning to get wet, again! Damn, I was a horny slut. I then thought about what it would be like to have something in my pussy. I must have really zoned out because the next thing I remember was Kylee telling me to get my hand out of my pants because we were home. I looked down and was shocked that I had, at some point, unbuttoned my pants and had my hand shoved down them and was furiously rubbing my pussy.

"Damn." I buttoned my pants up and climbed out of the car. I followed her in the house and we went straight to her room. Once in her room I stripped out of the clothes I had on and changed back to Michael. As a woman I didn't think twice about taking my clothes off in front of my sister, however, I also didn't think about the fact that if I was nude as a woman and "changed" that I would be nude as a man as well. When I looked up Kylee was staring at me like she was seeing me for the first time.

"Well, I can see that the change wasn't permanent." I didn't know what she was talking about until I noticed where she was looking. I looked down and noticed that the changes I had made earlier were no longer apparent.

"Apparently, we can change what we want to but when we change sexes we return to our normal selves. That's going to suck having to grow my boobs back after I've been Kyle." "Yeah that is going to suck. Hey, did you happen to notice if mom's car was here when we pulled in.

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I thought she might be waiting for us when we got back." "Yeah, it was in the driveway." "Hmmm," I said. "I wonder where she is. Probably in the bathroom or something. Oh well," all traces of modesty having left my mind, "I guess we'll see her when we see her." I head out her room sweet lesbian babes licking juicy pussy each other go to my own.

As I stepped out in the hall, my mind no longer on the mall incident, I thought I heard a sound from my mom's room. I walked down to her door and noticed that it was pushed to but not latched. Being careful not to actually touch it I leaned as close as I could get to see if I could hear what was going on.

I almost wished I hadn't. From the other side of the door I could hear the obvious sounds of someone receiving sexual gratification.

"Oh yeah," I heard my mom's voice say. "Give me that cock. I need it. That's right. Right there. Ooooh yeah! Harder!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It definitely sounded like mom had someone in her room giving it to her good. I ran back to Kylee's room as quickly and as quietly as I could. I grabbed her by the arm and put my finger up to my lips to tell her to be quiet.

Then I nearly dragged her down the hall to our mother's bedroom door. I out my hand up to my ear to tell Kylee to listen and leaned in toward the door. The fact that I was still naked didn't even register in my mind because I was so excited. My body was obviously as excited as I was because I felt my dick beginning to swell. I could also make out the faint scent of pussy, which I remembered from the fitting room, which told me that Kylee was probably getting excited from hearing the same thing I was.

I paused from listening to the obvious sounds of sex and concentrated on making my cock swell to porn star proportions once again. When it was nearly ten inches long and as big around as a drink can I stopped and went back to listening. "That's it. Give me that monster cock. Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh. Oh yeah, oh yeah. That's it. Fuck me, FUCK ME!!! Kylee leaned in a little closer.

Too close. She lost her balance and fell into the door knocking it open and causing herself to roll into our mother's room. That in and of its self was bad enough but I was now standing in the doorway with my new huge prick in my hand pointed directly at her. It took her a few seconds to register what had happened but that was long enough for me and Kylee both to notice the large rubber dick that our mother had shoved completely into her dripping wet, and shaved bald, cunt.

There was a flush to her cheeks and her chest letting us know that she had obviously been going at it for quite a while. I was stunned and Kylee was scrambling to get back to her feet but finding it hard to do without taking her eyes off our mother. My mom looked at us just long enough to realize what we had been doing. She either didn't mind, didn't care, or was so close to her orgasm that she didn't want to stop.

"Fuck it," she said and went back to pumping her cunt with the rubber cock. Seeing her go back to it I decided that I would as well. I began stroking my cock as fast as she was driving the rubber member in and out of her own dripping snatch. Kylee, having gotten her feet back under her, and still in the room, stood watching the two of us in shock. I don't think she even realized that her hand had moved down and was now rubbing her pussy as she stood there.

My cock, that huge massive piece of meat that was between my legs, was beginning to throb. I could feel my orgasm building as I stroked the thing that now felt like a small baseball bat in my hands. I was not used to stroking such a thing and it real surreal. Before, fully hard I was only an average six maybe six and a half inches, now I was almost twice that and twice as big around doggystyle experimentation with lunas fervent pussy pie before.

Kylee seemed to be impressed because I noticed her looking at mom on the bed and then glancing at my cock as her fingers did their best to get her off. The thought of my beautiful mother and my hotter than exceptional babe is showing off her opened wet pussy in close range sister trying to get themselves off was almost too much for me. I was almost to the breaking point when I had to stop and wipe the sweat that was beginning to form on my forehead.

As I wiped my face with my bare arm I decided I wanted a better look at the action and walked fully into the room. I stopped a few feet short of the bed and watched transfixed as the rubber cock would appear and then disappear into my mother's vagina.

The speed she was now moving the cock in and out of her pussy had her hands almost a blur. Grunting and groaning and thrusting her hips up to meet it made it seem to me like she was nearing her orgasm. I sat down in the chair near her bed and began to stroke my monster cock once again.

As her one hand deftly maneuvered the big rubber phallus in and out of her cunt her other hand was pinching and twisting her nipples and squeezing her tits so hard that if they had been silicone I would have been worried that she was going to pop one of them. I was silent thus far and was happy be seen and not heard. Kylee on the other hand was beginning to moan almost as loud as our mother. She was leaned back against the wall now, her panties a thing of the past, furiously rubbing her clit with one hand and imitating our mother's treatment of her tits with the other.

"That's it mom," she cried out. "Fuck that cock. Get it all in there." This seemed to spur my other on. She began hammering at her pussy so hard I knew that she was going to have bruises when it was all said and done.

Just when I thought that she was about to blow she stopped. With the look on her face of someone that was beyond frustration she yelled, "FUCK!" Her hands dropped to her sides and she looked at Kylee and me. With a bit of sadness and a bit of lust in her voice she told us, "I have been trying to get off since you left. Either get over here and get me off or get the hell out!" Neither one of us need to be told twice.

I dove between her legs for my second taste of pussy today and Kylee moved in to kiss our mother full on the mouth. Her musky aroma filed my nose as I licked her labia from bottom to top. As my tongue brushed over her clit she moaned in response.

Her taste, while different than Kylee, was just as addicting. I knew that I was not going to want this to be a onetime thing. I had never gone down on anyone before but knew the basics from watching porn. I slowly started circling her clit with my tongue. She obviously was in no mood to take it slow as she grabbed my head and nearly shoved it into her pussy.

I took her not so subtle hint and began to suck on her clit with everything that was in me. While I was assaulting her clit I shoved three fingers as far as I could get them into her dripping cunt and started pounding it almost as hard as she had been. Her hips began to move in time with my thrusts. When my hand went in her hips came up. Kylee began to moan now and I looked up to see why. While her and my mother were tongue wrestling, my mother had buried two of her fingers into my beautiful sister's cunt as well.

Kylee was bucking her hip on my mother's hand trying to reach nirvana herself. The sight was unbelievable. My mother broke the kiss but never stopped moving her fingers in and out of Kylee's delicious love box. "Michael, give me that fucking cock or get the hell out of my house!" Holy shit! She has never talked to me like that before. I nearly jumped up and grabbed my cock and aimed it at her hole.

Precum was dripping from the end like I had never seen it drip before. My balls were as tight as a tick. I was worried that I was going to blow my load at any second and then what. Would she get off and be okay with it or would she throw me out for not satisfying her. No pressure.

I put the head of my swollen cock at the entrance to her cunt and began to push. Slowly I shoved the head in and my mother began to pant, almost like a dog. Just as the head was serena ali likes to play with herself sheathed in the warm, wet confines of her pussy she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me the rest of the way in.

I just knew that I was going to hit bottom before I was fully in her but I didn't. Somehow my mother's pussy seemed to take my new monster cock with ease. "Fuck me Michael! Fuck me hard! Hard and fast." Never being one to want to disobey my mother I began to fuck her as fast and as hard as I could.

I couldn't get the leverage I wanted with her legs behind me so I grabbed them and put them up over my shoulders.

I grabbed her ankles and held her legs apart so I could get even closer to her wonderful cunt. Satisfied I was in a good position I began to really pound her pussy. The sound of my sister and mother both moaning and my balls slapping her ass as I pistoned in girl patron hot mom part first time ranch affair out of her dripping hole was causing my orgasm to approach rapidly. "I'm…getting…close!" Mom and Kylee both moaned, "Me too!" Kylee, still riding my mother's fingers, started to pinch her nipples and rub her clit even faster than she had already been doing.

I think mom was trying to pull her tits off her body and was nearly beating her clit she was rubbing it so hard. "Faster Michael! Harder! Faster! That's it!" she screamed. "I'm almost there! OH FUCK! FUCK!

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FUUUUUUUUCK!" I felt her pussy clamp down on my throbbing cock as her cum sprayed from her pussy covering my chest and face. I licked my lips and tasted her. I took this opportunity, though I hadn't gotten off, to drop down and lick the wetness directly from the source.

My god it was phenomenal. After just a few licks my mom pushed my away saying that it was too tender. "Put that monster in my mouth baby." I got up and straddled mom chest and fed her my cock. Her mouth barely fit around the head but she was giving it all she had. She was stroking my oversized member with one hand while fondling my balls with the other.

While my mom continues to try to suck the sheets off the bed through my dick Kylee was about to explode on her hand. Just as she was starting to cum she screamed and fell back. She was a squirter too and covered me and mom with her girl cum. This was too much for me to handle, getting covered twice in one night by the cum of two sexy women.

I told my mom that I was about to come and she pulled off my cock and began to stroke it for all that she was worth. I began to blast hot cum from the head of my cock. Blast after blast of the sticky goo splashed across my mother's face. There seemed to be a never ending supply. She took several shots to the face and a couple in her mouth before directing the blasts at my sister. Kylee eagerly opened her mouth and caught the last few spurts right on her tongue and swallowed it all.

I fell back on the bed, my heart racing, my mind spinning, sexy pretty lovely babe punished and drilled cock still throbbing and passed out. I woke about an hour later to find that the women in my life had left me alone. I got up, still naked, and went to find them. Before heading downstairs I stopped in my room for a pair of shorts in case someone else was in the house. I pulled on the first pair of shorts I could find, a not too dirty pair of cargo shorts and made my way downstairs.

My mom and sister were standing in front of the kitchen table like they were hiding something. As I walked up they stood aside and I noticed the cake. Blue on one side with happy birthday Michael written on it and the other half was pink with happy birthday Michelle written on it. I hugged them both at the same. When I stood up they both looked up at me sheepishly and said, "Happy Birthday?" All I could say was, "Oh yeah!" Kyle and I still needed to get ready for the night.